Her Wolf

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Chapter three

Emily opened her eyes and winced as she felt the throbbing pain at the back of her head, she heard the sighs of relief and her father whispering that he will get a nurse.
Emily gingerly turned her head towards her mom, Marie who was sitting by the side of her bed, her mom's face was creased with worry but now with relief at seeing her awake, "how are you, sweetheart?" She asked, Emily frowned, "my head hurts and what am I doing here?" Her mom took her hand, she said quietly, "Logan told me and your dad that he pushed you and you fell."

As soon as she spoke them words, her wolf Eve bought all her memories of that day back to her and it all came crashing back at how Claudia pushed her against the lockers and how Logan had pushed her bodily onto the floor which had knocked her out. Her mom looked angry, "why did you not tell me and your dad about him bullying you? He confessed to everything" Emily frowned in confusion, why would he admit to all that he had done to her? She thought, and why did he stay to make sure she was ok after pushing her over?

Emily heard her wolf telling her that she will show her why he stayed and why he had confessed to everything he had done to her, she then began to show her the memories which had happened when she was unconscious, she muttered no and felt her heart beating faster as she saw the vision of Logan with his canines jutting out and his eyes glowing hypnotically and staring down at her before marking her neck whilst uttering the word "mate".

With that vision, she sat up in a panic, he had rejected her two years ago by kissing Claudia and with him always tormenting her, she had felt the pain of him trying to break the bond and the pull she had tried to ignore but now she knew she couldn't and she frowned and touched her chest because the pain had gone, she bought a hand to her neck to where he had bitten her but her mom gently pushed her back down, her mom thought she was in a panic at finding herself in a hospital.
Emily had forgotten about the pain in her head at the panic of that memory but now the pain in her head felt worse, the nurse came in then followed by her dad, she was given pain relief but she knew she would have healed quickly after Logan had pushed her but her wolf was too upset which was how she ended up in hospital and she was furious with her wolf because if she hadn't disappeared then she wouldn't have been knocked unconscious let alone mated to him but her wolf then told her it was meant to be and that was why they had always felt that pull towards each other despite Logan reject ing her.

Emily shook her head, no! she said to her wolf She tried to block out her wolf's thoughts but Eve was giving her visions of hers and Logan's pups, she closed her eyes at the thought.
Eve gladly told her that she could not ignore it whether she wanted to or not.

Emily noticed her mom was still waiting for an answer about why she didn't tell her about Logan bullying her, "I don't know why", she felt herself beginning to cry, her mom handed her a tissue from the table by her bed, "if we knew what was going on, we would have went straight to his dad and he would have enrolled him into an army school", she nodded but now it was too late, she felt her life was now a mess.

She had plans for after graduation because she was going to leave town and go to college where no one would know her and she wouldn't be bullied and then maybe travel and now she felt her dreams shatter in pieces.
She lay back down in bed, "he rejected me by kissing another girl, he let her bully me and they both made my life hell, why should I stop my plans because he all of a sudden decides that I'm now his mate?" She tilted her neck to show her mom her mating mark and her mom shook her head, her mom didn't look happy "you need to talk to him", Emily shook her head, "I don't want anything to do with him", why don't I reject him? Let him see what it feels like? She said to her wolf but she grimaced in pain as her wolf made her feel yet again what it would feel like but this time constantly all the time. She sighed,"okay then I will talk to him" and she felt the pain go but she was too tensed up to relax.

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