The Death Grip of God is a Pleasing Touch

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Day Two, False Idol

The next day, Wasp shows back up in front of Kaul's throne at the same time as yesterday. "So farm boy, ready for day two?"

Kaul nods, standing up. He doesn't really feel ready, but he still wants to do the test. Some part of him seems to want to impress the dragon king. "As ready as I can be. Today is supposed to be worse right?"

Wasp simply nods to confirm Kaul's fears and leads him down to the room. Instead of immediately leaving, he gives Kaul a slight smile. "Good luck farm boy." Before closing and locking the door. Shade takes a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves before hearing the countdown start and closing his eyes.

The smell of brimstone and rot floods his nose, and the room feels almost scorching. A deep, booming, voice growls. "Kulzulatu. Open your eyes and face the consequences of your actions in life."

Kaul jumps slightly at the voice and opens his eyes, seeing a large red snake wrapped around a big apple. The snake has several black, burnt, and rotted angel wings going down it's back and bloody bandages wrapping it's eyes.

The serpent hisses at him and strikes out at him, causing Kaul to jump backwards with a whimper. "You have believed in many false idols, you have lain with man as though he was a woman more than once, you did not stay chaste until marriage, and you have tortured and judged many. Your sins are now laid out in front of you and fueling the fires by which you will roast!" The serpent strikes at Kaul again, biting into his arm and wrapping around it.

"No.. no, you aren't real. You don't even exist, if anything you're just a warped part of me.. only one of those things you listed that's actually bad is torturing people and judging them, which I never wanted to do in the first place!" Kaul starts to tear up as he talks and tries unsuccessfully to get his arm out of the serpent's mouth.

The serpent shoves the apple into his mouth, forcing him to take a bite of it. The apple tastes rotted and is full of maggots and worms that immediately start burrowing into his flesh. "Eat the forbidden fruit, and forever turn away from the holy shepherd you long ago forsook!"

Kaul starts eating the apple, unable to stop eating it despite not wanting to. He starts choking on the rotted, worm filled apple, and the serpent laughs as everything starts to fade away.

"You'll always be an unholy false idol of a sinner, farm boy." The serpent hisses out as the nightmare mist wears off. Kaul raises a hand to his throat and rubs it before wandering out of the room once Wasp opens the door.

Wasp watches the god walk off, and starts to wonder if he was being a bit cruel making him do these tests. He takes a step to follow him before sighing and mumbling out. "Gods that farm boy is making go soft.."
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