Two Ghosts

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"Abby, this looks ridiculous." Abby brought over a couple of her own outfits as she knows my closet only consists of sweaters and leggings.

"I am not wearing this." walking over to the mirror once more I give her a wide eyed look, "this is leather."

"Oh I am well aware. You look hot girlfriend."

Eyes popping even more out of my sockets because Abby generally thinks I'll be wearing this. "Abby, I'm already the talk of the school. If I wear this I'll just become even more of a joke."

"I'll be a whore." I whisper

"And why should you care about how people think of you?" I find it funny how she asked me that question. "Look Abby do you like it."

Taking a breath I pinch the bridge of my nose. "Abby It's not that I don't like it, it's just way out of my comfort zone."

She just stands there like everything I'm saying is going in one ear then out the other. "Look Violet people have been controlling you for so long but I pull the plug when you start maneuvering your life to dress for other people. Dress for yourself. Clothing does not make you a whore."

"And I know deep down you like this outfit cause you haven't ripped it off yet. So end of story."

Pulling my lip into a hard line I give up knowing she won't back down either. "Fine."

Abbys claps her hands.

I'm wearing a leather tight skirt topped with a black, long sleeve crop top. Pulling black heels out of her bag my face drops. "Like hell."

"I pull the line with the shoes Abby. I get to pick." Abby rolls her eyes but agrees.

"You're kinda of a gremlin." Saying as she shoves the shoes back in the bag.

Pulling on black high top converse, Abby places herself in-front of me with a makeup bag. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Makeup." she states as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"No shit its makeup. What are you going to do with it."

"Violet shut up and let me work my magic, I know you like it natural, so calm down. I'm not getting you ready for the Grammys."

For the next twenty minutes Abby blends concealer where needed, along with making a light black wing with eyeshadow on the tip of my eye. Finishing she places the final coats of mascara and highlighter on and calls it a day.

"There. Just put on lip balm." looking in the mirror I flinch a little taken back by my appearance.

I haven't been dressed up like this in a long time. It feels awkward but I like the feeling. I would rather be in a sweater but I know why people like to dress up now, it's a confidence boost.

"Okay you ready?" looking at myself one last time in the mirror I just suck up all my fears and respond, "yup."

The party's at some rich kids mansion. His parents are away for the week and has been holding daily partys at his house. It's trashed but honestly not my problem. If anything I'll be trashing it more today with a proud smile while I do it.

Ok well that was a lie.

Anyways, arriving at the party everyone's heads turn to me in amazement. Some have to take a double take. Yeah i'm here... surprise!

Clearly not expecting it, some people just resume in activities where some start to whisper and judge me with their eyes.

I never thought I would say this but I'm going to need a drink to get through this night. "I need a drink."

"Want me to come with you?" I noticed when we walked through the doors Abby saw some of her friends.

"No, no go hang out with your friends. Have a good time" If she spends time with me we won't be dancing and I know she just wants to have fun.

"Okay well text me if you need me." nodding I turn around to go find the alcohol. Walking past certain people I just want to shrivel up into a ball but i'm not going to let myself do that.

Abby's right. I care too much about what people think. It's my life.

This mentality is only going to last a couple minutes so i'm gonna need to find a drink fast.

Finding the table with red cups I fill mine to the top with beer. Taking the first sip, the taste is so foreign on my tongue. It's kind of nasty as it goes down but I'm not planning on leaving here sober.

Before taking another drink I spot Peter a room away staring me down. Ok yup I was lying, still not okay. Lifting my chin back, I chug until there's nothing left but cold air on my tongue.

Wiping my hand over my mouth I go back to the keg stand filling another cup fill. In doing so I feel the air in the room change. Looking around confused, my eyes lay on Harry who smirks making his way over to me. "Hey darling"

of course.

"long night?" Harry's eyes question at how full my cup is.

"Not even close." I take another swing of my drink then lick my lips, removing any remanence, "just wish it was stronger." I cough not really use to the taste.

"mhm. " he looks over me cautiously. When his eyes snap from my face to my body his eyes grow wide. He opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out.

I wrap my arms around my chest taking another long drink. I knew I should have changed.

Noticing my body language he speaks up, "No. You look really nice Violet." I was scared he was going to criticize it.

"Really?" honestly asking back for reassurance.

"Really." he wraps his hand through his hair.

With a sudden boost of confidence mainly from my drink I lower my hands from my body.

"Why are you here?" reaching behind my body he grabs himself a cup, "same reason as you." he confesses.

"cheers." Holding up his cup we smash ours together, "cheers." I yell excitedly.

Finishing off yet another cup I let my eyes rake over Harry. He's wearing the same as he did in class. Black jeans and a black t-shirt. I giggle into my cup. This boys got major style.

"Violet am I going to have to cut you off soon." There's only worry in his voice. For someone who's dealt with his problems in "unhealthy" ways, he seems to be the bum of the party.

"You're acting like you haven't seen someone drink before."

Giving me a hard stare I put my hands on my hips. "Are you the fun police?" The drink gets to my head and I thank her for the confidence.

I noticed Harry stopped drinking a while ago but I keep refilling mine. There's so much going on in my head right now I just need it to shut up.

With yet another swing of my drink I silently thank Philip for the Saturday late shift and making me take Fridays off. "This is fun." Honestly, cheering.

Throwing my cup into the garbage I reach for a clean one when Harry's hand wraps around my wrist. "You're done." His tone serious.

"You might think you're scary but you look like a teddy bear." slurring a smile his way.

Giving me a surprised look he leans in so I can feel his breath on my face, "you haven't seen me scary yet darling." mhm okay.

Harry places a cup of water in my hand and I'm staring back at it, hoping Jesus will turn it into wine.

"I thought you were supposed to be fun." I'm eighty percent sure that sentence came out clear. "You know, this might be my rush.''

Quoting Harry his face remains hard and I roll my eyes which lands on a table. Sitting feels really good right now. Dumping the water in the sink I make my way.

When putting my foot out in front of me I wobble and lose balance. Before I could even fall off my feet however, Harrys hands grab my waist and pulls me into his side, keeping me up.

"Well I'm a lightweight." giggling.

"Yeah you are." Harry snickers. My jaw drops and with my free hand I punch his shoulder. "Rude."

"You punch like a lightweight too darlin." okay shut up.

"I'm intoxicated, remember." eyes hard on his jaw.

"Then remind me when you're sober." will do Harry. Will do. Slipping again Harry's grip tightens.

"Thanks." closing my eyes the world around me starts to spin


"Nope. i'm okay." holding my hands up in the air like I'm being arrested.

Stepping away from Harry his grip refuse to let go. I look at him but he shakes his head. "Alrighty then, that wayyyyy." Excitedly pointing to the table in front of me Harry pulls me along.

"Harrys a funny name." I laugh pressing my head to his shoulder, "Kinda sounds like Harold."

I snort. "Harold!" Now I'm cackling with laughter as I try to catch my breath.

Finally reaching a chair, Harry sits me down and I go plumbiting into the seat. Pulling the chair next to me, Harry sits directly across from me, leaning on his knees.

"You're really pretty. Why have I never noticed that before." His eyes go wide and I think I said that out loud. Oh well.

Still giggling I reach out and bop his nose. "Boop." The look of surprise on Harry's face keeps me laughing all night. His brows are raised and the look of shock and hidden enjoyment take over.

Slapping my hands over my mouth I keep giggling. "Omg im hilarious." Leaning back on the chair I soon realised there's no backrest and I got falling back. Harry like always grabs my arms with quick reflexes pulling me up.

"Calm down will, yeah." Harry clearly enjoys this more than he should.

"Oopsie." I let out the biggest smile as my cheeks turn rosy.

Harry letting out a shocked laugh, "what am I gonna do with you." Pulling my hands up I shrug, "I don't know Harold."

As Harry smiles I notice the cutest dimples take over his face. "I never noticed you had dimples." Reaching my fingers out excitedly I stick them on each hole. "They feel so weird." I giggle.

Harry places his hands over mine bringing them away from his face to his leg. "Well you have a fun drunk alter ego."

"What can I say, beer brings out my wild side. Grrrr." Did I just gur?

"Well it's time to sober up darling." Pouting I ask in the cutest voice I can muster, "just one more?" I press my two fingers together in a lil more sign.

He exhales a laugh, "no way. Common, let's get you some more water."

Holding out my hands he wraps his around mine and pulls me up. "Thanks sir." I salute him.

Passing by in the living room I hear a song play through the speakers. The vibration makes my body tingle and I immediately stop.

Harry looks back to me like I'm gonna puke but I just smile.
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