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"Maeve, I think what Meagan is trying to say is; Maeve Lila Kavanagh, you're gonna spend with Teagan." Mom confesses as I drop the plate, shattering in slow motion. "I'M SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH WHO?!" How would you feel if you spend 9 weeks until a blessing holiday with your ex boyfriend? Not so happy, huh? After Maeve returns home in Florida from the Victoria's Secret show in NYC, her parents broke the new news that she should spend Christmas with Teagan-- who happens to be her ex boyfriend of three years! Maeve despise Teagan as Teagan despise Maeve because Teagan refuses to cooperate parenthood, denying he is the father of Maeve's three year old daughter, Miranda Grace. In order to accept her parents' decision, Maeve needs to stay away from Teagan for 9 weeks until Christmas. While Christmas is riding in a one horse open sleigh for nine weeks, are Teagan & Maeve going to fall for each other again in a warmth house of Teagan's parents' house where they left off?

Romance / Drama
Cori Nicola Alston
Age Rating:

The Victoria's Secret Show


Today is October 24, 2014, which is eleven hours until the Victoria’s Secret fashion show of 2014 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, which is broadcasting tonight at eight o’clock. The models and I are enjoying our breakfast at the hotel before we visit the Dance Manhattan Studios at Chelsea 39 W 19th St to work out with Brazil Butt Lift, so we won’t walk the runway with cellulite all over our thighs.

My name is Maeve Kavanagh. I’m twenty four years old and a Victoria’s Secret model. Thanks to my mother, I dance like one of the Luau dancers. I have the shade of melting white chocolate and caramel that well blends on my skin, long dark chocolate wavy hair, which travels to my waist, cocoa eyes, 5 foot 7, a dangling heart belly ring, and a mole on the corner of my Monroe area. My Mom, Luna is Tahitian/ African American/ Native American and my Dad, George is Caucasian as I’m the second born child because I have four siblings; two girls and two boys. Also, due to me being a model, the net worth for my family, including myself, is $736,065. I know; that’s a lot, right?! Laugh out loud!

-Nine Hours Later-

The girls and I are now in backstage when Chaz Dean approaches. We squeal because Chaz Dean is the King of Hair Care. For those who don’t know who Chaz Dean is, he is the creator of Wen hair care. You know, you see the infomercial on TV with Alyssa Milano, Brooke Burke- Charvet, Holly Robinson- Peete, Candice Accola, contestants of Miss America, and Roselyn Sanchez. To be a hundred percent positive, I love what Wen does to my hair; I love the texture and the vivid appearance of my hair. Chaz introduces himself and tells us to feel our hair and do what he tells us before the hairstylists wash our hair.

-7:35 PM-

We’re now wearing our costumes of this year and my best friend from California, Midori Sousa is performing her latest single, Tonight (I’m Going) to open the show. I’m wearing a gold flower bra and underwear with ruffles along with the gold belly chain that goes with the belly ring, so they’re full of gold crystals. My hair is full of bombshell curls and my face is painted with gold eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara, and my lips are a ruby red that has a hint of scarlet gold. I put on a pair of gold dangling earrings that consists a small flower filigree, teardrop Swarovski clear crystal stud, and a crystal drop after I put my heels on. Then, I wrap my back with a pair of gold sparkling wings when Midori walks to me, wearing a bejeweling corset and heels. Her long hair is full of dark chocolate waves and her deep brown eyes matches greatly along with her butterscotch skin tone.

“Ooh! Mama’s bringing sexy back!” Midori trills as she hold my hands for a little salsa dance. I laugh, “Knock them out, Dori!” “No, knock them out, Maeve. Just like Avery said; ’You got to be fierce with some ’tude.’” Midori emphasizes. Midori and I chat about what’s going on in our lives currently until the show is already beginning because the host for the show, Maya Anderson-Carter just announce Midori’s name.

“Ooh! They’re calling me to the stage. Like I said, Maeve; Knock ’em out!” Midori exclaims as she push the curtains with her one hand and a microphone on the other while the song begins to play.

Our manager, Rico tells us to stay in a straight line while Midori exclaims, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Victoria’s Secret models!” Midori introduces as we push the curtains away, walking down the runway and strutting our stuff. As I walk down the runway, Midori sticks her hand while I give her a high five. I wow the audience by spinning one time and blow a kiss at the audience. I walk back up the runaway as the other models walk the walk. The Victoria Secret show is outstanding! Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and Hozier perform their songs live. Also, we make the show a success with 7.3 million viewers on the Guinness World Records for one night.

After the show, the models and I change to our casual clothes before we head to the airport. I take the plane from New York City to my hometown in Tampa, Florida. The flight goes absolutely smooth and well when I wake up to see the bright orange patina of the sunrise, gleaming at the shadows of my face. I groan, reclining my arms and yawn. I look at the window to see the scatter of clouds below the plane when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn my head to face a very handsome steward. He has glistening green eyes, slicking chestnut hair like Justin Timberlake, chiseling jaws, and a blue suit to kill. “Good morning, Ms. Kavanagh, we are now serving breakfast. What would you like?” I find the menu on the desk of the plane seat as I locate what my favorite breakfast food are. “I would like to have pancakes and a corn muffin with tea please.” I smile.

“No problem, miss.” He says, winking his eye at me as I blush. I take out my phone to see I have forty two text messages. I decide to answer them after the plane lands. “Maeve?” A masculine voice speaks as I turn to see the return of the handsome brunette Adonis.

“Here is your breakfast and have a nice flight. If you need anything, call me.” He smiles, handing me my breakfast and a napkin before he walks away. I look down at the napkin to see his name is Chance and his phone number. Even though I smile at it, it’s been three years since I’ve been in a relationship before I catch my ex boyfriend screwing another bitch on my bed at my house when I was six months pregnant! Ugh! But the past is the past and the past is surely dead to me. I start eating my breakfast before the plane lands. As most of the passengers are getting their luggages/ bags above their seats and walking down the aisle, I check for clearance and grab my luggage above the seats when I turn to my left to see Chance walking down the aisle, carrying a navy duffel bag. While I pull the handle of the luggage and the wheels starting to stroll, a tap on my shoulder catches my attention to face Chance.

“Are you going somewhere or are you stalking me?” I ask, raising my eyebrow at Chance.

“No, actually, I just finished my work shift and I live in Tampa, Florida.” Chance answers.

“So, do I! My daughter has an apartment with my family... I mean, I live in an apartment with my daughter and my family might want to see me come to their house because hopefully, they’re throwing welcome back party for me.” I correct myself. Chance chuckles, “Well, I’m single, too. We should see each other more often as long as you give me your number.” Chance mentions.

“Oh! Yeah, thanks for reminding me, Chance.” I snicker, picking up a napkin with my grape shading lipstick and write my phone number on it.

“There you go. I already add yours on my contacts.” I hand him the napkin with my phone number and unexpectedly, he leans to the side of my face and smooches on my cheek.

“See you around, Maeve,” Chance winks at me before he grasps my hand, leading me to drag the handle and walk down the steps.

I’m now standing on the concrete when my sister, Luna Belle hollers, “Maeve! Over here,” waving her hand at me while she’s standing beside the Lancia delta car. “Luna Belle!” I shout, dragging the luggage against the ground, running to her, and enveloping my arms around her back. “We watched you last night and you did wonderful!” She cheers, clapping both hands.

“Thank you, sis!” I thank. Luna Belle is the youngest along with Daniel because they’re both fifteen. Luna Belle has medium length straight hair that passes down to her mid-back, dark chocolate eyes, medium caramel tan, an hour glass figure just like me, and 5 foot 2. Luna Belle’s eyes are wandering to Chance and asks him, “Who are you, sexual white chocolate?” I’m widening my eyes at Luna Belle, deliberately stabbing my elbow against her shoulder.

“OW! What’d you do that for?!” Luna Belle groans, running her hand on her shoulder in a circular motion.

“My name is Chance, Luna Belle. Are you ladies sisters, cousins, or best friends?” Chance asks.

“Oh! I’m sorry! Chance, this is my fifteen year old sister, Luna Belle, and, Luna Belle; this is Chance, who I’ve met while we were in the plane.” I introduce. “Nice to meet you, Chance. Are you recently single, sexy?” Luna Belle asks. Again, I thump my elbow against her forearm. “OW! This is what I have to deal with everyday, Chance!” Luna Belle cries.

“We may fight a little, but we love each other unconditionally.” Luna Belle and I chime in harmony, wrapping one shoulder behind our backs.

“What are you ladies doing right now?” Chance asks. “Well, we’re heading back home for our parents.” I answer.

“Maeve, is it alright with you and Luna Belle if I come with you to your home?” Chance politely asks. “Yes! Of course, Chance!” Both Luna Belle and I exclaim as we enter our cars and head to my parents’ house. My family and I may have ups and downs in our careers and with Chance, who I just meet in the plane, my life doesn’t have to complete me whole with a man, I’m dedicating to Jesus because He make my life easy and He never abandons me. He is by my side.

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