Complicated & Irresistible

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Week Three of Second Thoughts


Ever since the confrontation between Maeve and myself, I am now sitting in the back seat of the car with metal cuffs encircling my wrists behind my back. The sirens blare on the roof of the car, but stop when the car pulls up to the parking lot in front of the building.

Teagan Jenson... We never knew you’ll be in here again.” One of the guys in the uniform sighs in disapproval. Two of them walk beside me as we enter the station with metal doors slamming. Whoop-Dee-fucking-do! If Maeve isn’t chewing my ass and just stayed in the house, I won’t have to deal with this shit! I don’t need her and I don’t need her help! I’d rather solve shit by me, myself, and I.


It is almost five thirty in the morning and Teagan is already taken to Hillsborough, FL. Damn! I’m starting to lose my voice due to the altercation and because of Teagan’s arrogant ass. With the remote, I start clicking from channel to channel when the resemblance house and words that are within the scrolling banner flash across the screen. It says, ′Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Teagan Jenson in Jail.′

I smirk and fold my arms across my chest. “That bastard truly deserves it.” I murmur, flipping the channel to MTV.

“I’m at the residence of Victoria’s Secret model, Maeve Kavanagh and ex boyfriend, Teagan Jenson, who happens to be the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made conflict due to back child support to their three year old daughter, Miranda Grace Kavanagh. Teagan, who was twenty at the time accused Kavanagh of infidelity with his teammates, which she denied. Maeve is a mother at the age of twenty four to Miranda Grace Kavanagh and recently two weeks ago, Maeve denied cheating on Jenson and claimed that Jenson is the one who’s cheating because he is still with Maxim model, Charise Thompson. The pair began dating in 2011-"

I flip the channels with the remote to watch some true Television shows that doesn’t involve real life drama between Teagan and I, so I flip the remote to the Investigation Discovery channel. Just because I’m a Victoria’s Secret model, does not mean I’m not allowed to watch or read mystery stories. I’m a mystery chick, ya know? I’m watching one of the episodes of Deadly Affairs starring Susan Lucci when the phone goes off with familiar numbers flashing across the screen.

Picking it up, I answer, “Hello?”

“Hello, is this Meagan Jenson?” A cacophonous stark voice of a man asks.

“No, I’m sorry, Sir. Mrs. Meagan Jenson is unavailable at this time, but this is Maeve Kavanagh you’re speaking to...”

"M- Mmm- Mmm- Mma- Maeve Kavanagh from Victoria’s Secret?!" The man trips over his tongue.

“Oh, thank Goodness I’m speaking with the good girl before the bad ones came! Maeve, this is Coach Sampson. Did you hear the news about Teagan?” Coach Sampson is Teagan’s football coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four years when he offers Teagan a scholarship during his senior year at the East Bay High School; which Nevaeh, Patrick, Robert, and I went from 2005 to 2009 and Teagan graduated in 2010 with a scholarship.

“Yes, I heard the news about him, Coach Sampson.” I try not to yawn because Coach Sampson is all about football and business, yet his business is very serious and simple. He keeps saying the same-old words of wisdom to the team, like, ‘If you yawn at me; you will fall asleep on the field, making the other team awake to win!’

“This is the second strike he’s already receiving!” Coach Sampson exclaims, pounding on what sounds like the desk.

“First; he gave three of our fellow cheerleaders an STD. Now, he’s in Hillsborough Jail, and if he’s doing one more outrageous thing that affects the football team, his ass is grass and I’ll mow him on the field!” Coach Sampson hangs up the phone. Covering my eyes with my hands and shaking my head in disapproval, I really need to save Teagan’s life whether he likes it or not because of how much stress Charise is causing in Teagan and I’s personal lives by welcoming him the world of unprotected sex. Safe sex matters to me and it should be the number one factor in a relationship.


Hey, everybody! My name is Nevaeh and I am one of Maeve’s best friends along with being a fellow Victoria’s Secret model. I’m not trying to make this side of the story about Patrick and I. This is about what Maeve is going through with Teagan’s crisis. For those who have a tiny trouble of pronouncing my name, it is pronounced, Ne-veh-uh with a schwa sound. I can’t believe Patrick proposed to me! I know I can’t be with a guy who cheats on me four months ago on my birthday, but it’s impossible to push yourself out of the love shield that is secured by someone you truly love yet you can’t love somebody else because you’re still in love with them.

After the altercation has grow louder and more louder, Teagan is taken away by two people in the uniform and everybody, including myself and my now fiancé, Patrick drive back to take everybody back home. Patrick and I are back at our house when the phone rings off the hook. Patrick picks it up and responds, “Hello?” I head back to the room Patrick and I are sharing to take a power nap because I am now sixteen weeks pregnant and later on at eleven thirty before noon, I have an appointment to check out the gender my baby would be. I know it may sound too early, but it is sixteen weeks already and I have five months left.

"Babe?" I hear Patrick calling while I blink numerous times to wake up.

“Yes, Patrick?” I groggily yawn. “I just got a phone call from Coach Sampson and he told me that he’s going to kick Teagan off the team if he gets involved with trouble one more time.”

“What? Teagan’s gonna get kicked out of the team?” I interrogate.

I really can’t believe the Coach is gonna kick Teagan off the team because he’s such an excellent role model for the kids before the big bad bitch, Charise introduced him with doubts and unprotected sex. And the worst part of this crisis, is that he is doubting my niece, Miranda Grace because he thinks that Maeve is sleeping with multiple guys during their relationship, which she doesn’t because Patrick and I are always around Maeve and Teagan when they were the ‘It’ couple.

Even though Maeve and I are not biological sisters, we are sisters on the runway with the other girls. One of the influences that motivates us today as being one of the Victoria’s Secret models are; Alessandra Ambrosio, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, and Miranda Kerr. Being on stage and walking down the runway with some of my idols along with Maeve is such a dream come true because we grew up idolizing them as our role models. Two months after I finished high school, I went to New York for the casting call of the Victoria Secret and I met some of my best idols of the Victoria’s Secret when I auditioned my catwalk I’ve practiced day and night. When the cast callers called out my name, I was super rhapsodic because I’m walking down the runway with some of my idols. After I received the news, I immediately called Maeve and out of the blue, we both got the call from the Victoria’s Secret casting directors!

“Maeve needs to know she’s not alone with this situation and we’re on her side. I knew Charise was a whore from the second she was screwing Maeve’s ex man and it’s still nasty that Teagan’s falling in lust with Charise and her stupid false allegations about me, Maeve, our personal lives, and the name of Victoria’s Secret.” I say because Maeve is my best friend and she deserves help from me, God, Patrick, and Victoria’s Secret because we are not letting Charise hold Teagan back from his responsible role in Miranda Grace’s life!

“Baby...” Patrick begins as the bed sinks beside me, resting his elbow on the pillow without breaking eye contact with me. “What I did to you on your birthday, is one of the regretful mistakes I’ve ever done. I know you’d find this unacceptable to forgive me...” I cut Patrick off with a simple shush and brush my gentle fingertips across his cheeks, trying not to scratch him with my nails.

“Patrick, I know it’s not your fault. You didn’t plan on it because you’re attached to love me. It was Charise persuading you, but your hormones couldn’t handle it.” My voice strains, trying not to break down in front of him and not overstress the baby.

“I know, Nevaeh, I know. What I regret the most is losing you for the first time. Ever since you left me, I couldn’t think straight and I kept replaying the incident in my head every night and in the game.” Patrick mentions. When Patrick is talking about the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the Atlanta Falcons, I did watch him grief on national TV.

“Patrick, it wasn’t your fault. You did the favor of proving the kind of bitch she really is.” I encourage and give Patrick a kiss on the forehead before I lay in Patrick’s arms for five hours until it’s time to go to my appointment. Patrick and I are driving to the Florida Hospital in Tampa at the Women’s Health Pavilion section.

As soon as we get out of the vehicle, a group of people with cameras are flashing lights at our faces and they are asking Patrick and I random questions, like, ”Nevaeh! Are you and Patrick having a surrogate,” and, ”Is Maeve settling a lawsuit against Teagan for child support?!" Really?! Are they that stupid to not look down at my stomach?! And why do they want to know about Maeve and Teagan’s personal lives? That’s their business, not the paparazzi! Anyway, we try to get to the entrance of the hospital, but they keep following us until the buff security guard shields his hand over one of the camera and ushers them out of our way. Oh, thank Goodness! We check to the receptionist and she immediately freezes on her seat with beaming eyes. “Hello, Mr. Miller and Ms. Cruz! Do you have an appointment today?” The receptionist questions.

“Hello, we are here to see Dr. Zabinsky for my ultrasound appointment.” I explain, smiling at Patrick and the receptionist. “Okay, can you fill out the check-in list, please?” She questions. I grab the pen and sign my signature on the paper that is clipped on the clipboard. Patrick and I make our way to the waiting room and begin reading some of the magazines from the rack next to Patrick’s left. A perceptible gasp is releasing to the room. I look up to see what is going on.

“Mom! It’s Nevaeh Cruz!” A young girl, who appears to be a teenager or a preteen exclaims and walks towards Patrick and I with a piece of paper between her fingertips. “Hi, Nevaeh! I saw you on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year and I think you’re one of my favorite role models! May I have your autograph?” She asks. I smile at her and take out my pen out of my purse and I question, “Of course, you may! What’s your name?”

“My name is Delilah and I am fourteen years old.” Delilah answers. I sign my signature on the paper. “Here you go, Delilah, and achieve bigger dreams in school for yourself and your family with the grace of God.” I tell Delilah. She looks at the paper and squeals, “Thank you so much, Ms. Cruz!” “You’re welcome and have a nice day, Delilah.” I speak with a smile as Delilah sits back down on her chair.

“Nevaeh Cruz?” I hear my voice call out from the hallway. Patrick and I stand up from our chair and walk to the woman clenching onto the clipboard with her forearm. The three of us walk into the available clean white room with the seating furniture that looks like a chair and bed, but a table at the same time. I take a seat on the chair and carefully lie down as the back of the chair leans back and it feels like I’m lifting up, except I’m still on the chair. I tug on the hem of my shirt up to the crease of my breast, so Dr. Zabinsky can apply the gel on my tummy. She lays a sheer white cloth over my jeans and dims the lights a little bit, so the three of us can see the sonogram. Dr. Zabinsky squeezes the amount of the cold gel on my lower stomach and grips onto the small transducer, smearing the gel down. “Nevaeh, look at your baby girl!” Dr. Zabinsky’s positive spirit cheers.

“What?” I gasp, gaping at the picture of my baby moving around. Oh, my gosh! This is tearing me up because this is my first pregnancy and Patrick and I are seeing our first baby.

After bidding Dr. Zabinsky a nice day, I tell Patrick that I need to buy a water bottle from the vending machine. He agrees and I walk to the left hallway and slide one dollar into the money slot after pressing the buttons. Out of nowhere, I hear an uproarious laugh and the door closing. I pick up my water bottle out of the machine and go around the corner where I hear the door slam.


The items collapse and this shrieking is heard. I walk to the left to see the most polemical scandal of the entertainment world. I set my phone on ‘record’ to expose the dirty footage and when two figures end whatever they were doing, I immediately send the video to Maeve and report the video to TMZ with Maeve’s consent. This will be good to exploit the Maxim Magazine’s model!
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