Two Ghosts

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Approaching Abby at the bus stop she stares into my soul. “Happy Friday.” I awkwardly praise, trying not to sound like I’m scared of her.

“uh yeah it’s been a lovely Friday hasn’t it.” soooooo. “How was your lunch?” I decide to just cut to the chase.

“Oh you know, my lunch was great. Sat around for an hour wondering where the hell you were.” I itch the top of my head. She’s clearly not very happy

“About that.” I muster a scared laugh out. “I was on my way outside but then a couple a things got in my way.”

“You could a least of texted me I thought you were having a panic attack or something.” I guess when you put it like that. “Sorry I should’ve texted you.”

Abby’s personality switches like a light and she’s back to smiling. “Okay it’s fine. How was your day.” This girl’s mood changes give me migraines.

As the bus doors open we climb inside sitting at the empty seat in the front.

“Good. the math test went well I think. ” Looking over at me and tilting her head pretending to be in shock. “Let me guess you finished in time too?”

“Yeah.” I muster out.

“Mhm. Anyways my day was good too. Got an 80 back on the physics test I thought failed. Good things are havin it out for us today.” Abby states and I look at her confused.

“What do you mean having it out for us today?” A smug look pulls on Abby’s lips. “Well let’s just say i’m glad you missed our lunch date today.”

“Care to continue.” I’m really confused where Abbys is going with this.

“Well my dear friend, tonight we’re going to a party. Dress to impress.”

The bus doors open and Abby’s the first to jump out of her seat, hurrying her way to our apartment elevator. Oh no she doesn’t.

“Get back her Abby.” I’m hot on her heels as she freezes in her spot and turns around looking like a toddler about to stomp her foot. “What?” eyeballs wide.

“What makes you think I’m going to a party tonight Abby. Have you forgotten who you are even talking to right now?”

“Oh shut up Violet you’re so hard on yourself. You’re a senior in high school. You’ll never be able to do this again.” that’s the plan.

“So we’re going out and you don’t get a say or else i’m holding you leaving me worried as hell at lunch today over you forever. Now go put on a nice skirt or jeans with a top.” reaching out pulling on my sweater ” throw this sweater in the back of your closet and put on some makeup.”

My jaw clenches as she reads me the details. “But Abby I-”

“Nope not happening. The students are dicks Violet, I know. But they’re practically ruining your life.”

“But I have to work.” lying.

“Nope. Philip gave you Fridays off in case you ever had an opportunity to be a normal person... Well Abby, this is a normal teenage situation.”

She has a point, knowing Abby she won’t ever let me forget about today. Plus I would rather her not fishing details about why I was with Harry in the closet. It sounds much worse than it really is.

Huffing a breath of air out I just sulk a yes.

Abby squeals like a complete girl and pulls my arm into the elevator. “I’ll be over in two hours to help you get ready.”

Uh huh. “Cant wait.”

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