The Death Grip of God is a Pleasing Touch

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Chapter four: An Invitation

After being gifted that drawing, Wasp definitely didn’t know what to think of the death god anymore. It feels wrong to hate him when he clearly wants to befriend him, but Wasp can't really bring himself to like the god despite his feelings for him no longer being that negative.

About a week after being given the drawing, Wasp approaches Kaul on his throne with no real reason other than to chat, only to be surprised by someone already talking to him. He stands in the doorway as he watches the god of shadows, Shadrathka who's widely known as a very introverted recluse, talk to Kaul. The shadow god smiles at Kaul and hands him what looks like an invitation. Kaul reads over the invitation before seeming to ask the other god something, causing him to hesitate slightly before nodding.

Shadrathka bows slightly to Kaul, who just chuckles and waves, before turning around and walking into a nearby shadow. Wasp approaches Kaul after Shadrathka takes his leave, giving him a curious look. "I'm guessing you feel honored, farm boy. That recluse doesn't come out of his realm to talk to others often. He especially doesn't go into other god's realms often."

Kaul jumps slightly, having been too focused on the invitation to notice wasp approaching. "Oh Wasp! Yes I do feel kind of honoured by Shadrathka's visit, after all I've only met him once before in the communal temple when I met all the other gods, but I am also slightly proud."

Wasp snorts slightly and chuckles at Kaul, giving him a slight smile despite his feelings for him. "Proud? Really? I guess I can see why you'd feel proud but why?"

Kaul notices Wasp's smile and gives him a wide one in return. He hands the invitation over and says "He seems to think I'm trustworthy and seems to feel safe around me. Which quite honestly is what I near always want to be."

The invitation is colored a dark black and is written in fancy, neat, handwriting using sometype of golden ink. "Dear Kaulzulatu, you are cordially invited to a masquerade ball in Shadrathka's temple located in the shadow realm. The ball will be next Saturday at 10 pm sharp. Dress formally and do not forget to wear a mask. You may bring one extra person with you. I do hope you will make an appearance, best wishes, Lord Shadrathka."

Wasp can't help but be slightly impressed, not many people get to see the elusive shadow god outside of his realm and very few are invited to his parties especially with the opportunity to bring another person with them. "Huh, I can definitely see why you're proud now, you're getting a really rare opportunity. So farm boy, who are you planning on asking to go with you?"

Kaul chuckles slightly and rubs the back of his neck, not able to make eye contact with the dragon before him anymore. "Well, I was actually thinking about asking you to come with me. You are quite honestly the closest thing to a friend I have here since you think of me as more or less equal to you, not above. I know you likely aren't interested in spending that extra time near me, especially since there are going to be some humans there and I know you aren't fond of humans… at all..." He hopefully looks up at Wasp, finally making eye contact.

Wasp pauses, the god's right about him not wanting to spend the extra time with him and him heavily disliking humans, but he also knows this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. Shadrathka is known to rarely take interest in anyone that isn't a god or shadowmancer, so if he denies Kaul's offer, he's very likely never seeing another one like it. Wasp sighs slightly, finally speaking. "You're right, I don't want to spend that extra time near you or any human. I also don't want to be in my humanoid form for as long as that party will probably take. But this isn't just any opportunity, so I'll go with you. Though if I get frustrated with you or anything else there, I'm leaving."

Kaul perks up and smiles happily at Wasp, clearly glad he decided to come with him even if it probably is only for bragging rights. "Thank you Wasp, and that's understandable. I don't know who I would have asked if you didn't want to go. My ma' always told me it's unwise to go to a party alone, especially when you don't know many people there."

Wasp chuckles at Kaul, returning his smile without really thinking about it. "You really are just a displaced farm boy, you call your mother 'ma' and everything. That is some good advice though, you never know what a stranger will be willing to do to you. I doubt you really have to worry much about strangers though, other than maybe Shadrathka himself since he's also a god."

Kaul shrugs and chuckles, he knows he doesn't really have much to worry about but he still can't help but worry. He also doesn't really want to discard the advice of his long dead mother. "There might still be a couple of people there who might try to do something unpleasant to me, so I'd rather not risk going alone to a near stranger's party. Though I doubt Shadrathka would be the one to try anything, he seems to take pride in being a polite and good host."

Wasp shrugs, turning to leave as a dragon approaches Kaul with a soul. "All my years of life and judging souls have taught me that no matter how someone seems, they can always and sometimes regularly stoop to lows you never thought even existed. I suppose I'll see you Saturday, when you come to pick me up."

Kaul nods and waves bye to Wasp, starting to talk with the soul he has to judge, despite Wasp already being halfway through the door and not noticing his wave.
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