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Juno is a little lonely but she doesn't mind. It's always been that way since she had to move to another country, leaving everything behind and learn a new language. No one wanted to talk to her and she was okay with that. But her parents decided to go visit home for the summer vacation, hoping her old friends will want to meet up. Yet she didn't even bother trying to reach out. What will happen when someone will finally want to see more that that quiet girl that actually likes to read? . . . THE COVER PHOTO ISN'T MINE I can't seem to find good representation so I'm doing it myself.

Miss Stranger
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Chapter 1


I drown myself in the adventures of Percy Jackson, I let my imagination create his face and his Riptide, slashing away at monsters. I loose myself in my fantasys, like I always do, my coping mechanism.

While reading my book that constantly gave me more reasons to believe that Thalia is gay, I hear my little cousin screaming. She came running towards me while trying to comunicate something to me. I was forced to pull myself from my comfort, to try to understand the shit she is trying to tell me.

Don't get me wrong, I love her, but she just screams a lot and I am currently trying to read so the loud sounds aren't appreciated. I just sit there listening to what she is saying but I swear to god, it's just gibberish and I am starting to get a headache.

My aunt laughs at my face of pure annoyance and says "Why don't you go to Apollo's room if you want to read in peace so badly?"

I realise that is a good idea and get up from the couch to go up the stairs. Once I get to his room I knock on the door before I open it (let's just say barging in his room without knocking ends in awkward situations) and walk in.

"What's up, Juno?", he asks me without looking up from his phone. I just tell him that everyone is annoying me downstairs so I came up to his room. I sit on the floor and let out a big sigh.

But I don't end up going back to my book because Apollo is like the only person I can talk to. He was the first person I came out to and the only person that made me feel truly accepted.

We ended up talking about our age and how he recently turned 18. He kept telling me how he can't believe he is so old and I couldn't help myself and I say "ugh, I feel like I spent 16 years of my life in vain. Like I haven't done anything in the 5840+ days I have been breathing on this floating rock in this giant vacuum of space. "

He just laughs at my statement and says "I still can't belive your gay and that good at math."

I put my hand on my chest and act like I'm offended. "Excuse me, first of all I'm bi, thank you very much. And second of all, that is so rude of you to stereotype me."

We both laugh at my stupid excuse of acting and he gets up to check something on his computer while I get my book back on my lap and continue reading.

I get to another scene of Zoë and Thalia fighting (and their painful sexual tension) when Apollo gets a notification. I don't pay it much attention until my cousin says "Hey, one of my friend's parents are out of town and he's throwing a party. Wanna come?"

I look up from my book and raise an eyebrow. "What kind of party? Did you forget I'm underage?"

He rolls his eyes and informs me of the fact that he apparently had gotten drunk for the first time when he was 14 so, and I quote, "I'm all good".

"Look-" I start objecting but he doesn't let me finish, "I know drinking isn't for you and blah blah blah," he says while imitating my mouth with his hand, "but come one, you said it yourself, you feel like you haven't done anything in you 5480+ days, so just this once!"

"Actually, it was 5840+ days," I inform him. He scoffs, gets up and shows me his hand, expecting me to take it so he can help me get my fat ass of the floor. I sit there over thinking and I decided that it wouldn't hurt. I take his hand and say "Fine, but I don't know if my parents will be okay with this." To that he just tells me that I worry too much.

Apollo helps me get up and we get out of his room. He starts going down stairs and tells me to let him handle my parents. Once we get to the kitchen he just pops his head in and says out to our parents that we're going to hang out with some of his friends and that we're going to sleep over there.

"Wait, wait, who do you mean 'we'?" my dad asks suspiciously. He starts explaining that he means me and him and starts feeding him some lies like 'the parents are going to be there' and 'no alcohol' and by the look on my dad's face he didn't quite buy it.

"Fine, but only because it's summer vacation and Juno has been working hard and deserves a break," my mom smiles at me and gives me the go ahead. Yeah I fucking deserve it, I didn't just get all the top grades of my school without putting effort.

I take my overnight bag and go to the entrance to wait on my cousin to bring his. I look in the mirror to check my outfit: a pair of wide brown pants, a button down shirt with dinosaurs and a red jacket with a pair of She-ra swords earrings. My green eyes look back at me in the mirror, framed with eyeliner e-girl style and my square face with little red cheeks. I don't like how I look, especially my face shape but there's nothing I can do about it. I grab my Vans shoes and put them on.

My parents stop us before we leave and give me the 'be careful' talk and somehow we managed to escape. We get to his familys car and he starts it. He looks at me and asks me if I'm ready. All I can tell him is that I can't believe he dragged me into this bullshit.

I take the aux cord and put on some K. Flay and prepare myself mentally for new human interaction.

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