Two Ghosts

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Getting ready to walk into the lunchroom I prepare myself to walk past the same students and mentally hope to bypass Peter in peace.

Walking through the doors I keep my stare on the ground like usual, just hoping to get to one place to the other.

Almost halfway to the outside doors a shoe places itself in front of my own and I trip over it.

Falling onto the floor hands first, I land on my side. Ouch.

when my body makes contact with the floor the cafeteria grows in laughter and my face heats up from embarrassment. I’m fine thanks for everyone’s worry.

looking up I spot Peter sitting on the table’s edge hovering over me. Now i’m mad.

Pushing his face inches towards mine, “That’s what your daddy did to ya right angel?” My face goes blank and I inhale. What did he just say?

My chest drops as if I’m falling from a one hundred story building. I suck in a breath.

Frozen in place Peter brings his face closer to mine and I feel his breath on my hear, “can’t leave mom out of the hypothesis either. Or maybe they just simply hated you. I could tell why. Looking at you everyday would be a disappointment.” Point Blankly, Peter turns around and goes back to eating his lunch.

I lay paralyzed on the floor, staring off into nothing fighting back tears. He doesn’t know anything but yet his words cut deeper than anything possible.

blinking I’m brought back to the present. Looking around everyones eyes are on me and the whole cafeteria is dead silent. You could hear a pin drop.

Peter turns around looking down once more “cat got your tongue Violet.” I don’t understand why I don’t snap back. Why I don’t say anything to defend myself.

Opening my mouth to speak the words just don’t come out. I try but it’s as if there’s no voice to be spoke.

I feel his hands lace through the bottom of my hair feeling it and my body instantly reacts.

“Don’t touch me.” I spit out but my voice is quiet. “I’m sorry Violet I couldn’t hear you. Speak up” Peter smiles from above.

“Making you speechless, am I angel.” I don’t know what to do.

The cafeteria doors open which caught my attention and Harry stops in his place noticing the quiet environment he walked into.

Recollecting his movements his gaze falls on me looking deep into my body language.

frozen I can’t seem to react or give him any signals in what’s going on, I just stare past him.

Blinking hard I try to hold my fear back as I just sit on the floor paralyzed.

Harry’s face grows in rage as he looks at still Peter hovered over me. His lips tugging to the side and his hands reflex into fists, but no one around us notices.

They’re all just looking at me. I want to crawl into a hole and stay there forever.

Peter stands up from the bench and I flinch away. My body finally moves. I stand on my two feet running out of the lunch room as fast as my legs will take me. Leaving the last of my pride in that lunchroom.

I pass Harry accidentally hitting our shoulders from my absence of vision. Everything around me is spinning and turning into a blur but I don’t look back. I need to be alone.

I don’t want anyone looking at me right now. Trying to contain myself as I float down the halls trying everything I can to not break.

looking for a washroom I realize that I had run so far from the cafeteria, i’m in the construction part of the school.

I just want to scream at the top of my lungs and get everything out of me that’s been bottled up. Thoughts start to flood my head and my body’s taken back to the blue door.

No please not right now. “No.” I inhale quietly.

I stand still in the hallways not knowing what to do. I can’t have a panic attack at school and where I’m standing there’s nowhere to go.

All my thinking goes on pause when I feel a hand press on my shoulders and I pull my arms in front, clutching my chest, “I said don’t touch me.” my voice sounds broken but my body is ripping a million times a minute.

Preparing for my fate, as I open my eyes realizing its Harry my body relaxes. Taking a large breath of air I blink a small tear.

His eyes look worried and he takes a step towards me. This time I let him.

Placing his hands around the back of my neck, he lowers his body to meet mine, face to face. My eyes close.

“I’m sorry I, I- didn’t know it was you.” A barely audible whisper comes through.

I sniff back my tears and try to push everything down that was threatening its way up. “Violet.” His voice aches from the look I’m in right now.

“Violet what did he say to you.”

Looking up to the ceiling I swallow down all my fears. “Nothing he said nothing.” the words come quick off my tongue.

“It’s not nothing, he said something that hurt you.” Yeah no kidding.

I stand there unresponsive still looking up at the ceiling wishing I was alone.

“I’m gonna deal with it later.” his jaw tenses as he looks behind me into the wall. His cold rings send shivers through my body and I close my eyes.

Another single tear falls.

“Violet what did he say?” Harry’s thumb wipes away the fallen tear.

“No Harry Just stop it, okay. Just stop.” I back away but his hand still rests lightly behind my neck. I put my hand over top of his wrists trying to push them away.

I exhale looking deep into the emerald eyes in front of me. “Why are you trying to know me Harry?”

“I’m not sure.” His voice sounding defeated.

“Harry trust me when I say this. you don’t want to know me okay. I’m a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.”

Not wanting an answer back, I pry his warm hands off my neck. With his hands briefly in mine, it makes my body spark with electricity and my cold body heats up.

Dropping our hands I walk past him.

Not even getting a meter away I’m being pulled back. Harry’s hand grabs back around my own locking them. “Harry where are we-” before I can finish my sentence he drags me from behind, down a hall.

I try to let go but his grip is too strong. Before I can ever mutter another word, the door to the Janitor’s closet closes and the light around us goes black.

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