Her Wolf

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Chapter twenty seven

Another three months later

Daniella rubbed her heavily pregnant stomach as she watched as the men move in her belongings into the big house in Naple Falls.
She had been banished from her pack a year ago and she had joined a pack of rogues and that was when she met him, her mate, she was happy and she wanted to stay with him because she loved him.

He took care of her and he told her that he loved her too and they had mated, she knew he had a troubled life and he had a dark side but she told him that no matter what his past was she would always love him but he pushed her away, so she had no choice but to leave and that had hurt her badly and six months ago she got a letter in his handwriting telling her his house that was for sale was now sold to her and with that letter was a cheque for her and their baby.

She stood back and looked up at the house, she was smiling but she had tears in her eyes, she knew he was alive and he had been keeping tracks on her and she wished he was standing there next to her and holding her hand whilst telling her how happy they would be with each other and their baby in this house but she knew her and their baby will always be happy in this house no matter what as this house belonged to him and one day she hoped that he will come to be with her and their baby but it was wishful thinking.
She knew she was going to have to be very careful once her baby was born because if word got out who his father was their lives would become very difficult despite it not been their fault.

She stood back as the men left and she walked inside her home knowing that this was going to be a fresh start for her and her little baby.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it and I'm going to be writing a sequel very soon :) and an alternative to see what would happen if things changed ;)

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