Two Ghosts

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Harry Styles

"So Styles." Niall perks his head up and smiles at me. "Wanna tell us something."

I just finished cleaning up the body and got that fuckers blood off me. Of course, he had to get a stain on my clothes. Guys like him just can't go respectfully.

"Niall mind your business." I spit through my teeth.

"So you didn't just kill a guy because he tried to hurt your girl?"

"No." of course I did it because he tried to rape her and ill do it again if someone touches her.

"Is that where you were this morning? Boss stopped by and wondered where you were. We covered your ass but we cant do it again next time, so stop fucking around." Liam says shaking his head typing on his phone.

I missed that meeting on purpose and I know it would have costed me. They didn't have to cover for me and I know that was a lot for them to do. They got me out of a shit reparation though.

"Im not fucking around Liam." They're all sitting spread out on the couches and I'm positioned across the room digging my hand into the back of the couch.

"Then where were you Harry?" Niall leans on his knees urging me to speak with a smirk.

"I was out." I deadspin not wanting to talk about it. "Leave it alone."

"Oh give it a rest mate." Louis now enters the conversation laughing.

"Styles we all know who you were with." Louis continues and my grip on the couch tightens.

"I'm sorry am I missing something." Zayn shakes his head at all of us like he's been living on a planet for years and just came back to earth.

"Well you see here Malik." Niall points directly at me, "It seems Styles got a little crush."

Zayn's eyes just go wide in surprise looking back at me. "A crush?" he chuckles.

"I don't like her like that." I spit.

"Really. So is it just a game to you then. Fuck the good girl? You sure are doing a great job of convincing her." My fingers tear through the leather of the couch. She's not a dam game to me and it's taking everything not beat the shit out of Niall. It would only prove their point.

Silence takes over the house and Niall just smirks from my lack of answer. "You see. I'm right." he cheers to the boys.

"I don't like her Niall."

"So then she's available? Might go pop over at her work then right now then." making a move to stand I just spit out in aggression and a little anxiety. "She's not at work right now."

Looking back to me Niall just smiles in success, "And how would you know that?"

"Wait, is she the reason you even show up to school? You know I don't just understand why you haven't dropped out, it's not like you can leave the mafia Harry and you're loaded."

"She's not why I'm still in school." she's just the reason I show up. I know I don't have to go to school and that's the whole point why some even join the mafia but that's a whole other reason.

"Get this, she's not even in another mafia. No connected bloodline."

"Shut up Niall." my voice gets louder from the frustration growing inside.

I'm risking a lot with Violet especially her safety and it doesn't make matters better if the guys know. No one should know. hell I shouldn't even be surrounding myself with her.

I'm gonna be the ruin of this girl. I squeeze my eyes shut leaning my head down.

"So then she doesn't know?" Liam speaks up.

"Nope." Niall laughs.

"And she's not going to." I release my grip on the couch. "She can't know."

"She works at Phils Harry."

"I know." I rub my fingers on my temples pacing behind the couch. "She's never noticed me before though so it's going to continue that way."

I can't let the mafia know about her. All eyes will be on her. Every person who has something against me will go after her.

She's too innocent to dance with murderous. Her heart's big.

"So where were you today?"

"Fuck off Niall." I stop in my tracks raising my voice.

"He was with her." Niall whispers to Louis.

"You know Styles, she does look like she'd be a great-"

Shooting up from the couch I pace towards Niall and grab his shirt before he could blink an eyelash. Throwing him down on the floor with a loud crack, the house shakes. punching his cheek, my rings make a visible cut but doesn't last long as Niall flips me over, punching me back square in the face.

His success doesn't last long until I knee him in the crotch and throw him off of me.

"Fucker." Niall falls on to the ground cupping his crotch but before I can make my way over Louis pulls me back and Zayn grabs Niall.

Being pulled back despite our fight to get free, Niall licks the blood off of his mouth which runs red on his tongue

"The Harry I know likes to share." my fist tighten even more and I rip myself out of Louis' hold.

Violet Chattin

Packing up for work I'm oddly excited to see Harry again but can't help the sickening feeling in my stomach telling me it's wrong and that he'll hurt me.

Standing in front of the mirror, I know that the feeling will never go away. Taking a deep breath I just stare back at myself. I'm so lost in who I am it doesnt matter anymore. I'm so done with just existing in the shadows. I'm done with letting others crawl over me. I'm just gonna do what I want from now on. try and be myself.

That means pushing alot of shit down inside of me but I don't care. I'll choke on the hurt until I cant feel it anymore.

Harry let me see how much I'm lost. From now on I'm done and I'm not sure if I want to sink or swim.

He makes me want to swim though.

A knock on the door grabs my attention and I run to it but stop halfway forgetting about the small object I made for him in my drawer. Abby and I worked on it last night. only felt right to give him something as well.

Finding the object I smile from how cheeky it is. Another knock pounds on the door and I'm rushing down the hall once more. "God, I'm coming, Harry!"

Grabbing onto the cold knob, I'm turning it to reveal Harry dressed in black jeans, a white shirt and a blue flannel. "I guess you do own something other than black."

"Well hello to you too darling." As he walks through the door and turns to close it I notice a small bruise on his cheek. "Oh my god are you okay?" I ask squirming a little in cringe, it must hurt a lot.

"No, I'm alright." He grins.

"What happened?" I ask going to grab my keys from across the table.

"Niall." he states and I slap my hand on my mouth to hide a laugh.

Turning around I forget about the object in my hand for him. "Wait. come here!" I say like an excited child. Walking towards me with caution he just smirks, "What?"

"Just sit down." Grabbing his hand tightly in mine I drag him to the kitchen table. Moving with cooperation this time I make it to our destination without losing a lung.

"Okay sit down."

He doesn't sit down. "Harry sit." I push his chest down on the seat which he goes falling back. "Gonna sit with me at least?" he laughs.

"Yeah on another chair." I say while tugging on another seat but Harry just pulls on my waist and sits me sideways on his leg. His hand is placed on my back steadily and I just laugh on the way down.

"Or will just share one."

Smirking up to me I just push the side of his head away from me playfully. "Alright, so I made you something."

"Made something for me?" He smirks back guitdily. "Yes I did."

"Well let me see." He nudges my side and I roll my head back groaning. "You won't laugh?"

"'i'll like whatever you made me darlin." Staring into his eyes I swear anyone could get hypnotized by them. Licking my lips I turn my head to my hands.

"Ok so, I know how much you like butterflies." He listens attentively with curious eyes.

"And I really liked the keychain so I just wanted to make something for you. You don't have to like it or anything and you can tell me, I won't get upset-"

"Violet. You're stalling, let me see."

Exhaling I pull my hand in front, presenting both of our stares to a dangling beaded plastic necklace. The necklace is made with pink, purple and white pearls. Connecting the two ends of the necklace is a silver butterfly clasp.

Harry snickers at the site and his eyes grow big as his hands touches over the butterfly. "It's not meant to be serious but I think it's cute." I smile as I place the necklace into his hands which he looks afraid to hold, like it'll break in his touch.

"You made me a butterfly necklace." Harry whispers, still locking his eyes on it.

"Well I know you like butterflies and I know you have one quite literally tattooed on you but I wanted you to have as many close to you as possible."

Harry turns his stare to me.

"You also remind me of a butterfly." I say shyly.

"I do?" looking up to me with bent eyebrows, searching my eyes for answers.

"Ya you do."

"When I was little and even now, butterflies always flew by and I thought they were so pretty. it kinda made me feel like anything was possible. They also remind me of a mirror from the transparency of the wings."

Harry still looks at me like he's trying to understand. "It kinda reminds me of us a little. When we were talking in the closet to when we were outside I felt like I was looking through a mirror. I know are problems aren't the same and we know nothing of eachothers past but no one's story has to be more worthy. You make me feel so understood and not alone. It was like my feelings were looking through a mirror."

"You kinda made me feel like I could fly and not drown" I say the last part as a barely audible wisper but I think he heard. his fingers trace over mine and he smiles big.

"You think i'm pretty do you?"

"Uhhhh." I laugh leaning my head back but his hand on my back urges me forward. Our faces close to each other he looks up to me through his green eyes which look so raw and innocent.

"Thank you." he says with eyebrows still furrowed like he can't process anything going on in his head.

"I'm not good with feeling and I don't really know what I feel half the time but thank you. This means alot to me."

"I don't understand my feelings either. The good ones at least." I lean into his side as he brushes my hair behind my ears.

I'm not sure what any of this means but I meant every word I said. He makes me feel like someone. We haven't known each other for long but it feels like a century. I haven't felt anything like this before. All my life I've been so scared but he makes me want to live.

"Put it on me?" he interrupts my thoughts by handing me the beaded necklace. "You wanna wear it?" I squish my face in surprise.

"Yeah I wanna wear it. Never gonna take it off."

Blushing I stand from his lap as his hands still rest on my side. Smiling, he hands me the necklace and I walk behind. Clipping it on it falls around his neck to rest on top of his cross necklace, dangling long down his chest.

"And yes Harry." I lean over his back and rest my cheek against his, "I think you're pretty." groaning he takes a hold of my hand and turns me around to face him with a shit eating grin on his face. Pulling me, I stand in between his legs with my hands on his shoulders, looking down but practically still level.

"Just might have to make you my butterfly darling."

My heart swells and I have to remind myself to breathe. God Damn it Harry. Running my fingers through his hair I smile. Why do his small words and actions always have such an impact on me?

"I'm always late to places when i'm with you." I laugh.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"One of these days we're not even gonna show up to class are we?"

"I'm full of surprises. Might have to make that my challenge." Normally I would be apprehensive of missing class but as of right now I'm pretty excited to see where he'll take me.

"Well the sooner you get to work the sooner you can see this pretty face again." As soon as the words leave his lips my face flushes red in embarrassment.

"I shouldn't have told you that." I groan but Harry tugs my hips back making room for him to stand.

"Let's get you to work then, don't wanna hear about you being late all week."

Throwing on my sweater I yawn tiredly into my hand as tears spark my eyes from it. "Did you end up sleeping last night?" He asks, brushing my cheek with his cool rings.

"Not really. Didn't have time." I didn't sleep at all last night. I couldn't bring myself to it. I'm running off of pure coffee and as of right now I feel fine.

Before he could answer I push my way to the door, "coming darlin." I snicker into the door when I feel Harry push his arms through my waist pulling me against his chest. A loud laugh leaves my lips.

"What are you doing." I ask as he carries me with one arm out of the door.

"I think you're the one full of surprises tonight aren't you?" He whispers in my ear and I nod like an idiot.

"Guess so Mr Styles." as soon as the words leave my lips Harry throws my body over his shoulders and my stomach hits his back, dangling like a rag doll.

"Harry." I laugh loudly. not this again.

I begged Harry to let me down as he carried me to his car but he didn't listen one bit. The looks we got were enough to make me choke in laughter, Arriving in the parking lot he let me go finally and I take a breath of much needed air.

Holding down my shoulders as I stand he smiles and I just look at him dumbly, "two left feet Violet."

"Shut up." I push his chest now revealed to the parking lot but I don't see his bike. "Harry I don't see your motorcycle?" I look back to him in confusion.

"I know." He walks down the lot. Where is he going?

"Harry?" I chase after him following his every footsteps until he's standing directly in front of a black car. He looks as if it's just another day for him.

Looking back to me with a smile I just throw my hands in the air in confusion urging my head forward.

"It's a 1965 mustang baby." Pulling out a set of keys dangling in the air he clicks the car unlocked and Harry opens the door to the driver's seat hoping in.

My jaw drops.

Standing in front of the black car my eyes sparkle in the reflection. This is his car?

Harry's car door opens and he pokes his head out in annoyance. "You're going to be late."

Oh shit. Running to the passengers side I open the door and swing in plopping myself onto the black seat. "Don't need a helmet today!" I say in happiness.

"You can't get rid of my bike that easily." he turns on the engine.

Pulling a pair of sunglasses onto his eyes he puts the car in reverse and backs out of the parking spot. Watching his every move my jaw drops slightly when his hand clutches the shift, switching gears quickly into drive. Swallowing I look out onto the road.

"Is this new?" I pat down on the seat.

"Nope. Always had it, just used my bike more."

"Jesus how much money do you have." I gasp out.

Harry doesn't answer that question but I notice that his hands grip the wheel and veins shoot up his arms drawing a firm line into his shirt.

"Well my hair thanks you today." I rest my elbow on the window resting my head against my hand looking back to him.

His hands loosen from the wheel and he flexes them outwords.

"Gonna have you driving that bike one day." he states looking in his mirrors and my eyes grow wide.

"I'm sorry?" I reiterate in case I heard him wrong.

"You heard me."

"Harry I would crash." I giggle into my hand.

"I'm a good teacher." he cous and I place my head in my hands trying not to laugh. "I dont think so."

"You're such a good girl oh my." He shakes his head with a smirk.

"I've accepted that and i'm okay with it." I giggle as Harry turns into the restaurant. Pulling up by the door I grab onto the handle, slightly sad that I have to leave.

"Thank you for driving me." I smile back to him but I don't get the door half-open when I feel Harry's hands pulling me across the bench of his car.

"Not gonna let you go that easily." he rests his hands on the bench and his other brushes my hair back. My knees rest on his thighs comfortably.

I press my hands to his chest and run my fingers over the pink beads studying the butterfly with my eyes.

Releasing my hand he stares into me helpless. Cupping his chin I tilt his head to the side. Laying a soft kiss on his cheek, his skin smooth under my lips. pulling back I smile. "I'll see you later Harry."

Looking at me dazed I slide over and open the door. Turning around to get one last look he holds the wheel still watching my every move with a painted smirk.

Opening the front door to the restaurant I don't even get through as Philip blocks the door and I'm left in the wind.

"Hey Phil!" I say but his focus isn't on mine. Looking past my frame at Harry, Phil has a hard look plastered on his. I've never seen him act like this before.

Turning around I notice Harry's car hadn't left as well and I can see his murderous stare on Philip that causes goosebumps to crawl on my body.

Both staring at each other I just continue to watch everything in front of me unfold confusingly.


"How do you know him Violet?" His voice lacks any enthusiasm like it normally does.

"He's a friend."

"What's his name." getting straight to the point.

"Harry. He's the one I told you about before." Turning his head from the door his gaze returns to mine.

"Harry who?" his voice uneasy.

"Styles." I say thrown off from his behaviour. He's acting crazy. "Why are you acting this way?" I cross my arms over my chest from the breeze.

His face goes blank and looks to Harry quickly then back to me. "Stay away from him Violet."

"What are you talking about." I roll my eyes trying to walk past him but he doesn't let me through. This is ridiculous.

"You can't tell me who to socialize with, you're acting crazy." Philip just laughs. "Wrong crazy Violet." huh?

What is he talking about?

"Philip let me through." I state sternly.

"Stay away from him Violet'' he says again practically yelling at me. I jolt in surprise by his words and the tone of his voice spicks remembrance in my blood.

Standing there frozen in time I hear Harry's car door shut aggressively. Turning around Harry walks firmly towards us. His look was nothing of what I just saw in the car. He's angry.

"You okay darling." He presses a hand to my shoulder, still looking up at Phil murderously. "Yeah, I'm okay." I slowly say.

They both stare at each other either refusing to back down. Im not sure whats going on but a sick feeling turns in my stomach.

Looking down I notice Harry's hand in a tight fist. What the fuck.

"Harry." I whisper now, growing anxious. His gaze falls to mine quickly growing soft as soon as they meet.

Placing his hand in mine our fingers intertwine and his rings brush up against my skin. Walking forward, Philip backs up greatly from the door, eyes growing a little nervous for himself.

"Excuse me." Harry speaks slowly.

Harry pushes through the door completely and edges me with a nod to walk through first. With our hands still attached, he holds open the door as I walk through.

Harry follows behind and turns me around to look at him. "What did he say?" I look around for Philip but he disappeared, nowhere to be seen.

"He said that I needed to stay away from you. Thats crazy, he doesn't even know you." I shake my head and Harry's face falls hard and looks around the restaurant we're in.

"he yelled at you?" I nod and squeeze my eyes shut. "it's fine though Harry. Im just different to deal with."

"I dont care Violet." He edges forward to walk through the restaurant but I tug him back before he can find Philip.

"Harry this is ridiculous it doesn't mean anything don't bother." His face falls again and nods weakly from my tone.

"Tell me if he says anything else to you okay?"

"Okay." I agree still confused with the context going on right now. Harry seems off.

"Want me to stay?"

"No no. Philip is a friend Harry he doesn't make me uncomfortable."

Nodding, his hand releases. "Call me if you need anything. or if you just wanna look at the stars okay?" My heart stops momentaraly from his words and I squeeze his hand, trying not to fall off the earth.

"I will."

"I'll see you later darling."

"Four am." I exaggerate which earns a smile to tug on Harry's lips.

"Four am." he mutters walking towards the door, getting in his car and driving away.

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