Her Wolf

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Chapter twenty five

The next day Owen arranged a meeting with his pack and the man who told him that Franklyn was a runt, they sat around the table in their meeting room.
Owen was standing as they were sitting.
"You told me he was a runt!" He shook his head in anger, "well he wasn't! He has more powers than any alpha should have and then he disappeared when we thought we had him!"
The man shook his head, "impossible", Owen laughed in a mix of anger and disbelief, "he disappeared in thin air!" He punched the table "of course it should be impossible! Which is why I need to know more about him, I want to know more about his history, where he lived with his pack!"

The man frowned, he wasn't happy but he knew he had no choice, he knew Franklyn, "I can help you, I can tell you where he lived", Owen walked around the room until he reached the doorway, he turned round and saw them all standing up, he nodded at them, "then we will go later."
Owen left that afternoon with some of his pack, he left his beta in charge whilst he and a few from his pack left town.

They travelled to the small town where they found the little village where Franklyn's pack lived that was now abandoned, Owen began looking around, he walked towards a big house.
He walked up carefully up the wood rotted three steps that led to the entrance where the front door was hanging from it's hinges, he walked inside and went into the living room that the furniture was still there.

His nose twitched as he sniffed the air and could smell the rot and decay, his head lifted to the ceiling when he heard his name being called, he went upstairs to find some of his pack in the main bedroom that used to belong to Franklyn's parents and there he saw one of his men holding a photograph of Franklyn and his four brothers from when they were young and there he saw as the youngest brother was that man who was helping them.
He clenched the photograph in anger and frustration, he needed more answers and he knew that man would be long gone by the time they got back, he placed the photo into his pocket.

He took a look around the rest of the rooms but found nothing else apart from one bedroom that was empty except for a mattress, a blanket and on the floor there were sheets of paper with childish drawings of a wolf that looked like Franklyn's, he knew this was Franklyn's bedroom, he then met his pack outside, "there wasn't anything suspicious in there that we could find", one of his men told him, Owen nodded but pulled out the photograph,"except for this", he showed them the photo and explained.
One of his men frowned as he remembered what that man told him before they left, "I got told there's another village that has their own pack a few miles away and there is some herbalists who live there that could help us."

Owen didn't want to trust that man who he knew now was Franklyn's brother but he was determined to find out how Franklyn came to be the way he was and if there was a possible way to kill him,"let's go" and they walked the few miles to the other village where there was a man walking towards them from the entrance. "We don't get many newcomers coming to our village", he said as he stopped them from coming forwards, Owen nodded, "we've been travelling and we need to see a herbalist to get information", the man laughed whilst shaking his head, "I know you've been snooping in that village, we have people watching what happens here."

Owen frowned, he knew he had to reason with this man, "I have my reasons and if we can go somewhere then maybe I can explain", the man nodded, still looking suspicious as he looked around at Owen and the pack "okay", he led them to an apothecary which was in the middle of the village.
Owen looked around as he walked inside with his pack and he could see jars with herbs on counters.
He turned around to the man who had led them in, the man folded his arms, "so come on then explain", the man told him.

After Owen had explained, the man knew who he was on about and what had exactly happened, he walked around the counter and picked up a jar and placed it down so Owen could see it, "this is what made him the way he is", Owen picked up the jar, he looked annoyed, "so what did he do?" He sneered, "did he open the jar and began to eat them?" The man shook his head, "no, his mother asked for these but what we didn't know was that she was going to mix them in a potion and feed it to him as a newborn, and from what we heard was that his wolf disappeared, she did it to punish her husband as she was forced to marry him when she loved another and the poor boy didn't change as he got older and his family made his life hell. We couldn't say anything or tell anyone because if our pack council found out they would have killed all of us and that would have included our pups. "

Owen placed the jar back down, "he's got his wolf back now and with it, he has more power than any alpha can have."

The man took the jar and placed it around the counter again, "I'm not shocked, he will be withholding a lot of power", Owen looked around at the jars, "is there any that we can use that can help us", the man shook his head, "what his mother did was dark magic and look at what has happened, she caused trouble when there was no need to."
He walked past them to stand by the door "I'm the owner of this place and I'm going to close as it's getting dark", Owen knew the man said it as a hint for them to leave, he didn't want to and he was frustrated, "we've come here looking for a way to get him and we've reached a dead end!"
He glared at the man, "I will buy that jar from you, we need it because he is dangerous, he can make all of my pack including me to submit to him, he has a shield that stops him from getting hurt and he's after my daughter!"

The man knew that selling the jar to him was going to be a mistake, he walked reluctantly around the counter, "fine but I don't want you coming back here because I will have more than enough blood on my hands", he handed him the jar and watched as they left.
Owen placed the jar in his rucksack he had on his back, he looked around at his pack, "we will go home now", he felt a little relief knowing that he had something that could help him defeat Franklyn and for now he could concentrate on his family.

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