Two Ghosts

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I'm going back to 505

If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive

In my imagination you're waiting, lyin' on your side

With your hands between your thighs

Looking up at Harry with the biggest grin, his face shakes, "nope, not gonna happen."

"Ugh come on Harry please." I hold my hands up to his chest begging. His lips form a line and his hair falls in front of his face, "no" fine, so be it.

"Suit yourself then." walking past Harry with my newly found courage I find myself in the middle of the dance floor.

Everyone's drinking and dancing like nothing else matters in the world except for this moment. The song starts to blast louder from the speakers as everyone starts to sing along.

Stop and wait a sec

Oh, when you look at me like that, my darling

What did you expect?

I probably still adore you with your hands around my neck

Or I did last time I checked

My body starts to move with the music. The alcohol in my body numbs the nerves and I just feel free.

Getting into the music, my arms circle over my head. Lowering them, my hands lace through my hair feeling every texture on the base of my fingers. Placing my hands lower around my chin now, my senses heighten feeling the smoothness of my cheek. The sharpness of my jaw and the softness of my lips. my hands explore further down my chest as I feel the warm material of a cotton shirt that tickles my fingers.

my hands travel the rest of the way down my body with the music. When my hands can't go any further I pull them back up so they rest on my head.

Looking up at the ceiling I start to sing the lyrics with everyone else. My hips continue to sway.

Not shy of a spark

The knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark

Frightened by the bite though it's no harsher than the bark

Middle of adventure, such a perfect place to start

Why hasn't anyone told me dancing felt like this. Wait let me rephrase... Why hasn't anyone told me drinking feels like this. Everything around me is heightened and I feel like I'm on top of the world.

Shutting my eyes I smile, breathing much clearer than I did moments ago. Opening my eyes fairly slowly I see a rather unhappy Harry in front of me.

I pout smirkingly in his direction "nope it's not gonna happen Violet." I mock in his voice.

"It's still not gonna happen but everyone keeps looking at you." Harry looks around the room possessively and I swear the vein in his neck is about to snap.

"You need to loosen up."

Pulling on his arm I tug Harry as close to me as possible. His face practically an inch away from mine. I can feel his breath hit my face and all I do is continue dancing. I pull on his hips nudging him to move but he shakes his head. Ok well sucks then.

I rake my hands over my body continuing the same pattern as before singing along.

The songs about to hit the chorus so I pull my face in towards Harrys, my lips almost brushing his own.

I swallow as I rake my eyes over his lips. His metal ring sticking out. It looks cold to the touch.

Biting my lip I lace my hands through his hair. I brush his brunette locks that had escaped his bun. Twirling them around my fingers my tongue sticks out slightly from concentration.

I rest my arms, locked around his shoulders as I sing the last line. Harry seems almost in a dream and doesn't move. Never once taking his eyes off me."Middle of adventure, such a perfect place to start." I smile slowly before throwing my head back with the beat.

I'm going back to 505

If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive

In my imagination you're waitin', lyin' on your side

With your hands between your thighs

I slow my movemnts from jumping around, making more eye contact with Harry which almost makes my knees weak. He lips his licks watching me get lost in the music.

Moving my arms from his shoulder I place them on either side of his head as I bring my own to rest on his forehead to giggle. I'm sure the scent of beer clouds his senses.

Releasing my total grip on Harry, I start to throw my hands in the air once again. Throwing my neck side to side my hair flies around freeingly.

It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye

Resting my hands on my hair I take a long inhale wanting to scream in enjoyment.

Looking back to Harry he has a face warming grin stuck to his face. Swallowing my smile I walk an inch to be directly in front of him.

Placing my hands on his cheeks I squeeze them like a baby, "you mister, are no fun."

The last verse of the song plays and everyone goes back to conversation when the song switches up.

Realizing my grip on Harry I step back and throw my head back taking a breather. Opening my eyes, Harrys the one taking steps towards me now.

Placing a hand on my back he lowers himself to me ear, "come on let's go sit down." his warm breath sends goosebumps all over my body.

Nodding he leads the way to the kitchen we were once aiming for, before I got distracted. "Sit on the counter."

"I'm sorry?"

"Violet there's no chairs and you are drunk out of your mind."

"Very true Harold." Booping his nose I walk over to the table but it's too high up for my drunk state to comprehend. Guess that's not happening.

Turning around I run into Harry's chest. "I swear, you're everywhere."

Sniffing I wobble a little bit but catch my balance before Harry can. I point to the table "I'm too drunk and that table's too high."

Before I can even say anything else Harrys hands wrap around my waist, rings digging into my hips as I'm being hoisted in the hair. "Ah." I squeal from the unexpectedness of his movements.

Landing on the table Harry doesn't take his hands away. The room spins a little and I rest my face on his shoulders closing my eyes.

Pulling away I squint. "Ha there's two of you. Gonna have to call them Harry and Harold." I snort, "im so funny.'' Now I'm cackling again at my jokes.

"Alright darling drink this." Harry and Harold hand me two water classes. "I'm not sure which one of you is real so im gonna go with instinct that the waters right here."

Nope, the only thing my hand meets is the air and I fall forward into Harry's chest.

"Mhm, wrong one." I giggle. Coming in contact with the proper Harry, I hold a red cup filled with water. Pressing it to my lips the cold water slips down my throat.

Finishing off the cup I give it back to Harold. "Thank you... very much."

I hiccup, "Almost forgot how to speak there." smiling cheeky towards him.

Harry runs his fingers through my hair before cupping my chin, "feeling any better?" Shaking my head, his fingers brush the underneath of my jaw.

I hiccup again, "definitely hydrated."

"Have you ate anything today?" still bent over looking at me I respond, "Well I didn't eat lunch." I wink slowly like we have the biggest secret.

"Speaking of hydrated, I have to pee." Forgetting I was drunk I slide off the table. Before I'm even standing on two feet I fall but luckily Harry has a firm grip on my hips. I hiccup. "Sorry."

Making my way to the bathroom Harry of course follows never letting go. When I reach the bathroom I look back to Harry. "You know you can'y come in with me right Harold." he looks almost sad but nods.

"I know. I'm a very easy person to miss but I'll be right back sugarplum." hiccuping I stumble inside the door locking it.

Standing in this bathroom everything goes quiet in here while the outside is booming with music. It's a fun middle ground where everything seems like an allusion. With the sounds vibrating through the walls I feel like I'm hallucinating.

Washing my hands I open the door. As it creaks open my senses are drowned out by loud music once more. The change in sound difference is aesthetic to the hear.

Looking for Harry I don't see him where I left. The room spins again so I close my eyes and reopen them, adjusting.

Stumbling to the wall in front of me I decide to wait for Harry. Currently immobile I close my eyes from exhaustion.

"Hey baby." Looking over I see an unusual boy approach me with a football jersey and black jeans on. "I think you have the wrong person." I hiccup again nonshalontly.

Pressing both arms into the wall trapping me his face lowers himself down to me grinning. "Nope you're the right person." A shiver takes over my body but the alcohol paralyzes my senses.


"You were really sexy out there dancing baby." he places his hands on my hips which causes me to squirm.

The touch from his fingertips makes me want to scream, "No don't touch me." I want to yell but the alcohol makes my voice quiet and slurred.

"Oh common baby." he presses his lips onto my neck, giving me a light kiss and my insides crumple. "Don't touch me." my insides scream, ripping apart.

Finding a free hand I raise it but I'm too slow. He has my hand in a tight squeeze which makes me cry out in pain. "Ow, stop it." his grip giving me a bruise.

Tears slip down my face. "Just stop." he presses his body against mine hiding his face in my neck.

"St-op." I try to move but his grip tightens and pins me harder against the wall. "stop it." I squeal, eyes becoming blinded with tears.

"Shut up. We can have so much fun. Just be a pretty face for me." A terrified feeling courses through my body as I stare into his eyes, frightened.

"Let's go upstairs. Do you wanna do that." Shaking me head, "no." more tears escape.

"Oh I think you do. Just don't know it yet. You're even crying for me. Gonna be the best night of your life baby."

"No. please no." I just want someone to rip his hands off me so I can go scrub off the remanence. I wanna run as far away from here as possible.

"Don't be a-" just like that the boys ripped off of me and hits the other wall with a loud bang. Closing my eyes so I don't have to see what is going to happen. I hear the sound of a fist coming in contact with his face.

I refuse to open my eyes as I hear punches being thrown. My breathing spicks from the awful sounds that trigger hidden memories.

"What are you going to do, tell me to stop. You want me to stop don't ya. That's what the word means right" Harry's voice yells at the boy.

Hearing more punches thrown I just stand there paralyzed. Hands shaking I press them into my chest.

The room goes quiet and I don't hear punches anymore. I start to hear cries that make me want to curl up and disappear. It's all too familiar.

Feeling a hand on my shoulders it causes me to jump. "It's me, it's Harry." Opening my eyes to Harry's voice looking at me in such pain. His hands covered in blood, I look away.

Looking behind him following a sound of cries, I notice a couple boys picking the boy up, carrying him outside. I don't see what happened to him but I'm relieved. Another thing to haunt me in my dreams.

I blink more tears flowing out of my eyes as I try to breathe. Harry grabs on to my hands that I forgot were shaking.

"I'm sorry. I left for a second. I'm so sorry." He looks awful.

Shaking my head, "it's okay, I was quick in the bathroom." I exhale quickly. Harry wipes more of my tears away but my body remains shaking and I start to get dizzy.

My breaths speed up but his soft touch on my skin but it makes me melt like putty. Pushing my face into his hands as I try to not cry around everyone.

Unexpectedly Harry pulls me into his chest and I wrap my arms around his neck quickly in an embrace. His arms lace around my waist tightly like I'm about to disappear and I hug quickly back, gripping onto his shirt for life.

My thoughts stop thinking about violence and the boy in the basketball jersey. My thoughts go quiet pressed into Harry's chest.

Nugging my face up his body I press my forehead into Harry's neck. A smell of vanilla cologne takes over my senses and slows my breathing back down to normal breaths.

Harry's hand rubs my back up and down.

"I want to go home." I try not to sob.

"Want me to take you?"

"I came with someone." unwrapping my arms from Harry to look at him my body goes cold.

"Let's find her, come on." He places his hands through mine as I wipe mascara off my face.

"I think she's by the couches." Harry nods and practically carries me off as my crutch. I fidget his rings with my finger.

Abby sits on the couch as my hiccup gets her attention. Turning around she instantly notices my tears and stands straight right away, rushing towards me. "Oh my God what happened." she looks at Harry with a lethal stare.

"I swear if you-"

"It wasn't him Abby." I sniff back the thoughts and close my eyes shaking. Harry squeezes my hand a little more.

"Can we just go home? Please" I sound so tired.

All I want to do right now is sleep but I know i'm just going to be woken up in the middle of the night like always.

I forgot about my nightmares tonight and the panic makes my knees buckle. I fall back into Harry's chest from the pain. Why cant my life just be normal.

Before I completely fall, Harry hoists me up but I fall right back into his chest once more choking on a sob. With my back pressed against him, his arms wrap around my front.

"Can I pick you up?"

Nodding exhaustedly Harry slightly moves my body and places his hand under my legs and another around my waist, picking me up bridal style. Laying my head on his chest I close my eyes so I wont see anyone looking at me.

I just can't bare the thought.

More tears come out and I press my face into Harry's chest hiding my appearance from everyone. Home is the first and last place I want to go.

Once we're outside Abby leads the way to her dad's car that we came here in. As soon as I'm exposed to the outdoors I feel a cold gust of wind hit my body. Harry pulls his grip tighter around me.

I have a clear view of the sky around me tonight. Looking up I can finally see clearly.

"Don't you think the sky's pretty Harry? I love the sky."

The car door opens and I'm being placed ever so delicately in the front seat. Harry leans in hovering over me hooking his fingers through the seat belt buckling me up.

That's the last thing I remember before shutting my eyes and going to sleep.
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