Her Wolf

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Chapter six

Logan knew he had a lot of work cut out for him.
He had lost his best friend, his only friend when they first started elementary school and in return he had bullied and alienated her in high school, he made sure she had no friends, the power felt very heady and he used it a lot especially in their pack and now all he wanted was her as his best friend again and now as the love of his life, his mate and he was ready to show and prove to her that she was his everything.

He pushed himself away from the front door and walked into the living room, he made himself at home on the sofa and waited for her as he wasn't going nowhere until he could speak to her.

Emily after taking a few deep breaths and trying to control her nerves, she slowly walked downstairs to find Logan waiting for her.

She stood in the doorway of the living room, she couldn't look at him but she felt his eyes on her, he stood up and walked to her, "please look at me", he said softly, she slowly looked up at him, she looked resigned, "I had plans to travel the world after going to college", she could still see herself travelling but now with him, thanks Eve, she thought to her because she knew Eve had given her that vision, it was bad enough that she was literally howling with joy about what happened and was now wanting her to mark him.

Logan nodded, "your wolf has showed you the vision of us travelling together? Because mine has", Emily moved away from him and sat down on the sofa, she sighed, "yes, she did."
He sat down next to her, his leg was touching against hers, he wanted to touch her in anyway that he could, her hand was resting against her knee and he slowly placed his hand on top of hers, he felt her trying to move her hand away, "please", he said quietly, his eyes looked at her beseechingly.

Emily kept her hand still, she found herself liking his warmth, she looked down at their hands, "our wolves shouldn't have done what they did."
Logan turned her hand over and entwined his fingers with hers, "I'm pleased they did", he squeezed her hand affectionately, "please give me a chance?" Emily swallowed, her mind and heart was in turmoil, she also heard Eve telling her to give him a chance, she knew that if she did, she would have to do online courses because she wouldn't be able to leave as she would be the mate of an alpha and Logan was after all the alpha in her pack and he had responsibilities so he couldn't leave.
She closed her eyes, Eve was giving her visions again of her and Logan in the future being happy, in love and their pups and other visions of her because she rejected him and she was alone, miserable and bitter.

Emily opened her eyes as she had made up her mind, she nodded, "I will give you a chance", Logan smiled, he kissed her hand, she had heard what happened to Claudia, sometimes it was handy having a wolf who could communicate with their mate's wolf.
Emily knew she shouldn't bring the subject of Claudia up but she had to make sure that she was out of the picture because she couldn't be bothered to have a psychotic cheerleader threatening her all the time now, she removed her hand from Logan's grip and folded her arms across her chest, "so what will happen now to Claudia then?" Logan heard his wolf growling, his wolf had always hated her and how he had a reason for threatening their mate, "she's gone, her and her father left in a panic and their house is now for sale, since I have banished her. She hasn't joined any pack since and my father suspects that her and her father are rogues and have always been, he is looking into it now and I have my beta and gamma on the lookout too."

Emily had to admit she was shocked when she heard from Eve that Logan had banished Claudia for threatening her, Logan stroked her cheek with the back his hand, "no one threatens my mate and gets away with it," she placed her hand over his, she still didn't understand him "you pushed me away two years ago, you rejected me and practically showed everyone that she was your mate", she knew she had shouted all this to him before but she didn’t get any answers as thanks to their wolves they had took over them to 'break the ice' between them.

Logan grimaced, he felt ashamed and his wolf made him feel that ten times more, "I did it because I wasn't ready for a mate, when I first shifted, you were the first face I saw in my mind and I heard the word mate in my head, I will always be ashamed by what I have done to you and every day I will always regret it", he rolled his eyes up "and my wolf will always be there to make me remember that aswell as making sure that I will always love you no matter what." He moved a single strand from her face as he saw her pupils enlarge and her mouth open as she began to breathe faster and heavier.
Emily felt a sudden rush of arousal at his vow and she knew that accepting him as her mate meant her wolf had the power to get her in heat and she knew now that was what she was doing. Logan could smell the arousal and he knew that smell was mingled between the two of them, he moved his lips towards her, "even though I will never need to be reminded", he leaned into kiss her mouth and she moaned which gave him the chance to taste her mouth as he pushed his tongue in.

She whimpered as her tongue became entwined with his, she felt aroused as his hands began to caress her breasts, Eve in her mind was pushing her to mate with him, to mark him as hers! She gasped as she moved away from his mouth, she felt her canines jut out as she pressed her mouth against his neck "mate!" She swore, she felt Eve use a power that she had never experienced before to make her mark him but she didn't fight her, she growled as she bit into him marking him as hers, she felt him shudder and her top was torn to pieces as he pushed her down onto the floor.

Logan rolled on top of her, his eyes were glowing that hypnotic gold and she moaned as she felt his hardness. She felt Eve coming to the surface as she reached between them to unbuttoned his pants, he helped her as she pulled them down.
She went to pull her pyjamas pants down but found they were already torn and she giggled. He removed her torn shirt and stared at her nakedness, at her curvy body, "you are so beautiful", he whispered.
He sat up to unbutton his shirt and she opened her mouth in awe at his muscular body, she ran her hand down his chest and dared to bring it down further which made him clench his teeth and growl in lust.
She sighed and whimpered in pleasure at what he did to her body, it was nothing like she had ever experienced before and she knew as they had finished that it was a night she would never forget.

They lay there, her head lying on his chest and he had his arms around her, they could feel their wolves were so happy that they were dancing and Emily knew now that the moon Goddess had them fated as mates whether they had wanted to be or not from the day they were born and everything now had come to the way it should be.

His chest rumbled as she placed her hand on it, she lifted her head up to stare into his eyes, he smiled softly and bent his head to kiss her lips.
He stroked her back, he loved the smell of their scents mingled, "by the way, you're coming with me and the rest of our pack on a run and they are going to get to know you because you are now their Luna", Emily smiled and stroked his chest whilst kissing his mark on his neck which made him growl in lust, she giggled playfully before moaning as he started to make love to her again.

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