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----- Life, it has a variety of meanings to many individuals. Some see it as a gift and a reward, some see it as a punishment for something they did. I don't know what you believe it is but my version of life is, complicated . Especially when it comes to lies, now I am not talking about high school reunions lies trying to brag about a life you don't have.Even when you see your ex and you get a random person to be your boyfriend to get back at them. I mean double life, Hannah Montana double life. Except I don't sing I kill people for money,maybe protect if they pay me well. Don't get me wrong I love it , 10 million dollars every time a job is complete but hiding it from others it get rough. I basically lie to one side and the other side. So that how I got stuck in a big web of lies, it all started three months ago where a assignment was presented to me ***cover by channelgirl345 *** --- Make sure to comment and vote and this story mentions mature settings so you were warned.

Book 1

Hey guys decided to break the story up in pieces. I promise you it gets interesting soon.


It is just the beginning for our characters, problems are starting to pop up, romance and drama appear. New people come in, trust will be broken, hearts may get hurt.

Will they be able to get through it without messing up? Will they also be able to get it all solved together?
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reeg122008: Good book! I am really enjoying the storyline. I haven't been able to stop reading as I can't wait to see what happens next. Great job!

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