The Death Grip of God is a Pleasing Touch

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Chapter five: The Party

The day of the party, Wasp is going through his closet trying to find his best clothes, not wanting to look bad at a god's party. Eventually he finds a nice dark green suit and a mask.

Wasp looks in a mirror by his door as he waits for kaul, a little less put off by his humanoid form with a masquerade mask on that looks like a dragon. He runs a hand through his hair, once a dark black but now slightly streaked with grey. "I can't believe I'm already greying, I'm still pretty young… I guess stress really does do that to you."

An, unfortunately, familiar voice chuckles from behind the door. "I've always thought grey hair was nice, it makes some people look wiser, It's charming in a way."

Wasp sighs slightly before opening the door. "I suppose this means it's time to go?" He decides to get straight to the point, already slightly regretting agreeing to go with Kaul.

Kaul smiles at Wasp from behind his golden raven mask. He's wearing a simple suit with a black cape that fades to galaxy print at the bottom. "Yes, Shadrathka likely would not appreciate waiting. Though I do wish to say you look rather nice, friend."

Wasp feels his face heat up slightly under his mask at the compliment. He snorts, choosing to ignore his faint blush. "Thank you I guess, though we aren't friends. I guess you look… okay too... Just take us there already, farm boy."

Kaul nods and teleports both him and Wasp outside of a large temple made out of a pitch black stone like material. There's a door in front of them that looks like it's made of a black marble with golden accents.

Shadrathka is waiting by the door, mask in hand and wearing a very fancy, if not slightly over the top, suit. He smiles at the two, happily welcoming his guests "Ah, my esteemed guests! The god of death Kaulzulatu, and the respected kulzutu dragon protector Wasp! Nice to see you two could make it, and exactly on time too."

Kaul bows to Shadrathka, Wasp quickly follows his lead and bows as well. Kaul rises and smiles back at Shadrathka. "I am glad we were invited, it's an honor to be here. Are there any house rules we should know to follow?"

Shadrathka smiles slightly at being asked, glad his guests are being polite and making sure they understand his rules. "Other than being polite and not harming any of my followers, I do not have many rules. Though of course since there will be alcohol out during the party, I will not hold much of what you do whilst inebriated against you. Anyways, come, follow me inside." He puts on his mask and heads through the door, leading everyone through the halls.

Wasp, not planning on drinking anything alcoholic, chuckles slightly. "You won't have to hold anything against me, I have paperwork and stuff to do tomorrow and a hangover wouldn't help me with that." He can't help but glance around slightly excitedly as he's led through the elegantly decorated halls, knowing he's getting a rare experience.

Shadrathka chuckles slightly at Wasp, finding his excitement endearing. He opens the door to a very large ballroom already full of partygoers drinking and laughing and dancing together. There's a stage at the front where people are playing music and singing for everyone, keeping the mood of the room light and joyful.

Kaul and Wasp are both clearly very impressed by the shadow god's large ballroom. Kaul is the first to speak. "Wow your temple is truly impressive, Shadrathka." Wasp simply nods in agreement with Kaul.

Shadrathka flashes a charming smile at Kaul. "I believe as you spend time with me, you will find I am even more impressive than my temple is~" He reaches out and brushes his hand against Kaul's cheek, suddenly making it clear why he invited him in the first place.

Kaul gives a quiet purr and leans slightly into the contact, clearly not against it. "I suppose a home is only as good as it's caretaker, so perhaps you are impressive~" He coyly smiles back at Shadrathka.

Wasp has to suppress a growl as he watches the two gods exchange flirty remarks with each other. He feels slightly nauseous watching the two flirt and can't really tell why, so he just clears his throat and mumbles "I don't think I want to know what part of you you're claiming is 'impressive'."

Shadrathka withdrawals from Kaul and glances down at Wasp, flashing him the same charming smile. "Well that is a shame, I was hoping you would be interested too. A friend of the death god is bound to be a rather interesting person." He makes a move to reach out to Wasp, but decides against it after seeing his heavy glare from behind his mask.

Wasp snorts slightly and moves to enter the ballroom, causing the more sober people to look towards him. He bares his teeth at the people closest to him, already annoyed by Kaul and Shadrathka and starting to regret accepting the invitation.

He's not sure why the gods flirting put him in such a bad mood, he doesn't particularly care for either of them, but something about it just doesn't sit well with him. He sighs slightly and quietly mumbles "I've probably just been spending too much time with that farm boy, heat season is coming up soon… Yeah... Yeah, it's just hormones and all that."

Kaul quickly follows after him, not wanting to get too separated from him and lost in the sea of people. "I want to thank you yet again for coming with me, I didn't think there would be this many people and I'm sure I'd feel rather unsafe without you here."

Wasp huffs slightly, thinking back to how 'familiar' he was with Shadrathka earlier. "Well it looks like you were getting along just fine with the host earlier. You two already seem to be pretty good friends." He pauses after realizing what he said, confused by his own words.

Kaul is also confused by Wasp, he thinks Shadrathka is attractive and was flirting with him but they aren't really friends yet. "I do get along pretty well with Shadrathka but we are not yet friends, I hope by the end of the night we can be closer to considering each other friends, but right now we're just acquaintances."

Wasp snorts and quietly mumbles "I'm pretty sure by the end of the night you'll end up in his room with no clothes." While starting his walk to the drinks, deciding the hangover tomorrow might actually be worth it.

Shadrathka looks over at Wasp as he comes up to the drinks and chuckles slightly. "I thought you said you were not going to drink any alcohol. The non alcoholic stuff is over on the other table." He takes a sip of his wine and smiles at Wasp, curiously watching him.

Wasp puts on a happy face, not wanting to upset a god in his own temple after being invited into it. "Thank you but I decided to join everyone else in drinking. It looks like the non alcoholic stuff has barely been touched." He glances at the table with a barely touched fruit punch bowl and water bottles.

Shadrathka summons a wine glass before pouring some wine into it and handing it to Wasp, letting his hand brush his and linger there for a bit. "Yes, my followers enjoy indulging themselves and I like to allow them to indulge themselves as much as they like during these parties. I hope you will indulge in some of the more… indecent urges you may get, especially if you find yourself getting some about me, after all I might just be glad to indulge you~" He smiles at Wasp.

Wasp tilts his head slightly, confused about Shadrathka flirting with him. He shakes his head a bit before looking down at his wine glass, wondering if he should really drink it since a strange flirty god gave it to him. Shadrathka interrupts his thoughts with a chuckle. "No I did not put anything in your drink, though yes I do find you attractive and I know you dragons aren't as prejudiced as others so why not take my chance and flirt?"

Wasp pauses for a moment, having forgotten that gods can read minds and confused by the god being attracted to him. "I… Ahm, thank you lord Shadrathka, I will admit you are charming but I don't see us doing anything 'indecent' as you put it." He takes a long sip of his wine before being startled by Kaul suddenly speaking from behind him.

"Well I can think of some indecent things I might want to do with Shadrathka~" He smiles at Shadrathka before grabbing a bottle of beer from the table.

Wasp snorts and mumbles "I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up leaving without you tonight." Wasp continues to drink throughout the party as he sticks around Kaul and Shadrathka, who continue to flirt with each other and eventually him as they get more intoxicated. Eventually Shadrathka leads Kaul to his room and Wasp makes his way home, where he near immediately passes out.
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