Two Ghosts

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“For a bartender, you pour slow.”

I’m behind the bar with two other women and a man right now but they seem to have a whole system so I’ve been clear out of their way. I’ve been sitting at the side with Niall, Zayn and Harry so I’ve been filling up their drinks. Makes me feel like I’m at least working and not sitting around.

The three of them are seated on the outside and I’ve just been leaning in from the inside. Harry cannot take his eyes off of me and doesn’t care that I notice. Looking at him right now makes me laugh.

“Drink slower.” I yap back to Niall.

“Not in my dictionary. Hit me.” Pouring Niall another shot he downs it quickly. The vodka flows down his throat and doesn’t even flinch as he does so.

“Styles next party bring her over so I can teach her how to pour.” Harry removes his stare from me and replaces it with Niall.

“Either you or I’ll bring her myself.” He defends with his hands up.

“Don’t touch her. I’ll bring her if she wants to go.” He states before looking back at me. “Would you want to go?”

“Yeah, sure that sounds like fun actually.” Niall smiles brightly before pushing his class back to me.

“You’re cut off.” I laugh as I place the Vodka bottle back on the shelf.

“I’m Irish Violet, I can hold my alcohol.” he rolls his eyes before slapping his hand against Zayn’s back. Zayn hasn’t talked that much but he isn’t ignoring the conversation. He’s so nice when he talks, I think he’s just on the shyer side.

My attention gets cut off when I see Harleigh walking over towards me in a panicked hurry. He slips behind the bar until he’s standing right beside me. Niall, Harry and Zayn stop their conversation and watch Harleigh’s every move which he takes immediate notice of. He smiles awkwardly before turning his attention to me.

“Who told you to go up on that stage?” He whisper shouts.

“Lucie said management told her to get me.”

Harleigh breathes out, “they shouldn’t have done that. They just hired someone new. are you okay?”

“I-″ I try to speak but he interrupts. “No. no. I’m sorry. god.” He facepalms himself turning flushed.

“You’re off for the night, just go home or hang around, you’ll be paid for the full shift.”

“Harleigh, it’s okay.” Why is he acting like this, it’s no big deal.

“Phils gonna kill me.” He mutters before turning around and walking away. I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. I mean if dancing on that stage will get me a fully paid unattended shift then I’ll take it.

Turning around to the boys I just shrug. “Guess I’m off.”

Harry’s eyes stare at Harleigh across the room and he doesn’t budge from the sound of my voice.

“Well now’s your excuse to join the party, get over here.” Niall reaches in front of the bar and grabs onto my hand lifting it in the air, escorting me around. walking is no easy activity in these shoes.

Tugged into the space between Niall and Harry I Look over to Harry still staring down Harleigh who’s behind the bar in the distance.

Turning to him I place my arms around his neck. “Are you okay?” This catches Harry’s attention and he pulls his eyes to mine.

“You know him?” he scrunches his face in confusion.

“Yeah for a while. He’s my friend.” Nodding Harry roams his eyes over the space were in once more, until he turns his full attention to me. placing his arms around my waist he pulls me away from Niall.

“Oh come on Harry we were having fun.” He echoes from behind.

Unwrapping my hands around his neck I turn my body around so my back is to Harry but his arms are still hooked around my waist tugging me closer.

“Bartender!” Niall waves his hands almost saluting.

I turn my neck around to hit Harry’s cheek, “And you say I’m a lightweight?” He chuckles against my neck which sends a vibration through my body.

“A shot for my dear good friend next to me... in fact make it two.” He calls across the end of the bar.

Niall looks back to my wondering stare, “You’re off sugar, let’s have some fun.”

You know what I agree. Let’s have some fun. Shrugging an okay back, Niall smiles in success. “Alright.”

Raking my eyes over Zayn and Nialls tattoo-covered body I grow interested in the markings. “You know I kinda want one of these.” I trace my hand down the arm wrapped around me, idolizing the permanent art.

“Really?” asking in genuine interest I’m about to respond when my gaze knocks towards the front door which floods open. a large group of boys enter hollering loudly at each other.

My skin starts to crawl as I lock eyes with Peter. Harry notices my change of body language. Looking for himself at the individual faces he pulls me to sit on his lap, placing his lips against my ear.

“You okay?” His warm breaths sends a warm sensation through my body and I lean back on him as he tugs me closer. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

I wrap my hands around myself before they can see what im wearing.

“Here,” Harry says as he takes off his sweater. What is he doing?

“Harry is fine. I have your sweater in my backpack. I go to get up but Harry never lets go of my waist, pulling me closer refusing. I should’ve known he wouldn’t let me leave.

Pulling the black sweater off of his head the bottom of his shirt raises a tiny bit, exposing two fern tattoos on his lower waist.

“Harry please, it’s fine-” Without another word he yanks his sweater over my head.

“Harry.” I giggle as I get lost in his scent. Pulling the fabric down exposing my head I give him a playful smug look as he fixes my hair. “Do I need to put your arms through it as well?” He says and I roll my eyes, fixing the sweater on myself. It’s huge but makes me increasingly more comfortable.

“Thanks.” I say as he kisses the crook of my neck. Cheeky.

Looking away my gaze catches on Peters and I stiffen. At the same time he stares me down Niall’s shots are presented in front of us. Jumping forward Harry’s hold lessons and I stand side by side next to Niall who winks at me.

Grabbing onto the shot I raise it up knocking my eyebrows up to the Irish boy.

“Cheers Sugar.” He says before we lean both our heads back. The glass touches onto my lips and the warm liquid pours down my throat, burning on the way down. Blowing out an exhale, shutting my eyes Niall shouts for another round.

“You know Violet out of everything I thought of you this was never it.” Peter speaks coldly in front of the boys and I, catching our attention. Turning around, Harry grabs onto my waist. Looking down at his tight fists I know he’s only holding on to me to keep himself restrained.

“You weren’t so silent when you cussed me out in the halls.”

I want to say so much to him it makes me physically ill.

Harry grips me hard, Niall and Zayn notice immediately watching him like a hawk. They murder him down with their stares. “Don’t do anything stupid Styles,” Zayn says tightly but he gets no response.

“You know what styles please do something. I’d love for my people to get their hands on you again... maybe I can watch.”

What the hell is he talking about?

“What Violet you’re all quiet now that you have these boys with you? What are you doing with them anyways? Fuck around like the whore you are?”

My shoulders lean back from his words and my heart rate slows down to the point I can’t feel my own breathes.

“Im not a whore and im not fucking them” I speak up for myself announcing every word. Even if I was it would be none of his business.

“Peter you gotta back off.” Niall tugs on his arm but he rips away muttering a “don’t touch me.”

“Match your words with your outfit then, you look like you’re dressed for a brothel.” He spits out violently calm as his judgmental eyes rake down my body. Id give anything to just curl up in a ball and put on sweatpants.

Looking down I notice im playing with Harry’s rings from anxiety and stop immediately which puts a smile on Peters face. The people Peter came with dart behind the bar Harleighs at and they walk behind a wall to which they disappear.

Turning my head around Harry sees red. Not even bothering to look at me he picks my body up and places me at the top of the bar. Locking me in with his arms his murderous stare lightens a tiny bit but I can see the rage pouring through his bloodstream. His chest and neck tighten through his t-shirt.

“Im sorry darling don’t get mad.”

Before I can even think about what’s going on Harry slams a hard punch into Peter’s face. The bar stops and goes silent as they watch in entertainment.

Harry continues to slam his fists against Peter murderously and I press my hands to my mouth from the sudden shock.

My head is telling me to run away from him, seeing Harry in this light but I’m stuck to my seat. I’m pushing everything down. It’s the only way ill heal. the only coping mechanism I have. I’m not who I used to be, I can get through this.

Niall and Zayn try to break up the fight but Harry doesn’t budge. With Peter under his strong restraint the sound of bones crunching and skin slicing echo through the room.

Harry pushes him hardly against the bar wall. “What not so tough now?” His voice is different from what it normally sounds like, it’s vicious but I honestly don’t care. I can tell the difference between defending fights and defenceless fights. he’s defending me which is not something I’ve ever had.

“You don’t get to call her a whore.” Harry speaks viscously calm. Barley above a whisper before he punches him in the jaw. His head shoots to the right as blood drips down his cheek. Harry grunts before punching him once more in the gut and a loud exhale of pain leaves his lips before tipping over slightly, still standing.

“Harry lad you cant to this. Not to Peter.” Niall places a hand on his shoulder and Harry twitches sharply away.

“He’s done Styles,” Zayn says warningly looking down to Peter standing weakly as blood pours from his face and stains his teeth.

“You’re going to get yourself killed,” Zayn whispers lowly which causes Harry to drop Peter. He falls to the floor laughing.

“Oh god, cant wait to see you next friend.” He cous psychotically as Harleigh tosses a rag over Harry’s shoulder as he walks by without a word.

Wiping off his hands of blood he throws it down to Peter. “Leave her alone Peter and if you haven’t gotten it through your head I don’t care what they do to me.”

With his last spiteful word, Harry kicks him In the gut where he lays. No one bothers to pick him up or help him. The room erupts in conversation once again.

Harry turns around to face me with pain in his eyes. Pain that I saw everything he just did and the innocent wall of him I have is broken. He keeps breaking down my own walls of insecurity and I guess along the way he keeps his up to protect himself and hide from me.

Im not scared though. Asked me a couple of days ago and I would’ve but not after what I’ve seen how he’s like when no one is watching. The small portion of hidden pain I already know he has that clamped on to mine.

Standing in front of me he opens his mouth to speak but doesn’t say anything for a minute.

“Im sorry.” He shakes his head and I see the demons inside of his thoughts eating him away.

“Its okay.” I whisper and Harry places his hand on my jaw looking me over. “He cant talk to you that way Violet. He cant handle himself the way he does in front of you its disgusting. I had to do it. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while.”

“Why did he say that he’s excited to see you again and that you’ll pay?” Harry shuts his eyes and jerks his head. “It doesn’t mean anything just leave it okay.” He says spitefully. inhaling sharply Harry quickly apologies.

“I just mean don’t worry about it. He’s a walking definition of a liar.” I just nod my head in understanding.

“Well thank you.” I giggle.

“For what?” He grips my waist and lowers me off the bar. “For sticking up for me.”

His green eyes look me over and I see the fear going through them but also admiration.

Twisted but innocent.

“Hey its only eleven-thirty how bout we go back to the house?” Niall branches out over the music. Harry looks down to me in question. “We don’t like sleeping and its still pretty early, im not done with you yet.”

“Okay sure that sounds like fun.” They all smile in different ways and Harry takes my hand pulling me away. Walking past Peter he watches my every move and Harry watches mine as well. They’re trying to see how I react. Explosively from Harry and a breakdown of weakness from Peter.

Turning around as we walk away I flip Peter off revealing my middle finger on perfect display for him to relish in. His jaw drops and I smile.


Stepping foot onto the driveway of their house its huge. These guys said they’re nineteen and twenty-year-olds but live in a million-dollar house. Its hidden in the woods and apparently only selective people know about it.

Its a great setting for a horror movie. Very much walking to your death environment but as you step foot into the doorway light and comfort glisten. Light wooding paves your body on the flooring and the interior is painted black with matching furniture.

On the outside there are huge windows looking like dark walls. From the inside it’s clear like glass and greenery from the outdoors would probably light this house up colourful in the daytime.

Harry places a hand on my back encouraging me to walk inside. “Its really nice in here.” I whisper practically in shock. Nice isn’t even a word I could use to begin and describe it. He has this place and we’ve been hanging out at mine?

“You’re loaded,” I whisper again.

“Shut up come on.” Harry chuckles leading me towards the couches. Niall and Zayn stalk off to the kitchen when I hear them yell below the railing.

“Guess who Styles brought home.” Niall cheers and I hear a small grunt leave Harry’s lips in frustration. “Im sorry.” He says helplessly taking a seat and I remain standing looking around.

“Sorry for what?” I giggle when I hear the loud footsteps of two others walk down the stairs. I’m guessing Louis and Liam... they said that before I believe.

“Oh, shit she does exist.” A boy covered in small but many tattoos on his arm walks over to me. His brown locks rain down his face which he combs to the side. Harry turns his stare behind the couch and Immediately the boy throws his hands up.

“Oh relax will yeah im just meeting your girlfriend.”

My eyes widen and Harry mutters a “she’s not my girlfriend.”

He looks to me apologetically but Im trying not to hold back my laughs.

Harry always seems in control of the situation, having an upper hand with his scariness but with his friends he gets tossed around like a ball.

“I’m Violet.” I smile towards the boy and he calls back a “Louis.”

“Are you here against your will?” The other teases and nods his head to me smiling. “Liam.”

I like them. “You all live here?” I still mutter in shock walking around their small living room. Nialls comes up from behind out of nowhere and I jump but it’s not noticeable. Calming down immediately he grips my wrist and pulls me to the couch but once im in Harry’s reach he pulls me down to sit sideways on his lap.

“Really Styles?” Niall rolls his eyes sitting at the end of our couch.

“Yeah, really Styles?” I tease back.

“Is this necessary?” I try to move my way off him but he keeps me put on his lap. I stay seated knowing he’s a little protective in front of everyone. He looks nervous I’m here. Afraid of what ill think of his friends and their personalities... at least I figure.

“What are you doing?” I whisper leaning against the armrest as he traces down my thighs. Niall sits on the couch and Louis opposite. Zayn and Liam are in the kitchen doing who knows what.

“Just tryna keep you in my bubble for as long as I can,” Harry says quietly with little to no playful in his voice and a pinch of uneasiness sparks his demeanour.

“Why are you guys back so early?” Louis says taking out his phone.

“Harry beat up Peter and Violet’s shift ended early,” Niall says and Louis looks up from his phone. “Peter Kingston?” How does everyone in this household know who he is?

“Yup.” Niall beats Harry to it and I feel his body physically tighten. At first, I thought they were friends but I guess he really has it out for him.

“How do you know him?” I ask and the room goes quiet.

“Do you know how I said we all have known each other for a really long time?”

“Family friends, yeah,” I repeat in understanding and Harry continues. “His family is the reason we all moved out here. None of us like him but we can’t do anything about it. It’s like hating someone you share an apartment with, think of it as a lease. We can’t get out of our acquaintance until the time runs up.”

“But he’s not British?” I tilt my head to the side and Harry continues to nod. “He’s not but his dad is. Peter grew up in America and never got an accent since he learned how to talk here.”

“Oh.” I start to finally understand the small picture. Peters dad is the family friend to the boys families. I don’t ask any more questions not wanting to pry since they seem a little resilient.

“What’s your role to him, he seemed pretty pissed?” Zayn sits on another couch and takes a bite out of a piece of toast.

“This is a lot of questions back off she just got here.” Harry straightens and wraps his hands around my thighs.

“Oh you’re so protective Styles give up.” Louis recites and I chuckle. “No, it’s okay. He’s always been mean to me. It started in high school. We actually dated for a little.”

Harry stiffens behind me, “you did?”

“Yeah, that’s how he always taunts about knowing small details about me. I never took him anywhere in my house or anything, it was more like a chill school crush but he always wanted me to do things I didn’t want to do. He was popular and I was the kind of girl who wanted to just sit in the grass and read a book.” Harry places a hand on my chin and turns me to him seriously.

“What do you mean to do things you never wanted to do?”

“Nothing sexual or anything. I mean we made out and stuff but I always stopped before it got too far but he got mad. He would always get annoyed and stalk away afterwards. It hurt at first when he kept taunting me about it but after a while, I just got so annoyed and numb. I never listened when he nagged me on.”

“He was always so pissy about how boring I was and then one day when I showed up to school with-” I shake my head quickly exhaling a chilling laugh. “Never mind.”

They all look to me and when I look up from my palms hoping it wasn’t sympathetic it wasn’t. Their faces look mad and I don’t look at Harry. I can feel the possessiveness and anger fuming off of him. The feel of his sharp glance at me, wanting to rip through my thoughts to tell him the whole story.

I want to so bad but Im scared. Not of Peter but of the real stuff Ive been keeping away, im so scared of it.

I’m running away as it’s chasing behind me like a predator.

“Anyways after a while, he noticed little things going on with me and started to use my niceness against me. Tried to plug information out of me I wasn’t comfortable in sharing and when I kept saying no he started to talk rudely of me to his friends. Eventually, he had enough and starting going out with some blonde and they both started to spread rumours about me.” I say this so nonchalantly I sometimes forget in the eyes of others it’s wrong and disgusting.

“Um yeah.” I cough and start to play with Harry’s rings.

“Peter was always a dick.” Zayn chimes in and I smile. “Yeah, he was.”

They all start to talk about random things but I tune them out focusing on Harry’s rings. I twirl them in my fingers and turn them on his skin fidgeting.

After a while I look up and notice everyone was gone but Harry who sits on the couch with me on his lap watching.

“Sorry.” I tug my hands away from his.

“Don’t apologize for nothing.”

“I like your friends they’re nice, where are they anyway?” Harry parts his lips to speak but loud cheers shake the floor from the basement.

“Playing downstairs.” I laugh at the way he dumbly says it.

“What do you mean playing?”

“They have a whole game room down there. Pool, foosball, arcade games, beer pong.” He continues and I giggle.

“That sounds like fun you should play me at pool one day.”

Harry raises his eyebrows, “we should. Gotta warn you though i’ll win.”

“You probably will I’ve never played.” Laughing Harry only leans his head back. “You’ve never played, even at the bar?”

I shake my head, “Nope. It looks like fun though.”

“It is.” Harry smirks and I cover my mouth from a yawn. “Hey what time is it?” Checking his phone the light reflects brightly between us reading 2:30 am.

“Didn’t we get here at like 12 ish?” I gasp in question as Harry nods. “You tuned out playing with my rings, it’s been about fourth minutes. Eventually, the guys went downstairs and I stayed.”

I frown. “I’m sorry that must’ve been boring.” His head immediately shakes. “Are you kidding I could watch you do nothing all day.” I laugh from the sincerity not doubting it for a second.

Yawning again I cover my mouth.

“I can take you home but If you wanna spend the night I have a room here.” asking lowly I bite on my lip.

“You don’t have to, I’m being a pain-”

“No, you’re not a pain I want you to stay. If you want to.” softly looking me over I really do want to stay here with him.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” I say looking down at my sweatpants and baggy sweater Harry loaned me. I changed back into my clothes before we left. I’ll get too hot if I sleep in this.

“I can lend you some clothes, come on.” I look back at Harry but he hooks his arms around my legs and carries me bridal style.

“I can walk by myself.” I roll my head back knowing he insists on carrying me everywhere.

“No way.”

Walking up the stairs excitement and anxiety roll through my stomach. Im going to dream and Im going to scare everyone in the house. Im gonna freak harry out again and push him away. No one wants to deal with me.

Walking through the wooden hallway reaching the end Harry turns the black doorknob, opening up to his large room.

A black bed and wooded counter pieces make up the room and I inhale from his huge window remembering it’s painted black from the outside. It opens up to the middle of the forest facing thousands of trees. its beautiful and I cant wait to see it in the day. A small black chair rests in the corner of the two windows.

Placed softly on the bed Harry smiles giddily down at me. “You’re so cheeky.” I push him back and he stalks towards his dresser. Pulling out a pair of sweatpants he starts to strip. I place the palms of my hands smack over my eyes.

Harry chuckles loudly, “Darling i’m not naked.”

Spreading my hands open in front of my eyes I peek through seeing Harry in front of me. Wearing grey sweatpants and no shirt. I swallow dryly moving my hands away.

“Here.” Harry hands me a pair of plaid boxers and a baggy black shirt.

“Thank you.” I smile up at the glowing body above me.

“Go get dressed I wanna see my clothes on ya darling.”

Standing off the bed I turn to my smirking loverboy. “Close your eyes.” I urge and with a sarcastic groan he covers his eyes. “Leaving me to my imagination?” I see his eyebrows shoot up and I smile.


Changed into his clothes I press my hands against his and move them away. His jaw drops slightly as he rakes his eyes over me.

“Im just wearing pyjamas Harry.” I tease but he throws my body into the dark unmade sheets. A yelp leaves my lips and his body rolls on top of mine, using his hands to hold him up.

“You don’t know the effect you have on me.” He speaks slowly and I get lost in his soft touch which rakes over my cheek.

“You’re a natural tease and you don’t even know it.” He brushes over the material and my bare leg.

“I like you in my clothes.” He smiles like a child on Christmas morning as he tugs on the fabric. I bite on my cheek from the sight of him which makes me smile as well.

“Oh come on.” Giggling I press my hands into his chest which causes him to flop on the bed. He immediately grabs my hips and pulls me close to him, lying sideways facing each other. The coldness of his rings sends a sensational shiver through my body.

I wonder if he sleeps in them?

Yawning again he dips his body closer to mine so we’re touching. Theres no space in the world left between us. I always feel so safe when I’m with him. Out of my comfort zone but in the best way possible. I feel like myself.

Shuffling against his mattress I push my hands under my cheek resting them on it.

“Harry?” he takes his stare off my lips and focuses on my brown eyes.

“Yeah baby?” I melt from his words and dig myself into the bed wishing to disappear through the soft bedding.

“Im scared I’m gonna have another dream” Looking away I close my eyes tightly.

“Don’t be scared of what I think. Please.”

“If you don’t want to go to sleep will stay up until the morning. I’ll hold you or just talk with you, It’s my new favourite thing. But try to get some sleep darling. I’ll be here if anything happens and I’ll make sure to chase your dreams away. No one can hurt you.” He speaks combing my hair behind my ears.

Sniffling I bite on my cheek from how much I like this brunette boy. “Can you just hold me?” I ask barely audible still coming to terms with the two of us. Harry doesn’t give me a chance to breathe until im being pulled on top of him. Our legs intertwine and I place my head in the crook of his neck exhaling a much-needed breath.

Wrapping his arms around me engulfing me in his hold our legs tangle in one another like a fresh puzzle poured out of a box.

He places his hands at the back of my head running his fingers smoothly through them. Goosebumps spread over my body from his touch and I close my eyes softly. He traces the back of my neck and I run my leg upwards resting it to the side.

“I could sleep like this for the rest of my life,” Harry speaks into the quiet room.

A small lamp pours just enough little light that makes it enough to sleep through.

He presses a kiss against my soft cheek. Pulling away, his lips create a quiet unlatching sound.

It was a delicate kiss.

“Do you want me to keep the light on?” He asks and I almost want to say no from the safe feeling I get from Harry. He was like my light but problems cant be fixed overnight.

“Can you keep it on?” I muffle tenderly.


Embraced in his hold and touching against his warm skin I refuse my body to sleep. I want to stay up all night just laying with him. I never want to leave the haven we have with each other.

I could lay wrapped in your arms forever to Harry.

“You’re safe with me. They can’t hurt you. Never again.”

Fighting the pain of tiredness I fall into the darkness like always but this time unafraid.

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