Her Wolf

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Chapter five

Emily regretted opening that door as soon as she saw Logan standing there, I don't want to see him, she said to Eve, Eve growled and Emily gasped as she felt the pain in her chest, Eve once again was showing her what will happen if she breaks her bond with him.
She turned to look at Logan and he gave her a look of understanding, "I felt that pain too everytime when I hurt you but it stopped after I marked you but you will keep feeling it unless you mark me", she stepped back and he walked in and closed the door.

She shook her head, she was angry, "you rejected me when we were sixteen, you kissed Claudia, knowing that you were breaking my heart and then you turned everyone against me and you made my life hell at school and you knocked me out by pushing me over, just so you could impress Claudia!", she laughed bitterly, "why don't you go back to her, you suit each other."
She swallowed as she didn't want to cry, I have never showed weakness to him and I will not start now, she said to Eve, she remembered the times when she showed weakness and that was in the school toilets or in her bedroom when she would cry, wondering what she had done for him to be so nasty to her.

Logan smelled the sadness coming from her, he could to use his alpha powers to calm her but he wanted to calm her by just using himself, no powers, he moved towards her only to find her stepping back away from him, "I'm sorry", he reached out a hand to touch her arm, "I should have listened to my wolf, he told me that I was going to break your heart and I did and I'm an asshole."
He shook his head and stared straight into her eyes, she gasped as she saw the flash of hypnotic gold in his eyes, "if I had the power to turn back time to when I was sixteen, I would and I would have protected you, loved you and I would have been proud to show everyone that you are mine, just like the way I am feeling now and I swear to the Moon Goddess that I always will protect you and love you forever ."

Emily shook her head, she didn't want to believe him but yet a part of her did and she didn't like the pain that was now burning in her chest and the growling from Eve was loud, she could feel the mating pull getting stronger and she tried to ignore it which she found it was getting harder to everyday, "you may have sworn to the Moon Goddess but I can't trust you, you broke my heart, you went with her! Claudia! She bullied me and yet you knew it and you went with her and you encouraged her more to bully me and not just that you helped her!"
She thumped his chest, she felt herself getting angrier, her life, her future, everything was now upside down but she felt her wolf soothing her, she felt Logan's arms around her and damn that mating pull but she burrowed her head against his chest, she could smell his sandalwood scent and she closed her eyes.

She lifted her head to look up at his face, he was looking down softly at her and she noticed his eyes were flashing that hypnotic golden color, and he noticed that her eyes had turned into that deep violet color, they frowned at each other as their wolves had gone quiet.
They knew their wolves were up to something and then they both heard in their minds their wolves laughing, Emily felt nervous, she could feel her wolf pushing forward to take over her, Logan's eyes widened as he felt the same, they both knew their wolves were making the first move, they were getting tired of running round in circles as two years were more than enough.

Emily backed away from the door as Logan followed her, they both growled playfully, she felt aroused, her breathing was getting heavy, as was his " I apologise in advance for my wolf", he growled.
Logan stalked further forward until Emily had her back against the wall, he pressed his hardness against her and felt her rubbing against him, he could smell her arousal and ran his nose down her neck to where her mark was, "mine!"

Emily leapt onto him, he growled before he pushed his lips onto hers.
Eve knew she had done her job and left Emily so she was kissing Logan as Adam had left too. Emily moaned as Logan ran his hands up her waist, he was feeling every curve until he reached her breasts, Emily ran his hands down his back and she felt him run his hands up her body until he reached her breasts, she felt him cupping them and she felt herself getting wet, it was only until she felt his mouth reach her neck where he had marked her and she heard him growl did she then push him away with shaking hands, she was panting and gasping for breath and as she looked down at herself, she saw her pyjama top had been torn and her breasts were exposed.

Logan licked his lips, he was panting for breath as he stared at her, he silently thanked Adam and her wolf Eve for taking them first steps because that had never felt so good, Emily wrapped her arms around her chest so she was covered, she couldn't believe Eve would do this and she felt angry, I had to do something first because otherwise you would have rejected him.
Emily shook her head and ran upstairs but before he could stop her, she stopped midway to face him, "Before you think I'm going to run away, I'm not, I'm going to put on a new shirt and then I will come down and we will talk".
He folded his arms and nodded as he leant against the front door, "good, because I'm not going anywhere", she ran up the stairs and into her bedroom, she wanted to wake up from this, she harden herself and her feelings against him and now her wolf had destroyed that by making that first move, it was nothing like she imagined it would be but she knew this was real and there was nothing she could do about it, she slowly got up and walked over to her mirror and viewed her marking spot for the first time, in her mind she thought that if she couldn't see it then everything would be fine but clearly now it wasn't and she hated the way she felt when Logan was touching her...but now it felt right.

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