Two Ghosts

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Song: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy- Queen


- - - - - - - - - -

Opening my eyes, Harry and I lay intertwined on my bed. His hands lace behind my back as my own arms wrap around his neck.

I try not to move a single muscle. I don’t want to wake him and I grow anxious waiting for his response about last night.

Letting my head remained pressed into the space between his neck and my pillow, I take a deep breath which sends an ache through my lungs which I swallow down.

My body pressed into his sends a warmth throughout my body that goes past body temperature.

Knowing what Harry saw last night scares me. He’s seen one of the greater things I kept hidden but he didn’t run. He stayed.

No one has ever stayed.

I feel like I should be scared or running away myself but I think what I’ve learned most about Harry and I from the start is that we keep surprising each other.

I really am out of my mind.

I told him a couple things last night that I knew shouldn’t have slipped but It’s all become too much. Someone was bound to see eventually. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

His hands brush my back lightly which makes goosebumps crawl over my skin. Nudging my face into his cheek, the tips of my fingers twirl the bottom of his hair in my hands. Taking a breath my chest aches and I whimper quietly, still not wanting him to wake up.

I’ve hugged Abby before but it was nothing like this. It was more of a forced comforting hug. This time I feel the want to be here. I feel safe.

As my fingers continue to twirl his brown hair in my fingers, Harrys hands lace around my back completely which causes my body to flinch a tiny bit but I melt back into his arms quickly.

“Ive been awake for a while, you’re not waking me up.” His morning voice speaks softly in my ears. His deep British accents echos through the tiny room.

“What time is it?” I try to speak normally but I just sound broken. “Midday.” Nodding weakly, I don’t care that I’m missing class.

“Someone was knocking on the door though, she seemed pretty pissed.”

oh shit. Quickly sitting up I untangle myself from Harry and climb over him. reaching for my dresser I grab my phone.

Harry turns on his side to watch me, his face squished into my pillow. His hair all messy as his eyes roam over my body.

Unlocking my phone I see thousands of very angry messages from Abby. With wide eyes I decide not to read them. She has a pretty big personality which I would like to go without this morning.

Wiping the dried tears away, I cough weakly into my arm and god did it hurt. Harrys fingers draw circles on the top of my thighs which I almost burst out in laughter from the tickle.

Texting a quick apology and ‘I’ll be at school by the end of lunch’. I place my phone back on the table rolling over back on the bed.

I’m met with those pair of green eyes that have come to be my most favorable thing. Laying back down so we were face to face, neither of us speak. We just roam our eyes over each other analyzing every detail there is to see over the covers.

I feel a sudden tug on my hips under the blanket and Harry pulls me closer to him in one swift move which I follow through comfortably. His hand touches softly over top of mine and his thumb brushes over my knuckles.

“You stayed.” I state silently looking down at the space between us.

“Of course I stayed. You thought I was going to leave?”

I nod silently. “Everybody lies.” everybody always lies.

“What did you hear?” I’m quick to change the subject as I shut my eyes tightly. He’s going to leave. He just saw a glimpse into how destructive I am.

“Hey look at me.” I feel the cool touch of his rings brush over my tear stained cheeks.

“If you think I was scared of you last night I wasn’t.” I open my lips to speak but close them again when nothing comes out.

“Were no different Violet and if you think I was judging, I wasn’t. I don’t see you any differently.”

His finger touches my bottom lip and I follow the sensation with my eyes as he brushes them back and fourth.

“Do those happen all the time? Is that why you don’t like sleeping?”

“Yeah.” I shut my eyes as my voice tries not to break.

Harry doesn’t ask any further questions. He removes his fingers from my lips and runs them softly over the dried tears on my cheek.

Removing his fingers he tugs on my arm, “come here.”

Pulling my arm down to him, I push back his body, turning away. He’s only doing this because he feels bad. He must think I’m so pathetic.

Sitting up against the wall I brush my hand over my face to wipe the remaining tears but Harry still has a hold of my other arm refusing to let go.

Looking down to his body laid flat on the bed I turn my head away from him. “Harry im fine.”

“Just come here please.”

“Can we just go back to normal?”

“well then.” Harry pulls my body back down once more with incredible strength and a gasp leaves my lips.

Forcefully falling down into his body I crash down into his chest. “goodmorning sunshine.” I let a quiet laugh leave my lips.

“Surprised you didn’t yell at me for not waking you up.” He smirks into my shoulder.

Maybe we are still normal with each other.

I think I only looked forward to school so much because it was a way for me to get out of this house. I guess it was just a feeling of being able to move on one day. But the longer I think about my future the more I know I won’t.

“School was my distraction. I don’t really care for it all anymore.” I say with no emotion.

In all honesty school just added to my pain but I never realized until Harry showed me how I’ve been treated wasn’t okay.

“Everyones so mean to me there, Harry.” I whisper as my eyes widen in numbness. It hurt alot at first but sadly I’m just used to it.

My whole life, my feelings have been treated like a bother. Like my pain wasn’t valid.

“Why did you stay last night?” It still shocks me that no matter how much Harry proves that he’s not like the others, a part of me still says he is.

“You said you wanted someone to sit with you in your darkness. You shouldn’t have to do that alone so that’s what I did.”

“No one should have to go through shit alone. I’m sorry you had to.”

He speaks softly and my eyes shut as I press my forehead into his neck for time when my body suddenly flips over so my back was on the bed completley.

Leaning down he fluffs his hair into my face and I turn my head to the side giggling. Its like tiny ticklish needles poking your skin.

“Harry get off.” I smack his chest trying to get him off my face. Leaning up from my face Harry wraps his hand through his hair smiling down at me.

Looking up at him with my jaw slightly dropped trying to hold back a laugh, he starts to tickle my hips and more laughter erupts in my chest.

“Harry.” I try to jerk into a ball but he’s straddling my hips.

“Harry I can’t breathe.” I’ve always been so ticklish. Laughing with my face pressed into the pillow Harry stops and holds his hands in the air with a shit smirk. Breathing through my already bruised chest I smile up to Harry shaking my head.

“Were gonna be late for English.” he hovers over my frame once more with his hands pressed on either side of my head, holding himself up.

“Shut up.” I roll my eyes and face to the side but I’m quite literally trapped. His right hand lifts and gently runs under my chin, pulling my stare back to him.

“Harry you’re gonna have to get off of me in order for us to go.” smirking, Harry leans down giving my cheek a quick kiss that lasts about a second before completely getting off of me.

Pulling myself up on my elbows I sit myself over the edge of my bed.

“I just have to take a shower. You can go after me if you want?” I offer. I’m sure we both need to freshen up.

“Sure you dont wanna save water, we can go together?” Harry teases.

Standing up with a disgusted look on my face I push him back playfully.

“Only offering.”

“You wish Harry.” I giggle while walking to my drawer to find some clothes.

Walking towards the bathroom and closing the door I look at myself in the mirror and just sigh, rubbing my face like everything wrong with me will magically disappear.

Staring back at my reflection I look into my brown eyes before pulling my stare away painfully.

Showering and putting on some clothes I look through the cupboards for a spare toothbrush. Finding a yellow one I place the packaged object onto the sink for Harry.

Leaving the foggy bathroom I’m wearing green sweatpants and a white tank top. Standing now in the middle of the living room, Harry sits on a chair swiping through his phone. Hearing my footsteps he looks over to me.

“There’s clean towels in the bottom shelf.” I point to the bathroom.

“Thanks darling.” Harry stands from the chair. walking past me at his normal speed, I swear it happens in slow motion. Following his slow movements which lead to the bathroom, turning around his body faces mine through the door. his irises lock on mine gently before it closes.

Brushing back my hair I saunter to my bedroom putting on some mascara and concealer. Finding my black converse I carry them to the kitchen, starting a fresh pot of coffee and adding an extra scoop of beans for Harry.

Aften ten minutes, when Harry exits the bathroom I’m hopping around on the floor trying to put my damn shoe on. wobbling my body hits the kitchen counter and I rub my head from the sharp contact.

I hear him laugh which causes me to lock eyes with him. Smirky asshole.

Standing up from my crouched position I take in Harry’s appearance. His long brunette locks are wet as he holds his blue flannel in his hands, showing off his tattooed arms in his white shirt.

“Having trouble there darling?”

Walking over to take a seat I finally get my heel in the shoe as Harry just looks down at me questionably.

“May I help you?”

“I think you’re the one who needs help.” Sitting in the chair directly in front of me, he grabs onto my leg pulling my right shoe upwords to rest on his knees.

“Harry I can tie my own shoes.” I lean my head back trying to tug my shoe out of his hold but he pulls it right back.

Watching his every muscle as he laces my shoe, he looks up to me as he places my foot on the ground. leaning down with his actions the top of his shirt hangs down off his chest and I can see his dove tattoos visably.

Grabbing my other shoe he knocks my butt forward as he pulls me leg, inching me closer as he laces the other.

Now with two laced up converse I place them on the ground smiling like a child down to them.


Leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees this time, he grins. “Don’t throw out my tooth brush okay?”

Before I can even respond his phone rings on the table causing a vibration through the wood which makes me jump.

“Fuck.” Harry mutters under his breath and his face pulls into a hard frown. Reaching over the table, he stands up and walks over to the side of the room without a glance back.

Putting the phone to his ears he speaks a hard, “What Louis.”

Not wanting to listen in intentionally I walk over to the coffee pot and pour the warm liquid into my thermos.


“I’m not coming today.” he spits into the speakers.


Harry presses his fingers to his temple and lets out a loud breath.


Immediately hanging up right after, he places the black phone into his pocket harshly. Curling his fists he notices my presence and flattens his hands out stiffly.

“Sorry that was Louis.” He says, looking to the wall behind me cracking his knuckles.

“That’s ok.” I state awkwardly.

Um anyways.

“I um. Can’t go to school with you today.” he walks over to me.

“Oh.” I say sadly. I was looking forward to hanging out with him. I wonder if this was about last night or if he really has to go somewhere with Louis.

“Where do you have to go?”

“I have to go help Louis with a few things.” Harry doesn’t elaborate and I just take it as cue that he doesn’t want to talk about it further.

“Well tell him I say hi then.” Grabbing my bag from the floor throwing it over my back Harry nudges me to the door. “Come on, I’ll drive you.”

Harry walks beside me down the hallway but his mind feels miles away. His jaw remains locked the entire way down the elevator.

I wonder what circles through his head at night.

As the door bings open, the single noise causes his head to snap back into reality. Pressing his hand on my backpack he leads me to the outside doors.

Opening it for me like he always does I walk under his tattood arms into the warm sunlight.

Placing his sunglasses on his face as I look away to his car parked right outside the doors I notice a colored paper sticking out on his windshield flapping with the wind.

“I think you got a ticket.” I press my hand to my mouth shielding a laugh. running forward to the car snatching the small piece of paper from the windshield I observe it in my hands.

Laughing while I read it, Harry stands behind me pressing my body into the black paint of the drivers side, trapping me in.

I hand him the paper in one swift move with my own smirk. “price to pay for four am.”

Leaning back, he pinches the top of the paper grabbing it from me but he doesn’t even look at it. Shoving the yellow piece of paper into his pocket crumbling it, he licks his lips but my jaw only drops.

“Harry.” I laugh but this boy really doesn’t care. “it was worth it.”

Staring at me with a painted smirk, looking me up and down I shove his hips back and run over to the passengers side getting in the car quickly. The soft cushion of the black leather hits my body and I watch Harry get in slowly.

Grabbing my phone from my pocket I send a quick text to Abby that I’m leaving.

I don’t even wanna go to school if Harrys not there. There’s no point.

As the car starts, Harry pulls out of the space and onto the road.

“Can I come with you?” I ask out of the blue and Harry matches my state with a sympathetic look. Guess not.

“I wish you could darling.” He clenches his jaw.

“I don’t wanna go to school.” I look out of the window trying to pull myself together. “Think we can just start skipping.” I state and Harry’s jaw loosens with a grin.

“What are you talking about.” he chuckles into the steering wheel but I just nudge closer. “No, I’m serious. We’re smart, we’ll just go in to write tests.”

Pulling into the school our conversations cut short.

Noticing Abby at the picnic tables her eyes grow wide when she spots me in the car and I grab my bag quickly off the floor.

“You know, forget that. that’s crazy talk.” Leaning over to get out of the car, Harry grabs onto my hips and pulls me closer with a hard force.

Sitting on his legs, he rests a hand on my thigh. I’m not even surprised by our actions; it seems to be our routine.

“What.” I groan out playfully.

“Just have to go deal with some family things and I’ll come pick you up.” He drags his finger on my lower thighs and motions like he’s drawing circles. is Louis his brother? their both british.

Locking eyes with Harry as I nod my stare travels down to his butterfly necklace. I guess he really isn’t taking that thing off.

“Do you work today?” I pull my gaze up.

“Yeah. I start at ten though so we have time to do something in between if you want.”

“Kidding? I’m always up for some fun.” he smiles into my leg.

“Okay well you think of an idea and I’m gonna go take notes for us.”

“I like the way you think darling.”

Leaning forward to get out of the car Harry doesn’t let me go.

Trying to pry my way out of his hold he doesn’t budge. Pulled back with his hands I sit back on his lap, looking at him with a smug look.

“Let me go.” I laugh in an obvious tone trying to grab a hold of the leather bench to help me up but no matter how high I get off his lap he keeps pushing me down.

“What do you want.”

He shrugs... Shrugs.

“I’m gonna be late.” I use as an excuse when I really don’t care. Sitting sideways on his lap I lean against the window and touch Harry’s glasses.

“Can I have these?” I push them down so I can see his green eyes clearly eyeing mine.

“No way.” Pushing my hand away he places the glasses properly on his face again.

“Oh come on.” I lean forward this time licking my lips.

“I’ll get you a pair soon.”

The bell rings which makes me gasp. “Gonna let me go now?” I urge forward as he lets go of my hips finally.

Pulling the door open I’m immediately met with Abby’s body blocking me from moving forward.

She stands there with an evil smile.

“Hello Harry.” She says to him, looking right into my eyes holding a laugh. Staring at her with my eyes wide I give her a warning look.

“Abby” I whisper snap.

She waves to Harry flicking her fingers and turning around cautiously I notice him giving her his own shortwave before planting his hand back on the steering wheel with a grin.

He shifts the gear into drive, watching me as he pulls out of the parking lot.

Grabbing her by the arm, I turn us to walk through the doors.

“Just friends huh.” She laughs into the air holding her side. she looks like she could fall over from the amount of air shes trying to get into her lungs.

“We are.”

“He’s still wearing your necklace Violet.”


“It’s a plastic pink and purple butterfly necklace. If you havent noticed he wears all black and drives a motorcycle half the time.” She shakes her head in disbelief like she knows I’m talking through my ass.

it has a meaning. I repeat in my head, knowing she doesn’t the whole story.

I don’t know what me and Harry are but we can never be something more. I don’t do that kind of stuff. I don’t even believe in love.

He deserves way more than me.

What Harry and I have right now is all I need. Relationships always go wrong and I don’t need that kind of heartbreak.

I always play it safe.

Why am I even talking like this. “Were just friends.”

“Are you telling yourself that or me.”

“You.” I say through my teeth as Abby turns the opposite corner from me. I don’t get another word out for a goodbye in her direction when I bump into someone else. “Jesus christ.”


Great. This is just great. Looking up to the dirty blonde he leans against the blue blue lockers. I dont have the patience to deal with this today. Ive had a long night.

“Move. I’m not doing this right now Peter.” I spit out.

Peter looks at me with wide eyes. “Excuse me?”

“I said move daddys boy, I don’t feel like getting put down today.” The anger in my voice is honestly confusing to myself. “I’m not in the mood.” I emphasise each word.

walking around him without waiting for a response, I head to my english class not stopping. “Don’t talk to me like that again Violet.” He states in a tone which sends shivers down my body.

“Or what?” I whisper to myself rolling my eyes as I enter my class.


Class is almost over, as I watch the second hour tick by. My attention draws to my phone which lights up with a notification.

Unknown number

Miss me darling?


Who else would it be?

How did you get my number?

I put it in your phone this morning while you were in the shower :)

How did you know my password?

I’m a man of many things.

True. You seem to be my biggest fan.

Haven’t I already admitted it?

Not enough clearly.

Miss me?

Not really.

You’re a shit liar darling.

Well class is pretty boring... just doodling.


45 minutes later

Sorry, had to help Louis with something. I’m just getting ready to leave.

The Bell rings and I don’t bother to respond. Picking up my purple bag I pull the heavy contents onto my back. With a slight groan my back gets used to the weight and I’m out the door.

Rushing down the hallways paying close attention not to bump into anyone else.

Noticing Abby at the end of the hall I run over to her and she turns so were shoulder to shoulder as we walk through the crowd.

“Is loverboy picking you up?”

“Yeah. do you mind waiting with me and catching the second bus?” I ask hopefully, knowing Harry won’t be here for a little while.

“I can’t. Have to go help mum with a few things.”

“Oh well nevermind. I understand.”

“Is he not picking you up?” we both press our hands on the bright blue school doors and walk into immediate sunlight.

“He just left, not sure how long that means.”

“Is he taking you straight home?”

“I’m not really sure. I have another late shift tonight though... he’s taking me again.”

Lifting her head with an “awh” expression she smirks at me before turning around.

“Have fun!” She sings while looking over her shoulder as her blonde hair blows in the wind.

Rolling my eyes I walk over to one of the benches and take a seat. Scrolling through my phone I don’t get lost in others around me like I normal do.

As ten minutes go by I hear the sound of a car pulling into the parking lot. Looking over my shoulders I see a shiny black car parking itself right in front of me.

Standing up I walk over to the passengers side door opening it, shoving my heavy bag off my shoulders and onto the ground, my shoulders stretch in relief. Before getting in however I dip my head down, resting my arms on the hood of the car.

“Your text was pretty inspirational. ”

“Shut up and get in darling.”

I dont move. “How did you hack my phone.” I try not to laugh.

“I didn’t hack your phone.” Leaning over the space in between us he grabs onto my arm and pulls me into the car.

Sitting down and brushing myself off I flick my hair behind my ears. placing my hands into my lap, matching eyes with Harry I noticed he changed from his white shirt into a black one and is now wearing a red flannel.

“You like your flannels don’t you?” I stretch the red material out quickly realising it.

“How much time do I have?”

“what?” I breath out.

“Till you have to go to work?”

“oh, about six hours.” I eye him carefully.

“You by chance don’t have your uniform with you, do you?”

“No.” I laugh anxiously. “What could we possibly do that will last six hours?”

“Just in case.” He says before shifting the car in reverse. Placing his hands on the back of the bench behind my head his hands grip the wheel, turning left. Straightening out he shifts the car back into drive.

I pick my jaw up from the floor before he could see. “Where are we going?”

“To your house first you need to pick up your clothes.” He turns his head to mine with a small grin.


Running back to the car I just told Harry to just stay put while I ran up to grab my work thing but Harry refused.

Arguing with him over a simple independant activity I eventually just rolled my eyes and opened the door quickly making a sprint for my apartment. The slam of the car door cuts off his voice sharply and I hurry into the silence of my building.

Definatley wasnt the best way to solve a funny little argument but he clearly didnt follow.

Buddy really thinks I’m gonna get abducted the minute im left alone.

Climbing back into the front seat I get on my knees facing the back and place my bag on the leather seats. While I was upstairs I grabbed a black sweater as well. It’s packed in my bag in case I get cold for whatever activity he has me doing.

Once my butt is finally placed on the seat Harry hands me his phone which I stare at.

“Is this like a way of us getting even or something.” I stare into the electronic phone in his hands which he barely has a hold on.

“No.” He shakes his head which makes his curls dance.

“Pick a song darling.”

Removing the phone from his hand I start to swipe through the songs on his phone. “The beatles?” I ask with a tilt to my head as we drive through a green light.

“Great music.” His stare still remains on the road.

“Didn’t think a guy like you would like fleetwood mac and the beatles.” I’m honestly quite surprised, I thought his music taste was going to be hard rap but not at all.

The songs on this phone really prove how appearances are not at all equal to what’s inside. Looking up once more I notice that we were driving on the highway.

“Where are you taking me Mr Styles?”

“Surprise. Pick a song.” He taps my knee with his hand and pushes it to the side.

“I’m looking, I’m looking.”

“Make sure it’s fun.”

“Fun?” I laugh

“Yeah you’re gonna dance.”

Staring back at Harry holding a laugh because i’m almost certain he’s kidding but them his arm reaches out in front of him clicking a button. Watching him curiously the roof slides back with a crisp noise.

The wind and fall sky all come apparent to our senses now.

“You want me to stand?” I still ask questions like he’s an idiot.

“You stood on my motorcycle.”

True... it was really fun too.

“Only if you’ll join me.” I negotiate while my bodys pressed into the side of the window with his phone flat against my chest. my knees are up on the bench as well and I hope Harry doesnt mind my shoes up here.

“I told you last time to bring it. You don’t look like much of a devil right now.” shrugging I pick up the phone and continue to scroll, I can feel his stare on me and I know I flicked a button inside him.

Scrolling through his bee gees album I take a mental note to come back to it another day. Looking up to Harry I notice a new type of smirk on his face. This one’s pure violence and murder, mixed with pure bliss.

I smirk to my own self which was exactly what I was hoping I’d get from him.

“Found one!” I take the aux cord, straightening out the wire and plugging it into his phone. A loud connecting shock shakes a vibration through the car.

“I will say Harry, I do like the songs on here.” I shake the black device.

“Hurry up and play it.”

“Okay okay.” Before the song even plays Harry belts the volume up several notches and I know with this song we were going to feel every instrument.

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things

We can do the tango just for two

Looking over to me Harry smiles with proud shine. “you got taste.”

“tell me about it.” I place the phone near the ground in a tiny compartment. Sitting up I start to move my shoudlers. Harry doesnt even bother looking at road as he starts to move his head.

“you played this type of song you gotta act on it darling.”

Shrugging my shoulders in an ‘easy’ way I unbuckle my seatbelt and the fabric folds up across my chest. Unhooking my arms through the rest I climb on my knees and crawl myself forward slowly so our lips practically touch.

I’ll show you sexy.

Biting my lip, I place my hands onto his shoulders and crouch upwards so im standing on my shoes. Removing my hands from gripping his red fabric, I hold my hands onto the space on the roof lifting myself up through the space.

Standing in the wind with my chest through the roof, my hair blows back at a refreshing speed. This was nothing like the motorcycle, it was safer and with the music booming underneath my waist it felt like a simulation.

The air around me was mixed with wind and music.

Looking around we were on a long highway with absolutely no one on the road exept for us.

I’ve always wanted to do this.

Riding to school every morning in my parents car I would always look up at the roof from the backseat. I wondered what it would have been like to just stick my head out of the roof.

I always wondered if it would have be quieter up there. If it would tune out the fighting.

Standing up here it’s almost like a portal to another dimension. Half of your bodys in one place and your other bodys in another.

Leaning back I press the back of my body into the hood of the car. pressing against the cold steel I just lay here with my hands out widely behind me, breathing in the the cool air.

“Darling you good up there?” A voice shouts over the music which causes my head to pop up. Curling up from the hood I sink my body back down into reality leaving my small portal on top of me.

“You coming up?”

Harry un does his seatbelt at light speed and before I can even ask how he’s managing to drive at the same time Harry puts the car into cruise control.

His knee leans against the wheel and before I could lecture him I know he has total control. He tosses his sunglasses to the floor and grips onto the roof right beside me lifting himself up. the muscles on his arms contract as his body grows to the sky. His knee replaces itself on the wheel with his foot now.

I try to open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Harrys body now completely out of the roof, I look up to him having to close my jaw in shock.

“suprise.” I mutter to myself inaudibly.

His hand lowers to my arm and tugs me upwords but before I’m lifted complteley off the seat I bring my fingers to the volume and turn it up even more. It’s ear piercing but it feels like we’re in a complete different world.

Once the music changes level Harry lifts my body up fully through the roof.

“You’re crazy.” I yell now standing side by side.

“I’m just living.” His hair blows back in the wind as he looks to me with a huge smile on his lips.

“I’m living Violet.” he restates as his green eyes pierce into mine.

“Try it sometime, love.” Grabbing my hips he pulls me forward and I go crashing into his chest giggling.

“I thought I said we were gonna party up here.”

Leaning my head back In laughter I throw my hands in the air.

Ooh, love, ooh, loverboy

What’re you doin’ tonight, hey, boy?

Set my alarm, turn on my charm

That’s because I’m a good old-fashioned loverboy

Shifting my hips with the music, my hands flutter over my body drifting back in the wind.

After time I bring my raised hands down slowly, tracing them down my body, analzying every dip and fabric to the touch.

My hair blows back in the wind and I rake my hands through my hair once again.

Looking side eyed at Harry, his stare never left my side. blushing I shift an inch, moving closer standing on my tippy toes so were somewhat leveled off.

His hands find my hips and I lean my head side to side with the music.

In one solid move I’m being shifted to the front and remain pressed into Harry’s chest. “Havin fun.” he whispers into my ear where his lips touch the tip of it.

“Mhm.” I nod my head taking a sharp breath from how every feeling is heightened up here. the wind, the air, the colors of the sky and even a simple touch spreads goosebumps over my body.

Shifting my hips against his hands I shake my head with the music. Pressing my hands to my chest I sink my body down a tiny bit and climb back up with the music.

Our presence is insignificant on this earth. There’s 7 billion people who live each day the same. Were born to die. We go through years of school to hopefully get a well paying job and a partner who loves us. We all buy the same minivans and wear the same clothes. We work half our lives away until we’re too old to do it anymore.

Im terrified not just that I wont get my happy ending but if I ever come to terms with myself that, thats what my life will become.

its fucking terrifying.

We only have one life to live and I don’t wanna sit around anymore. Yes I’m 1 out of billions of souls. But that should only be my reason not to care. Who cares if my time here doesn’t do shit. I just wanna live. For the first time I wanna waste all my time living.

I’m so done existing. Im so fucking done.

Right here right now, I feel golden. That feeling is indescribable.

I know the darkness always comes back but when you have the opportunity to shine in the light take it. This feelings like a source of joy. I’ve never felt this comfortable in a happy feeling before but once you feel it, it consumes your body head to toe in the moment.

The warm sun warms my cheek creating a natural pink blush burning lightly in my skin.


“Yeah darling?” He presses my back further into his chest.

“I think I’m living.” I say blandly like it’s a surprise to myself. Turning around to face him I’m careful that my body doesn’t knock his leg holding the wheel.

“Im fucking living.” I smile into my palms. Turning around once again quickly I throw my hands in the air as a cheer of joy scream through my lungs.

“Gonna join me, Harry. I thought you were fun.”

Harry rakes his hands through his hair and in one solid movement he throws his own hands in the air and leans back, blindley to the road in front of us.

I’d like for you and I to go romancing

Say the word, your wish is my command

Sitting up after the next couple versus he’s met with my dancing body and wraps his hands around my own. Moving his body with the music my jaw drops in excitement. Guess he is fun.

Bringing our hands up he turns his arm through the air so my body does a three-sixty twirling. as the last line plays we sing along loudly as my hips move side to side with his.

Ooh, love, ooh, loverboy

What’re you doin’ tonight, hey, boy?

Write my letter

Feel much better

And use my fancy patter on the telephone

My dancing body sinks to the ground as my his hands pull me slowly back up. Twirling my hands in the air and down to my body Harry rocks his arms through through the air leaning his head back exposing his neck.

He looks so carefree.

Rocking our shoulders back and fourth my hands travel down my chest and stop at my stomach. Biting on my lip I look up the sky and shut my eyes in the warmth letting out a loud laugh as Harry does the same.

The ironic part about this is that there’s no one around for miles. It’s just Harry and I. We border ourselves up so much around everyone but each other. The world only feels like it’s turning when we’re together. Were ourselves.

Him and I are in our own dimension.

The little girl I once was staring at the roof always dreamed of this feeling. She was experiencing it right now and all the pain seemed worth it.

That’s because I’m a good old-fashioned (fashioned)

Leaning into Harry I pull his ear down to my lips which I smooth them over ever so lightly. Dragging my lips down to the edge of his lobe I nibble on the end slowly before muttering the last word of the song into his ear.


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