Her Wolf

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Chapter twenty two

Logan and his father heard the whimpering as they stepped closer towards the building, they reached the entrance of this derelicted warehouse to find Franklyn curled up in a ball, Derick looked at Owen, "it looks like he is not going to fight you." The three packs surrounded them in a circle, he tilted his head as he heard Franklyn whimpering, Owen laughed, "did I just hear him say that he wasn't a runt?" The three packs began laughing mockingly, he kicked him in the back and heard him whimper loudly. Owen chuckled, he wanted revenge and it looked like he was going to get it. He bent down, "come and fight", he growled "runt!" He felt his power vibrating and he knew this was it.

Franklyn heard his wolf encouraging him as he stood up, he looked around to see if any of the rogues had come back, he thought about Daniella, he knew they weren't there and none of them were coming back, he turned to look at Owen,"you want revenge for me snatching your daughter because I saw she had power for having a mother and a father who were Luna and Alpha and when she married the chosen Alpha that I chose for her", he nodded at Logan "then I was going to kill him and take over." He snarled at Logan, Owen laughed hysterically at Franklyn, he shook his head, "whoever told you that they were very mean, that is not how it works." Franklyn shook his head, "my brother told me", he frowned as he remembered his brother laughing as he was telling him. Owen stopped laughing then," your brother lied, "it passes from the father and goes to his eldest son. You killed my family and kidnapped my daughter for no reason!"

Franklyn watched as Owen ran at him, his claws aiming for his throat, the images of his past were clashing together along with the voices in his mind, he screamed and pushed out a hand to protect himself when he felt a heating, pulsing sensation come from his hand and he heard a grunt followed by a thud and there he saw in his palm a luminous blue orb and Owen on the floor, Franklyn opened his mouth in surprise as no Alpha could use their powers in human form and yet he could.
He looked around as the three packs stood in silence, their faces had looks of horror, he felt powerful, he knew he could kill them with just a movement of his hand, it felt good. His voice let out a growl as his eyes glowed a luminous blue.

"None of you were expecting this, were you?" He said with sarcasm in his tone as he looked down at Owen who was struggling to get up, Franklyn laughed as his palms kept flashing with little orbs of electricity and he began to play by throwing his powers at Owen, "come and get me", he quickly turned round as he heard growling and he saw the three packs surrounding him as wolves, he heard Owen from behind him changing, he heard his own wolf growling to stop him from getting scared, he knew he had no choice to change as he felt his wolf forcing him, he felt the snap of his bones and the tension as his body transformed, he growled at them.
Logan watched as Franklyn began to change, he didn't understand how as a human, Franklyn could use his powers because they couldn't and now as a black wolf with luminous blue eyes, how could he be bigger than them?

Franklyn stood before them, he looked more superior and powerful than the three alpha's that now stood before him, all three alpha's and their packs felt the need to bow in submission but even as their wolves whimpered in their mind to do so, they fought it.
Owen snarled as his pack surrounded them, Franklyn kept the alpha power to make them submit and as they tried to now fight it, they found they couldn't.

Owen felt the power within him now growing and he ran towards Franklyn who was prepared as he discovered he had a shield to protect him from what powers were thrown at him, Franklyn knowing he was bigger than him, he leapt on him making Owen whine in pain as Franklyn snapped at the back of his neck.
Logan and his dad both felt the panic growing, they knew that if they didn't act fast he was going to be unstoppable, they looked around knowing the packs had submitted to Franklyn and now they were ready to battle for him.

Logan lunged at Franklyn in desperation to distract him, he threw him off Owen but no matter what he felt his wolf still wanting to submit him and he growled as a few from his pack began to fight him, he had to stop himself from distracting Franklyn and he had to use his powers to stop his pack from attacking.
From the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of dark blue from his dad coming towards his pack that were fighting him and they flew backwards away from him, he was forced to look at Franklyn who had thrown him onto the floor and he found himself bowing his head in submission aswell as the rest of his pack, he heard a whine and he knew his dad and his pack were doing the same ,"we can't let him win", he mindlinked to his dad, he expected to hear him talking back but there was silence and he knew the same was happening to Emily's dad too.

Owen closed his eyes, the need to submit was there and it was getting painful even more than Franklyn biting at his neck, he lay down and whined, he thought of Katie and Zella, he needed to be strong for them, he struggled to stand up. He looked and saw his pack bowing their heads to Franklyn and he knew he was talking to them one by one in mindlink and the growl of each wolf began.
"I haven't lost them", he vowed as he closed his eyes and began to urge up the strongest power he had and as he opened them, he saw Logan concentrating on doing the same.
Franklyn didn't want any of these in his pack, he wanted to use them and then discard them, so he did the next best thing as they submitted to him knowing that after this they wouldn't be useful, "kill the three Alpha's", and he watched as the three packs began to attack the Alpha's.

Logan quickly began shooting the powers from his body that he had been building up towards the wolves who were attacking him, he noticed his father was coming out of submission and he began to attack as the wolves attacked him.
He heard a growl and there he saw Owen shooting from his body at Franklyn, who was walking towards him calmly ready for a fight.

Logan began to fight as his powers were going down, he was stronger than his pack and most were lying on the floor, he turned to his dad who was struggling to fight his own pack as well as the Onyx Moon pack, he began to bite them aswell as attacking "we are outnumbered", he mindlinked to him, his dad shot out more powers despite now feeling weak and he began to fight and watched as the wolves fell.
They turned towards Owen who had now ran at Franklyn, they knew he had to be stopped once and for all so they ran at him too despite knowing that Franklyn had the power to kill them.

Franklyn felt himself becoming weak, his wolf told him he needed to rest and as he watched the three of them run at him, he shot his fire power at them because he didn't care, but what he didn't expect was to miss and this time the big fiery orb disappeared and what became in it's place instead was a big shimmering wave of electric turquoise and it was coming towards him and he saw the three of them using their powers as one, he couldn't move as the big wave knocked him flying into another room.
Owen, Logan and his father ran to the room where he had landed and there they saw, he had gone, they looked around knowing it was impossible for him to go as the windows were all barricaded, they changed back to human, feeling weak and now frustrated, "it's impossible!", Owen said, his fists clenching, "he couldn't have disappeared!" He kicked a chair and it flew across the room hitting the wall and the chair fell to pieces, he was angry, "we fought for nothing!"

Logan looked around before going back to the entrance, he noticed that all their packs were fine and they were no longer under Franklyn's submission. He breathed a sigh of relief, he turned back round to Owen and his dad, "we need to find out more about him and how he has gotten them powers", he shook his head and laughed as the idea was ridiculous, "he couldn't have just disappeared into thin air", he frowned as his dad and Owen looked at each other, "it could be possible", his dad shrugged as he said it, "if there is dark magic involved".
Logan shook his head, Owen was angry, "I need to go, I need to find out more and find where he is!", he watched as his pack came into the room, their heads down to show that he was their Alpha again and he walked out brushing past them, they followed and none of them looked back.

Logan looked at his dad, "maybe we should go too and find out more if we can and find where he is", Logan's dad placed a hand on his shoulder, "best off letting Owen doing that, you need to concentrate on your own life", Logan frowned but nodded, "you're right", he smiled at the thought of seeing Emily and for her to be in his arms again.
Their packs stood in four lines to show that Logan and his father were their alphas again and they followed them as they walked out to go back home knowing that it wasn't over.

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