Complicated & Irresistible

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I'm Spending Christmas with Who!


After I pull up to our parents’ house with Luna Belle, a blue minivan pulls up to the drive way, revealing Chance stepping out of the vehicle.

“So, this is where you ladies live. This house is beautiful!” Chance exclaims.

“Thank you,” Luna Belle and I reply in unison, heading to the front door and turning the knob when the cries of, “SURPRISE,” occurs. My mouth drops happily to see my fellow Victoria’s Secret friends, and my family with my beautiful, who has the spitting image of me, three year old daughter, Miranda Grace. My baby, Miranda doesn’t look three years old, so that’s because she has Precocious Puberty and to be really, really honest; I have Precocious puberty when I was growing up, even what’s his name- Teagan Jenson, has this kind of puberty also; even his balls. Okay, that’s very immature for me to say about my ex boyfriend. Anyway, I give each of my family friends, Chance, and my daughter a hug as the music is blaring. “Hi, everybody! I knew you’re gonna throw me a surprise party, you guys!” I holler, walking to my parents and wrapping my arms around them.

“Are you kidding? We’ve always throw surprise parties every year for you and our children!” My Mom mentions. I walk to my fellow Victoria’s Secret mates, who are standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

“MAEVE!!!!!!” The girls shout. I give each of them a hug and I inquiry, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Maeve, we’re here because we’re your girls!” My best friend, Nevaeh cheers. Nevaeh has long, straight jet black hair with red ombre highlights, deep brown eyes, light caramel skin because her mother, Mrs. DaCosta- Cruz is a strong Cape Verdean woman and her father, Mr. Cruz is Italian and Caucasian Brazilian, she’s currently dating a guy from our high school, Robert Walsh, and just like my age; she’s also twenty four years old. “Maeve, who is that drop dead gorgeous guy?” Tess asks with her eyes landing at Chance’s direction. “That’s Chance; I met him at the plane.” I reply. “He is so hot; just like Justin Timberlake, but way sexier.” Tess says as we laugh along with Nevaeh and Robert while Nevaeh’s expression on her face goes from ecstatic to confuse. “What’s wrong, Nevaeh?” I query.

“Mrs. Jenson and her daughters are here.” Nevaeh explains. My eyes shoots back at Mrs. Jenson, Jessica, and Macy playing with Mirada Grace. “Mommy! Grandma number two wants you in the kitchen!” Miranda Grace cries. I tell the girls, “I’ll be right back.” I hold onto Miranda Grace’s little hand, walking through the door of the kitchen to see my parents with Mrs. Jenson. “So, what’s this all about?” I query, smiling and leaning against the counter.

Mrs. Jenson smiles back at me and starts, “Well, it has been three long years ever since you came to our house and we miss seeing you around my family and I. Teagan is about to get kicked off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he gave Faye, the fellow cheerleader, an STD along with Charise. Maeve, I really need your help to save my son from turning more rebellious until he dies. I can’t have my son dead from ‘sleeping’ with women to women. STD’s are deadly and it’s for the best if you get him back on his feet immediately.”

“What do you mean, Mrs. Jenson?” I question, raising my eyebrow. My Mom claps her hands together once, pursing her lips together and curves them across her face.

“Maeve, I think what Meagan is trying to say is; Maeve Lila Kavanagh, you’re gonna spend Christmas with Teagan.” Mom confesses as I drop the plate, shattering in slow motion with disbelief all over my face. Hell, no! This is not happening to me! My hand slams against the cold marble counter and scream, “I’M SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH WHO??!!!

“Maeve, everybody else are still partying . Please keep your voice down. You and Teagan will be in Miss Meagan’s for nine weeks.” My eyes are widening.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Nine weeks?! That’ll be two months!” I add. “I know, buttercup. The reason why we’re sending you to my house is because I want you two to reconcile and if you don’t reconcile, you and Teagan will receive another nine weeks. Besides, I can’t stand seeing him and that STD craving whore Charise. That girl is ridiculous; she thinks she can take care of a baby, which she really doesn’t. I kept telling Teagan to keep her away from my daughters, friends, boss, Mr. Jenson, and especially my granddaughter. Please, Maeve, do this for me, Mr. Jenson, the girls, your family, Miranda Grace, and most importantly; Teagan.” Miss Meagan begs.

After these three years of unfaithful bullshitty garbage, there’s a part of me that just wants to forgive and forget, but the other is still pissed, just like I wanna burn his locker and caps down before his football game begins. After the party ends, I pack all of my stuff, thinking over and over on how Teagan’s gonna react to my stay with him for nine fricking weeks, which the ninth week is Christmas. I’ll pray to God to get this whole thing over with. Ooh, I can’t fucking stand Teagan and seeing his old apartment I burn down after I catch him screwing that slut, Charise doggy style on the bed we share before I give birth to Miranda Grace and remember; I was six months maternal. To add the topping on an ice cream, I also called her then boyfriend, who happens to be my own brother, Ron. How could she do that to my own brother and Teagan doing that behind my back and I even burned her clothes, leaving her with no clothes in the middle of the street. I can’t wait to see his reaction though.

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