Two Ghosts

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Walking off the elevator Harry leads me to my door. Unlocking it my new keychain dangles when placed in the lock which I admire for a moment. When the door pulls open I look back to Harry chiming it in front of his eyes with a grin.

"You like it?"

"I really, really love it." I try to hold back a girly squeal. This stupid keychain means so much to me and I wish I could communicate it to him.

As the door creaks open Harry pushes it forward so it's enough for me to walk through. Placing my bag down, the room is quiet which isn't normal for us. Turning around Harry just stands in the door looking at me. Is he scared to come in or something?

"Are you coming?"

"I didn't know if I was aloud." he shrugs and closes the door as he enters.

"I have to head out soon. I'm meeting up with a couple guys." my head perks up with a small grin. "Niall and Louis?" they seem like so much fun.

"Yeah mostly." Harry scratches his head awkwardly. He's acting as if he's about to go craft some elaborate plan to go kill people or something. Rolling my eyes I take off my sweater as he just stands there.

"Alrighty well." I skip over to Harry and pull him towards the kitchen but he doesnt budge in my grip. God how much does this man weigh?

"Move Harry, you're literally a brick."

Walking behind him I push his back with all my might when he finally decides to move his feet and I wrap my arms around his waist, continuing to push him.

"Just can't stay away from me?" He asks chuckling, turning his head to look at me while I continue to push.

"Yup." Finally making our way to the middle of the room I let out a breath. Jeez that was a workout.

Now standing in front of him he bites his lip smirking and I just peel his black sunglasses off revealing his green eyes.

"Thanks for the morning Harry. I had a lot of fun." I smile sincerely while the glasses dangle in my fingertips.

Harry bends down leveling off with my height. That assholes so goddam tall.

Leaning towards me as our breaths hit I suck in a breath. Reaching his hand forward grazing my arms goosebumps ripple over my body.

Making his way up to my shoulders he cups my cheek tracing my jawline. Studying Harry myself I wander through all the little details of his face.

When he smiles the dimples on his cheeks make my heart melt and those stupid green eyes remind of a simpler time. I can't explain.

Harry lets out a huff of breath which grabs my attention as his eyebrows tug together as if he's mad about himself. I can feel the flood of thoughts radiating from his mind and I wonder what he's thinking about.

"Well I'm glad darling. Wish I could stay longer though." his forum changes and he seems back to normal. At least the normal I get to see.

"What can I say." I lean into his hand. "I'm a pretty cool person." Biting my lip I step back and slip the black sunglasses onto my eyes, nodding them on as they're pretty big.

Staring back at me I just point an imaginary gun to him and shoot. Pew

"I should get a lip piercing too. M'make me look like you." I blow on my gun and place it into my pocket which gets wide eyes from Harry.

The glasses slide to the tip of my nose from the movement and Harry pushes them back up to the bridge with a chuckle. "Dont wanna ruin a good girl like you."

"Look pretty sexy, I must admit though darling." Blushing I lean my head back giggling.

"oh I know." I state rudely and look back at Harry over my shoulders.

"Getting cocky on me now are you?" he lowers the glasses back down and I smile.


He groans "Hate to do this especially now but I gotta leave." Sitting his butt down on the table which lowers his height, Harry pulls me to stand between his legs still smirking at my appearance.

"this isnt you leaving darling." I say mockingly earning a suprised look from Harry which turns into a wide mouth grin.

Holding my hips he squeezes them a little too tightly and I sharply inhale. Ouch. Jerking up, he loosens his grip and pulls me softly and my hands rest on his chest.

"What are we doing tomorrow love?"

stating in an obvious tone. "I have work." I swear sometimes this man forgets the obvious.

"Well then after?" He shakes my hips encouragingly which shakes my whole body. Laughing, I lower myself near his lips. "I end at four am."

"I'll see you at four then?"

"Harry... four 'am'. Did you hear that part?"

"Loud and clear. I hate sleeping anyways." Same Harry.

Aimed right in front of Harry's chest my eyes dart down to his cross necklace which touches my skin. Grazing my fingers over the texture I twirl the chain gently. His jewlerys so pretty I wonder where he gets them from.

"So i'll see you tomorrow night... are you sure?" I ask, peeling back the top of Harry's shirt and dropping the silver down to meet his chest.

Harry seems like he's in a daze. "You who." I lightly laugh and press his chest. "You okay there?"

Licking his lips he just continues to hold my hips. "I'll pick you up, when did you need to leave?"

"No Harry it's ok, I feel bad. You bring me everywhere-"

"Sorry darling, not up for discussion." Groaning my head back I just mutter a fine. I give up with him. "Be here at 7 please."

As Harry smirks victoriously my knees buckle a tiny bit and it throws me off from the suddenous. The world starts to spin underneath me. what-

Harry's hands lace behind my back stopping the fall. edging me closer to him right away I grab onto his thighs and shut my eyes.

"Hey you okay darling that wasn't normal for you." It didn't feel normal either. The room goes black with each blink as I just nod gripping more tightly to steady myself.

"Yeah, I'm okay." opening my eyes to try again, stars seep through the air in front of me and the room goes blurry. Groaning, I firmling tuck my head into his shoulder resting as his hands rubs my back.

"You don't seem like you're okay." his hand moves to the back of my neck.

"What's wrong" he whispers in my ear and I just press my head more forward. This happens a lot from my lack of sleep.

"I'm just tired, Harry." i'm so tired.

"When I'm gone try to get some sleep."

"I can't" I sniff into the cotton of his shirt. "what do you mean?"

"never mind. I will its okay." I lie before he can say another word. Just need a cup of coffee.

After blinking a couple times the world seems to stop shifting and I lift my face back to meet his wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Stop worrying." I try bringing myself to normality the best I can. I don't like to talk about this kind of stuff.

Harry pushes my hair behind my ears catching me off guard with a gentle kiss to my cheek. The minute they attach to my skin a warmth fills my body and if he wasn't holding onto my back I would have jumped. His lips are soft and linger on the spot for time.

Unlatching his lips my hips are pushed back now as he stands over top of me replacing his body on the counter with my own. Lifting my hips he grins like a child. His dimples dip while he rests a finger gently over the spot.

Butterflies flutter in my stomach. Just like Harry's tattoo he reminds me of a butterfly. He doesn't have wings but makes me feel like I can fly.

"Are you leaving now?" I swallow the dryness in my throat.

"Mhm" He hums and I decide to wrap my arms around his neck pulling him into a hug which Harry immediately follows. I'm not sure why I did this or what i'm implying but I don't care. It was just an instinct my body jumped towards.

I've never been good with words so I hope he can feel what i'm trying to tell him. I just wish It could last forever.

He places another kiss into the crook of my neck and I just pull him closer.

Harry's arms unwrap from my back but lace under my legs urging them to wrap around his back. Going along I lock them tightly. "Hold on darling."

Standing up, Harry arms stay under my thighs as he carries me towards the door.

"What are you doing to me angel?" He barely audibly whispers into my neck before placing me back on the ground.

Leaning against the wall Harry slides the black frames off my eyes slowly placing them back on his own.

"See you tomorrow." He smiles at me but I just roll my eyes and push him out the door.

"Bye Harry." I giggle.

With clear amusement I watch as he walks away. stepping onto the elevator he places a piece of gum in his mouth from his jacket pocket before the elevator closes.

Not even thinking twice or letting my brain linger I grab the keys beside the door and make my way quickly over to Abby's.

Knocking on her door continuously she opens it immediately.


"I need your help."

Harry Styles

Leaving her apartment was one of the hardest things I forced my body to do. I hated leaving her in there. She's like a drug and I can't get enough of.

I couldn't help myself today. I had to kiss some part of her. I don't know what she's doing to me but it's driving me nuts.

Climbing off my bike with a hard look plastered on my face, I walk into my apartment. It's quite large and expensive but the space is never used. Hell I don't even think i've spent a night in that bed until a couple of days ago.

I haven't been able to look at other women since ive locked eyes on hers. Going out to the bar every night like normal I usually get shit faced and waste my time with whatever girl throws themselves at me.

I mean who wouldn't want me.

It's a part of my routine. Usually they take me back to their house or Niall lets me crash at his im to drugged to move. It's all a distraction. A never working distraction.

Since Violet I can even look at another woman.

Nothing compares to her. No one. I've tried to find someone like her but I find myself comparing them to Violet and no one comes close.

She's all I see when I'm with them and the numb feeling goes away with her. Since the first time I saw her she had my interest.

The first time I saw Violet when she walked by entering the school doors the ground shook beneath my feet.

And those dam eyes.

Almost pulled my gun on someone last night at the club because she didn't leave me alone. The feeling of her hands on mine made me want to barf.

Wouldn't have pulled trigger. Just scares the shit out of them.

Huffing into the mirror grabbing my gun from the dresser I push it into my pants. I didn't go empty handed today with violet, I had a gun on my bike but I brought a pocket knife on the walk. I dont think I've ever gone anywhere without protection and I can't risk it when I'm with Violet.

Looking into the hallway mirror I swear to myself. I keep trying to convince myself Violets just for fun and once I got a taste it would be over but after I kissed her today I was done. it wasn't even a real kiss.

I hate the thought of bringing such an innocent girl into my world but I can't help. I'm too selfish.

If she ever found out about me she would leave the instant and rage pours through my blood as I pull my fist back punching the mirror. watching the glass shatter to the floor.

I'm a bad person. People like me dont get people like her.

Blood pours out from my cut but I just wipe them clean, numbly on my legs. Nothing hurts anymore. Grabbing the duffel bag on the couch I grab it quickly dialing Niall on my way out.

"You got him?" I say sternly into the phone.

"Yeah he's right in front of me. Pussy looks terrified."

"I'll be there soon."

Wrapping the bag behind my shoulders I speed off on my bike towards the hideaway house.

Turning down the dirt road rocks crumble under my tires and I pull into the driveway hidden by the woods. Stepping off my bike I walk quickly towards the door.

Opening it I notice Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn all spread throughout the house. They all live here. Well, we all do but I choose to stay away.

In the middle of the living room lays a black stand-alone chair with a blonde boy knocked out.


"So scared he passed out." Niall laughs, taking a bite into his pancake.

Liam and Louis are watching a movie on the couch not even coherent to anything going on behind them. We're all used to this kind of stuff, it's our normal.

Zayn and Niall are pressed into the kitchen counter eating like a normal field day.

"Took you long enough Harry." Louis chimes in still paying attention to the movie. "Guy over here wouldn't stop whining, almost did you a favor and took care of him myself."

Tightly my lips I throw the bag to Zayn's chest as he catches it. I'm excited to start what I came here for.

"everything in here?"

"Minus ammunition but yeah everythings in there." I borrowed the bag last week for a job. I'm simply returning it.

Walking over to the passed out boy, the bag of weapons chimes loudly on the counter where Zayn un zipps the bag, reviewing the contents

"You're a psycho Styles." He huffs a laugh as Niall covers his mouth in a loud boom. "No way."

"Drained the dam blow torch. fuckers empty." The titanium cylinder hits the floor with a loud bang as Niall throws it down.

"Couldn't just shoot him?"

"Got bored."

The noise from the impact wakes up the boy in the chair and he sits up with a waver of breaths. His chest sounds like it's been crushed as he pleads.

"Please let me go."

"My family has money. Anything." shouting terrified shifting in the chair trying to escape his bound wrists and feet.

"Oh shut up mate." Louis rolls his head back sulking from the amount of crying he's been doing. "Your voice is torchering."

Stepping over to the boy on the chair now in front of him, I bend down to his eye level with a murderous glare. Slamming my hands down on his leg where an already stain of blood is revealed, I press my finger down into the hole earning a scream from his throat.

"Do you know why you're here?" I speak calmly.

"No." he cries.

Leaning my head forward I just lift my eyebrows before I growl through my teeth, "you touched Angel."

The boy's head shoots up and notices my face for the first time, recognizing me from the party. He swallows dryly. "You-you're crazy man."

"No no i'm not crazy. I'm insane."

"You see, it's bad to deal with the ones who have nothing left to hurt them."

Stepping back I throw my fist hard into his face causing instant blood to fall from his mouth as he spits out a tooth.

"She got em whipped." I hear Niall cheer to Zayn, slapping his chest. Looking hardly back to them they shut up quickly. Holding his hands in surrender Niall grabs his plate and works a way to the couch.

"She's hot Styles I don't blame ya." Niall echoes in my ear as he passes by. "I'm actually jealous quite frankly." Tightening my fists, my nails break the skin and im about to storm over to Niall when blond boy speaks.

"I didn't touch her" he manages to speak from below coughing out for air. Hes really making this worse for himself.

"I pulled you off of her." I spit through my teeth.

"Pretty girls like that just wants a good time. That's all they want. I was giving her what she deserved."

"Warned you to shut up." Louis cackles. "Someone grab me some chips."

I start to punch the boy repeatedly in front of me until he's inches away from falling unconscious but I stop so he can hear me clearly.

"If she was asking for it then why did she say no."

I slam my fists back to his face as my rings cut deep marks into his skin. "Why was she crying out for you to stop." I close my hands around his throat.

hours go by as the boy continues to slip in and out of consciousness. Grabbing some alcohol on the counter each time I pour it over his deep cuts, he wakes up consciously screaming.

"Can't have you dying right away, i'm not done with my fun." I shout highly.

I'm doing the world a favor getting rid of him. One less man for individuals to fear. The difference between him and I is that I don't force innocent girls to do things they don't want to do.

Four cut off fingers later and a new artwork on a personal canvas I pull my gun out from my waist band and aim it for his head already board with our time together. He should consider himself lucky I dont want to lock him up for some more fun later.

I can't look at his shit face anymore.


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