The Death Grip of God is a Pleasing Touch

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Chapter two: Wheat fields

Wasp spent the next day dreading his eventual meeting with the god of death, causing him to put it off as long as possible. He can't help but look displeased as he finally approaches the god's throne, and he can't help but look mad when he finds it empty.

There's a dragon sitting next to the throne, giving the death god a break and helping judge souls that are brought to there, so Wasp approaches them. "May I ask where Kaulzulatu is? I need to speak with him."

The dragon jumps slightly at the sight of Wasp before quickly bowing down to him. "Kaulzulatu has retired to his heaven and home for the night. I believe he is still doing maintenance on his heaven if you wish to speak to him, though he may have finished up and gone home already."

Wasp snorts and a few streaks of red show up in his scales. He doesn't want to set foot in the god's heaven and he definitely doesn't want to set foot in the god's home, he can barely tolerate being around him. "Thank you… Beetle right?" The dragon nods and Wasp continues "Well Beetle, I hope you have a good night."

It doesn't take long for Wasp to find the door to Kaulzulatu's heaven. After all, he knows the many doors like his own scales, and Kaulzulatu's is the only one he doesn't immediately recognize. He stares at the door, realizing he doesn't know where to even start looking for the god. He debates just turning around and going home before sighing and going through the door.

The door leads to a luscious looking forest with several paths leading through it. Wasp picks a path and starts to follow it until eventually the forest fades into a human looking village. He snarls slightly as he looks around the village, the sight bringing up bad memories and feelings of anger, fear, and regret.

Wasp angrily flicks his tail behind him as he looks around before noticing a small farm house that's pretty removed from the rest of the village. It looks like there's wheat growing in a small field that nearly completely surrounds the simple, weathered, and old looking house. On the porch of the house is Kaulzulatu, sitting in one of two rocking chairs and reading a book.

Wasp quickly notices Kaulzulatu and walks up to the porch. The god doesn't seem to notice him until the steps on the stairs and it loudly creaks, alerting him to the fact someone is coming up to him. He looks up from his book and smiles at Wasp. "Ah, hello there my friend, welcome to my home. I am assuming this is the first of those weekly visits you were talking about?" He pats the rocking chair next to him, inviting Wasp to sit with him.

Wasp just sits on the ground, refusing to turn to his humanoid form just to sit next to the god. He nods, wanting to immediately get down to business but deciding to try some small talk since he's at the god's house and wants to attempt being polite with him. "Yes, today I'll mostly just be explaining Kulzutu dragon society, laws, and social standards. Though, by the way, your home is rather nice."

Kaulzulatu smiles slightly as he glances around his porch. He reaches out a hand to gently brush the wheat that's growing right up against railing and quietly mumbles "Almost ready to be harvested.." He looks back at Wasp. "Thank you, it's an exact replica of my old home. Well, other than the crops, that changes every so often."

Wasp tilts his head slightly, having thought the wheat was solely for decoration. After all this is the spirit realm, the home of the dead, and he thought the god of death didn't need to eat. "You actually grow crops here? I thought you didn't need to eat."

Kaulzulatu shrugs and chuckles slightly at Wasp's question. "Well, no I don't need to eat, I do still like to eat though. I also just like to continue to grow crops… it gives me some sense of normalcy.." The god seems slightly sad for a moment, thinking about his old life and the people he was taken away from, before just plastering a smile on his face.

Wasp curiously regards the god for a quiet moment. He knew he was raised by humans and had a human family and a life before this, but it never occurred to him that he actually misses that life, especially since the gods just took him without letting him have any sort of goodbye. "Hm.. I suppose a sense of normalcy is always nice to have. Do you enjoy farming?"

Kaulzulatu chuckles slightly at the question, it's a simple question but he can't help but find it complicated. "For the most part, yes. It reminds me of my childhood, helping mother and father with the crops and animals, running and playing in the fields, getting dirty and muddy and feeling proud… but I also find myself saddened by those same memories at times, knowing I'll never have the chance to live such a simple life again… knowing I'll only see those I love again because death finally claimed them… knowing they wouldn't be happy to see me…"

Wasp looks down at the ground, feeling sympathy for the god despite how much he hates him. He glances back at kaulzulatu, wanting to comfort him but not exactly knowing how. "...I'm sure they'd be happy to see you… Humans are pretty bad but most care about their family and friends… right?"

Kaulzulatu stares down at the cover of his book, absentmindedly rubbing a thumb over it. He nods. "Almost all do, humans are pack animals by nature, but there are some who don't care… and most would toss you away for the sake of reputation if you don't fit in… and a god certainly doesn't fit in… especially not me.." He's quiet for a long moment before looking up at Wasp and continuing. "Let's just start that meeting now."

Wasp simply nods in response and starts talking about different Kulzutu dragon laws, despite his mind being focused on the young death god's struggles.
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