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My devil and Angel

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My name is Ella Clark and I'm 22. All my life I have been able to see devils and angels on people's shoulders. As a kid, I tried telling people but no one believed me. Now I'm dead and don't know where to go. With the help of my devil and angel, I can figure out what the afterlife has in store for me.

Romance / Fantasy
Mr. Speider
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Good morning

It was mid-June on a Monday morning, I believe it was 12:30 when I awoke to the smell of smoke, I looked around but all I could see was red and the roaring flames. “What’s happening!?” I remember my boss telling me that I had to stay after to work on a presentation, for a meeting the next day. I jump up from my work desk frantically running to find an exit, I spot one and run towards it as fast as I can but right before I can push it to escape one of the supporting beams fell. I jumped out of the way just before I was crushed. I was on the sixth floor so jumping wasn’t an option. I can feel my body getting weaker from breathing in all of this smoke. I get low to the ground and use my shirt to help me breathe a little better.

I get back to my desk and start looking for my phone to call for help, I open up my phone to see one missed call from an unknown number and a message along with it. I call 911, tell them my location, and that the exits are blocked. They said that they would be right there but I’m not stupid, I know they won’t make it in time and I would die here. I take another look at my phone and open my contacts to see who I needed to call to say goodbye. “Of course, there is no one to call I’m going to die alone.” I open up my voicemail to listen to the message and hear, “Hello Ella, right now you are probably thinking that you are going to die and you will. You see I have been watching you for a while now and I know that by killing you no one will miss you, so in a way, I’m saving you from being lonely. Give a hello to whoever you see in the afterlife for me.”

The message ends so I open up the text from the same person and it was a photo of an angel saying you're welcome. I feel sick to my stomach. “What did I ever do to them? why me? I’m just trying to live out my life like any other human being.” I can feel the heat of the flames, it hurts. The smoke is filling up my lungs I can barely breathe. I could feel my consciousness fading in and out until nothing, all I could see now was darkness for miles. “Hey, are you alright?” A somewhat familiar voice said, was I saved just in time, did I really make it out? I thought to myself. I could feel tears form in my eyes. I open my eyes just a little bit but my vision is blurry. “Yeah I’m fine, but I can’t see.” “Yeah, that happens when you die in a fire.” “Oh, I can understand that.” Wait I … died.

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