Two Ghosts

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Song: Killer Queen- Queen


We’re in the middle of nowhere and I mean that quite literally. The road we’re on is a dead end but Harry isn’t phased by any of it.

I point straight through the windshield playfully. “You do realize we can’t go further right.”

“I’m well aware.” Looking around the car, the area were in is completely empty . Nothing but dry grass and a sign that says, turn around.

“Are you going to murder me or something?”

Harry rolls his eyes and opens the car door getting out. I stay seated back as I watch Harry with curious eyes as he walks around to my side.

Opening my door, Harry reaches his hand down for mine. My eyes squint up at him before placing my hand in his as he helps pull me out of the car.

“youre such a gentlemen.” I pat my hands to his chest.

“Are we going on another walk or something?” theres a forest just a little ways behind us.

“Nope.” is all he says as he closes the car door with a slam. The winds cooler out here and my arms flex in a shiver.

“Wait once second.”

I make a few steps to the back door and climb in on my hands and knees. Unzipping my bag I take out the black sweater and crawl my way out backwards. I tug my head up to soon and meet with the top of the car, hitting my head with a loud bang

“Ouch.” A sharp pain hits the top of my head and I place my hands on top soothing the spot. “that fucking hurt”

“Are you okay?” Harry laughs pulling me into his chest.

“dandy.” I frustratedley say before I feel Harry replace my hand with his before placing a small peck on the area with his lips.

Okay. he’s forgiven for owning this damn car.

Standing back to pull the material over my shoulders, when I open up the sweater I quickly realize it’s not mine but the one Harry gave me.

My jaw quickly drops and I swear to myself. I was in such a rush I completely forgot I had this sweater tucked in my closet still.

Harry looks down at me with a brightening smirk and when he opens his mouth to speak I cover it with my hand.


His smile widens in my palms and I bring my hands down with a sign throwing the fabric over my shoulders, zipping it up. The material drowns me and pools to my mid thigh.

“only because im cold.”

A gasp leaves my lips as he pulls my waist closer to his body so our hips touch. “Gonna put on my sweater like that and expect me not say anything.”

“I thought this was my sweater.” Harry tugs his lip ring into his mouth and plays with the silver.

“Like I said earlier darling, you’re a shit liar.” I groan and lean my head back to get away but Harry only pulls me closer.

Harry tugs on the strings, twirling it in his fingers before reaching behind my head to pull the hoodie on. “But It is your sweater.”

Pulling away from me, Harry grabs onto my hand and tugs me in his direction. Pulled behind him, my feet drag behind as I try to keep up.

" you know you walk at an oddly fast pace.” I say as my knees practically give out.

“Harry, I think we already figured out that i’m a slow walker.” I start to laugh from his clear excitment when im litterally being pulled.

“Just come on, we’re almost there.” He says continuing to tug me.

“What are you so excited for there’s nothing around here.”

Walking into the forest now, I holt in place in need of an answer but Harry turns around and tugs my body. From the sudden movement I come colliding into his chest.

“Harry.” I groan, taking my hand out of his.

Walking in the middle of the forest we step over branches and duck under trees.

He turned down the whole murder thing pretty quickly earlier and im starting to think thats what’s happening right now.

“Keep up.” Harry looks back to me through his sunglasses.

“Keep up.” I murmur his tone, rolling my eyes.

I’m glad I put this sweater on or my arms would have been scratched up by the end of this.

“Harry I swear to-” Hitting his back I go tumbling down and land on my ass. “God” I spit through my teeth but I’m actually having fun with this.

“Did you say something?” he smirks from over top of me before reaching down to grab my waist and lifting me up like I’m weightless. couple more seconds and I would’ve thrown dirt at him.

“Harry, where are you taking me?” I plead softley this time.

Lifting my chin he just smiles. “Almost there.”

“Where in the middle of a forest where can we even be walking too?” Continuing to follow him with my head down I don’t make it five feet until my steps hault, being met with a huge gate. Not the kind of gate that surrounds a proprety but a metal gate that surrounds a baseball field. clearly wanting people to stay out and I see no door to get in.

I look to my right and see Harry banging his rings against the metal, biting his lip ring in my direction.

“Oh no I’m not.” my jaw drops.

“Yes you are.”

“Like hell Harry.”

“Have you ever climbed a gate before?” I squint my eyes at him.


Harry stands there running his fingers over his lip while walking towards me like a predator and I’m the prey hes been stalking for hours.

Reaching my grasp, Harry takes my hand and places it on the gate cornering me in so my back hits his chest

“Just don’t fall.” He whispers and my back falls into his chest from his cool words against my ear.

“Yeah cause that’s really assuring Harry.” I mutter placing my head up to get a clear look at the gate. “Asshole.”

“You call me the nicest things.”

You know what I’m done. Without another word from Harry I place my hands through the holes of the gate and start to climb.

The first couple feet were fast but once I got about half way I started to slow down. Watching my shoes every time I climb up higher to make sure they don’t slip out of the holes my throat goes dry.

“Fucking asshole.” I shut my eyes tightly when I look down from how high I’ve gotten. Harry stares up at me with a surprised look on his face which quickly melts to a grin.

“Are you coming up or are you just gonna keep staring at my ass.” I call down as I lift myself up a little more.

My body shifts on the gate when Harry’s body tugs on the metal, starting to climb. I grip the metal tighter, almost falling. “Maybe a warning next time?”

I get my comments ready to shoot down at him but he’s already met side by side with me. what-

“How did you climb so fast?”

Shaking his head biting on a smirk he climbs the next couple of meters and straddles the top of the gate.

Managing the next couple of minutes I make my way up to Harry’s reach and he holds out his hand, tucking it under my armpit lifting me up. This guy really is strong.

Reaching the top I straddle the metal straight across from him. Our knees touch and I pull my body forward so we’re even closer.

Harry presses his palm flat on my knees and I look out from the forest below us.

“You’re crazy Harry.” I smile back to him as the wind blows my hair back. it really is amazing up here.

The wind causes the gate to shift and I grab onto the metal bar in reflex, gripping so hard my knuckles turn white. Swallowing I look at Harry who doesn’t hold on to anything. “if I fall its your fault.”

“I wont let you fall.”

“You know. You’re giving me a death wish.” Everytime I hang out with this boy my life ticks down from the activities.

Harry doesn’t say anything to that comment but instead he squishes his face a little in anger and looks out to what looks like tiny hills ahead of the forest.

What did I say?

“Harr-” blinking Harry returns back to his normal self and squeezes my knees stopping my sentence. “Ready to get down?”

“are you okay?” I make sure. my comment sounded like it hurt him.

“Dandy darling.” he lifts his eyebrows up.

“I’m guessing if I asked where we were going again you would say a surprise?”

“Catching on aren’t we.”

Harry swings his leg over the gate.

No way is he doing what I think he’s about to do. “You’re gonna get yourself killed one day.” I laugh into my palm as Harry looks back at me.

“Need sometype of fun in our lives.” As soon as he finishes his sentence Harry jumps down from the top of the gate.

My jaw drops and I inhale a sharp breath. In a split second a thump hits the ground and Harry lands perfectly on his feet turning around to look up at me. were so high up how did he fall so perfectly?

“Alright your turn i’ll catch you.”

“Pff.” I exhale like an idiot. Turning around so I’m on my stomach I slip downward to grab the gate so my body can climb down.

“Of course.” Harry cackles from below. “of course my ass Harry.”

Gaining more confidence climbing down the gate when I’m about halfway I just look towards Harry who tilts his head. “come on, do it.”

Looking to the gate and the ground continuously I just inhale deeply. “Fuck it.”

Letting go I fall backwards and all the air becomes robbed in my lungs. My heart drops inside my chest and It all happens too fast to let out a scream. landing in Harry hold I shut my eyes and hear Harry cackle in my ear.

Placing me on my two feet I brush myself off and shake my head trying to get back in the present. I feel like I’m hallucinating.

“Feels good doesn’t it.”

My heart’s beating out of my stomach but it oddly feels good. My blood pumps throughout my whole body and my veins feel like they’re on fire. Am I breathing?

Harry brushes my crazy hair back and I let a giggle slip from my lips. Oh god I feel amazing. Might have to jump off a roof next time.


Grabbing Harry’s hand now I pull him down a rock path in front of us which I assume he was going to take us down.

Running with him Harry just walks slowly and I pull him with all my strength behind me. rocks crush underneath our shoes and echo throughout the forest. The path comes to an end and we exit the forest. I stop suddenly. jaw dropping was an understatement.

Hills and hills of flowers and bright green grass meet the eye. Birds fly across the blue sky and the sun shines brightly down on us. I have to squint my eyes to tell if this was real. the sun even felt diffrent from up here.

“Holy shit.” I whisper but it feels like I can’t breathe.

Colors of green, pink, purple, red, orange, red and blue all come apparent in the rows of flowers, blowing back in the wind. Sucking up a breath the air tastes like a dream.

It’s completely beautiful.

With our hands still intertwined I barely notice when Harry tugs on my arm to the right and I follow willingly.

It doesn’t seem like I’m with it at the moment.

Following Harry in slow motion I look to where he was leading me. Matching his stare in front of us there’s a single shack placed in the middle of all the hills. There’s no civilization out here except for me and Harry and I wonder why someone would place a small store out in the middle of nowhere. At least I assumed it was a stores.

“What is that?” I ask but Harry doesn’t respond. I’m sure he’d just say surprise.

Squinting to see the label of the shack, growing closer with each step my eyes widen at the name of the little store.

Ice cream, lit up in pink glowing letters.

Shifting my head quickly to Harry’s, his look remains emotionless on mine. “Ice cream!” I smile like a child. He brought me to get ice cream.

“Come on.” He pulls my hand forward so I follow him to the white painted shack. A little old man with grey hair stands behind the counter and a bright genuine smile appears on his face.

“Why hello.” he cous out to the both of us.

“And how are both of you on this lovely morning?”

“We’re both very good. It’s beautiful out here.” I look around to the environment surrounding us still starstruck.

“How does anyone find this place?” I ask the man in front, curiously.

“No one does. Some people just magically find it when they’re wandering but other than that you two are the first i’ve seen in a while.”

“I guess people follow the whole gate rule.” I laugh to Harry but he only squeezes my hand.

I guess it’s not an important business then. I like the idea though. It all seems magical. Wandering into a random sea of green and finding a single ice cream shack in the middle of the hills.

Harry throws his arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his side which pulls my stare from the view.

“What flavor can I get for you two?”

Looking up to Harry he nudges his head forward for me to order. Roaming my eyes over the flavors, the cool smell of sugar hits my senses.

Tapping on the glass which separates the ice cream from us I point to mint chocolate chip. “Just a single scoop in a bowl please.” The man grabs a pink bowl and largely scoops the ice cream placing it on top of the glass.

“And for you young man?”

“Strawberry in a cone.” the man scoops the ice cream into the cone and hands it to Harry which he takes with no further word.

“How much?” Harry chimes in hardly reaching into his jean pocket.

“Just five please.” Pulling out a five Harry places it on the counter and starts to pull me away.

Taking my bowl I smile to the old man over my shoulder. “Thank you!” I make up from Harry’s behaviour. He doesn’t know Harry so I hope he doesn’t think it was rude.

“No problem.” He smiles to us. “You two are cute together.”

Harry simply laughs and closes his arm further around my neck pulling me to his chest.

“You could’ve been nicer.” I mutter into my spoon which I placed between my lips.

“Only to you darling.”

We walk back to the entrance we came but sidetracked to walk in the middle of the flowers. At least I sidetracked. Running ahead through the tall grass I look back to Harry and smirk over my shoulder. Pinch me because this isn’t real.

Finding a single clear spot of flowers I sit down on the grass and in no time Harry sits directly in front of me.

Licking his ice cream I watch the pink treat melt onto his tongue. Taking a bite from my spoon I can help the laugh that invades my lips which I was trying to hold down.


“I can’t believe you got strawberry.” I cringe in disgust.

Harry licks his lips clear of the melted sugar on his lips.

“And you got mint.”

“Mint is one of the best flavors. It’s completely refreshing.” I defend my favorite flavor with my life.

“Mint tastes like toothpaste; it shouldn’t be an ice cream flavor.”

“Oh don’t even.” I roll my head back. “Says the one whose eating strawberry. It tastes like artificial fruit.”

“And may I add that fruit should not be a dessert flavor-” my banters cut off as Harry reaches through the small space between us and presses the tip of his ice cream to my nose.

“Harry!” I laugh but before I can say anything else he leans forward and presses his tongue over the cold dessert, removing it from my nose.

My heart booms in my chest and instead of sitting here frozen I dig my pinky into my ice cream and leave a minty green trail behind on his jaw.

Pressing my pinky back into my mouth I lick up the sticky mint as Harry’s eyes match my every move where I take notice of his throat which swallows slowly.

Biting my lip I place the bowl behind me and lean over to Harry. Pressing my finger to his chin I tilt his head to the side, slowly bringing my head forward to lick his jaw, I capture the green sugar on my own tongue this time.

Before I could lean back I’m suddenly flipped over and Harry rests on top of me. Taking his ice cream in his hand he presses the coldness to my cheek and drags it across my lips. Laughing, I capture some of the treat in my mouth.

“You know it is kinda good.” I mumble as I swallow down the strawberry flavoring.

Moving my head to the side he continues to press it over my face which I feel the flavor melt down my side.

It’s cold. It’s cold.

“Harry!” I screech out as I feel his lips press against the skin on my cheek. Bringing his head forward so I could see he laces his tongue back into his mouth so the pink disappears.

“Harry, I’m gonna be all sticky.” Shifting my head back and forth my hands find the ice cream in his hand and I take it out of his hold quickly, shoving it against his face.

From surprise he leans back and I take the moment to tackle his body to the ground. Straddling his hips I drag the cone over his lips before pressing the entire thing to his cheek, smushing the ice cream down completely. The contents slide down his face and onto the grass.

Covering my mouth from a laugh I take a bite out of the cone before throwing it ahead of us.

Smirky tugs his lips upwards into a hard grin and I continue to laugh out.

“Play with fire you get burned Harry.” More like play with ice and get frozen... Never mind.

Harry leans his body forward so our chests become level. He holds himself up with his hands as the ice cream still drips off his face.

“I think you’re the one who needed to bring an extra pair of clothes.” Pushing his chest all the way back down so he’s laying once more on the grass I lean my head forward to press my lips just beside his lips capturing more of the dessert in my mouth.

Standing up right away with my two feet on the ground, I curl my lips inwards to taste the strawberry on my lips. I actually think he was on to something.

“You mr styles are something else.” I start to wipe the stickiness off my face with his sleeve. Pink visably stains the black material.

Harry stands up and bites on his cheek as he makes his way forward but I continue to back away. he stops and turns his neck to the side

“We’re playing this game, are we love?”

Laughing, I look behind me to the field of flowers and grass as well the entrance to the forest. I’m sure there’s another way to get to the car. Continuing to back away I notice the car in the distance below the hill and over a few obstacles. We could get there from here.

“Where are you looking?”

“Catch me if you can.” without another word I take off down the hill, running at a defining speed from the decline.

Running through the grass I throw my hands in the air cheering, which comes out muffled from my shoes pressing hard against the ground.

Leveling off on the small hill I look behind me to see Harry walking down the hill with a kick to his step.

He’s walking and practically is faster than me. Looking back in front of me I continue to run through the flowers. My converse graze the grass underneath my feet and I smell the fresh scent of the flowers and plants underneath my nose.

My breath rips from my chest however as I trip over a rock and fall flatly on the grass. Crawling out of the dirt I try to stand when hands lace around my back pulling me down. My body does a half twist and by the time I open my eyes Harry lies over top of me.

“Try to outrun me did you?” Giggling I lean my head back and notice that we’re lying in a bundle of pink and yellow flowers.

My hips bunch upwards when Harry starts to tickle my hips and I scream into the space around us. Giggling heavily I try to crawl upwards but Harry only pulls me back down.

Throwing my head side to side I yell breathlessly for him to stop and he does.

Swallowing my breaths I lean my head back. “You always default to tickling me.”

“Then stop being so ticklish.”

“Okay, noted Harry.” I say as my chest starts to hurt. We lay there for what seems like a long time just looking at each other. The dimension between us shifts and the world starts to turn slowly.

Harrys leans forward and my shoulders press hard into the ground. He suddenly pressing his somewhat clean face next to my lips and he just stays there. No of us make a move and neither of us pull away. I suck up a sudden breath wondering how our dimension changed so quickly. Guess we can’t help it.

His green eyes stare into mine and I get lost in his emerald eyes. The sun shines directly onto them and they shift to a bluish color.

Those green eyes hold so much emotion but at different glances hold nothing at all. Hollow but a reflection filled with so many things.

His eyes lock on mine and I feel his breath directly on my lips as his eyes roam all over like he doesn’t know where to look.

His lips press down so they’re completely resting on top of my lips but neither of us close the distance so they press into a kiss. His lips simply rest on mine and I hold my breath.

“I can’t kiss you.” Harry scrunches up his face between the space between us, sounding like he’s telling himself more than me.

I lift my lips up so they graze his top lip but I don’t do anything. “I can’t kiss you either.”

If I kiss him I won’t be able to stop.

Our lips separate but I find it harder to breathe this way. Harry sits in front of me and I sit my body up. We stare into each other’s eyes until I peel them away. It just hurts too much.

Grazing my hands over the yellow flowers I pick one of them up by the stem. Bringing it forward I twirl it between my fingers before pressing them against my nose slowly breathing it in.

“Do you even know where we are Harry?” I inhale a laugh as Harry’s dimples portray brightly in a smile.

“Not even in the slightest.”


“His cars here.” Harry spits through his teeth as he parks the car in front of the bar. “Who’s here?”

“Niall.” Harry opens his door and makes his way to the bar without a glance back at me.

“Harry.” I laugh out to him as I close the car door, pulling my things with me from the back seat. Running to catch up with him I stand in front of the door blocking his entry.

“Violet move.” He states harshly.

“You need to calm down drama queen. He’s just in there for the same reasons as everyone else.”

“No he’s not.” Harry pulls my hips forward but I throw them back on the door.

“Just go sit with him.”

“I’m gonna do more than just sit with him.” removing my body from the door in one swoop he’s now facing the door and I’m behind him. He enters the bar and I follow. Bright red lights take over as we step inside.

We’re here a little early so I’m going to make sure he doesn’t actually kill him.

“Harry you’re blowing this out of proportion.” I laugh from his behaviour until he stops in front of a table where I see Niall and a boy with black hair who I’ve never seen before. I swear I hear Harry growl and I look up to him with wide eyes holding back a hit of laughter.

“Violet!” Niall doesn’t pay any attention and smiles brightly at me. Crossing behind Harry’s back I climb into the booth to sit beside him. He gives off good vibes, I really like him.

Niall wraps his arm around my shoulders right away and I don’t jump or back away since I’ve met him before and ruled him out as a nice guy.

“Niall.” Harry stares murderously in his friend’s direction.

“Oh take a seat Harry no one cares.” Shutting his eyes he takes a seat beside the boy I don’t know and continues to kill Niall with his eyes. I kick his leg under the table and he shoots me a “what” look and I just give him a “calm down” look back.

“Im Violet.” I peel my eyes from Harry and greet myself to the boy beside him. He smiles back shortly and nods, “Zayn.”

“So this is Violet?” He turns to Harry with a small grin. Harry’s lip twitches, “yeah this is her.”

“You’re pretty popular in our house Violet.” Niall whispers in my ear and I blush but it’s not noticeable in the lights.

Harry and Zayn continue their conversation. All I know is that Zayns smiling and Harry’s vein is popping out of his neck.

“What do you mean your house?”

“We all live together. The five of us, you haven’t met Liam yet. but our boy Styles has his own apartment.”

“He does?” Harry and I really haven’t talked about where he lived before simply because it wasn’t any of my business. I’m glad he’s not with his father though.

“He misses us despite his hate for us all. always around the house. Just can’t stay away.” humming as I take in a small input of Harry’s life Niall shouts for him.

“You and Louis take care of business today?” take care of what?

Harry’s lip twitches and despite his sunglasses I can feel the deadly stare he’s giving Niall. “Yeah we did and we don’t need to talk about it right now.”

Looking up to Niall who still has his arm around my shoulder, he smiles down to me. “Kill anyone with your looks today lovely?” This guy’s head is really going a million places at once.

“No I did not, did you?” I giggle.

“Everydam day. Girls cant walk by this guy without wanting a taste.” My eyes widen and I place my hand over my mouth.

“Hey she thinks i’m funny. About time someone does.” Niall says with his other arm up in the air.

“Sure youre into Harry, I’m much prettier? That guy has no personality to em.” Looking back to Harry I try to hide my grin but it tugs on my lips in display. Harry does not look Happy.

“Well I like him.” I look up to Niall as Harry’s shoe brushes over my leg.

“Breaking my heart. Can you hear it? May as well grab a knife and kill me... hey Harry you don’t have one on you do ya?”

“No.” he growls in the space between us as Niall leans his head slightly sideways to rest against mine. Pressing my hand against Nialls face I flick it to the side.

Niall only brings me in closer to his chest and covers my ears but I they only rest by my forehead. “Hey!” I try to wrestle out of his hold

“Harry you should bring Violet over to the house sometime, you’re fun with her around.”

“Stop touching her Niall.”

I’m so lost in this conversation. Boys I guess. Never really grew up with any siblings to know how they work.

“No im okay Harry.” I continue to laugh as I wrap my hands around Nialls and take them off the side of my forehead holding on to them. “You know. I hear through my ears.”

“I like havin this one around she keeps ya from killing me.”

“He’s short tempered.” Niall whispers and nods his head with a smile still looking at Harry who’s seeing red. Watching as Harry knuckles drain of color I brush my leg up against his and mouth a laughing “are you okay?”

His face turns to mine sharply from Nialls and just nods while wiping his hand over his eyes.

“You both have british accents are you from there?” I ask the question I’ve been wondering for a while.

“Dont group me with them, I’m Irish” Niall says defensively.

“We moved here a couple years ago.” Harry’s temper softens lightly but his voice sounds like he’s trying to hold back.

“Why Florida? And if your irish how did you meet?”

“Family connections is all.” Niall speaks from above and I hum. “So are you guys related?”

“Not the first Irish guy you’ve seen around here, sugar?”

“Nope.” I shake my head. Still dont know why they picked Florida out of all places. they were in Europe for hells sake.

“We’ve known each other for a really long time. I guess you could say our families know each other.” Zayn takes a sip from his drink piping in.

“The guy that was here last time-”

“Louis. He’s with us as well, same with Liam.” Niall says.

“Are you guys 19 too?”

“Same as you, 19. Zayn over here’s 20.” Looking to Niall as he talks his view is no longer on mine and his stare falls to someone across the room.

“Violet you’re about to see this hot fucker in action.” Nudging me out the booth I slide out forcefully as I watch Niall walk swiftly across the room to a brunette girl at the bar.

Sitting back down Harry stands and takes the seat beside me. He places his hand on my thigh and squeezes it lightly. Pressing his lips to my ear the cold of his lip ring shocks my body.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I smile from his worry.

“I’m sorry bout all this.”

“Why, I like him? He’s nice.”

“He doesn’t know when to shut up-”

“Harry, stop, I’m not completely soft.” I hit our knees together. I can take more than what he lets on. He’s seen me at my weak moments and one thing I’m not is weak.

“They make me mad, sorry if the conversation was uncomfortable-” I press my finger against his lips. “Stop it.” I giggle and his hard lips show a brief smirk.

“So I-”

“Violet thank god you’re here.” A woman who works here presses her hands against the table with a stressed expression.


“No time to chit chat, you’re not a server today.”

“What are you talking about.” I close my eyes and slowly open them.

“Atleys not here.” And this is my problem because?

“I was sent to get you. You’re the fill in.”

“Excuse me?” My eyes widen and my voice raises causing Zayn to look up from his phone.

Atleys one of the dancers for the bar.

“Find someone else, I’m not doing that.” Harry squeezes his hand on my thighs and looks back to me with a worried “what” expression.

“There is no one else. I was told to get you, I’m just the messenger.”

“Ask Marina.”

“They didn’t tell me to get Marina, they said you were the only one who fit the position.”

I’m sure if it wasn’t for Harry sitting on the outside, Lucie would have grabbed my hand and dragged me to the back.

“I dont have the clothes for it.” I say the last excuse that I can think of. I can’t do what they want me to do, I’m stiff.

“Have you not been to the back, there’s outfits and makeup everywhere. We’re running out of time, I have to make you look presentable.”

“Excuse me what’s your name.” Lucie changes her tone sweetley.


“Harry would you be a doll and let Violet out of the booth.” He switches his stare to mine.

“Do you want me to get out?” No. no I do not.

“What is she talking about?”

“Did you not hear me? Violet if you want to keep your job you will come with me right now.” I know Lucies just the messenger of bad news but I don’t wanna drag us both down.

“Fine.” Brushing back my hair with my hands I pull it into a quick bun.

May as well get into character now. “Do you mind getting out?” Slowly dragging his body out of the both Harry gives me his hand and helps me slip out.

“Whats going on?”

“A surprise.” I laugh from the anxiety and hold my stomach. “A really fun surprise.”

Now out of the booth I press my palms against his chest. “Do you know what the devils favorite color is?” I wet my lips with my tongue as Harry places his hand behind my back watching my lips. “Red darling.”

Harry’s lips part and look to mine with hunger. Oh boy. Turning around Harry’s arm fall to his side.

Lucie and I walk side by side reaching another part of the bar. Swallowing I take in the music and area around me. I rarely come to this section.

“fucking hell.” I can’t do this by myself.

“You don’t by chance have a cigarette do you?” without another word she reaches into her black tight skirt and pulls a pack out opening it for me to take. Thank god.

Pulling a single one out I rest it in between my teeth giving into the temptation.

“Here.” one of the dancers on stage calls out to me as she lowers herself to the end of the stage bending down to her knees. Her purple latex high heels reach her top thighs with a matching body tight skirt and bra.

Watching her everymove the girl reaches into her bra and pulls on a lighter.

Lucie practically pushes me towards the stage but I walk towards it slowly in my own interest. Placing my hands overtop the stage, my mouth drops slightly when the woman places her hand under my chin forcing my eyes to meet hers.

Rose perfume sticks to her body which meets my senses and I try not to wobble backwards.

Her long nails trace my face and brush back my hair. She peels back the lighter with her purple sparkly nails, exposing a single flame. The flame sizzles and lights up the dark red room exposing a small bright light, only aparant to the both of us.

Bringing it close to my lips she lights the end of the cigarette.

Closing her finger on the lighter were surrounded by red again and I breathed out the smoke through my lips which sends a cloud of smoke into her face which she inhales closely to my mouth.

The smoke fills my lungs and a warm comfort spreads throughout my chest giving into the addiction.

Standing up slowly her finger traces my cheek until it’s no longer in reach. Pulling her hands in front of her she drags it slowly up her chest.

Looking at me for one last time she bites down on her nail, winking seductively before walking back to centre stage.

my lips tug up revealing a wide smirk. Biting down on the cigarette my teeth reach my lips as I play with them while watching the stage in front of me.

The smoke enters my lungs and I lean my head back inhaling. it’s been awhile since i’ve smoked but here we are. I’m not proud of it nor would I ever tell others it’s a fun idea because it’s not. I simply just don’t care about myself that much. It takes the pain away momentarily. I feel good about myself.

If you have a problem with it just simply don’t do it.

Walking backwards to match with Lucie’s side we head for the back. Confidence flows through my veins and I walk through the warm red lights as everything passes in slow motion.

Entering past the black curtain I take in the single white light illuminating the area we’re in. it smells like sex and flowers back here. like heaven met hell and one night stands.

“Give me one sec.” Lucie disappears but I hear her voice calling out.

“Shoe and clothing size?”

“Um.” I blink my right eye while my left stares at the ceiling.

“Eight and a small.” Continuing to smoke I breathe the white air out into the space we’re in. Sitting down in a leather black chair I kick my converse up to rest on the table as I lean my head back as the smoke flows past my lips.

“Alighty.” Lucie looks down from my frame on the chair. Reaching down she takes the cigarette between her fingers and removes it which causes my lips to part.

Lucie exchanges the cigarette between her lips and places a pile of clothes on my lap.

It was similar to what the woman on stage was wearing but more black and conservative which I silently thank.

“Time to get hot.” She winks down to me before collecting makeup on the table that will match the look.

Unfolding the clothes on my waist I almost quit my job on the spot but the smoke in my lungs pumps my blood in encouragement to try it on. All latex. All black.

thigh high heels, shorts and a tight mid top.

If you look closely at the heels there’s a dark red snake that wraps around the latex. Starting with the tail down by the thin heel and ending with the head at the top.

Lucie does my makeup first. Throwing on my outfit I stare into the mirror and almost smile back.

Taking one out of the hundred perfumes lined up against the mirrors I find one labeled “dark paradise” and spritz it all over my exposed skin. The mist is cool on my skin and relieves my warm body a little.

“Lets go times ticking.”

Harry better not be in this section.

Part of me wants him to be though.

Placing myself down on the chair as I wait for the new song to start I light another cigarette which I found on the counter. As my two fingers wrap around the white part I press apart my lips watching the white smoke cloud the mirror infront of me as I watch my reflection disappear.

I chuckle silently.

From how this normally goes down there will be other girls on the stage with me. I’m just gonna stand at the back. If people here wanted a view they wouldn’t be watching me.

Tapping my heel against the black wood of the desk I look to Lucie who’s getting ready as well. She puts on a black latex dress which straps together at the neck with a thick choker. Latex is pretty popular around here so she wears similar heels to mine but without the detailing.

“I’ve never done this before.” I turn my head to Lucie who’s applying black eyeshadow all over her lid.

“Just go out there and pretend no one’s watching. Just get hot with the music.”

“Isn’t that easier said than done?”

“Nope.” She hands me a small stick of clear lip gloss.

“You’re hot Violet. Really hot.” she takes a bite out of a cherry spitting the seed slowly on to a napkin. “Believe it and release it.”

A new song starts playing and my attention falls to the lyrics. Killer Queen.

play this type of song you gotta act on it darling. I press my thighs together.

Reaching forward I grab onto the stem of a single cherry and place it between my lips. Biting down a surge of sweet nectar explodes on my tongue and I close my mouth around it taking a complete bite.

Standing up from my chair my heels echo the room with a continuous melody. Swallowing the cherry the seed remains in the middle of my teeth. Sticking my tongue out I hold the seed between my fingers and toss it into the trash.

“Wait.” Lucie opens a drawer and roams her eyes over the space for quite some time until her brown eyes light up. Pulling out two blue lollipops she rips hers open right away placing the sugar onto her tongue.

Reaching it over to me I take the plastic off and place the blue lollipop in my mouth. The blue treat explodes sugar on my tongue and I suck down on the sour taste before biting down with my back teeth.

“Now we’re ready.” she says before opening another black curtain exposing us to a red flickering light of a staircase.

“Follow me.”

Our heels clank up the wooden staircase which leads upwords revealing a large black whole in the wall, leading to the stage.

It’s not a dead end however there’s a dark red hallway presented as the lights flicker continuously down the path, revealing a black door at the very end.

“Hey Lucie.” She turns her head away from the stage. “What?”

“What do you think they do down there?”

“I used to think it was drugs but I haven’t seen anyone go down there for a long time. I think whatever was going on is done...If anything my bets on poker.”

“Your tables got a clear view of the stage.” She points out and I poke my head out of the space holding onto the empty door frame. Damit they do have a clear view.

Harry’s back is facing me at the moment. Him and Zayn seem to be talking so I pray they don’t look over here.

How could they not look over here its eye fuck central.

“Times up.” Just like that Lucie walks out onto the stage and I just stand back and watch her. It’s like a switch flicked on in her brain. she walks slowly to the end of the stage moving her hips with the music.

Lucies hands rests on the neckline of her dress leaning her head back.


My words in the car echo through my head and it’s the only boost I have to walk out on that stage.I’ll show you sexy.

Taking a single step out of the door I enter the red area and the air changes from cool to sweatily warm. Standing there I feel all eyes on me and I swallow the sugar to put my mind on something.

Lucie looks down from the ceiling and turns her cheek to the side.

“What am I supposed to do?” I mouth still biting on the lollipop which only causes her to grin.


Instead of standing here in the middle like an idiot I walk to the left corner of the stage. Walking over slowly I catch myself getting lost in the music and my shoulders sway side to side.

At the edge of the stage I bring my hands up and hold onto my two fingers in the air as my hips sway. The grip on my hands let go and my arms fall loosely down my body.

I’m Definitely numb at this point. It finally hit me.

Bringing my hands back up I lace them through my hair and play with the thick strands. Opening my eyes softly I look at a man sitting down on the booth directly in front of me with a plain look, never taking his eyes off me.

He’s around twenty and wearing a brown long sleeve with matching dark greyish plaid pants. It complements his dark skin tone and if I wasn’t so into Harry I would think he’s attractive.

Oh who cares, I’m having fun. Not like him and I are a label. Just gonna blame my smoked out brain even though it’s completely sober.

Dragging my legs forward seductively with the music I tilt my head to Lucie who’s smiling at me as she trains her site to the man in front. Dragging her tongue across her lips she raises her shoulders before winking at me.

They shouldn’t have played this damn song.

Taking the lollipop out of my mouth I hold onto the white stick as I drag my body towards the edge. My hand rakes down past my hips and I bend down to a crouching position laying my hands flatley on the tops of my heels.

I’m having fun.

Slowly tilting my head to the side my hair falls over my face and I brush it back before sticking my tongue out, placing the blue sucker on my lips, closing my mouth around it.

Sinking my hips upward I dance with the music and place my hands over my chest pushing them up. As I do so I never taking my eyes off the dressed man.

If Abby heard my thoughts she’d be screaming right now. She’d love to see this in fact she definitely won’t believe me when I tell her.

The man rests his elbows on his spreaded knees and inches his head forward through the red lighting.

Toying with the sucker I pull it out slightly so it tugs my lip outwords into a slight pout. I drag it over my lips teasing my mouth before placing it back in.

The man smirks his left lip up before leaning back on the leather chair, resting his shoulder over the back.

The smirk reminds me of Harry. In fact, where is loverboy?

Running my tongue over the blueberry flavor I switch it to my left cheek biting down as I look around the back for Harry.

My eyes match with his directly and his hard stare looks like he’s about to kill someone.

Found him.

Guess he noticed... Surprise!

Taking out my lollipop I lick it slowly before getting bold and walking to the very front of the stage. Through the red light, I can still make out his green irises perfectly.

His jaw clenches and cheekbones pop out sharp to the touch as Harry watches me over his shoulder. his hand is placed on the table gripped into a fist.

Biting my lip I drag my eyes to Zayn who’s watching me while tracing his hands up and down his glass with a slight jaw drop. Seems like I got a viewing party.

I look back over my shoulder and wave slowly to the boy who still watches my every move.

Woah baby.

Lucie’s dancing and the latex hugs her body perfectly. I turn my body in a three sixty motion and rake my hands through my hair once again as I walk down the stage.

“No shit!” A man yells from across the room cheering and when I turn my head slightly biting on the sucker it falls to Niall at the bar covering his mouth with his hands. Still walking down the red stage as slow and sexy as possible I almost break character and laugh.

Niall shouts to Harry over at the bar, “Shes hot as fuck Harry.” I shake my head. Harrys jaw clentches from Nialls words but with no response Niall huffs and runs over to the booth sitting next to Zayn.

“I don’t think I can respect your relationship anymore, it’s my turn.” I manage to make up. this boy, I can’t. I cover my mouth with my hands momentarily.

That’s all I make out before Zayn pushes him out of the booth but Niall lunges back knocking his head against the wall.

Reaching the front of the stage Lucie presses her hands against my hips and slowly lowers herself to the ground before raking her body upwords again.

Her hands trace my body and press deeply into my skin which sends tiny goosebumps all over.

The song ends and I pull the sucker out of my lips but before I could turn around, Harry’s already making his way over to the side of the stage. His face looks flushed in the red light but his eyes pop out in hunger once again.

Harry inches his fingers in a come hither motion for me to join him at the back of the stage.

The song ended and I assume I’m off duty. Looking back at Lucie she nods her head that I’m all done for the night. “Atley works behind the bar.” My stare travels to the second bar in this section.

Nodding I turn around and walk towards Harry whose jaw clenches with each step I take.

“You think you would get up on that stage and expect me not to notice.” He smirks while reaching forward and trace the snake outline of my heel.

There’s a set of small stairs beside me and Harry’s hand drops from my leg as I walk towards it. Harry walks quickly to the bottom of the stairs and holds his hand out for me. I take it willingly. These heels don’t play around.

Standing on the last step I remain there so we’re at the same height and I loop my arms around his neck.

“May I help you” I smile into the lollipop that hasn’t faded yet. Harry rakes his eyes down my body and looks into my eyes with a driven passion behind them.

“Where did this come from?” Harry drags a single finger down the bottom of my shirt.

“In the back.”

Harry hums.

“You’re not taking this off anytime soon?”

“No.” I giggle through the sucker when Harry’s eyes finally tilt up to mine.

“That guy wont stop staring.” Harry says between his teeth and his eyes change from soft to violent.

“Took everything for me to not hurt him while you were up there. He doesn’t deserve to look at you.” I swallow the sugar down my dry throat.

Turning my head I see his stare on us and I look back to Harry.

“Jealous are you darling?”

“Wanna go up on that stage and do a little dance for me instead?” something inside me really, really wants to.

“Zayn had to tell me to turn around, I almost missed the show.”

I frown playfully.

“You’re killing me darling. Devil in those heels.”

I laugh silently as Harry looks like he’s going to pass out at any moment. Leaning his head against my shoulder I press my lips over his neck inhaling. “Pull yourself together.”

“Give me a second.” I twirl his hair in my fingers as Harry keeps his hands rested on the top of my shorts while I giggle.

“Violet I’m giving that boy one minute to look away.” Harry grunts against my skin and I move my head to notice the man still staring. I have no doubt Harry won’t walk up to him.

“I have an idea.” I whisper and unwrap my hands from his neck.

Harry nudges his head up in confusion but I just smirk. Removing the sucker from my lips I place it against his cherry ones. His eyes widen curiously giving me enough access to slip the sucker in his mouth. When he closes his lips around the sugar I still hold on to the white end.

“Hold on to this for me.”

Harry’s eyes light up and look as if the breaths taken away from him. I lean in to peck the corner of his lips before pressing my lips to his ear.

“Is he still staring?” I whisper.

“I think he got the message.” Harry pulls my hips closer and I lean back so we’re face to face.

I look back and take in the empty chair the man was once in.

Harry wraps his arms around my back fully and lifts me off the single step but doesn’t put me down. He walks past the stage and turns us behind a wall which I’m placed against.

“You’re wearing this all night?”

“I have to.” I smile from his disheveledness when he huffs.

“What’s wrong with it?” My voice grows low with a hint of insecurity.

“Nothing at all.” Harry grips my chin. “That’s the problem.” He drops his head down to rest on my neck again and runs his finger down my side.

“You feeling me up, loverboy?”

“I’m trying to be respectful.” I let out a tiny giggle. He lets out a warm breath on my neck before placing his full lips against them.

He kisses down my neck slowly and passionately before biting down which causes my head to lean back. I gasp from the feeling but he closes his lips around the area kissing it deeply once more, soothing it.

“Where’d you two go-” A loud cackle of laughter erupts from beside us and I blink pressing my body into the wall from the trance. when we both look, Nialls holding his side up against the wall.

“Didn’t mean to walk in on anything.”

“Fuck off Niall.”

“leave you two alone for one minute.”

He walks towards us and Harry groans as he peels himself off of me. Pressed near his chest I turn his chin to mine peeling the sucker out of his mouth, leaving his lips puckered in a slight pout.

“Thanks for holding on to it.”

Harry doesn’t speak but his eyes latch on to mine and I can feel the heat of his body before his lips turn into a deep type of smirk that I haven’t seen before.

“You realise I’m still here right?” Niall says directly to our right with his arms crossed. Pushing off of Harry’s chest Niall smiles in excitment.

“Come on, I’m bored. let me show you how the Irish have fun.”

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