Her Wolf

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Chapter eight

Logan later on that night climbed through her bedroom window to find her sitting on her bed waiting for him. He saw she was wearing a tank top that showed her curves and a pair of panties. His fingers and mouth itched to caress her and to love her, Emily, smiled and stood up, she watched as he walked over, his eyes flashed gold and he gave a lusty growl before running his mouth down to her mark before kissing her deeply .

He smiled,"I had a meeting with the pack, they would like to get to know you properly, he smiled as he took her hand in his as he sat next to her on the bed, "I've told them that we are mates and they are happy."
Emily looked surprised, she shook her head, "I thought they would be more shocked than anything", he chuckled, "I guess my pack knows a lot more than what we think."

He lay down on the bed and she lay down with him, her head rested on his chest, she closed her eyes and sniffed his scent with pleasure through his shirt, she felt his arm tighten around her, she placed a hand on his chest.
"It's a good job you know my parents already so you don't have to feel nervous about meeting them", she joked.

She closed her eyes as she felt his chest rumble as he laughed, she felt safe in his arms which felt strange but right and if someone told her last week that she would be here in his arms now she would have laughed and called them delusional.
Logan meanwhile was pleased that his beta Aaron and his gamma Jack were prowling around the house and surrounding the area to make sure there was no trouble.

It was still quiet and no one had seen or had scented Claudia, her father or anyone else that might be with them because they would have been able to scent it and they couldn't, he suspected just like his father that they were using herbs to cover their scents and his father's herbalist was still looking into it.
He knew Claudia throughout, he knew she could have any man wrapped around her sharp talons and on their knees in a just a fluttering of her eyelashes and a pout, she was very dangerous.

With the thought that Emily was safe thanks to his and his father's pack, he pulled the pink soft fleece throw over that was folded on the bottom of her bed over them both, Emily snuggled into him and she felt herself falling asleep in his arms, she sighed in contentment.
"I'm not going anywhere", he whispered as he felt himself going to sleep, he felt exhausted as after the run he had with his pack, he had practiced self defense lessons with his father and then got his pack to practice fighting, he knew they needed all the practice they could get.

The next morning Emily woke up to find herself wrapped in her throw over and feeling warm and secure and lying on Logan's chest with his arms around her. It looked like they had never moved at all through the night. She then jumped when she heard her door knock and her mom telling her that breakfast was ready, "okay mom I'll be down in a minute", she sat up and stretched which woke Logan up, he watched as her tank top lifted up revealing those luscious curves and Logan felt his hands itch wanting to touch them as he watched her stretching.
He sat up and kissed her mouth whilst wanting to do more than just kiss her, she moaned in pleasure as she climbed on top of his lap, she rubbed herself against him, feeling his hardness "mmmm if only we had nothing to do", she sighed as he ran his hands down her back, "but my mom has shouted for me to come down for breakfast and there is school", she kissed him quickly before jumping off the bed to get ready.

Logan lay there listening to her going through her wardrobe and wishing that there wasn't a follow up meeting with his beta and gamma before school but there was.
He groaned as he got up and watched her as she undressed, he saw the love bites he had left on her body from yesterday afternoon and felt himself growling with lust as she revealed her breasts. His fingers itched to caress them and to use his mouth by tracing the love bites he had made with his mouth but there was always time for that later and he knew Emily had read his mind thanks to their mating bond because her eyes were shining with lust.

She had dressed in a pink top and jeans and walked over to him, she placed her hands on his chest as she kissed him, "do you not want to stay for breakfast?" She asked as her eyes searched his, he shook his head with a smile, "I'm going to see Aaron and Jack, see if they know anything else", he kissed her once more and climbed out of the window.
She watched as he quickly climbed down the tree from outside her window and she saw Aaron and Jack waiting for him.

Emily then heard her mom shout again to tell her that breakfast was ready, "okay I'm coming down!" She quickly walked out of her bedroom and went downstairs.

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