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Two Ghosts

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No one ever said that the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes paired with a devilish smirk could be hiding the darkest secrets. A story of two broken souls that just want to disappear. When their paths cross one day, they do everything in their power to stay away from each other. A pretty face doesn't mean a pretty heart. But how can you stay away from something you crave the most. Something your blood boils for. "Promise you won't ask questions about my past and I won't ask about yours?" They both weren't possibly fixable after all. Giving in, they embark on crazy adventures that let them experience life happily for once. The air they breathe finally goes in clear. Living when all they have ever felt was existence. Harry tries to keep Violet away from the mafia but when they figure it out, Harry will do everything he can to protect her. she was his reason for living and he couldn't lose her. He couldn't live without her. Without becoming apart of the mafia she sticks to the boys like glue, following them on their missions. Experiencing things she never thought she would have before. How can you push an innocent girl who hates hurting people into a cruel world and expects her to survive?

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Hey, besties!!

This book contains mature content and may not be suitable for all ages... spice obviously included. This book deals with sensitive topics that might be triggering. Tw’s will be posted as a heads up before the chapter begins.

If you don’t like mafia, romance, partying, fighting, abuse, murder, drugs, self harm, crazy adventures and dark fun situations, this isn’t the book for you

Please do not steal my story! This book has been crafted in my mind for a long time coming. like all authors, I have been influenced by others writing styles and scenarios but this book is my own.

I have really great ideas planned for this book and I can’t wait to publish them.

some chapters are heavy with trauma. These chapters were only written for the importance of the story. I am not writing them for fun. It will all make sense in the end. everything happening in this book is all my imagination. Nothing traumatic I write is true to anything going on in my life.

Please share this book with your friends if ya like it and vote for a cookie!

My twitter is @tpwksammyyy and my wattpad is the same. Wattpad has my most updated edits. when I re edit past chapters I normal dont re post them on inkitt. If its possible for you to read on wattpad I recommend but I try to keep them equal. chapter 14 and up are identical to wattpad though.

I will try and update this story as fast as possible. If im ever M.I.A its because im studying or behind on work... follow my wattpad for notifications. ill never leave yall hanging.

Like all books, the first couple chapters are dull but packed with contex. the set up is in senior year but this book will not continue in in high school at a certain point, just as a heads up if you hate the high school idea... trust me I do to. (and no its not a time jump)

the writing gets exciting at chapter 14th though... I wasn’t sure on how I wanted this book to look like until then. The info between is still important and cute but the writing is not the best and boring. If you do just skip the inbetween chapters, I will touch on them again later on.. at least just skim the info.

chapter 14+ is when it finally gets hot and down with the mafia! and I promsie you its so worth it.

I decided to rip some of the band aid off in the first couple chapters so this book is not boring im just getting it out of the way.

Now... lets get into it. I’m a whore for dark one direction and mafia men.

Party time people

Feel free comment!

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