Two Ghosts

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"Hold on tight."

My hands travel under his arms looping around his shoulders gripping for dear life. "Harry I swear if-"

Before I can even finish my statement Harry takes off, cutting off all traffic and dodging cars on the street. This boy really is trying to kill me. "Harry oh my God." I inhale quickly, shutting my eyes.

"Want me to go faster, love?" I shake my head on his back only to remember I don't have a helmet on.

Perfect. I'm going to die at nineteen. Cause of death, head being crushed on the concrete.

"Where are we going?"

"Honestly no idea." Shouting over the wind. "Just gonna drive until I get one." Oh God.

"We're gonna be on here for a while Darling. Perfect opportunity to get comfortable."

Shifting the bike unexpectedly I yelp as the bike tips lower. my grip tightens around him and my whole body leans on his like my lifeline. I can hear Harry's laugh and I want to punch him so bad.


Shifting, Harry now speeds off on the freeway incling the speed at about sixty notches. The wind now blows back my hair and clothing, rapidly as if it's trying to blow me off the bike.

"You ready?"

"Ready for what?" I shout just as equally.

Just like that Harry drives in between cars faster than before. His bike leans down as he turns and if I let go of Harry, my hand could touch the ground. There's no point in screaming because there is no possible air left in my lungs. The feeling in my stomach is trying to crawl it's way out and I can feel my heart in my throat.

Straightening out the bike he takes a quick exit where trees now surround us and I let in a loud inhale.

Were on a one way road going east into the country. There's no cars on the road and it's just us and the wind. The feeling in my stomach turns into an ache for thrill. How did that happen?

Slowing down his bike to a standable pace I dig out my head from his back and rest it on his shoulder and let out a laugh. A real life laugh that makes me feel on top of the world.

"You were right."

Turning his head slightly, his cheek now angled closer to my lips. "Right about what."

"What you said about thrill. It's terrifying but oddly freeing."

"I knew it." He screams proudly through the wind and I dig my head into his shoulder still laughing. I can't stop the smile on my lips. It's one of those smiles that physically hurt.

"Stand up."

"Stand up?" I laugh from his sarcasm, placing my cheek against his.

"Darlin, I'm not joking. stand up, you're already off your seat."

"One step at a time here Harry!"

Still smiling I replace my hands from under Harry's arms to over his neck, hugging him from behind.

"Look at you with no helmet. My lil daredevil eh." Harry's head nudges my own.

"Don't think daredevil and my name mix." mumbling weakly in his sweater. I'm usually the one hiding in the corner.

"I'm sure my highs gonna run low soon."

"Let's make it last then." Harry ups his speed once again and were flying through the wind. The feeling grows once more in my stomach but this times it's only excitement. I giggle into his neck before I remove my head to look at the road. Were surrounded by nothing but trees and farm fields.

There isn't civilization for miles and It's an oddly freeing, feeling like the only two people in the world.

"Hold on tight okay." Nodding I sit back into my seat and instead of gripping him for life, I lightly hug his waist.

Harry declines his speed and I float forward into his back. "ouch." Harry pulls into a dirt path, parking next to what looks like a forest.

His motorcycle comes to a full stop and he kicks the bike's kickstand to the ground. Before I can even get off Harry, he grabs my legs and grips my arms pulling me in one solid motion. Inhaling sharply Harry now sits in front of me

seated against the handlebars I'm straddling Harry's waist.

Still grasping his arms so I won't fall, my eyes still remain big from the shock of being pulled forward. I'm not even sure how he managed to do that without making me fall.

Wiping off the shock, looking at Harry I let out another pure smile. I cover my cheeks with my hands from the pain. "Ouch." I can't stop laughing though. I feel pure joy.

Harry grins from the outcome and leans forwards but I arch back. "Left the helmet at home for a reason."

"No way, I'm still mad at you for that." I cough back my laughs and place my hands on his chest trying to breathe air back into my lungs.

Leaning his head back he just mutters, "the helmet makes you scared. It matches with safety and having fun has nothing to do with safety."

I press my hand against his mouth. "Just shut up."

A wet lick presses against my skin and I remove my hands immediately wiping it on his sweater.

"You're disgusting." I laugh.

"Mhm you say that now."

"I repeat disgusting." I push his shoulder away as my jaw still remains dropped.

"So what are we doing here?" I lean back against the handle bars comfortably.

Harry look's around him and shakes his head forward like it should be obvious. "Harry were in the middle of nowhere for all I know you could have taken me out here to kill me."

Biting his lip, he just shakes his head. "Never do that to you darling." okay thanks for clearing that up Harry. Really appreciated.

"Sooooo" I lean forward.

"Did you bring your walking shoes?" my walking shoes? "Um I guess. Just have on converse."

"I'll carry ya through the mud."

"We're going on a walk?" I never took Harry as the walking type. "mhm" he hums.

"You like walking?"

"Not the hiking type but it sounded fun."' Looking up to the trail, it's through the forest then up a huge hill by the looks of it.

Harry grabs my legs, pulling me ever so close to him until I can feel his breath on my skin. Holding onto my waist, he hurges my legs to wrap around him and Harry stands off his motorcycle taking me with him.

Yelping I clutch on to him more.

Harry continues to walk towards the hill and never makes the move to put me down. I pull my head from his neck so were looking at each other.

"May I help you?" He asks as if I'm a backpack and not a person.

"You're carrying me?"

"Am I really?" His face urges forward in question.

"I have legs you know."

"Where's the fun in that." Rolling my eyes I look in front of Harry's steps, eyeing the trail that we are about to go on. We really are in the middle of nowhere.

"You're really gonna carry me up the hill." I release my grip around his neck to point.

Harry just shrugs like it literally doesn't mean anything.

"Aren't I weighing you down?" Harry doesn't even seem affected by my body weight. He's not even tired and I feel as if I'm a feather.

"Don't want you getting tired and nope. I've carried much heavier."

"Put me down Harry." I groan leaning my head back but Harry sets me down in one motion listening to me. Wobbling like always, I straighten out.

"You have two left feet."

Pushing Harry away I start to walk in front of him. Humming from behind gets louder the closer Harry gets until he's next to me.

"Surprised there's no one else walking." he asks looking around.

"Maybe because it's eight in the goddam morning."

"Hey I thought we were letting that go." He laughs from beside me.

"Well I was lying, I physically can not."

Time ticks by as we venture down the trail.

"What's your favourite fruit?" I ask him but all I get in return is a face scrunch, as he lets out a second hand embarrassment laugh.


"Nothing I had just never been asked what my favorite fruit is." Well this shouldn't be new he literally asked my favourite color a couple days ago.

Coughing we continue to walk, "I think strawberries or kiwi." yum.

"Solid choices. I love fresh kiwi it's delicious."


"I like watermelon. It's an addiction actually." Harry smirks, "I'll buy you a watermelon next time so you'll go out with me willingly." That's why he brought the damn cookies.

"We'll until there in season keep bringing me cookies... or cupcakes." The blood in my body boils in excitement and Harry just shakes his head, "noted."

As we continue to walk we approach a huge, steep hill that leads to what I assume is another trail or a view of the city.

The morning sun shines down on us as soon as we step out of the shade from the trees. Squinting through the sun I look back to Harry who's looking back at me with his black ray bans and messy hair.


"You sure did pick a large hill." My jaw remains dropped from the steepness.

Placing a hand on my back Harry urges me forward as I continue to fight against his push but he uses two hands and is much stronger than me.

Giving in, I lean forward from the pressure at a fast rate.

"Fine. fine."

At the bottom of the hill looking up I swallow. I swear at the top I'll be reaching my death. Asshole really wanted to kill me today.

Starting to walk up I silently yell at myself for not being athletic. Harry's already Meters ahead standing, looking me down.

"You're always so slow."

"I'm not the athletic type." I laugh at my patheticness. Harry groans and walks back down to me. Once he's directly in front he turns around so I'm facing his back.


"Jump!." I laugh back at him, "Harry that's a huge hill, you're gonna die."

"Believe me when I tell you I'll be alright love, now jump or else will be here for hours."

Smiling at his back I place my hands on his shoulders and jump. He doesn't have to tell me twice. Catching my legs effortlessly, I repotiosion myself so I'm comfortable.


leaning my head to position it on his shoulder I giggle still squinting in the sunlight, "yeah im good."

Harry walks up the hill effortlessly and I continue to giggle in his ears from how much fun I'm having back here. Halfway to the top however Harry drops my legs but before I can ask why, he grabs my waist pulling me down to the ground with him. I scream as I fall completely into his chest.

Landing on top of Harry, he flips us over so im under him and I erupt in playful laughter.

His necklace dangles down in between us. Taking a look at the cross it shines in the sun but before I can study it more, he places it down his shirt.

I think Harry has a cross tattoo as well on his hand, I noticed it when he was writing the math test.

Wrapping my hand around Harry's arm that holds him up next to my face I grip it in need of a breath from my laughter.

Now blocking the sun, I give my eyes a chance to blink but all I feel is dizzy.

Lifting my head up slightly, dimming down to a giggle I lock my eyes with Harry who's smirking contagiously.

Now contained I smile profusely as I lift my body up and push Harry's chest to the side. Catching him off guard I now lay on top of him, straddling his waist.

Combing my hair behind my ears I place my head directly over Harry's as he reaches to hold my hips in place.

The sun hits my back, warming up the fabric of my sweater instantly.

"Did you need a break or something." I swallow, containing my breaths.

"Nope. Just wanted to talk." smirking with a proud smile.

"Okay then." I crawl off of him to sit down. I swear I hear a growl leave his lips. "Come back here."

"No way." I smack his hands that try to pull me back down Now sitting side by side, I look into his hard stare which might make me start laughing again.

"How are you today." I steal his smirk.

"Perfect. And you?"

"Eh it's okay."

"Okay?" I just nod my head. "Would be better when I finally get to punch you. I'll have to wear rings so it'll hurt."

"You wanna hurt me darling." He smirks through his lips.

"You have to teach me how to punch." Very excitedly budding closer to him.

"You're gonna use it against me, love!"

Groaning I lay my head back almost falling over. Catching myself quickly I straighten up.

I know I would never punch anyone, it feels sickening to even admit to myself that I want to learn but it almost seems like a fun activity to do with Harry.

When I talk with him I feel the farthest from normal but the closest to myself I have ever been.

"In all honest I could never hurt a fly but it seems like a good skill to have."

"Alright i'll teach you another day." grinning at my sudden win I jump at Harry tackling him back to the ground crushing the flowers beneath us.

"Why punch when you can choke me to death."

"Sorry." I unwrap my hands from his neck.

Didn't take long for us to get back here I guess.

My eyes meet with Harrys at I just lay my head on his chest but the asshole started tickling my hips.

Jerking up I roll over in one harsh movement now laying beside him, shoulder to shoulder. I don't think I have ever laughed this much in such a short period of time.


"Not my fault You're ticklish."

"And you're not?" Name one person in history who's not ticklish? Psychopaths.


Now looking up to the sky, there's not one cloud and a bright blue takes over spreading for miles.

"Harry." I sigh as I see his black sunglasses in my peripheral vision.

"I don't like making promises." I talk honestly and Harry looks at me with a hard look taken by surprise at the conversation.

"I don't like making promises either."

"Can we make one last promise though and then we'll never mention that word again?" I turn my body to look at him as he takes his sunglasses revealing his green eyes.

When they finally meet mine it calms me from how much comfort I feel in them.

"Promise you wont ask about my past and I promise I won't ask about yours." Shaking his head relief floods through both of us.

Harry and I's paths are explosive and I'd like the bomb to remain ticking for as long as it can. Our life lines don't need anymore hurt in them.

"Promise." Harry speaks softly.

"Well." Harry stands, handing me his hand. "Were almost at the top." placing his sunglasses back on his face, I swallow down the dryness in my throat.

"Let me walk though." Harry only laughs.

"In your dreams."

Just like that I'm being thrown over his shoulder once again but we're so close to the top I won't complain.

Harry's hands rest just under my ass. "Harry, keep your hands to yourself or I swear to God." squeezing my thighs tightly Harry just snickers.

"All to myself darling." turning my head from the ground looking at his back I stare into his soul.

Reaching the top Harry places me slowly on my feet grabbing my waist knowing I'll wobble and with no surprise I do. Harry swallows his laugh and I just cough from how much my lungs were crushed hanging upside down.

When the blood drains from my brain I finally look around from where I was standing. There's a beautiful river at the top surrounded by birds and sortments of flowers. It's truly beautiful but looking past the river we have a mountain-like view.

The drops the same height from the hill we just climbed and looking down from up here I can't believe we climbed this high.


Walking past Harry I wander off to the edge. Looking out in the distance is the city we came from. From up here everything is so tiny and just incesnifacant. Like Harry and I are the only humans that matter. It's just a city in the distance with no meaning behind it.

An almost relieved feeling grows in my stomach and I could scream from how good it feels up here.

The wind travels through my hair breezing in the wind.

"Have you ever been up here before?" this place can't be popular, it's so hidden.

"I found this place last year. Was wandering around and ended up here.

"Everything seems insignificant doesn't it."

"Yeah." I breathe out.

"It's a wonderful feeling."

"Come on." Harry tugs me away from the edge. I could stand up here all day watching in the distance. Walking towards the river Harry nudges me

"do you know how to swim?"

"Yes I know how to swim." my tone questionable, "and I don't really wanna get wet."

"Don't worry me either. But we gotta get across." Looking at the river Harry's right, in order to make it to the other side will have to cross the river.

I grin running fast towards the water in excitement pulling Harry behind me. "are there rocks we can stand on or something?"

Harry takes off in another direction starting to cross the river but he's only at the beginning waiting for me.

"I'm coming!"

Running over to him, Harry holds out his hand. Taking it, I step onto the little rock. My shoe slip suddenly from the running water with a yelp but Harry's quick to catch me before I go into the water.

"Here you go first."

Pulling me in front of him I now walk slowly with Harry's hand on my hips steading me as I wobble a little from an unsteady rock.

"Try not to wobble darling." He laughs and I look back matching his energy, "I can't help it."

"I've noticed."

Walking across the rocks I have an urge to push Harry in but I'm resisting. I'm a very nice person.

"What are you thinking about?"

"That I want to push you in." I giggle but Harry just stares at me hardly

"you wanna play that game do you?"

Turning around still smirking I just bit my lip, "i'm trying to be a nice person."

"Uh huh." He hums. Taking another step to the next rock Harry steps on my shoe and I trip but luckily landing on a rock.

"Harry!" I look back at him.

"Violet." he matches my tone with wide eyes.

We're only halfway across the river and I dont think it's going to end well. I'm deciding if I want to run across these rocks or play his game. I think I'll take my odds.

Leaning in seductively I take a step closer to Harry so we were on the same rock. His hands immediately go to my waist keeping me steady. Looking into his green eyes I grin, "you're pretty Harry."

"Pretty? Don't think I have been called that before."

"Well you are." And I'm not lying, he's really pretty.

Bringing my hand up I trace it under his chin and draw my hands across his lips pulling them back slightly.

"Thanks for waking me up at seven." I squint into the sun.

"I knew you liked it."

Humming I stand on my tippy toes and bring my hand to his hair pulling the mess back. I bit my lip in concentration.

When my eyes finally meet Harrys however he looks deeply into my lips and back to my eyes when I cough.

Leaning in ever so closely I can feel his breath on my skin. Harry matches my movement leaning closer and placing a single hand on my cheek.

When he's close enough I simply pull back and smile but before he can question anything I push him into the water.

Catching him off guard he goes falling, submerged a little over his hips.

Harry looks back at me in complete shock and I look at him holding my side.

But before I can even make fun of him, his gaze changes into a murderous smirk.

"Oh no."

I played the game and am instantly regretting it. Moving ahead I make my way as fast and carefully as possible across the stream but it's too late before I feel a hand grip my ankle. I try to kick it away but Harry's grip is too tight and before I can breathe I'm pulled through the air and submerged in the water with a splash.

Coldness shocks my lungs and I push my foot off the river's ground.

Coming up for air I wipe away the water from my eyes and I'm thankful for the water proof mascara I invested in. Looking at Harry he still makes his way towards me,

"you pushed me in!"

"It seemed like a really great idea at the time." I try moving back but I'm too late once more and pulled shockingly tight into his chest.

"Tricked me." I smile as I hum a yes.

"Guess that devil came out to play." I can't even say anything back because Harry picks me up throwing me into the water once more.

Coming up I stare at Harry and I can't pick him up so all I can think of is splashing him... so I do exactly that.

The top of his shirt quickly gets soaked and I smile at my success. Take that asshole.

We both have gotten deeper in the river as we play around to the point his top shirt is completely submerged and I'm close to having to tread water.

It clearly doesn't help to my advantage that Harrys much taller. I think he's six foot and I'm around five six.

Spitting out excess water in my mouth Harry swims to me and I back away swimming for the shore. Harry's too quick and once again my ankles are being yanked back.

He grabs my waist quickly standing me up and I grip his arms to keep me up cause I can't touch the ground underneath.

Harry's hand brushes the hair out of my face before taking a hold of my chin.

"I'm sorry." I try to stop a laugh from how soaked we are.

"I'm just upset you got the chance before I could." Pushing back his chest, Harry doesn't budge and instead pulls my hips in closer.

So close in contact there's barely any space separating us. Sounds of running water hitting the stones echo around us and light water droplets from the river spray us.

Inhaling, I almost forget how to breathe.

Harry simply hums as his fingers trace the outline of my jaw. The world is silent around us except for the running water creating a pleasing background noise.

Harry's green eyes shine under the sun glowing in an almost blue color. "Your eyes look blue sometimes." I squint my eyes.

"Do they really." His voice, not interested in the conversation at all as he continues to trace my chin.

"Mhm, it's like an aqua and teal mix sometimes." My eyes are just brown. There's nothing quite special about them.

A breeze hits my body and I shiver from the coldness of the water. Removing his hand Harry nudges his head. "Come on you're cold."

Moving through the water carefully not to be swept from the quick water, we make it to the edge. Harry climbs up first effortlessly and I continue to struggle as it's a pretty high climb for my height and it's all muddy making it quite slippery.

Harry squats down smirking.


"Nope." Continuing to try and stand I look for another way out but there's nothing. Guess i'm staying here all day.

Looking back up to Harry the smirk never leaves his lips, "need some help?" staring back into his eyes sharply I just huff.

"Yes." I groan giving in only from the cold.

Harry's grin grows wider, "I'm sorry, what?"

"Harry get me out of here?"

"Ask me nicely." He now stands leaning against a tree. Fine.

"Harry can you please help me out of the water." smiling he takes a step towards me.

"Be my honor darling."

Reaching his hand down I grab on to it tightly and in one movement I'm being hoisted up, until my feet hit the ground. This guy really does carry me everywhere.

Soaking wet I just shiver in the fall breeze. Harry combs his hair out of his face in front of me and I do the same but first walking to get out of the shade. Stepping into the sun, warmth takes over my cold body and I exhale in relief.

There's a huge rock directly presented next in the sun so I take a seat on it. Harry walks over to me without his shirt and I swallow from the sight of his tattoos again but I quickly look away. Standing infront of me he rings out his soaking shirt.

"You know. I liked this shirt."

"I'm sure you have other black shirts Harry." I laugh out. I really dont think ive seen him wear anything other than black.

After ringing out his shirt he lays it flat out on another rock to dry in the sun.

"Okay your turn." Harry tugs on my sweatshirt.

"I have a shirt underneath so stop the thoughts." Pulling off the sweater suctioned to my body it gets stuck around my hair.


His laugh echoes through the clothing over my ear, "okay let me."

Untangling me, my head finally gets free but my hair however is a crazy mess. Harry fixes my hair and smoothes it out before tucking it behind my ears.

"There darlin."

"Thanks." I embarrasley say.

Removing the sweater from Harry's lap I ring it out and god there's so much water. Laying it beside Harry's shirt, I'm now left in a white crop top.

The stone has a perfect view of the city but we're just a little further away now. The height I feel on top of this hill makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. I'm so high up no one could possibly ever get me.

I wanna feel like this all the time. Now that I have a taste I never wanna go back.

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