Two Ghosts

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Knocking vibrates through the door and down my spine revealing sharp goosebumps on my skin. on the ground where I lay, my body wakes up with a sudden jump from the sound. What the -

the door continues being pounded on and the loud sound pierces my ears.

Looking to clock Its seven a.m... who the fuck is up at seven a.m. With one last pound I open the creaky door fast from how angry I am, revealing Harry leaning against the frame smirking devilishly down at me. "Hey Darling."

I'm at loss for words. Why is he here? Standing frozen looking at him I start to blink wondering if this is a dream. Wiping the bags under my eyes with my sleeves I try to wake myself up but when I finish rubbing he's still there but looking down at me instead.

Oh God. i'm still in his sweater. My body goes still in movement and I place my hand ever so slowly to my sides. Looking up at Harry he's still leaning on the door frame. His black t-shirt reveals his tattoos and muscles clear on display.

"You know I could get used to seeing you in my sweater darlin." Harry's eyes twinkle in the light from a stream of brightness coming through my windows. The green ever so promenade, like a forest. I can't help but to get lost in them.

Violet... snapping out of it the situation goes to my head and now I'm officially confused.

"Harry it's seven in the goddamn morning... seven." barely audibly, groaning out.

"Don't act like you're unhappy to see me." he tries to frown but just looks evil. Really freakin evil. "Wipe away your stupid smirk Harry." I say through my teeth.

Leaning against the doorframe all he does is stare at me not saying one word. "Other than being my alarm clock, why are you here Harry?" I still groan from the early morning, leaning my face into my palms trying to wipe away any sleepiness I can.

Peeking through a single finger like a child watching a scary movie, Harry's leaned in closer, smirking obliviously. "Well good morning to you too sunshine." he chuckles as the sweet sound fills my senses.

"How are you awake right now Harry?" I could fall backwards right now from how tired I am. My body needs longer than a three hour sleep to function but it never allows me. "Always up with the sun, sunshine." he states smiling.

Placing a hand in front of myself I reveal a flat palm to his face shutting my eyes from how much is going on with such little sleep. "You're doing a lot of talking right now and i'm gonna need you to just pipe down the audio level okay." I bring my palm to rub my headache away.

"You not a morning person darlin?" nice observation einstein.

"I'll tell you what Sherlock holmes." laughing I lean in putting a finger on his chest to whisper, "you are unbelievable."

Leaning his head back on the door frame his jawline pops out promanatley and the veins on his neck clear a visible path up and down his skin. Swallowing the sudden dryness in my throat I just press another hand on my head.

"Okay Darling get yourself in the shower and wake up."

My eyes suddenly open and I'm fully awake. He said what now. With my eyes popping out at Harry, he casually walks through the door, prancing into my apartment like he owns the place. Excuse me?

"Harry what are you doing." I shockingly say as he walks into my kitchen and pulls a chair back. "Harry?" He's walking through my home. He's walking through my goddam home! The screeching of the wood echoes through the room followed by his body weight, creaking down on the chair.

Following his every move, I'm now in front of him still at loss for words. This is too much for me to handle right now. I open my mouth but I'm cut off, "You have a lovely home Violet." Harry honestly speaks with no sarcasm resembling through his voice.

Harry looks back to me matching my level of confusion after looking at my expression, "what?"... what?

Waving my hands around the room I slap my hands back to my face groaning loudly. "I can't deal with you right now Harry it's seven in the morning." I practically boom at him which reaches every corner of my small apartment.

"We'll good thing, I brought you a cookie." He smiles like the devil he is reaching into his jacket pocket pulling out a plastic ziploc filled with four cookies, "hope you like chocolate chip." He dangles them in front of me.

"You know cookies make people happier." he nods his head sympathetically.

"I wanna kick you out." I state blankly but still staring at the cookies in front of me. Assholes luring me in. "you don't want to though. You miss me when i'm gone." he pulls his lips up in a self loathing smile.

Staring at him I remind myself to breathe.

"I think it's the other way around actually." Harry's tongue roams the inside of his mouth. Resting it on his cheek.

After a little while, Harry simply opens the ziploc grabbing one of the cookies and takes a slow bite into it. His lips press into the dessert and his eyes lock on mine in doing so.

Slowly pulling his mouth away, crumbs stick to his lips. Chewing slowly he hums and my stomach growls. The noise brings an even bigger smile to Harry's lips as he licks away any evidence with his tongue in many attempts.

"Oh I'm sorry... did you want one?"

you know what i'm done. Taking the small step to close the space between us I plop myself in the chair right next to Harry.

"Thought so." he grins at me.

Passing me a cookie I take a small, atom sized bite form it. Harry tilts his head and closes his mouth from questioning me. "Just checking if it's poisoned." Harry just exhales a sarcastic breath.

now taking a regular sized bite from the soft cookie it instantly melts in my mouth and wow. It's really good. I wish it sucked. I really wish it did.

"So?" He asks like he already doesn't know.

"I'm not a big fan of increasing your ego." it honestly could bring me to tears.

Taking more of a bit into my cookie I finish it off and dam if I could lie I would but that was good.

Staring at me with a smug look Harry reaches over across the couple inches separating us and presses his thumb to my lips. Catching me off guard I just sit there watching him, frozen.

His thumb slides across my lips slowly as his eyes study every line and color of my lips. When his thumb reaches the end of my bottom lip he brings it to the middle of my top lip pressing lightly. The texture of his fingertips soft to the touch. His eyes look up to mine before pressing away.

"Crumbs." he says simply, sitting back. Yeah crumbs my ass. Inhaling a large breath I just shake my head. "So please educate me on why you are here this early."

Suddenly Harry leans in close and grabs a hold of the bottom of my chair trapping me in briefly. I look down confused as he grins. Feeling his minty breath on my skin he moves in ever so closer. The tension of his arm grasping the chair clenches visabley now showing off his veins on display. We don't say anything as we stare at each other,

With one movement he pulls my chair closer to him and I inhale quickly being taken off guard. A loud squeak echoes once more through the room and his muscles tighten in his black shirt.

Our knees now touching Harry releases his hold on my chair slowly backing away brushing his hands against my thighs.

Once his arms are away from mine I cross mine to my chest and lean back. Mocking my movement Harry does the same licking his lips.

"Were going on a little adventure darling."

"An adventure?" I honestly question in a tremendous amount of confusion. "Yup." He nods his head in one sharp movement. "Why?" I ask exasperatedly.

"Because it's seven in the morning." his voice loud in a scowl of excitement. You know what, I'm just gonna accept this whole seven a.m thing. I'm letting it go. "Now?"

"Like right now darlin." Looking down in my job uniform and Harry's sweater I tiredly look back to him. "I'm in no shape or form to leave right now."

"That's why I said to go take a shower. I'll wait." Stating with a shrug, "That's why I came at seven." Okay. I'm done.

"If I say no will you take it for an answer." shaking his head simply. "Nope." Clenching my fists, Harry looks down, "gonna punch me now darling." wasn't going to but that's a great idea.

"Gonna have to teach you to punch properly if you're gonna wanna knock me out one day."

Now that gets my attention, "yes please."

Leaning forward with a smirk he's now an inch from my frame once more. Shaking his head he nudges me to get up. Rolling my eyes I back my chair away from the table making sure not to make a soul crushing sound as I stand.

There's no way Harry is going to let me get out of this. Heading for the washroom I stop in my spot and clench my firsts. Really violet.

turning around slowly I see Harry's eye on mine. Walking forward quickly I reach the table and grab the final cookie. "Shut up." I take a bite.

Harry simply smirks but I roll my eyes and head off to go get ready.

Somehow there's no anxious feeling of Harry being in my apartment. I don't question the feeling for too long because I quite like the break. When I think about it to... I didn't have a panic attack this morning. I guess Harry just woke me up before anything happened.

Coming back from my bathroom I'm wearing tights and a baggy grey sweater. I put on some mascara and concealer as well to put as much life into my drained face as possible.

Pulling on black converse I set out to Harry who's sitting down scrolling through his phone with a hard look. He looks as if he's about to throw his phone against the wall and I can feel the anger radiating off of him. Responding to whatever the message was, he's practically punching the letter into his phone.

"Um Harry?" Just like that he flips his phone into his pocket in one motion and he's back to his regular self. At least the one I see. "You look alive."

I honestly believe that his words are the best instructor to motivate a successful punch.

"Well you did catch me mid sleep."

Smiling proud of himself, he steps aside holding out his hand to lead the way. "Where are we going?" I say grabbing a hold of my small purse. Harry hums like he's thinking of the answer but all he does is shrug stupidly. "Well where's the fun in that."

"Are you kidnapping me?" I say crisply in an honest question. I mean I had to ask.

Leaning his head back Harry booms out a laugh which fills my apartment, "oh, you would love that wouldn't you darling." staring hardly back at Harry he just replies with a painted smirk. In one motion he walks towards me closing the space between us.

Grabbing a hold of my wrists he pulls me towards him and before I can even protest I'm being hoisted onto his shoulder. Squealing, my front hits his back.

"Harry." I speak harshly against his back hitting him. "Put me down."

"No way." A laugh slips my lips and I have to press my hands against them to hold it in. I can't pretend to be mad when I'm really enjoying this.

"You're a slow walker. Can't have you disappearing on me." Hitting his back with more weight and throwing my feet against his front Harry's grip tightens against my body to keep me in one spot. "Stay still."

Laughing hardly against his chest, Harry starts to walk. "Harryyyyy." the words come out in separate letters from the vibration of his movements hitting my chest.

Exiting the doorway my bodys just swaying from each of his movements. This has to look ridiculous. "Keys please." Harry says.

Groaning like a child who lost a game I hand him my purse. "First pocket." sounding like I'm lacking air from my lungs I hear a sharp zip followed by a jingling of keys.

Harry bends down so he can lock my door which almost makes me go falling. "Harry!" I grip his waist tightly, not planning to go face first into the floor. "I'd never let you get hurt so stop worrying, i'm quite capable of carrying you." With a sharp lock Harry hands me back my purse which I grip on to with my life.

"Stairs or elevator?" He says while holding onto my thighs tightly. I wanna say the stairs hoping he'll drop me so I can run away but I just give in, becoming weak in his hold "Elevator." There's no way he's letting go anytime soon so I'm just gonna speed up this process.

Stepping into the elevator carrying me like a rag doll he presses the main floor button. "This is what I get for showing you my apartment huh." I muffle into his shirt.

"You should be happy to know, I know where you live darlin, your life just got interesting." oh i'm sure.

"Wipe the smirk off your face Harry. Im gonna punch it off you one day." I'm looking forward to it as well.

"Just give me the time and place love." Just like that the elevator dings and Harry steps out carrying me effortlessly. "Oh trust me you'll be getting that call soon."

"And I'll come running darling."

Walking through the lobby Harry smiles and waves at everyone that passes bye. "Hey morning bud." exclaiming to a young boy sitting in the lobby

"How are ya." he says to another so normally like I'm not even on his shoulder.

"Good morning miss, you look lovely today." he smiles to an eldery woman.

I hate him. I hate him so much.

"Morning ma'am." he really is the most confident person in the world.

As Harry continues to walk forward I look back and watch everyone's confused stares. They're all just frozen blinking at us. Come one people, nothing to see here.

Just like that cool hair hits my face and the sunlight of the crisp morning, warms my body to the touch.

Suddenly Harry bends forward and my body falls, squealing my two feet finally are placed on the ground. Harrys hands grab onto mine until I'm balanced. Wobbling just for a second I blink the blood flow down my brain and back into my body.

"I'm seeing stars." I groan, tightening my grip on his. After a while I suddenly open my eyes and see clearly again. "Okay." I exhale removing my hands.

Harry grabs my purse and places it into one of his motorcycle pouches. The bike is shining black in the morning sun, pretty on display.

Harry climbs onto his bike and holds out his hand for me. Standing there I swallow and place my hand slowly into his. "you're gonna go slow right?" With one pull Harry has me strandling the motorcycle. "Hold on tight."
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