The Death Grip of God is a Pleasing Touch

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Kaulzulatu thought he was a human until not long after his thirtieth birthday when he was taken away to the spirit realm and told he was the god of death. Wasp is the young king of a dragon species still suffering from a recent genocide who holds a grudge against humans for all they've done to him and his species. What will happen when the two have to work closely together? Will Wasp learn to let go of his grudge and forgive humans through the human raised god? Will Kaulzulatu warm up to his new godly life and learn to love the spirit realm and it's dragons? Or will their differences end up driving a wedge between the two and dooming them both to hatred? Cover art is by @underssswobniar on Tumblr, check him out.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one: The first meeting

Wasp inherited the title of protector at a young age after both his mother and father were killed by humans. Under his rule the kulzutu dragons have slowly been bouncing back from the human's recent attempt at wiping them out, and he thought all was going well.

That was until the gods brought him, a new god of death that was raised by humans and got to live a normal human life. The gods said it was so he'd have a better understanding of humans so he'd better be able to judge their souls, and it seemed to pay off. Naturally a good amount of the already broken Kulzutu dragons flocked to the god, calling him their protector and following his every command.

Wasp couldn't help but hate the young death god as soon as the gods brought him before his species, and he hated him even more whenever his people started calling him their protector. He worked hard for the respect of his people and all that god had to do was exist and people threw themselves at his feet.

He was supposed to meet the god face to face the first day he arrived in the spirit realm, but nearly a week later and still has yet to do so. The thought of doing so leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. But he knows he needs to meet him eventually so he's decided to go ahead and get it over with.

The dark stone throne before Wasp is large, easily able to seat two people comfortably, and the god sitting on it seems small in comparison. His dark eyes seem kind and his smile, despite being too wide and slightly unsettling, is welcoming. Wasp can easily smell the flowers draped over him, along with hints of the dirt and rot that they're supposed to cover, from his place in front of the god, unable to help but enjoy the scent.

Wasp snorts slightly, ridding his lungs of the death god's scent, and wraps his scaled tail around his talons before finally speaking "Kaulzulatu." His tone is flat, maybe even slightly hostile, and he's making a point of keeping his face clear of any expression that isn't mild annoyance.

The young god, Kaulzulatu, studies Wasp's face for a moment, seemingly recognizing him despite not being able to recall the dragon's name. He rubs the back of his neck and chuckles slightly at his own embarrassment. "Hello my friend, this is rather awkward but I can not seem to recall your name. I am still rather new to all this, so I do hope you'll forgive me."

Wasp snorts and the tip of his tail starts thumping against the cool stone floor. Streaks of dark red start to appear on his color changing scales, signaling his annoyance with the god as he hisses "What? Do all of us Kulzutu dragons look the same to you? You can't recall my name because we haven't met before. I am Wasp, the protector of the Kulzutu dragons."

Kaulzulatu grins down at Wasp, excited to finally meet the leader of the dragons he has to work so closely with. "Ah Wasp! It's a pleasure to finally meet you, I have heard plenty of great things about you. Being the protector sounds like a rather difficult job, I am glad I am able to take some of the stress of souls and heaven and hell off of you. But no, dragons do not all look the same to me, I've just seen images of you so much I felt as though I should've recognized you."

Wasp is puzzled by the god's reaction, why is he so excited to meet someone who's acting so hostile towards him? Does he just not get that he's annoyed by his very existence? He shakes his head before snorting and huffing "I don't want help. My mother and father dealt with everything without a god to 'help' them and I could have too... I especially don't need the help of a human raised farm boy."

Kaulzulatu looks confused and hurt for a moment before it suddenly clicks as to why Wasp doesn't like him. His smile falls as he looks away from the dragon, hurt by his words. "Ah, this is... This is about that... Whole thing... I am sorry for the loss you've experienced at the hands of immortality-seeking humans, but neither I nor any of my family were a part of that... I always thought it was pretty stupid. After all, you can't achieve immortality by killing off what guides your soul to the afterlife... Imagine how terrifying having to make your way to the afterlife alone would be..."

Wasp can't help but laugh at the god's last statement. Kulzutu dragons take care of and maintain the different heavens of all the different gods, punish the sinners in hell, and take souls to be reborn, does he really believe there'd be an afterlife without them? He stands and turns his back to the god, looking back at him just long enough to say "Without us Kulzutu dragons, there would be no afterlife to make your way to. Of course it would be terrifying, the afterlife would just be cold, lonely ruins! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you not to contact me unless extremely necessary. You were raised by humans, married a human, and had kids with a human, as far as I'm concerned you are human, so don't stick your nose in a dragon's business."

Wasp starts to walk off, done with the young god and sitting at the foot of his throne, when the god suddenly starts to follow after him, causing him to stop and glare at him. The god looks down at the floor as he speaks, voice quiet and respectful. "Quite honestly that would normally be a compliment, I never wished to be a god after all, but I am in need of your help... Some of your people have been considering me their protector and I know next to nothing about how your society works.. I do not want to harm anyone, and I have never been in charge of anything more than a small farm, I need your help... I am honored to be considered a protector, but I am not a leader."

Wasp quietly regards the god, tempted to leave him to his fate and let his people see why flocking to him was a bad idea, but he could never put his dragons in harm's way like that, especially not after what they've been through. "Fine. Once a week I will visit you to discuss current issues and how to resolve them. You may contact me once outside of those weekly visits. I will return tomorrow for the first visit, until then, leave me be, farm boy."

Kaulzulatu perks up at the reassurance that Wasp will help him and smiles at the dragon king. "Thank you. I hope over these meetings I can prove that I am no threat and perhaps we could even become friends."

Wasp starts to walk away from the young death god again. He snorts at his words and mumbles, "Yeah, don't count on it," despite the fact that some of his hatred for Kaulzulatu has already started to melt away at the reassurance that he isn't going to harm his people.
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