Two Ghosts

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Song: The chain- Fleetwood Mac


“What are you thinking about.” Harry nudges my arm. I’m not sure exactly how much time went by but I think we’ve been up here for a couple hours. I’m almost fully dry now and we’ve just been looking out ahead of us. At least I have.

“You’re going to laugh.” I press my face to my hands from what I was just thinking about.

“Now you gotta tell me.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Oh common!”

“I wanna get high” I mutter.

Harry looks at me like he just heard I killed a dog. “I’m sorry did you, Violet, just say you wanted to get high?”

Hes acting like im a sex crazed nun. I’ve smoke my share of cigarettes but ive never gotten high. I havent touched a cigarette in over a year. it was a coping mechanism I used when things got hard but once I moved out I never touched one again.

I just need something stronger.

“I’m not that much of a goody two shoes.” I’m honestly hurt, Harry thought I was that boring.

“Violet you spark into tears when you’re late for a class.”

“Shut up.” I say offended. “I care about school. M’not a nun.” Sister Violet would go to hell for sure.

“Almost called the police on me when we missed English.” He just laughs as I think back to a couple days ago. Asshole made me miss last period and I haven’t forgotten. “Yeah and almost gave me a heart attack.”

“First class I’ve ever skipped.”

Harry just nudges his arm into my side, “are you serious?”

“Yes actually.”

Harry shifts on the rock so his body’s now facing me. With a hard look I fix my position as well. “So you’re like a good girl then hm?”

My jaw drops and I start to giggle. “No. not even a little.” Harry’s so off it’s shockingly hilarious. He studys my outbursts as his face falls unreadable but asks no further questions.

“Look I just think school’s important. Other than that I got nothing.”

Harry’s lips tug up a sliver. “Well compared to me you’re an angel darling.” there’s that word again. A spark shoots up my body and I stiffen. My thoughts were so clear up here and now there overpowered.

An angel is someone who protects others from demons. Someone so pure and untouchable. Full of love and innocence. I’ve tried to be an angel but i’ve only ever been the opposite. People hate and are disgusted by me. They keep me silenced in the dark where I can’t get out.

I’m no saint, I’m a sinner.

“Please don’t say that Harry.” the words hurt to get off my tongue. “I’m no angel.” I barely audible say as the sounds of water drowns out my voice.

Harry just studys me but rubs his hand over his chin changing the subject.

“So then darling... drugs?” His voice still remains jokingly, keeping the normalcy.

“You should do it with me sometime?” I raise my eyebrows hoping he’ll say yes and not embarrass me. Shifting my weight to nudge him back in encouragement.

“Only weed. I don’t want you using anything harder, I don’t want you down that path.” talking hardly like knowing from experience and I appreciate his concern, makes me feel safe with him.

Harry sometimes talks about a time in his life when he was in pain and did bad shit. I don’t really care about what he’s done but I’m kinda curious.

“You sound experienced?”

“I’ve told you Violet it was a bad time but I’m not ashamed. Was fun while it lasted but then it didn’t start to work anymore.”

It’s just weed. How did we get into this deep conversation? “Ok so you agree?”

“I could never say no to you.”

Point Violet. I’m gonna start a tally chart.

“Mhm!” I hum excitedly.

I’ve never done drugs before in my life. Guess i’ve just been sheltered but right now it has my greatest interest. plus Harry’s definitely the right person to do it with.

“is it the same like cigarettes?” is my next question.

Now I just sound stupid as Harry’s laughter fills the space between us.

“I’ll show you when we actually do it.”

You know if you told me I was planning on smoking weed with the imitating boy who sat beside me I would have passed out from laughter.

God, who would have thought I would have been on the back of a strangers motorcycle and had liked it. Let alone Harry’s motorcycle.

Sitting up here makes me think of everything I have been left out on in life. It makes me sad because I know it still hurts to do so.

The change I feel in myself when I’m with Harry is weird.

School, Abby, my apartment, the restaurant, Harry, my dreams, are all different personalities of myself and I don’t know who I am anymore.

I feel like a coconut. I’m caged in protected by a nutshell but once you break through its hollow. There’s nothing inside.

“Hey.” Harry nudges my shoulder which causes me to zone back into reality.

“Lost you there for a sec.”

Brushing my hair back I just shake it off. “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Just glad to have ya back.”

“How bout you say we make our way down?” Harry asks.

“Yeah okay.” reaching to my side, I grab my sweater and Harry’s shirt. Throwing it to him in one motion it goes completely in the wrong direction. Harry catches it before it blows away with a speedingly fast reflex.

“I’m not really hand eye coordinated.” I laugh as his shirt almost landed in a pile of mud.

“I’ve noticed darling.” He smirks before his lips are covered by the shirt going over his head. I bring my eyes down to look at his tattoos once more, before the fabric covers his body in one solid motion.

“Starin are you?” Red covers my face quickly as he notices but before I can get the words out to lie, Harry’s hands grip on to my sweater removing it from my lap.

Bringing my own fabric now over my head he plops it on the rest on my neck.

“I can dress myself.” I say with a mix of laughter and annoyance furrowing my eyebrows down.

“Dont need ya getting caught again.” oh my god Harry.

Staring annoyed at him through my eyelashes he just leans in placing a warm hand on my own, bringing it up to place through the left sleeve. Once my hands are free through the cuff, I push back his chest.

WIth a solid motion I place my other hand through the sleeves doing it myself.

“You ruined the fun.” he frowns as I stand up. “I’ll probably trip on the way down. You can be my knight in shining armour then, common!” I say as I start to walk away.

Well I was right. Not even one hundred meters into the walk down, I trip over my two feet and slip backwards. Thanks to Harry though he grabs onto my hands pulling me up straight and close to him before I fall hard into the ground.

Swallowing I blush through my smile. “Told you.”

After we reach the bottom of the hill and begin on the trail I start to see his motorcycle parked a could yards ahead. Stopping in my spot Harry curiously looks at me and I’m sure he sees my brain spinning.

He’s gonna be in for a treat.

“What you thinkin about darling?” Looking up to Harry who towers over me I just bite my lip before I take off speeding towards the car.

“Race ya!”

Speeding down the rocky trail at the fastest rate my legs can carry I look behind my shoulder to notice Harry’s no longer in site. What the-

Before I can even finish my sentence my front collides into a hard tree trunk. Yelping I Trip backwards, catching my balance. “ouch.”

Did I just seriously run into a tree?

Looking up I see no other than Harry who’s devilishly smirking back to me. Great. “Trying to outrun me?”

“Yep.” I take off once more but his hands wrap tightly around my waist wasting no time to throw me backward.

Another yelp leaves my lips as Harry throws my body backwards so my ear now rests on his lips. My legs don’t touch the ground and my back is completely leaning against Harry’s chest.

Cackling laughter leaves my mouth as I try to squirm free from our little game. “Can’t escape me that quickly darling.” his lips graze over my earlobe lightly sending an inhaling shock through my body.

I didn’t even hear Harry run in front of me. That assholes a whole ass magician.

His grip around my waist expands and I feel his rings graze over my exposed skin as my arms grip around Harry’s neck in reassurance I won’t fall.


He spins in a circle quickly which causes another pint of laughter to erupt from my throat. Squealing I tighten my grip around his neck placing my head on his overgrown hair that acts like my pillow.

Exhaling quickly, trying to cover up my breaths when he stops.

“Ok. I get it, I can’t outrun you.” I giggle as my breaths recover.

Harry hums satisfactory in my ear and when I think my feet will be placed on the ground its thrown out the door when Harry throws my body back even more. Slipping down my head falls to the middle of his back as his hands still grip my waist.

This man really thinks I’m a human pretzel.

“You run pretty fast for a slow walker.”

“Im full of surprises.” I hum against his back.

“Oh I know”

Striding off towards the car I mumble against his back. “Harry, I’m seeing stars, put me down.”

“I thought you liked stars?”

“Shut up.” I dig my head into his back.

“Quick whining were almost there.” Each time his foot makes a step on the ground I can feel the air rip out of my lungs.

Before I can even think twice the ground above me starts to shift which causes me to shriek.

My two feet now placed on the ground Harry’s hands on my waist pull me closer and my head now rests on his back. Blinking away the stars my body wobbles a little but Harry makes sure to steady me.

Stepping forward fully recovered, his hands trail my waist until they’re fully removed. Turning to face him I just cross my arms. “Thanks for that one.”

“Don’t try things, you know you won’t win.” He smirkingly says. Resting my hands on my sides I just look at him fighting my own smile.

Well you know what I can win at Harry? School. And you know what you won’t be getting? Homework answers.

Making his way over to his motorcycle he hops on starting it up. “Climb on.”

“How long was the drive here?” I change the subject.

“Like forty five minutes, why?”

“I have to pee.” I laugh while climbing on to his bike, hooking my arms around him.

Strolling down the country road where I notice a gas station sign, coming up on the right, Harry doesn’t wait for my question before he pulls up.

Parking, we both get off the bike but I leave Harry behind as I rush off to the bathroom.

The gas stations in the middle of nowhere and there’s one other car in the lot which i’m guessing is the employers. Opening the door to the red gas station a ding like song erupts throughout the store.

Walking in as quickly as I can, I narrow down the employee. “Bathroom?” I ask quickly with no time for small talk. “Straight to the right.”

Bless that man’s soul. Practically running off I lock myself in the white washroom stall.

Washing my hands relieved with a newly found calmness I walk out to see Harry paying the cashier. I wonder what he bought?

Turning around Harry spots me with a grin. “Ready?”

“Yeah all better.” I laugh while Harry opens the door for me.

Walking towards the bike with his hands in his pockets looking rather nervous. “Harry why do you look like you’re about to set off a bomb?”

With a groan Harry takes my hips once more and sets me down parallel on the bike, facing him. “I got you something.” his hand runs through his hair.

My eyes widen in curiosity and a little excitement. “Mr Styles got me a present!” Okay a lot of excitement.

Harry rolls back his head. “It’s not a present.”

Flicking my eyebrows at Harry he holds his hands up. “I swear.”

Removing his sunglasses they now rest on top of his head. “I was waiting for you and when I saw it, I bought up.” He just shrugs, reaching a hand into his pant pocket.

“It’s not a big deal Violet.” tell that to yourself then cause I can feel the nerves radiating off your body.

I’m practically jumping in my seat. “Let me see please!”

I don’t care if it’s a leaf, I never really had christmas or a birthday so surprises like this get me excited.

Harry’s hands pull back from his pocket but I don’t see anything but his hand in a fist.

Inching forward his hand pulls in front of mine. Clearly not opening anytime soon I rest my hand on top of his turning it over and inching his hands to release.

His veins disappear as his fist semi releases revealing a silver metal chain in his hand from what I could see.

As his hand slowly opens I urge it flat in one motion. His palm lays flat open now and looking down I gasp a child like grin.

A star keychain reveals in the smoothness off his palm. He got me a star keychain. “Harry I-”

Taking a breath I wrap my hands around the chain bringing it closer to my own site.

“Harry I love it.”

“You got me a star keychain!” I beam.

“I know you like stars and from the looks of your apartment you don’t get a great view from there.” his confidence shutters to an innocent mumble.

“This way you can always have the stars near you.”

I inhale sharply from his analogy. No one has ever got me something that has meant this much. No one ever listened to me enough to know what I really want.

I guess I havent spoken in a while because Harry starts to overthink. Shutting his eyes he starts to stutter. “You don’t have to like it I just-”

“Harry I love it. No ones ever done something like this for me.”

He exhales and his shoulder eases up.

“Wait what do you mean?” Harry states as if this keychain is just metal with a cheesy meaning.

“M’never received genuine gifts. Plus no one except you has heard about that star stuff.” I weakly admit. Growing up I received pity presents as apology’s from my parents but they never made me feel good. When I would see a present laying on the floor it would only make me feel sick.

Holding the keychain to my heart I smile widely at Harry.

“What?” He looks scared.

Jumping off the seat I launch myself at Harry giving him one of the most genuine hugs. Harry stiffens from the initial contact but starts to relax in my hold. He gently brings his hands to wrap around my body hugging me back.

“Thank you.” I whisper quietly into his ear so no one in the world could possibly hear.

After what feels like a lifetime I make the first move to let go knowing Harry’s probably waiting for me. Unwrapping our bodys I run to the back of his motorcycle retrieving my purse. Harry stares at me but I just ignore him.

Pulling out my apartment keys I loop them onto the keychain. They fit perfectly and for once those keys feel like home.

Placing my keys back in my purse I look up to see Harry starting the engine.

“Do you have a radio or something?”

“Yeah I do.” He snickers into the air. “What song?”

“I don’t know, just turn on the radio.” I shrug seating myself to get comfortable in my seat. Once my arms wrap around Harry’s once more the sound of the radio blasts on full volume.

And if you don’t love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain (Never break the chain)

“Hey I love this song!” my heart starts to beat rapidly from the excitement pouring through my bloodstream.

“You do?”

“I love Fleetwood Mac.” I hit his shoulders because talking to someone who shares the same rare artist as you is pure bliss.

“Well then darling.” Harry turns up the volume even more and if I didn’t love this song my ears would be bleeding. right now it feels like the cord to my lifeline.

As the engine booms through the air the song plays louder. Taking off the road I start shouting the lyrics.

And if you don’t love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain (Never break the chain)

“Hey Darlin?” Harry turns his head yelling estatically. “What.” I press my ear to his lips.

“Stand up.”

Stand. He wants me to-

“Hold onto my shoulders, I won’t let you fall.” A part of me doesn’t want to trust Harry but my heart’s slowly starting to beat for this man.

Swallowing down my nerves I make sure my foot is placed sternly in the foot holder.

Placing my hands on his shoulders I probably squeeze harder then I should but I don’t care. Gripping him for dear life I push off with my foot placing my knee on the seat. Listening to the music I calm my head down and just live in the moment we created.

Nothing else matters, who cares. I’m done submitting to my fears.

“And violet.” He shouts back before my knees can make the move to stand.

“now’s not the time to wobble okay.”

Before my brain has even the time to think I lace my hands tightly around Harry’s shoulder.

Without wobbling once I start to stand up straight until I feel the powerful wind adjust to my body, hitting it at atrocious speeds.

My hair blows in the wind and for the first time I feel as if I can breathe. A tooth wide smile erupts on to my face and I laugh. A laugh of pure happiness.

“Wohooo” I scream into the air continuing to laugh. Living in the moment I feel a small pinch on my finger. Looking down Harry’s lips are tugged into one of the widest smirks I’ve seen so far. Looking up at me like I’m his world.

It’s a funny feeling not knowing someone for that long but feeling like they know you better then anyone.

Smiling down at him I start to release my grip on his shoulders. taking control of my high I completely let go and throw my hands into the air, just in time for the last break in the chorus I let my hands dance through the air.

And if you don’t love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain (Never break the chain)

The wind blows back my hair and I feel inevitable. Like I’m living in a movie.

Looking down at the brunnette boy whos staring at I wonder how many more suprises he’s got on his hands. For once im interested.

Being up here with the wind something just clicks inside of me and an unkown feeling courses through my veins.

Sitting back down, I breathe the air through my lungs clearly. “thats all you got Harry?” I laugh into his ear.

“Im going easy, don’t wanna ruin ya just yet darling.”

“oh.” I hum into the air. thinking about my life and how much iv waisted I dont want to just exsist anymore.

Kiss or kill me.

Those seem to be my only options.

“Bring the worst, I can take it.”

“feel like making a deal with the devil?”

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