Her Wolf

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Chapter twenty six

Three months later

Emily and Logan graduated school and they moved into their new home which was close to their parents, she sat herself down on the sofa in their newly furnished living room and she smiled as she looked at the photograph on the cabinet, it was the photo with her in a white satin gown and Logan in his tuxedo, they decided to do the wedding and mating ceremony together and it was the happiest day of her life.
She placed a hand on her stomach that was now beginning to swell.

Logan walked in and sat down beside her, he smiled and placed a hand on top of hers, "happy?" Emily smiled, she leaned her head on his shoulder, "very", he leaned his head down and kissed her lips.
Emily looked up at him with a small smile, "I think we're having a girl", Logan chuckled, "and she will be beautiful just like you."

She blushed and giggled, "and if we have a boy, he will be handsome just like you", she cuddled into him, Logan chuckled, "our baby is going to be spoilt", he thought back to the day when they told their parents who were very happy to know that they were going to be grandparents.
"Yes our baby certainly will be", Emily said as she rubbed her stomach, she chuckled as she looked up at him, "remember what the doctor said when he confirmed our pregnancy that sometimes we can give birth to four babies at just one time?"

Logan shook his head, "it's very rare", Emily raised an eyebrow, "but it can still happen though right?" He laughed as he thought how lucky he was as she snuggled into him, life had changed so much for him, he went from being her bully, to her lover and now he was her husband and he was going to be a father.

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