Her Wolf

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Chapter twenty three

Logan, his father and both of their packs walked home in silence, his dad nodded at them to show them that he knew it wasn't their fault about what had happened and he hoped that Owen would be understanding with his own pack too.
Logan knew that it wasn't over, not by a long shot, he shook his head and grimaced, "seriously though, I don't get it, if he was able to do all that, then why did he choose rogues and get them to kill Owen's family?" His dad shrugged and patted the top of his back, "I don't know, it's something we will have to look into because I'm curious myself because we got told he was a runt and what he had endured because of that by his family, I'm going to look more into that." He shook his head at the thought, his face looked grim and tired "I suspect black magic is involved and we are going to have to be very careful because if he can control us and have Alpha powers when he's human and can disappear, it means he can do anything."

Logan looked about as they neared home, "Emily is going to be angry because I wouldn't let her fight with us", he gave his dad a sideways smile, "but I have my reasons why", his dad gave a small chuckle as he had a feeling just what the reason was but he felt the dark cloud that was hovering over them getting bigger and it wasn't a good sign.
Logan had contacted Emily after the battle had happened to get her to stay at his house until they came back, "we need to find someone who can protect our homes." Logan's dad told him, Logan looked at him and nodded, his dad frowned, "we can't afford to get hurt now that we know how powerful he is".
Logan, his dad and Emily's dad walked into the house as their packs all seperated.

Emily ran over to Logan as he came into the living room with his dad, her voice was muffled as her face was pressed into his chest "I'm so pleased you're okay because I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen", Logan rumbled in his chest to comfort her and he wrapped his arms around her back and stroked her hair.
He lifted her face up and kissed her gently, he smiled softly, "as you can see I am fine", she gave a little growl from the back of her throat and thumped his chest, "you should have let me come along!", he shook his head, he looked bemused, "you know yourself that you wouldn't have", she sighed as she knew he was right and placed her forehead against his chest.

Logan's mom and dad were hugging, his mom knew what had happened, she shook her head as she looked up at him, he sighed, "we've decided to let Owen finish this off now with Franklyn, it's not our fight anymore", she nodded, "I agree", he kissed her head, he grimaced, feeling the heaviness in his chest at the thought "but I have a feeling that Franklyn isn't over with us though and it means that we will have to protect ourselves."
Emily's mom walked over to Emily's dad, she hugged him and sighed in relief that he was okay, "I'm so pleased you're okay but I think you're getting too old to fight", he growled playfully as he kissed her, "I'm never too old for anything", she laughed as she hugged into him but she could feel the tension coming from him.
She looked over at Emily in Logan's arms, "perhaps we should go now", he looked over at where she was looking and nodded, they knew that Emily was safe and that was all that mattered.

Emily stood at the front door after saying goodbye to her parents, she watched them leave, she was so happy knowing her dad was fine and she had told him that after hugging him.
As she closed the front door, she walked into the kitchen to find his mom serving up dinner and as she ate, she could feel that the tension in the air was heavy and as they finished and after she helped his mom clean up. She smiled as she walked over to Logan who was talking to his dad in the living room, she took his hand and pulled him up from the sofa.

"I have something to tell you", she gave him a secretive smile and took his hand and pulled him upstairs, he grinned as he knew what it was. She pulled him into his bedroom and placed his hand on her stomach, "guess what?" She giggled as he placed his hands around her waist as he kissed behind her ear, "you're having my pup", he growled as he turned her round and kissed her hard on her mouth, she moaned, "mmmm I am", he rumbled in his chest, "now you know why I didn't want you to fight", she nodded, "and I wouldn't have despite my protests".
Logan walked behind her and lifted her top up and rubbed her stomach, "do our parents know", she moaned and pushed herself against his hardness, "no", she gasped, "I thought we should tell them together", he nodded, "it's time for us to get our own house too", "mmmm", she said in agreement whilst giving a little sigh knowing their lovemaking to celebrate wasn't going to happen tonight with his parents downstairs.

She turned around to him, "after graduation, we'll have our mating ceremony and wedding together", he nodded with his sideways smile that she loved, "well we only have a couple of weeks until our graduation, so maybe our parents should start doing more plans and we can go house hunting".
Emily grinned as she stretched up and stroked the back of his neck, "good idea", she reached up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

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