The Death Grip of God is a Pleasing Touch

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Chapter 6: Hungover Induced Anger

The day after the party, Wasp is hungover and can't really remember much from it other than the copious amount of flirting Shadrathka did with both him and Kaul and going home alone after seeing Kaul and Shadrathka walk off down a hall together. He's slightly confused by the memories and the lingering feeling of nausea, anger, and slight envy he gets from them. He takes a pain killer and tries his best to do his daily duties but eventually Kaul decides to visit him while he's doing paperwork.

Kaul gives a slight bow to Wasp as he approaches him. "Hello Wasp, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior towards you last night at Shadrathka's party. I knew you were displeased by my flirting but I kept flirting with you despite that. It won't happen again and I hope this won't make things awkward between us." He sounds ashamed of himself and looks like he's expecting Wasp to start yelling at him, maybe even hit him.

Wasp, hungover and annoyed by paperwork, growls "So now the perfect little god is apologizing for something? Ugh, you're so annoying sometimes… I had to work so hard for everyone's respect but your human ass just shows up and half of my people love you."

Kaul gives Wasp a confused look before saying "I… What?... I'm sorry but I'm not really sure what you mean by that?"

Wasp growls at Kaul again, standing up and hissing "I had to face my worst nightmares, while all of my people watched, just to prove to them I wasn't a little kid who'd freak out in the face of danger! And you just waltz in and half of everyone accepts a farmer who prefers the company of corpses as a good leader! You should have to face the same test before being considered a good protector, I did and most of my bloodline did too!"

Kaul thinks for a moment, quietly staring at Wasp, before taking a deep breath and saying "How do I take that test? If it'll help you feel better about me, I'll face my worst nightmares in front of everyone too."

Wasp pauses, almost all his anger replaced with confusion. He wonders if he maybe treated the god a bit harshly before shaking his head, deciding he didn't. "Hah! I doubt you'll get past the first day. You know what, I'll set up the room and broadcasting stuff and you can attempt the test next week. Every day of testing you'll face your fears for an hour or until you breakdown, each day your fears will get worse until you've faced your absolute worse one. You can bring something comforting in, but only cowards do that. Be ready."

Kaul smiles at Wasp, looking genuinely kinda excited for the challenge. "I believe I can do that, I probably needed to get over some of my smaller fears anyways. It wouldn't hurt to see what my worst one is and to get over that too."

Wasp growls at Kaul, confused and slightly upset by his excitement. He was terrified of taking that challenge, why is this soft little farm boy excited about it? "Just leave. I'll meet you at that throne of yours Sunday for the first trial. Either you have a comfort item with you then, or you go without."

Kaul nods, smiles at Wasp, and bows again. "Alright, I'll make sure to be prepared. I'll see you then, my friend." He walks off, leaving Wasp to his confusion.
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