Two Ghosts

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I shut my eyes and curl my toes in my shoes. “Alright class drag your chairs to find your partners.”

I don’t move, just needing a couple seconds to put this through my head. As my body starts to get off my chair I hear Harry’s chair behind me scratching its way beside mine.

He takes a seat in front of my chair, shoes practically touching my own. “Miss me, darling.” Harry smiles his stupid smirk.

I laugh sitting back into my chair comfortably. “What happened to your other english class?”

“Had to switch around another course. Just luckily happened to land in this class with you.” He grins.

“Mhm.” the space grows silent between us.

“Has Peter always been like that to you?” im thrown off by his response. If he was sitting at his table shouldn’t he at least know. I think about the answer, “Ever since I could remember, I guess.” I shrug but Harry’s jaw locks.

“I have not seen you around here. Like ever. Are you new?” my voice seems to calm him and he looks back at me more softly. “The first time you saw me in math was my first day. Moved from just a couple blocks over.” Just a couple blocks?

Before I could even go to ask more questions Miss Jones speaks up. “Now for today I just want to have some fun and give everyone a little break. This is a chance to get to know your partner. The question I want everyone to talk about would be if you could write your own story. Personally craft your own life in a novel, what it would look like.”

I was not expecting that question and I have to close my eyes from the irony. “Hary you go first.” I silented ask. He nods while pulling his hair into a bun thinking. I swallow.

Really Violet.

“I’m not sure to be honest. I’d write myself endlessly rich and just spend the rest of my life traveling the world by myself. My character would just go on adventures.” stating so effortlessly. Harry crosses his arms over his chest. “You would travel?” I ask in all curiosity.

“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to just travel. Do things on my own record.”

“And by yourself? Wouldn’t you get lonely?” His shoulders straighten out and looks at me with such wonder. “Yeah. I’d be traveling to get away from everyone. Just need time to be alone. Wouldn’t you want your space?” I open my mouth to speak but close it once more thinking. Should I be honest with him?

“Not really. I’ve spent most of my life alone. Gets tiring after a while.” Harry goes to ask a question but I beat em. “Where would you travel to?”

Harry rests his arms on my desk. “Always wanted to go to Japan and Italy. I would probably start there.”

To be honest that’s not at all what I was going to assume. “What about you, where would you go?” I chew on my cheek thinking.

“Haven’t really ever wondered, to be honest.” I admit. “Really. There’s never been one place you have ever wanted to go?” He brushes his hand over his mouth.

“Not really. I haven’t really ever daydreamed about traveling. But I guess with an endless amount of money I would go to Italy or Paris. Italy seems so beautiful and Paris seems like a city with hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.” He smiles into his finger and starts playing with his lip ring.

“Why would you go to Japan and Italy?”

“Same as you, they seem beautiful. Everything seems so in place and at peace.” mhm.

“Now your turn. If you could write a story what would it be.” I don’t even have to think of this one. I should probably refrain but it’s too late. “I would write about a little girl growing up until she’s graduated high school. I would write about her loving family and all the adventures she would go through with her friends. Never once as the author would I let this girl feel broken. She would just be happy. In all honestly this book would have no point. Nothing bad would ever happen to her.”

I refuse to meet with Harry’s eyes as I know I can’t take back any of the words I said. They just came spilling out.

“What would your character do?” I don’t meet his stare. “Everything a typical child would do I guess. She’d ride a bike, go swimming, maybe even go disney land and get those stupid ears.” I laugh, “little things like that. Then while she’s older the activities accommodate for her age you know.”

Biting my lip. I knew I should’ve just shut up. “I like that. Be nice to read something I wish I could have had as well.” I look at him when all of a sudden the final bell rings and chaos surrounds us.

“Class tomorrow will be a reading period so bring your books.” I slowly remove my stare away from Harry and stare at the board in confusion. My mind replays his words over and over again. It takes a couple blinks for my vision to come back.

Placing my books in my bag slowly I stand from my desk and look back to Harry who’s waiting with his backpack on his shoulder. I swallow once more and walk away, looking back to see him following my lead out of the room.

Not knowing what’s going on, my body just stands outside of the doorway waiting, instead of taking off. When he exits the class he doesn’t move forward either. Just standing by the doorway with me.

“Where are you heading?” I ask. “Out the main doors. Are you heading that direction?” I nod but don’t move or say anything else. Harry flicks his head to the hallway of students and places his hand on my back lightly itching for me to join him.

We share looks as we walk down the hallway but mainly stay silent. When we reach the doors he holds it open for me and I smile walking through, under his tattooed arms.

When we reach the outside I stop at the wall, turning to face him. “M’have to go this way.” I point my head towards the bus stop. “Im parked over there.” Harry points in the opposite direction. “Want me to walk you to your bus stop? I don’t mind.” Shaking my head, “It’s fine I have to meet someone out here anyways.”

Starting to back away, I say goodbye. “Have a good day Harry.” I give him a genuine smile and my cheeks grow a little rosy. He licks his lips.

“You too Violet”

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