Two Ghosts

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Waking up with yet another panic attack I drag myself into the shower and meet Abby outside to ride the bus. I rarely ever dress up. Today I’m wearing yet again tights and a baggy brown crewneck.

Before going to bed last night all I could think about was Harry and his stupid green eyes. Even at work he was all I could think about. Philip had to poke me awake from daydreaming at the bar. I hate thinking about Harry but he keeps getting into my head. When I finally come to terms with not wanting to talk to him anymore, he finds away back in.

“Hey, Violet. Wake up and get to work.” laughing from behind me echos.

“Oh I’m sorry Philip I didn’t even-”

“What’s going on in your head. You’ve been in your own space again lately?” Philip presses his body agaisnt the counter opposite of me.

“Nothing.” I mumble walking away to go check up on cosumers, “he’s nothing.”

Harry means absolutely nothing to me. I cant let anyone get close to me.

My brain has moved on from thinking about his green eyes to his comment made earlier in class. He says he understands where I’m coming from. Like he can relate... No one could ever relate to my problems but it doesn’t make his any less a sore subject.

Got home from work last night at two a.m. No matter how much I hate going to sleep I wish the circumstances were different. I’m so tired.

With every break I got last night I did as many math equations as possible. I have to be perfectly ready for this test cause Mr Johnsons gonna be extra hard on me like always.

Sitting on the bus with Abby, anxiety bubbles in my stomach. I hate writing tests.

“You okay Vi?” I get elbowed sharply in the ribs.

“Ouch. and no i’m just really stressed. My average can’t drop in this class.”

“You go through this same anxiety process every time before you start a test and always end up pulling a 90.” Yeah, cause I can just turn off my anxiety with a button, thank you very much.

“Noted, thanks Abby.” we both laugh. The doors to the bus open and we make our way out. The cool wind hits my face and I bundle my arms around my chest forgetting just how cold it was today. Walking into the parking lot with Abby, she spots a couple of her friends from her first period and leaves to walk to class with them.

Heading for the right wing of the school I take a shortcut passing through the parking lot. A loud engine rolls in from the entrance where I see a motorcycle park just a few hundred meters away from me.

It’s a really nice motorcycle.

As I continue to walk in its direction the boy takes his helmet off and to my surprise it’s Harry. Of course he rides a motorcycle, I would expect nothing less. walking closer I notice his familiar tattooed arms and I wonder if hes cold without a jacket.

Pressing his arms against the top of his bike Harry leans over watching me. When I notice his stare my face flushes white.

Parking near the entrance to the school I try and speed up hopefully to ignore him but he catches up.

“Trying to run away from me?”

I jump back. I thought he was still at his bike.

“God Harry, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Turning around he’s only a couple feet away from me now. chewing on a piece of gum he laces his fingers through his hair with yet another obvious stupid smirk.

“And actually yeah. Hints why I was walking faster.” I dead-pin but it only makes him more invested. “Didn’t peg you to be so cheeky.” he says smiling into his gum.

“Oh I’m just fighting the power all right.” I place my hand on to my chest sentimentally.

Rolling my eyes I turn to continue my walk to the front doors. Harry of course is still beside me.

“Stop looking at me like that. we’re going to the same place.” grinning he reaches out to hold the door open for me.

“Thanks smirky.” I walk past Harry with a dramatic look on his face. “Smirky?” he raises his eyebrows trying to get a reaction out of me. “Oh shut up.”

On the way to math I stop by my locker on the way. When I shift in the hallway, Harry gives me a curious look but to my surprise keeps following me. “I have to go to my locker.”

Placing my bag on the floor I open the lock to my locker. “Your lockers not decorated.” he only states to himself with a grinning surprise.

“Did you think it would have?” eyebrows raised wondering why he would have thought that.

“Nope not at all. Im only laughing because I was correct.”

Unzipping my bag on the ground, textbooks and paper come pouring out. Just like when you unbutton your pants after thanksgiving dinner.

“You take your textbooks home with you everyday?”

“Yeah. I mean I have to study. Don’t you?”

“I only take them home when I need them. Other than that it’s pretty pointless.” He blows a bubble which explodes in a pop.

“Sorry that I like to stay ahead.” laughing lightly, I place three out of my four textbooks in my locker. Zipping up my bag once more I close the locker and stand straight in front of Harry holding on to my bag straps.

Stupid smirky, smirks and follows me as I walk away. “Smart ass.” he says chewing on his gum.

“Was going to ask if you studied but looking at your bag it answered my question.” walking into the class, Harry and I take our places in the back. Once our butts hit the chair the bell goes off and Mr Johnson walks into the classroom behind other students.

“Pencil and calculator. I’ll hand out the tests once everyone is seated.” Making his way around the room he starts handing out the tests. Placing the papers in front of Harry and then myself. “Good luck Violet.” he smiles coldly. I really wish I could daydream about punching him.

As an hour ticks by I place my pencil down finishing the test. My shoulders slump in relief and I stop worrying. With twenty extra minutes I go over every answer about ten times.

Looking over the room I notice a few more people finishing up. However when I look over at Harry he’s on the very last question. Brows furrowed together as he takes his frustration out on his calculator.

Flipping over my own test I read over my answer, 30.8. Flipping over my test I look onto his paper again I notice his formulas all wrong. Luckily it’s a multiple-choice and he just needs to answer C.

As time ticks by he exhales and aggressively circles B. I bite on my cheek.

Looking over to Mr Johnson, his eyes are glued to his computer screen. Knowing I don’t have any friends, there’s no need to watch over me as no one would bother giving me their answers.

Looking at Harry trying to get his attention he never once returns my gaze. Really now’s the time he won’t look at me.

Under the table as quietly as I can, I kick Harry’s leg which allows his gaze to sharply land on mine. “Ow” Harry mouths.

It’s beyond me why I feel the need to help him.

What? his eyes motion. Rolling my eyes I flip over my test once more I point to the last question with my pencil.

Checking on Mr Johnson’s presence again I mouth, “Its C” to Harry.

His brows raise in just as much surprise that I’m helping him. Don’t get cocky, it’s a one time thing mister.

Harry erases his answer and circles C. Just as his pencil lifts from the paper the bell rings and Mr Johnson stands to his feet raising his voice. “Tests placed in the bin before everyone leaves.”

We both exit the class and Harry follows behind me. “Where’s your next class?” I ask, curious because I swear he was suppose to turn the other way.

“I have chem.”

“Isn’t the science building at the other side of the school?” I walk close in to Harry’s arm trying not to get squished by people.

“M’taking a shortcut.” Turning into the business hallway Harry places his hand on my back moving me before I can run into a group of freshmen blocking the halls. I didn’t realize they were there.

“Okay wait, my lockers just here.” I want to laugh and walk away but I’m suddenly standing in front of Harry as he opens his locker taking out a chem textbook.

“Your lockers empty as well smart ass.”

Smirking he responds, “except I leave them at home darling.” Closing his locker I’m immediately shoved by someone. I start to fall forward into the crowd but Harry pulls me back by my arms and into his chest.

It takes a moment until I’m steady on my feet.

Harry releases his hold when im balanced. Looking back into the halls to see who pushed me it looks of either a Peter prodigy or just an accident from another student.

“Thanks Harry.” I brush my hair out of my face exhaling.

“Thanks for the test answer as well darling. Were you spying on me in there?” eyebrows raising.

“I think the answer you’re looking for is thank you Violet.” I press my back into the lockers with my arms folded waiting for a response.

All I earn from Harry is a smirk which leaves his green eyes shining like a lighthouse. “Thank you Violet.”

The bell rings and I shoot Harry a worried look. “You’re going to be late.” genuinely stressed for him.

All I get is a laugh in response and he turns around walking away shaking his head.

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