Two Ghosts

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Pulling me inside the bathroom Harry has a firm grip on my hand. When we enter darkness surrounds us but before my brain even has the chance to freak out Harry immediately turns on the light.

Pulling me completely inside I'm pushed against the doorframe.

"Harry, I'm not sure if you can read but the sign says handicap."

"Don't care." Moving his hand behind me, he locks the door. Once it clicks he brings his hands back in front of him looking at me worried.

"Why are you here." Harry speaks frightened.

"What do you mean why am I here? I work here Harry." does he not understand that one plus one equals two.

Harry brushes his hair back exhaling loudly before placing his forehead against the door leaning his body on me. I swear he mutters "no" against my shoulder but it was barely audible.

"Why is that a bad thing?" I ask questionably. This boy gives me migraines. "youre just a waitress?"

"um yeah. im confused though Harry, why is that a bad thing?"

"It's nothing, never mind." he huffs against the door which sounds an echo in the small room. Before I can even question his attitude, he interjects throwing his head back to look at me.

"Are you okay?" for the first time tonight his voice and stare are soft.


"Yesterday. What happened to you. are you okay." oh. A light shiver shoots up my body from the recollection. "Im fine." I whisper.

"Can we not talk about it. I really don't want to think about it." Harry plays with his lip ring in between his teeth.

"Well are you okay?"

"Why would I not be okay?" His brows pull together.

"I don't know, just asked how you were.'' everyones entitled to not be okay even in situations that are not about them. plus I'm much more comfortable talking about others than myself.

"Not just about yesterday though. In general"

Harry squeezes his eyebrows together before bringing his hand up to my chin "Violet I'm completely fine. Are you okay was my question?" re-stating with an emphasis on 'you'.

Biting my lip I just weakly shrug, "I'm just tired." I honestly tell him. Harry brushes his fingers back and forth on my chin, "Did you sleep last night?"

"no. kept seeing that boy when I closed my eyes." exaling part of the truth, it was definitely someone.

Harry pushes my hair behind my ear, "I'm sorry violet."

"Not your fault." I dead-pin. "it was mine." Harry's fingers brush my cheek up and down before locking in my hair looking at me seriously.

"None of what happened was your fault Violet." His voice firm and I just shake my head back and forth.

"I just drank too much." I have no choice but to blame things on myself. Anything that has ever happened to me was my fault.

"What?" he exhales, "it's the truth Harry." I exclaim exhaustively. im so damn tired.

Harry reaches down to hold my hand, pulling me towards the sink. Following weakly by his hold im turned around and pushed back so i'm against the counter. "Violet?" Harry's voice questioning in an absurd tone.

"Harry it's just-"

"No Violet you listen."

"Harry I have to get back to work." Harry stands in front of me like a stone and doesn't move. Pushing him back by his chest I break free but don't make it out of his reach before I'm being lifted up.

"Harry what are you-" With one swop his hands press into my waist, lifting me up effortlessly on top of the counter.

He grabs my chin lightly, stopping my words by his shaking head "you listen to me Violet." Harry says in a stern voice. He stands directly in front of me, placed between my legs.

"You do not get to blame yourself for that Violet. It doesn't matter how much you had drank or the lack of clothes you had on, it doesn't give anyone the right to come on to you. If I walked around that party naked I still would not have given anyone the right to look or lay a finger on me."

I stare into Harry's eyes, helplessly. "Tell me right now it wasn't your fault Violet." demanding in a harsh tone. Looking down I place my hands on the bottom of his shirt gripping the access material. Swallowing nervously Harry finds my chin once more tilting my head up.

"It wasn't my fault."

removing his hands, Harry glides his fingers ever so lightly up my cheek. He looks into my eyes making sure it's okay and I nod. I'm not sure why my body doesn't run from Harry. If anything it accepts his presence the most.

Reaching my hair, he runs his palm through it. "I'm sorry I left you though. Just meant to be a quick second."

I hadn't realized that my grip was tight around the bottom of Harry's black shirt. The material in between my palms feels rough and my knuckles turn white, but I needed to grab onto something.

"It wasn't your fault either you know." Shaking his head, his voice soft again, "I know."

Inhaling, my body wants to tell him everything. "Last night triggered a few things Harry but I'm okay."

Harry bites down tight on his jaw sharply. "You don't have to tell me violet."

"I just don't like being touched. I don't let anyone touch me actually except you and some others. I don't know why I let you, since in the beginning, I didn't know you too well, but I never reacted, which was so weird to me."

Harry takes in everything I say uneasily removing his hands from my hair quickly, "have I ever made you uncomfortable." he whispers in a tiny bit of panic. I shake my head fast getting the ugly thoughts out of his head.

"No not at all. The opposite actually. Harry you never had." he nods his head in relief.

"Promise to tell me if I ever do?"

"Promise." That was the first time those words had left my mouth in a very long time but I dont bother to remanance. if I do ill just over think and break down.

"Him touching you was the trigger?" Harry asks, still clenching,

"Yeah but it was also hearing the punches. I don't like violence." Harry doesn't ask any further questions and instead brushes back my hair again.

After a couple moments I sniff. Harry stops and places his hands on my shoulder squeezing. Bending down he's thrown off by my glossy eyes.

"Hey darling whats wrong?"

Releasing my grip on his shirt I wipe my eyes hiding myself from him.

"What's wrong?" Harry moves his hands to the back of my neck comfortingly.

"I haven't really told anyone about that kinda stuff before."

"No one?" the cold rings on the back of my neck sends shocks through my body.

"No one." I whisper out inaudibly. I'm starting to trust Harry and that feelings quite terrifying.

"Why were you ignoring me out there." I whisper, biting my cheek as insecurity takes over.

"Hey." Harry squeezes the back of my neck,

"I wasn't ignoring you, I was just surprised. Really, really caught off guard from you being here." Eyes begging for apology.

"Harry I've worked here for so long I don't understand how you couldn't have seen me before if you've been here. Same goes for me."

"I'm not sure either but I move quickly around this place."

Harry takes his hands away when I notice his bruised hands. "Oh my god harry." I grab onto his wrists bringing it close for inspection. I gently graze my fingers over the cuts and bruises.

"Does it hurt?" It looks like it hurts like heck.

"no . it's nothing new."

"Okay", I nod. "You're gonna need some polysporin so your cuts wont get infected though. There deep."

"I'll live." he simply laughs. "Stop laughing." I fight the smile on my lips.

"Don't worry about me darling." with his hand in mine I look over his rings. There are a variety of bands and colours.

Grazing them with my fingers I get lost in how pretty they are. There's one on almost all his fingers.

"Like my rings do you?" Looking up to a stupid smirky I answer, "actually I do. There pretty cool." Grazing my fingers over the rings my attention goes to one thick gold band with a ruby placed in the middle. It's beautiful.

"But Harry, your hands are bad you have to wrap them up."

"Yours weren't wrapped up." innocently rolling his eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"The first couple days I met you, your hands were all bruised and cut. They weren't bandaged for someone who talks a fair game."

I swallow harshley and almost fall back. "Yeah I guess."

"Well this was a nice catch up but I have to get back to work. You're gonna make me late" Harry continues to smirk, "Always running late?" he proudly cous as I let go of his hands.

"With you almost always." I roll my eyes.

"We need to work on that." Pushing Harry back he steps away and I jump off the counter.

Walking to the door I unlock it, stepping out. Harry and I walk out into the hallway leading back to the bar. "See you with a big ass plate of nachos soon."

Harry groans, "that's Niall for you."

Brushing out my clothes I leave Harry behind me and walk up to start the orders on my tables. The first one I place myself at, there's about five older ladies, definitely celebrating a girls night.

"Hey ladies what can I get for ya."

"Well hello sweetheart!" A lady wearing a blue dress chimes in. "You are such a beautiful young lady." Blushing, the woman continues her introduction, "my name's Pat and that's Rose, Ally, Beth and Dina." I love old people their so cute.

"Well it's lovely to meet you all. I'm violet. What drinks can I start you all off with?" they all snicker before Beth turns her big eyes to me in excitement, "vodka!"

"Coming right up." excitedly turning around I yell out more orders to Harliegh.

"Nachos are ready." a bing clouds my senses. Picking up the gigantic plate of nachos I carry it over to the guys who are deep in conversation.

"Okay well here you go." the plate practically takes up the whole table. "You sure this isn't too much Niall"

"Hell to the no." Niall sniffs his nose over the aroma.

"You don't know how much I love you at this moment, Violet." Niall looks like he's just fallen in love. "Like my hearts beating out of my chest." picking up a bite it loudly crunches between his teeth,

"Okay Niall. Anything else?" I ask taken away by his personality.

"No that's fine darling." Harrys speaks. Smiling, I lean on the wall by his side of the booth, watching Niall whose face is deep in the nachos.

"Hey Vi no judging a man when he's hungry." I stare at this boy in shock. His personality is something else. Laughing, I hold my hands up walking away, "No judgment here."

Grabbing the ladies orders of five vodka shots I lay them out on a tray in front of them.

"All right ladies to younger times." Beth practically screams. The ladies all reach in to clink their classes before tilting back their heads like a rocket. The cold substance flows down their throats before slamming the glasses into the table.

"We're gonna need another round sweet girl." Beth coughs.

"You got it!"

Coming back with another round they each throw their heads back and squeeze the lime into their mouths, squirming from the taste. "woza"

The woman next to me nudges my hip and I swallow back the feel of her sheer touch, "You know we've all been friends since university. Forty years and were still best friends."

"Wow." honestly shocked by her response. "That's incredible. I hope to find someone like that."

"Well you'll know hunny. When the right people come into your life they'll never leave." Smiling, I silently pray for that outcome too.

"You all look very pretty tonight." I change the subject. The ladies are dressed in their best pearls and dresses. They all blush and wave me off.

"such a sweet girl Violet, your parents must be proud."

Just like that I go back into my dark place. I force a smile but my face just drops. "Um yeah." I cough, biting my lip to stop the trembling, "thank you. I'll be back to take your orders."

Before a tear can slip out I turn away. I bring my hand in to a fist trying to stop the rush of panic coming to the surface making my whole body shake. Everything I've ever pushed down is coming right to the surface and I have to stop it quickly.

Rushing away as fast as possible I find the closest exit. I just need the sky right now. I can't flip out in front of everyone here.

My breathing spikes and I finally find a door. Pushing it open reveals an alley leading to a fairly large patch of grass. fresh air and quiet fill my senses as I clutch down on my chest.

Holding onto the wall for dear life I run towards the grass and fall down on my hands and knees. rolling on to my back, I feel the grass tickle the behind of my ear.

Once my bodys on the ground completely I look up to the stars. The skies lit up by almost a dozen stars which takes my breath away. You don't see the stars like this at my apartment. I almost never see them anymore. My chest relaxes and I feel like I can breath again.

I missed the stars.

Blinking away I feel a tear fall down my cheek. Wiping it away would be too exhausting. My hands remain limp at my sides as I take deep breaths admiring what's above me.

"Violet." Jumping ten feet in the air I sit up clutching my heart. "Jesus Harry stop popping out of nowhere. God." I yell at him.

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