Her Wolf

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Chapter two

Logan quickly changed back and stood up, he was shaking inside as he couldn't believe his wolf would do that but he felt his wolf was feeling satisfied, he stared down at her, at his mark and he knew it was meant to be, she was his destined Luna and there was no way, he was going to reject her for a bitch like Claudia, who he could hear now growling, he turned around quickly, her eyes were glowing green, she dug her sharp talons into his neck, he hissed in pain and quickly pushed her away.
"You've marked the bitch!" She screamed at him, he could feel and see the waves of jealousy and anger around her, she snarled, "my father promised me that you would mate me! He told me I was a powerful Luna!"

Logan shook his head, "well your father is wrong", he winced as she started to shout and screech and he couldn't believe how whiny and nasally her voice now sounded and what was that about her dad promising her that she was to be a powerful luna? He blinked as he stared at her, he felt like he had just woken up as he now saw her in a completely different light.
To everyone else she still looked like that beautiful long blonde haired girl with blue eyes and that angelic smile that made her get away with many things but to Logan she looked ugly, the ugliness was her selfishness and her nastiness that had come to life, he could see it in her eyes and her smile and he found it had repulsed him, he knew he was seeing it through his wolf's eyes and he was doing it as a punishment to what he had to done to Emily.

Logan used his alpha powers to shield Emily from Claudia as she ran to attack her, Claudia fell back onto the floor, he knew he had to do this, he had to protect Emily from Claudia.
He stood straight and stared into her eyes, he felt his alpha powers wash over him "I Logan Walker banish you from the White moon pack. You will not come near myself, my mate and nor our future pups. You will not speak nor have anything to do with the rest of my pack."
He felt his power glide over her which made her kneel and bow, he growled showing his hypnotic golden eyes, "go."

He watched as she walked away with hatred in her eyes and her head up, he could feel the massive waves of anger coming from her and he knew with her now being a rogue she will be up to something very dangerous.
He was going to have to alert the pack about this and soon.

Logan looked down at Emily to find her still unconscious, he didn't want to leave her alone and he blinked once again because now he saw that Emily was so beautiful that her skin was glowing and he knew he wasn't seeing her through his wolf's eyes, this was how he had always seen her and now all he wanted to do was protect her and this time he promised to himself and to her that he would not hide it and he would show her with everything he had that he loved her and he noticed the pain in his chest had gone.

He knew that Emily had seen his eyes sometimes flash gold when one of the popular kids or Claudia would push her or call her names and he wished now that he had stopped them, the only thing he did which was honorable was making sure that none of the pack would bully her but he had a feeling they wouldn't anyway but he still made sure that none of them would have anything to do with her. He frowned because Claudia was part of his pack and yet he let her do what she wanted to Emily and he knew he let her to show everyone how powerful he was which was a completely dumb move.

He had shifted at sixteen years old and the only face he could see was Emily as his mate and that was when he had rejected her by kissing Claudia and now whenever he hurt her, he felt a pain in his chest.
His wolf Adam growled as he thought back to that day, he didn't want a mate especially like Emily, he had thought and he tried to convince his wolf that Claudia was better suited to him but no, his wolf had made sure to remind him that Emily was his fated mate by giving him pain when she wasn't around and the pull to mate her when she was around and that he was an idiot.
So he did the next best thing and also stupid which was bully her, he hoped it would break the bond and that she would reject him but the pain got worse and the pull to mate her became more powerful and now he had no choice but to mate her and he did not regret it.

He bent down to touch Emily's face before quickly walking to the nearest classroom, he opened the door and walked in whilst explaining to the teacher about Emily and how she tripped and banged her head on the floor.
He hurried out along with the teacher who phoned an ambulance as they went to check on her, he stayed until the paramedics took her and he knew he was going to have to tell his father and her parents everything and he wasn't looking forward to that but he knew it had to be done, he walked out of the school and drove to the hospital, he had to make sure she was fine before he spoke to his father.

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