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His Virgin Neighbor

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Meet Victoria she is a woman who is used to being single, the men she had met were either not interested in her or she had found them boring that is until she meets her new handsome neighbor Lucien who she finds is frustrating and noisy but who ends up sending her world into a spin. Meet Lucien he is your typical rich playboy and the 'love em and leave em' type, that is until he meets his curvy sexy neighbor Victoria who he thought wasn't his type but he finds her getting under his skin and his world getting turned upside down.

Romance / Erotica
Clare Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter one

Victoria was a 28 year old woman who lived on her own in a nice little house in a quiet suburban town, she had noticed that morning when she went out shopping that her next door neighbors had moved out of their house.
She liked her neighbors, they were a nice couple with a couple of young kids and it was last month when she saw the sale sign up in their yard and she had found out they were moving because the husband had gotten a promotion and was having to move to where his new job was and it was only a couple of days after that she noticed the sold sign had appeared.

She wondered as she placed her book down onto her coffee table who would be moving in, she got up from her sofa and went into the kitchen to make herself a coffee, she hoped that whoever was going to move in would be just as nice as that family.
She heard a familiar knock on her door and she smiled as she knew who it would be, she walked towards the door and opened it, "hi!" She said to her best friend Marie as she let her in, she walked back into the kitchen and made another cup of coffee, Victoria handed her the cup, Marie smiled as she took a sip.

Victoria led the way into the living room where they both sat on the sofa, Marie nodded towards the window as she curled her hands around her cup, "I see it's all go there next door", Victoria tucked her legs underneath, she nodded "it's been like this all day, I hope the new neighbors are just as nice as the old ones".
Marie got up and took a peek out of the blinds, "I don't see any of your new neighbors yet just the removal men", she didn't see anything that belonged to a female or any kids and from what she could see was that it looked like a man was just moving in there and as she was about to walk away from the window, she saw what looked to be a very handsome man with black hair blue eyes, a straight nose, sharp cheekbones and a sharp jaw and he was ordering the men about and she had a feeling that he was going to be living there, she smiled to herself thinking that if Victoria catches his eye then she was going to have her hands full with this one.

Marie walked back over, she had a frown on her face, she sat down and began tapping a finger on her chin, "I've seen this man before", Victoria knew Marie was more outgoing especially when it came to men but of all the men that had to come and live next door to her, did it have to be one that had slept with Marie, she hoped not as she mentally groaned to herself.
Marie gasped, her mouth opened, her face was a picture of excitement, "I know who he is! He's Lucien Oliver!" Victoria frowned, "I've never heard of him", Marie pulled her cellphone out and began typing on it,"ah but I can guarantee you've seen him on the front page of gossip magazines, he's always pictured with socialites, here," she handed Victoria her phone and she saw photos of a tall handsome man holding hands with different socialites in each photo.

Victora stared at the photos, "I know who you mean now but why would he be moving in next door", she scoffed, "he's a playboy who should be living in a penthouse or mansion and having pool parties with women surrounding him".
She shook her head, "that man you've seen out there will just have a resemblance, that's all", she handed Marie her phone back, Marie shook her head and grabbed Victoria's hand to pull her up, "have a look for yourself", Victoria reluctantly got up and walked over to the window where she saw him talking to one of the men and her mouth opened in surprise and yet shock as she saw it was him and he was more handsome than he was in magazines, she felt her heart race especially as he turned to look at her and she swore she felt his eyes burn as he glanced at her.

She gasped as she pulled away from the window and mentally shook her head, no he never saw me, she thought as she turned round to Marie, her eyes wide, "yes you were right, it's him", she placed her hand on her chest as she tried to calm her racing heart, she sat down heavily on the sofa, she placed a hand on her forehead, "I'm not prepared for late night parties and loud noises", she groaned.
She picked up her coffee but found she couldn't drink it, her heart was still racing.
Marie did an excited little dance whilst sitting on the sofa, "so are you going to be part of the welcome committee for him?" Victoria made a scoffing sound, "I don't think I will be missed somehow".

Marie gave her a sly smile, "you never know, you might be missed", Victoria rolled her eyes, yeah right, she thought, she looked across the window and was tempted to take another peek but she resisted.
She shook her head, wanting to change the subject, "enough about that", she sighed, "I have a feeling that there will be a lot more going on with him next door now."

Marie chuckled, "but what if you catch his eye?" Victoria scoffed, she doubted she would catch his eye, she knew now the best thing to do was to change the subject, so they spoke about everything that wasn't to do with next door and Lucien Oliver.
When it was getting dark and all was quiet, Marie left, she was like Victoria, they were both single but Marie liked to flirt and she was more outgoing.

Victoria switched the TV on quietly after Marie had left, she enjoyed the silence but she liked the TV on for background noise and she hoped that would be the only noise she would still be hearing and she hoped she wouldn't bump into any socialites.
She sighed as she looked down at her size 18 frame. She never wore clothing that showed off her body, she liked her clothing to be long and two sizes too big.

As far as she knew she was invisible to men, whenever she liked someone, she found that they never liked her, she thought she was plain with her black hair, brown eyes, a small nose and a heart shaped pouty little mouth and a body that was off putting but it wasn't, what she didn't know was that her body was mouth watering, she had an hourglass waist, her tits were ripe and she had an ass to die for and a face that was pretty.
Victoria liked her own company and she enjoyed reading, she enjoyed her job which was a cleaner by contract, she would get a rota from her boss to where she would be cleaning that day, sometimes it would be factories and schools or sometimes it would be houses and the pay was good which was why she could afford to rent this house in this lovely quiet street.

She was used to being on her own as her mom and dad had died in a car accident when she was small and she had grown up in Foster care and she found that concentrating on school work and keeping her grades up kept her going and college was where she met her friend Marie.
She got up and picked up the two empty cups and walked into the kitchen to rinse them out, she placed her cups back into the cupboard and decided to read some more of her romantic novel, so she sat back down onto her sofa and picked up her book and began to read.

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