Complicated & Irresistible

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Week Two of Quarrels


This week is Halloween week and last week is a huge pain in the ass because Teagan continues inviting his whores all day. I’m now enjoying a slice of pizza with garnishes of sausage, a bowl of maple brown sugar oatmeal, and a glass of fruit punch on a close hour of the afternoon when the footsteps approach downstairs and onto the wooden cherry floor.

“Hell yeah, Charise! Tonight after clubbing, I might as well lay you down on my bed and give you raw sex!” Teagan grunts. I choke onto the napkin and take a sip of the juice as my survival choice of aversion that belongs to Teagan ‘Amoral’ Jenson’s mouth. “Aw, don’t fret, Maeve! Too bad you don’t have a man to take you out because you’ll be spending your night out in your room.” Teagan scoffs, pushing my ponytail off my shoulder.

“Why’s that, Jenson?” I fake smile at him, plotting my elbow on the table and my face resting onto my palm with pointing daggers. “Because Charise and I will have some raw, rough sex tonight, Ms. Kavanagh and you’re not gonna do nothing about it!” He threats.

“Oh, really, Teagan? You think you’re an all that big shot football player who’s about to get his dumbass kicked for transmitting STDs to other bitches? You’re not ’all that!’You’re a confused bastard of a boy who doesn’t give a shit about his own health and daughter.”

“So, what, Maeve?! My sexual health is perfectly fine all the time and as long as the girls that I sleep are always on a pill only if they are clean!” Teagan argues. “Really, Teagan?! How would you find out if a slut is clean, huh?! I bet that bitch has never receive a buck o’ five to go check in a health clinic!” I spit, putting the now empty cup in the sink and finishing a bowl of oatmeal.

Teagan chuckles.

“Maeve, this is why I cheated on you; Because you always bitch constantly about your health all the time and you keep lecturing me about always wear protection every time we fucked! Way before that bastard’s baby was born!” Teagan spats. My arch eyebrows scrunch at him, making my lips part, and jump across the table with my body smashing onto his. I grab both his wrists, grab a fist full of his hair, and begin slapping the living shit out of him for talking shit about our daughter.


Oh, hell no! This is not happening! That nasal, bitchy chaotic voice must’ve belong to the she-devil herself; Charise Thompson, who cheated on my own brother three years ago. “Oh! Well, well, well! If it isn’t Maeve ’Ho-vanagh.’” Charise sneers. Charise has brown medium length extensions, mint eyes, golden tan skin tone, and it appears that she’s wearing a tight pink T-shirt squeezing her chest, way too short yellow miniskirt, light pink hair bow on her hair, fishnet stockings, loud pink lipstick, a fifty thousand dollar itty bitty purse hanging on her left shoulder, and fuchsia heels. My eyebrows arch and my teeth scrunch at the most disgusting costume Charise has ever wear in her lifetime. “If it isn’t Charise ‘Blow jobs of Syphilis’ Thompson.” I spit, resting my hand on my hip.

“Oh! I’m more than that; I’m actually the hottest woman on earth than your amateur Victoria Secret wannabe ass, bitch. Actually, make that there two bitches because your brother is also one too along with you.” Charise fires back. Who the hell does she have to piss off in order to be right when she is wrong to talk shit about my brother?

“Bitch, you have no right to talk shit about my brother after you spread your whore of legs in front of Teagan, who happens to be the father of my child at that time!” I exclaim.

“Maeve, I’m not the fucking father to that bastard’s baby! Deal with it, fuck it!” Teagan growls, infuriating my words, face, eyes, and soul that is now becoming manifest than before. I pick up the bottle of cranberry juice and splash it all over the bitch’s horrid costume and Teagan’s white T-shirt that now has a splash paint of burgundy. She cries, “I’M ALLERGIC TO CRANBERRIES, YOU BITCH!!”

"Good, bitch!" I yell. “Let’s go, baby.” Teagan murmurs, walking upstairs. I give myself a smirk and indistinctly, Teagan whispers, “You’re gonna pay for this, Maeve!” I snicker, raising my middle finger at him just as the door slams.

For eight hours, I’m working out with Brazil Butt Lift by Leandro Carvalho for the party, but no! Teagan Jenson thinks I should be the house maintenance while he and his Gonorrhea of a Barbie girlfriend are out. The door downstairs thud and the lights of the car takes its flight. The buzz of my phone on my stomach wakes me up from my power nap to see the caller ID of Nevaeh on the screen of my phone.

“Hey, Neav!” My voice stretches along with my arms.

“Get up, girl! We’re going out and we’re not a party without you, Maeve. Find a dress to impress and get out of Teagan’s dump of bullshit rules. You are not gonna waste your night in the house, so it’s time to get the hell out, sister!” Nevaeh snaps her fingers through the speakers. “We’ll be there in a limo right about thirty three minutes. See you later, Maeve!” Nevaeh chimes along with our fellow Victoria Secret models.

“See ya later, guys!” I exclaim, jerking off the bed to see my acrimonious hair sticking out in front of a replica of a punishing woman. I run to the bathroom that is connecting to the bedroom to use the shower. After taking a quick shower, I grab the brush off the vanity and start easing my hair down like a waterfall along with my bangs before I slip onto the dress, which is a gold reptilian print body con dress. I put on gold cut out lace up heels to match along with my dangling gold earrings and glittering headband. I grab my phone, keys, and purse before I head downstairs and to the door, just in time to see the maroon Hummer limousine pulling up. I speed-walk to the limo to see all of my friends, including Robert, who is Nevaeh’s current boyfriend three months ago. Robert has chestnut hair and mustache, brown eyes, ivory skin tone, and I’m assuming he’s five foot six.

“MAEVE!” The girls and Robert shouts.

“Hey, everybody!” I exclaim, sitting beside Nevaeh and Robert. Nevaeh and I chat with Robert and the girls about me spending my Holidays with Teagan when I receive a text message of my baby girl in her Elsa from the Frozen costume with her brunette hair in a long fishtail braid. Smile crepes on my face and out of nowhere, salty droplets of tears streak down my cheeks. “Maeve, what’s wrong?” Nevaeh, Tess, Bianca, Robert, Melody, Jasmine, Priscilla, Mariah, Aaliyah, and Charlotte ask me in harmony. “I miss my baby girl!” I weep, showing my friends the picture of Miranda Grace’s Halloween costume. They’re in awe at Miranda Grace’s costume. “Maeve, don’t cry, sweetie. You’ll see Miranda Grace on Christmas.” Nevaeh replies as everybody else rubs their hands on my back in circular motion. “Thank you, guys.” I laugh, wiping the tears off my eyes and my cheeks so I can’t ruin my eye makeup.

The Hummer limousine pulls up to the entrance of the Mokai nightclub, the door springs forward at the velvet rope as everybody else including get out, and move to the entrance of the club with the bodyguard asking for our ID’s. Mesmerizing us, the bodyguard tugs the velvet rope upwards to let us enter the club and the club is hot! The lightings are in between pink, purple, blue, red, and gold; the rays of light are streaming shine right straight at us, the cushion sexy furniture is displaying beautifully, and the EDM music is capturing everybody’s hearts and adrenaline as their dancing their bodies throughout the music and is the reason why this club is crowding. Not bad-bad crowd; it’s more of a positive crowd. We walk right to the dance floor with laughter. Midway through dancing, Nevaeh is walking towards me, hand to hand with Robert. “Maeve! Robert and I are gonna do the horizontal bop. Text me the time we’ll be leaving, okay, Maeve?!” Nevaeh shouts due to the blaring music and deafening cheers of club-goers. “Yes, Ma’am!” I giggle. “Thank you, girl!” Nevaeh hugs me before she and Robert leave the dance floor and walk down the hall.

'I’m gonna love ya

Until you hate me

And I’m gonna show ya

What’s really crazy

You’ve should’ve known better

Than to mess with me, honey

I’m gonna love ya, I’m gonna love ya

Gonna love ya, gonna love ya

Like a black widow, baby,’ Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora blare through the music system. The girls and I stop dancing due to the tangle knots in our stomachs, so we decide to sit down.

As I’m sitting down, I see the door open to notice Patrick, who happens to be Nevaeh’s ex-boyfriend walking in the club. Patrick has ocean blue eyes, ruffles of dirty blonde hair, six foot two, peach skin, and he also plays with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“What the hell is Patrick doing here?” Tess questions with my words coming out of her mouth. “Yeah, I was wondering the same thing!” Patrick comes closer to our area and asks, “Maeve! Have you seen Nevaeh anywhere?” “Patrick, why do you even bother to be here after what you’ve done with Charise three months ago? She has a new man now!” Tess says. “Yeah, you cheated on our best friend with the same bitch who is fucking the father of my child, Patrick!” I exclaim. “Maeve, how’s Miranda Grace?” Patrick asks me. “She’s already three years old and, Patrick, make sure you tell Teagan to kiss my ass when he knows he is the father of my child.” I tell Patrick through the loud speakers. “No problem, Maeve. We’ll see you around.” Patrick replies, walking straight to the hallway. The girls and I talk about why Patrick is here, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with our families while for me; spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with Teagan.

“So, Maeve. Are you still going to share your Thanksgiving and Christmas with Teagan?” Mariah Benson inquiries. Mariah Benson has medium length wavy pure diamond blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin with a beauty mark on her cheek and just gave birth to a baby boy, Mason twelve weeks ago. “Mariah, please don’t mention that slacking bastard’s name. Teagan was slacking until Charise came over today in the most hideous slutty costume of all! She was wearing a bootleg trashy version of Hello Kitty around the house!” I explain to Mariah. “What?! What if Miranda Grace was with you and that bitch occurred around the house? She’s never going to have kids with that funky outrageous dress code!” Mariah exclaims. “Yeah! How are you and Jason going to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together this year?” I query to Mariah. Jason and Mariah begin dating since last year and Jason is a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat.

It feels like hours because the girls and I are on the dance floor again when I discover Patrick, Nevaeh, and Robert stumbling hand to hand towards us with their hair in ruffles and sweat beading on their foreheads. “Maeve, that… was.. the best whoopee session I’ve ever had!” Nevaeh blushes as Patrick and Robert glide their tongues against their lips at Nevaeh as if she’s a four course meal before kissing her at the same time.

“Ladies and gentlemen; I hate to inform you to this short notice, but we’re being shut down because we have been piling up in here for tonight! Please use the left exit!” The emcee notifies. Damn! Way to kill such a Halloween party at a nightclub! We make our way to the left exit to see our Hummer limousine parking at the entrance of the club and get in. “Nevaeh, what happened?” I query with the rest of our Victoria’s Secret mates. “Well, Mr. and Mrs. DaCosta-Miller will love to answer that question.” Robert winks at the couple when I realize what he’s talking about when my eyes roam down to Nevaeh’s hand, discovering a chunk of diamond on her finger. My mouth drops to my chin and my eyes inflate at the jewelry.

“No, shit, Nevaeh! Congratulations, you two!” I exclaim, hugging Nevaeh and surprisingly Patrick.

“Patrick, how did you get Nevaeh to say yes?” Aaliyah asks. “Well, thanks to Robert; he, Nevaeh, and I were actually in the same room together doing… you know what.” Patrick smugs. “And Patrick and I questioned Nevaeh who she really wants to be with. And she chose…” Robert’s conclusion is cut off by Patrick’s start of speech. “Me.” “However, I’ve decided to be their counselor in their engaged and marriage since I’ve thought Nevaeh as a sister of mine anyway. I’m still gonna support her decision as these two belong to each other as a counselor.” Robert explains.

The Hummer limousine pulls up to the parking lot of a very extravagant villa beside us to party for four straight hours at Nevaeh and Patrick’s villa residence. Feeling weary bags under the circles of my eyes, my eyes scroll to the time on my phone to notice it’s already 4:43 AM. “Is everybody ready to go?” Nevaeh claps her hands out loud with Patrick and Robert standing next to her. “I sure am.” I say, wobbling while I’m standing up. “Everyone, wake up!” Patrick exclaims, making everybody jump their backs off the floor and sofas. After everybody wakes up, we get inside of the Hummer to drive everybody back home. When we reach to the Jenson’s residence and exiting the limousine, I see the lights are still off and the door is locked shut. Teagan should be here by now. Where is he? When Teagan and I were together, he would come back around four in the morning before five o’clock. Suddenly, I feel the welcoming shades of the headlights behind me, facing straight at the flashing jeep.

“Maeve!” The familiar voice shouts, getting closer towards me. “What are you doing at this time of…” Teagan pauses as his eyes roam from my head to my torso.

“What… the… fuck… Are you wearing?” Teagan asks each word one at a time.

“Yeah, that’s right; I went out to the club, Teagan. You cannot make me your house slave all the time! Let me have my fun, too, you know!” I shout. I walk away from Teagan to get in the house, but the firm hand grasps onto my wrist. Turning my body over, Teagan pushes the door open and slams it shut with his palm and the loud thud.

“Maeve! Why the hell did you went out after I told you not to?!” Teagan yells in my face, which totally is the reason why the next step goes out of hand. I bitch slap him in the face and gather all my saliva from my mouth, targeting by his eye. He exclaims. Scraping the spit off his face with his free hand, he snickers.

“You know, that was a show-off move from a secret of Victoria’s, Maeve.”

“It’s Victoria’s Secret, Teagan! And where’s your blown up Charise Thompson doll? Aww! Has she went back home finding out that you were screwing four other women behind her back? Including me?” I fake a sad sob in my voice and quiver my lips.

“Drop the sad suspect/victim game, Maeve! Charise is home because some random chick spilled her cosmopolitan all over her costume.” Teagan says.

“See?! This is why I never fuck any other guy, Teagan! You keep fucking around with other women as if it’s a healthy habit when it’s not! Teagan, you’re gonna get the boot off the team if you cannot change your habit and yourself!!” I yell. “Maeve, stop making me sound like I got an addiction for women, who are like meth! I can sleep with multiple women I need to instead of listening to your rants and raves about your daughter, who is not my motherfucking kid! SHE’S NOT MINE, MAEVE!” Teagan screams at my face. My face inclines closer to his and push my hands at his chest. “MIRANDA GRACE IS YOUR DAUGHTER, TOO, TEAGAN! SHE IS NOT THE BASTARD’S BABY! YOU’RE THE FUCKING FUCKED-UP BASTARD FOR NOT BEHAVING LIKE A FATHER!” I shout.

I really wish Miss Meagan and Mr. Jenson are here to stick with me by my side because dealing with a troublemaker superstar like Teagan is really giving me a migraine. I’m a Victoria’s Secret model, not a twerking bitch who don’t know who the father of her child is. I know who I sleep with.

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