Her Wolf

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Chapter four

Emily after having a very slow two days at hospital was now resting at home in her pyjamas, her mom Marie was fussing over her, "mom I'm fine, you can go to work and I will lie here watching TV and I know there's soup ready for me to eat", she was lying down on the couch whilst her mom was hovering over her, her mom bit her lip, she looked unsure but she sighed, "okay then but remember I'm only a phone call away", Emily nodded as her head was feeling better.

Gerald, Emily's dad was having a little meeting with Derrick, Logan's dad in the room in Derrick's house where the pack usually had their meetings because seeing as their kids were mated to each other, it only seemed right to have a chat especially as Logan's dad was the alpha.
Derrick stood up from the table where they were chatting about pack business, he knew why Gerald came to talk and he knew they had to sort it out once and for all and Gerald stood up as it was the rule that when the alpha arrived everyone in the pack bowed their heads and when the alpha stood up then the pack would follow suit, Derrick cleared his throat, "I would like to apologise for the way my son has treated your daughter", Gerald bowed his head in respect, "my alpha you have no reason to apologise."

Derrick placed a hand on Gerald's shoulder, "I've had a word with Logan and as he and Emily are mates, he is going to have to apologise to her, I've told him he is lucky that I am not sending him away as I would have done if Emily had told us sooner but he has marked Emily and to send him away now is just wrong for both of them, he is alpha of the pack to the people of his age and he needs to set a good example but he has proved that he is alpha material by owning up to what he has done", he nodded.
Gerald also nodded in agreement, he was angry with Logan for treating his daughter the way that he did but he also knew that Logan loved her and would now take care of her, no matter what.

Derrick smiled, "and since we are going to be family, I've decided to make you my new beta", Gerald's mouth opened and closed in shock, "what has happened to Reuben?" Derrick laughed, "he has stepped down because his wife is ready to give birth and he wants to spend more time with his little family", he grinned and held out a hand for him to shake, "so what do you say?" Gerald smiled and shook Derrick's and bowed his head, "then it is an honor, my alpha", he knew he was going to be taking on more work but it would be worth it.

After Gerald left to tell Marie and Emily the good news, Derrick summoned Logan down from his bedroom using their mindlink, Logan came downstairs and walked into the pack meeting room, he knew his dad was disappointed in him about treating Emily badly as he had already told him that day when he had marked Emily, "you wanted to see me, dad?" His dad nodded, "Emily's parents have at last accepted the mating between you and her and to sweeten the deal, I have made Gerald my new beta."
Logan bowed his head, he was thankful and he knew now that he had to work his way around Emily and earn her forgiveness, Derrick then sat down at the meeting table and he motioned for Logan to sit opposite him, "now you told me that you had banished Claudia from your pack", he tilted his head, "care to tell me why?" Derrick knew that Claudia was bad news from the beginning and he didn't get why Logan was going to choose her over Emily, she might look good on an alpha's arm but she wasn't suitable.

Logan thinned his lips, he told his dad the whole story about what had happened and how she tried to attack Emily, his dad nodded, it was exactly what he would have done if he was in the same position and now he had to tell Logan the news that he had heard, he leaned forward with his hands resting on the table, Logan sat up straight, he knew this wasn't going to be good news.
"After you told me that you had banished Claudia, I decided to send some of the pack to keep an eye on her and one of them luckily lives in the same street as her and her father and he had heard her father shouting at her in what seemed like anger and panic and the day after he had watched them putting their belongings in the trunk of their car and they sped off and then a 'for sale' sign appeared at their house later on that day."

Derrick had always known that Franklyn, Claudia's father was not as he appeared to be, he had appeared in this town, Naple Falls, fifteen years ago with Claudia in tow and he had kept himself to himself but the day when Claudia had shapeshifted that was when he had introduced himself to both his and Logan's young pack because Claudia was joining it, Derrick remembered how Claudia had a strange smell about her and so did Franklyn.
Franklyn was known for going away on business so he had never asked to join his pack and Derrick didn't see anything suspicious about it, he sat back to look at Logan, "you used to be with Claudia, did you ever see her father?" Logan shrugged his shoulders, "sometimes and he never really spoke to me but he spoiled Claudia which is why I think she became the way she is and she told me she was practically brought up by nannies." Logan narrowed his eyes, as he remembered what Claudia had said about her father telling her that she was meant to be a powerful Luna, the day when he had marked Emily.

His dad nodded, "I also know about his past", he told Logan, "I had him investigated when he first moved into town which is protocol for any new shapeshifter that arrives and I discovered, his wife ran off with her true mate and a pack of rogues killed his family and the rest of his pack but now with him and his daughter running away like that, I don't think it's true, I think it's a story he made up to protect himself and his daughter and luckily I have a herbalist amongst my pack who discovered the smell that he used and it's a herb that disguises shapeshifters true smells".
He took a deep breath as he dreaded the thought, "I suspect that him and his daughter are naturally rogues and they have been staying in this town so his daughter could mate an alpha when she reached of age and when that didn't work out they fled and now we need to keep a lookout and find out where they are.
They are rogues now and I suspect he will have his own pack of them and they are known to kill without a thought", Logan stood up as his dad stood, Logan looked at his dad,"I will send some of my pack to guard Emily's house because Claudia, I know is willing to kill her", he heard his wolf growling and he mentally nodded, "I know, I feel the same way but we must keep calm", he felt his wolf settle.....for now.

Logan went back upstairs whilst his father went to summon another pack meeting, he was happy that her parents had accepted the mating, he lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling.
He knew he had to apologise and make it up to Emily until she accepted him, he sighed just thinking about it as he longed to see her and to see his mark on her.
His wolf reasoned with him and told him he will get nowhere if he didn't do anything, he grinned and quickly jumped off the bed and ran downstairs and out of the front door, "no time like the present" he said outloud to his wolf.

Emily was pleased about her father becoming the new beta and she reminded herself to congratulate him when he came in from pack business because as soon as he told her and her mom, he got a mindlink from Logan's dad telling him there was urgent pack business and she also knew that her father becoming beta was Logan's father's way of saying that he approves of them becoming mates and her mother had gone to work, she was a secretary for one of the shapeshifters who owned a business in town.
She had just silenced her wolf from nagging her to go and see Logan because as she had told her wolf, she was hurt and angry about how he had rejected her and made her life hell and when she had made plans for what she was going to do after leaving school that was when he had marked her as his mate despite him not knowing that she had plans, she sighed feeling tensed and uneasy as she switched the TV on and just as she finally got into watching a show, she heard the doorbell ring, "typical", she muttered as she got up to answer the door, she knew it wouldn't be any people her age coming to wish her well because Logan made sure that no one would be friends with her, so she knew it would be one of her parents friends, she then opened the door to find the last person she wanted to see.
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