Complicated & Irresistible

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Week Four of Revealing Secrets


It is the beginning of Week Four of Maeve staying in Teagan’s house and there are five weeks until Christmas. After uncovering what I saw last Saturday and call TMZ to show the footage, I informed Maeve and our fellow Victoria’s Secret mate, Payton. When I told Maeve about the video, she sighed and said she cannot believe that Charise has the audacity to be in a cuckold with another man and needs to remind Teagan about the veracity of Charise’s vilification. Maeve is my best friend along with my Victoria’s Secret mates and I’m on her side because she deserves the truth behind Charise’s mask.

I’m now on the phone with my manager Jose to go on a maternity leave, but I will return after my baby girl is born while Patrick is driving to the baby store. After the phone call, my phone buzzes to see Payton calling me with the Facebook Messenger. I tap on the answer symbol and Payton is angling her phone in front of her and one of her cousin’s triplets, Peter Christian has a head full of dark chocolate curls just like his brother and sister for a one year old. He and his baby brother, Robert Giovanni looks a lot like their Daddy while their sister, Josie Selena Elaine has a spitting image of their Mommy. “Hey, girl!” Payton exclaims and holds Peter Christian on her lap.

“Hey, Payton!” I greet and just as I greet Payton, Peter Christian is babbling and smiling at me. “Da da!” Peter Christian babbles and sucks his two fingers in his mouth. “You want Daddy, huh? Daddy is inside with Mommy right now.” Payton baby talks.

“Hello, munchkin!” I exclaim and wave my hand at Peter Christian. “So, what’s going on?”

“Well, I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians when E! News flashed Teagan and Charise’s picture across the screen. And they were talking about Charise bailing Teagan out of jail and the footage has gone spiral on TMZ, BET, MTV, the Good Morning America, the Today Show, People magazine, E! News, the Wendy Williams Show, the View, and even on the Real!” Payton stresses and follows up with an exaggerating sigh.

“What?!” I shout, not paying attention to my hormonal levels of my first pregnancy. Cautiously, I hold my stomach.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, baby.” I apologize to my belly. “Mommy is extremely sorry, even though you won’t be able to hear in the next two weeks.” An indistinct call interrupts our conversation and Payton sighs. “I gotta go, Nev. My Aunt wants us to hang the tree up together.” A Christmas tree set up on November?

“But, Payton, there’s only six weeks until Christmas! Why are you about to put the Christmas tree up now in the third week of November?” I query. “Oh, you know how my family is when it comes to settling up for Christmas early. I’ll talk to ya later!” Payton notifies. “Come on, munchkins!” Payton speaks to the triplets.

“Alright, I gotta take a nap anyway. Love you, Payton.” I say. “Love you too, girl! Bye!” Payton farewells and with this, the call ends. Before I take my nap, I gotta call my girl, Maeve.


I’m spending my early Sunday afternoon watching the Investigation Discovery channel and TV One’s Unsung in the living room with Chance when my phone rings. I tap the answer icon and Nevaeh is in her bedroom. “Wassup, Maeve!” Nevaeh calls.

“Hey, Nevaeh! What did the doctor say?” I ask. I watch Nevaeh nibbling her bottom lip. “Well...” She hesitates. “Dr. Zabinsky told Patrick and I that... Drum roll!” Nevaeh imitates hitting the drums. “We’re having a girl!” Nevaeh confesses. I drop my jaw to my chin and clap my hands.“Oh, my gosh! Congratulations, Nevaeh!” I gasp. “How long are you?”

“My belly is turning seventeen weeks this Tuesday and I’m absolutely excited! Miranda Grace can hold Patrick and my baby girl and I’m thinking about having you and the rest of our fellow Victoria’s Secret mates as the Godmothers of my baby!” Nevaeh squeals.

“Oh, my gosh! You have my vote! Yes! Thank you so much, Nevaeh! I will be one of the Godmothers to your baby girl!” I encourage.

“You’re welcome girl!” Nevaeh smiles before it falters. “Maeve did you hear or see the news about Charise or Teagan?” Before I can answer, the door opens and hits the wall. “Oh, Ho-vanagh?!” Hell, no! Not this bitch again! I turn around face that thot and... Teagan?!

“Maeve! Is that thot and Teagan in the house already?” Nevaeh queries. “Yes, they are.” I growl. “I’ll talk to you, girl. Make sure you have some bed rest, okay?” I assure Nevaeh.

“Love you! And, Maeve? Let the rumors kick her ass- Oh!” Nevaeh exclaims circulates her hand over her belly. “Pardon Mommy’s language! I decided to quit using expletive words since I’m four months pregnant. Kick her behind from the TV tabloids and out of the curb, girl!” Nevaeh says before she calls the call off on Facebook Messenger.

“Your ′so-called man′ is back with me and you can use your Twizzlers as your man because you ain’t getting it up with mine!” That poisonous she-devil hisses. I get up from the couch, getting ready to slap that bitch’s mouth and force her to confess her shit to Teagan. Instead, a hand grips on my wrist still and Chance exclaims, “Maeve, no!”

“Bitch, you better think twice of what disease you will transmit to Teagan once he finds out what you were actually doing while he was in jail, you stupid nasty bitch!” I shout and Chance and I head to the guest room. This bitch better bend the truth to Teagan because if she doesn’t; she’s ’bout to let Herpes kick her ass out!


After Maeve leaves the room with whoever the fuck that man is- I bet he’s the actual bastard father of that bastard’s baby! I don’t need to be a father to that thing! Charise takes a long huff and grabs me by my shirt. Just as Charise is grabbing me by the shirt to my room, my phone rings. “Hello?” I answer with an irritate tone in my voice.

“WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE SPEAKING TO, TEAGAN?!” My Mom’s overbearing roars at my ear through the speakers. Oh, fuck! What does she have to lecture me about now?

“What’s this I hear about you in the Hillsborough County Prison? Boy, I raised you to pay back child support rather than you being in jail! Ooh, wait until I see on Christmas, so I can slap the shit out of you just like three years ago when you cheated on the mother of your child!” My Mom growls in frustration.

“Mom! Don’t start this ‘Miranda Grace is your granddaughter’ bull shit, alright!” I object.

“Teagan Michael Jenson, you think don’t start! I’m telling you right now, son; How about you quit copping an attitude about your daughter and my grandchild because I never doubt Miranda Grace when she was born! Because your days of having unprotected sex are over, child! Why are you beating a hasty retreat in Miranda Grace’s life? You know what I’ve been through, Teagan! You are my firstborn child and I had you when I was only sixteen. Sixteen years old that I had you in my belly! Your father and I raised you better than throwing your daughter out to the cold! The paternity test that Maeve has three years ago says Miranda Grace is your child. And when another paternity test comes back indicating that you are Miranda Grace’s alleged father, I’ma work the twerk just like the mothers on the Maury Show and you damn well better accept Miranda Grace as your first biological daughter!” My Mom spat. The thought of my Mom twerking in front of my own eyes is too much of a chagrin to avoid my Mom’s glare.

“Mom! Why do you keep lecturing me?” I question, feeling small after hearing my Mom’s bicker in my ears.

“Because I am baring my heart and soul to you and praying for you to get out of Charise’s tantalizing relationship on sex and for you to think about your responsibility as the father role model of Miranda Grace!” Mom explains. I shut my eyes and pinch my nose bridge with an stressful exhale. “All right, Mom! Where’s Miranda Grace?” I query.

“Ask the mother of your child. Miranda Grace is decorating the ornaments with her Aunts Jessica and Macy in the kitchen of Maeve’s family house with her grandparents and other aunts and uncles.” Mom replies.

“Why can’t she come with Maeve?” I inquiry in confusion.

“Oh, no, son! The trip for Maeve is about your personal issues.The conversation and Maeve’s stay is about the both of you and your relationship! It is time for you and Maeve to finally mend your forgiveness after three years ago when you decide to stick your stick in that nasty ho! Please, Teagan! You really do not want to catch a disease that Charise has after that hospital room incident.”

My eyebrows cringe in confusion. “What do you mean the hospital room scandal?” I ask.

“Tell Maeve that Miranda Grace is taken extra care of!” My Mom excuses with a buoyant tone and hangs up.

“Mom?” I answer.

“Mom!” I call again, but no answer. I hung up the phone and place it on my side table beside my bed. Jail has been hell to me since I gotta face Officer McGuire and Officer Gibb lecturing me about not taking responsibility of my child- No, I don’t have a child! Fucking Maeve, man! He’s making me want to push shit and throw shit across the fucking room!

Charise is still grabbing me by the shirt to my room and I situate my hands on her slim hips- which doesn’t compare me to Maeve’s hips because Maeve’s hips are wide and her thighs are thick like a chicken leg with extra meat. I bend down and insert my tongue to encircle the tip of my tongue around hers and carry her by the shoulder and lay her down on my bed. I hover over her to lift her shirt up and unfasten her denim washed jeans. I watch her try to remove her bra, well struggle with trying to remove her bra. My hands go around her upper back and I snap the hooks of her bra off her back, lowering my head to capture one of her nipples in my mouth.

“Teagan... Oh, baby... Yes....” Charise moans as I feel her hands tugging at my jeans. I unfasten my jeans and lift my shirt over my head with my hand massaging her center.

“Teagan, yes.” Charise grunts and grinds her womanhood on my hand, chafing her bud and after this, she gets on all fours on my bed to give me head. Just as Charise is about to lower head over my manhood, this loud moan screams at my wall. She better not! My woman better not have sex with whoever he is! Growling, I pull my jeans back up to my hips and storm out of my room where more moans escalate its voice. “Chance! Don’t stop, baby!” Maeve moans.

"Damn, girl! I never knew you’re this tight. I ought to stretch you out!" The man named ‘Chance’ grunts. ”Oh, gosh! Chance, you’re so big!" Maeve shudders. I cannot believe my woman is doing it with another man I rarely know about! It’s been, what? Three, four years since we had sex the last time? And I miss cooing in her ear and Maeve screaming my name when I was fucking her in our former apartment. I feel like I want to cry because my true woman is in the bed with another man... In my family’s guest room! I’m the one Maeve lost her virginity to! Not this ‘Chance’ fella!

I check the door hinges, backing up from the door to position my foot where the door would most likely to be opened. I raise my foot with my bending knee and strike my foot at the door and Boom! The door hits the wall to find Maeve and ‘Chance’... Still wearing their clothes on?! Relief slaps me in the face with a because Maeve is not naked in bed with ‘Chance,’ but I’m still pissed at the sounds they were making.

As I’m about to say something to break the silence, the doorbell interrupts my approach of speech. Huffing, I walk to the door and swing it open face to face with this chick I spot at a nightclub on Halloween night when Charise left. The woman in front of me is five foot eight inches, banging curves like hell in that suit, cherry plump lips, medium caramel skin, wavy chocolate chip brown hair is pulled in a ponytail, a pair of Ray-Ban aviators over her eyes, and a folder under her arm. “Good afternoon, Mr. Teagan Jenson. Remember me from the club?” The caramel babe enters in my house and opens the folder partially and pins the paper with her thumb.

“Mr. Teagan Jenson, I am Inspector Moreau and I am here to have a discussion about the results I will display to you.” Inspector Moreau reminds as she swaps from her dark aviators to her clear reading glasses. She clears her throat before she responds. “In the case of three year old Miranda Grace, Teagan-”

“I’m not the father!” I interrupt sarcastically and jump up from the couch.

“Teagan Jenson!” She hisses at me. “Sit your ass down and shut your mouth.” She scolds and I sit back down on the couch. Sexy inspector. “In the case of three year old Miranda Grace Kavanagh, Teagan Jenson... you thought wrong; You ARE the father!” Inspector Moreau announces. When those words of hers came out of her mouth, my eyes pop open at the results to my ears. “What?!” I yell. She shows me the paper and admire at the Allele number of my alleged child.

Just as I’m looking at the Allele number, “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!” Charise shrieks and runs to the couch away from me and throws the pillow over her face. “NO! THAT’S NOT RIGHT! THAT’S NOT RIGHT! TEAGAN! YOU’RE NOT THE FUCKING FATHER!” Charise bawls over the pillow. I watch Charise pouting her lips with her arms crossing in front of her chest and tapping her foot repeatedly. Her eyes are leaking with tears. “That can’t be true, Teagan bear! Get another paternity test!” Charise orders.

“Oh, Cousin Maeve!” Inspector Moreau calls. Wait a second! Did Inspector Moreau just call Maeve ′cousin?′ The door opens and Maeve and Chance walks in the living room. “Hey, Cousin Nona!” Maeve walks up to Nona and gives each other a reuniting hug.

“That’s right, Teagan. Maeve and I are cousins and I’m an undercover private investigator on DNA testing to lure single fathers and cheating boyfriends/husbands. Don’t worry, I’m single and clean.” Nona elucidates. The front door opens to bring Patrick and Nevaeh’s presence. “Hey, Charise the Thot!” Nevaeh calls.

“Patrick?” Charise confusingly queries. I snap my head from Charise to Patrick. Is there something going on between the two of them? While my mind is trying to figure things out, the television shouts its ‘Breaking news.’ The seven of us turn our heads to watch the WTSP News and they’re airing two people engage in a sexual activity in a room of the hospital. On the TV below captions, ′Courtesy of Nevaeh Cruz.′ Nevaeh Cruz? Why would Nevaeh record a footage and send it to WTSP news? I haven’t heard of Nevaeh since she dumped Patrick for sleeping with another woman four months ago until this moment. When the footage paused, one photo flashed a woman’s face that is too familiar. No, she can’t be! Could she? And then, I see her face in a shadow and some random guy who withholds his own identity. This whole time, she’s been a dark horse in my own personal situation for the past three years and I’ve missed the first three years of my daughter’s life because of that manipulating bitch! I should’ve listened to my family, even the mother of our daughter! I own her an sincere apology.

“You flagitious slut!” I shout and march to that lying girl. “TEAGAN, I DIDN’T DO IT!” Charise bawls more.


Just bullshit!

“BULLSHIT! YOU MADE ME WASTE MY THREE YEARS WITH YOU WHILE MAEVE IS SUPPORTING MY DAUGHTER! GET OUT OF HERE!” I bark at her and turn my head at Maeve, stepping to her and incandescently press my lips against hers with my hands cupping her cheeks. I listen to Charise’s panicking scream, but I just keep my lips still on Maeve’s. At first, she doesn’t retrieve, but accepts my action by wrapping her around my neck.

I break the kiss. “Maeve Lila Kavanagh, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. You have every right to file for custody, but after finding out about Charise; I realized what a regretful mistake I made for cheating on you, getting an STD two to three times, disrespecting my family, especially you and Miranda Grace. And I’m sorry for not listening to you from the get go. You have the right of not trusting me and filing for custody, but you cannot shut me out of our daughter’s life once I make the list of amends to mold all of your trust with my participation in Miranda Grace’s life. I’ll leave this choice to you-” She cuts me off by wiping the tears off my eyes. Hold on! A football player of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, crying? Might as well be crying football drops! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Get it?! Get the joke? Do you? No? Anyway...

“Teagan, shut up. I’m glad that you finally allow the hunter capture Charise’s game, but in order for me to prevent me from filing for custody; you need to work on your skills with trust. I’ve always put our daughter on top of the list as well as God, my family, and friends because Miranda Grace is our number one priority on the list because after giving birth to our little girl, I stopped partying for a while because I just gave birth to her, I cannot and will not neglect our child as if I didn’t conceive her. I’m very blessed to have Miranda Grace in my picture of life and you should, too. I always bring her with me everywhere I go, including the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She keeps me in company and her company for me is better than ditching children for something that some people think is an irreplaceable one night only. You need to make some changes, Teagan. No more cheating, no more partying, no more getting sexually transmitted diseases, no more excuses, no more impudence towards our families and Miranda Grace, no more calling our daughter ‘the Bastard’s baby,’ and no more Charise.” Maeve demands with a stern expression.

No more Charise... I glare at that manipulative slut who has lied to me ever since March of 2011. While I dart daggers at her with my eyes, Patrick has the chutzpah to tell me on Nevaeh’s birthday this year that he and Charise fucked. Boy, listening to Patrick’s side of his story infuriates. What if she gave an STD to him. He tells me that he is clean and he didn’t get an STD from the slut. Nona drags Charise by the hair and her STD-bringing ass out of the house while the five of us throw ourselves a congratulating party.

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