Two Ghosts

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Harry looks just as surprised as I am and his face turns pale from my whereabouts. His livelihood drains out of him from the contact.

Shaking his head he stares into my eyes with a weak, confused smile.

"oh, Hi Harry." I say caught off guard.

"Hey." He coughs refusing to look at me.

"so drinks?" I swallow down the awkward tension. Why is he acting like this. I wonder if it's about yesterday. I'm just gonna leave him alone from now on.

There's two other boys at the table with Harry. A blonde and brunette. The blonde one pipes in, "you two know each other?" The blonde has a hint of an Irish accent. Harry stares back with an angry look.

resting his check on his hands looking up at Harry, the boy has a devilish smile plastered to his face. "Is this-"

"Shut up." Harry spits between his teeth. "Oh shit." the boy smacks his hand over his mouth and laughs. Harry's fists tighten.

"I'll get a beer." He smirks back looking at me.

"Make that two." A brunette one speaks up, who just sits quietly in between the conversation not caring. Don't think I've seen those two at school, they must be from Harry's old one or maybe close friends, they all seem to have accents.

"Three please." Harry still doesnt look at me and I just observe wanting to run away. Giving a forced smile I turn around and head back towards the bar.

Thoughts and self consciousness fill my head to the brim and I just need to take a seat before my legs give out.

rushing to the bar I place the boy's orders quickly before taking a seat. Harleigh starts to make the drinks and I just sit biting my nails. "You okay?" looking up forgetting I had an audience.

"These two days have just been interesting." Placing the three beers on a serving plate he rests his hands on the bar. "What kind of interesting."

I shrug, "couldn't even explain it, if i tried to." Harleigh bends over the counter "try."

"Just don't really do well with emotions. Insecurities kinda."

"I'm not sure what's going on in your brain but Violet but one thing I know is that you're too hard on yourself. Just gotta let loose and live."

"Easier said than done." I appreciate Harliegh's efforts but I'm a difficult case. nodding Harleigh gets back to his Job. Taking a breath I grip the serving plate and make my way over to Harry's table once more. Placing the plate on the table they each grab a beer.

"Thanks hun." the blonde boy speaks with a wide grin.

"No problem." smiling innocently back. Harry however stares the boy down hard. Uh huh okay then.

"Did you guys wanna order food as well?" I ask breathlessly, pressing the bridge of my nose trying to calm the anxiousness in my body. I can feel Harry's stare on me but I'm doing everything I can to not look. I cant be another disappointment to someone.

"Your biggest serving size of nachos please." The blonde boy shoots out giddily like a child on Christmas morning shouting, 'Santa came!'

rocking his head back and forth getting even hungrier by his request. "Okay sure." I force out a laugh, "anything else?"

"Nope just a fat ass plate of nachos." Hands shaping the size he wants which is pretty much his arm span.

"Okay well our biggest size serves ten people." Blondies head roll backs and moans loudly exposing his sharp jaw bones. "Yes please." shouting.

The brunette smacks his head from the back hard causing a yelp from the boy. "Hey what's your problem." blondie shoves him aggressively back.

"idiot" the brunette musters. Blondie exhales before looking straight at me with a mysterious grin.

"So hun, what's your name?" smiling brightly at me. I lean on the booth wall next to him.. "Oh sorry. Im violet." Forgot to introduce myself I guess.

"Well Violet im Niall and here's Louis and that ray of sunshine is Harry who you clearly know very well." My eyebrows shoot up and I look back at Harry whose fists remain closed over the table, causing more of a reaction from Niall, "calm down will yeah mate." I swear I hear Harry growl.

Harry looks back to me with the same glare but lighten when he sees my own expression.

"Well Niall i'm gonna get your Nachos ready." I shake my head backing away.

"Perfect. Thank you very very much."

Walking away I hear a slap on Niall's head earning a loud, "ouch" following an angry growl, "Shut up Niall, Ill kill you this time I swear-."

"You love me too much to go through with it." Hearing a loud beer glass hit the table, I walk faster.

Back at the bar I place the orders once more in the computer and wait for time to tick by. Sitting on a seat I bounce my leg.

Checking my watch I have a few spare minutes before I have to make my rounds again. With spare time on my hands I walk over to the bathroom in need of a break. It's pretty far from the bar so I might be able to catch a quick breath.

Walking over I feel a body hovering behind me which causes my hair to stand up. Looking back I jump in shock. I swear to-

My thoughts are cut short when Harry pulls on my arm into the handicap bathroom.
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