Two Ghosts

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TW- light violence/blood

Waking up in the same spot we fell asleep I lay gripped onto Harry’s neck. With a groan from my morning body, his hands fold over my back until im turned to the side.

My body flops off of his chest landing on the bed flat as Harry lays on top.

“You’re crushing me.” My lungs deflate as his deep morning voice chuckles. Ignoring my pleads he pulls me tighter into him. His bare chest feels like lava on my cold hands when I place them down.

“You’re hands are freezing.” He digs his head into my neck and I drag my hands up and around his neck. “I’m always cold.”

Before I can even blink Harry turns backwards lifting himself off of my chest but only to pull the bedsheets over us. Laying under the blanket his morning smile is so pure and fresh, looking down at me.

Hovering over top his curls get messed up in the bedding. “What are you doing?” I laugh off when he tugs my hips downwards and leans back down so his nose swipes across my face. Pressing his hands against my waist he travels his hand’s under my shirt and rests them on my skin.

With limited light under these sheets, I still make out his dimples.

“Harry-” Before I can make anything out he presses his lips to my neck and I feel his teeth smile into my skin.

“Stop making me laugh.” He pleads continuing his slow kisses down my neck. Slowly and delicately his soft lips make their way up to my cheek and he places multiple pecks which I scrunch my face each time they hit.

“Good Morning to you too,” I say when he presses his face away rolling over. Catching a breath he throws the top blanket off of us and I’m immediately hit by bright lighting from the windows. Squeezing my eyes shut I fall over and dig my head into his shoulders.

“What time is it?” The sun beats down brightly it has to be mid-day.

“I think 2 pm.” His raspy voice calls out.

“2 pm?” I whisper not understanding why I had a full night’s sleep. Not bothering to think about it Harry hooks his arm around my leg and pulls me closer. “I could get used to this.”

I lean my head out of his shoulders matching his morning face with mine. “Used to what?”

“Waking up with you.” Placing another kiss on my cheek I run my fingers through his hair and pull myself into his lap. Seated against the headboard Harry leans backwards rested against it and pulls me closer to him. I continue running my hands through his hair.

“I like your hair long.” I pull it into a small ponytail on the top of his head and giggle when I tie the elastic around it, tying it in place. Finishing I look down at Harry who stares giddily up at me.


“You’re welcome.” I press a quick peck to his lips and he frowns playfully.

“Again,” he speaks. I press another to his cheek and linger on the spot longer but Harry grabs my hips and leans himself forward so we’re both sitting upright. With my hands wrapped around his neck his body blushes.

“I wanna give you something.” My eyebrows raise and I bite my cheek.

“Alright what is it?”

Pulling his arms off my waist he brings his hands out in front of us and brings his hand to his index finger. Pulling off a silver ring, he gives it to me.

“Im not purposing or anything drop your eyeballs.” Dropping them I just smile deeply. “You don’t have to Harry it’s your ring, not mine.”

Shaking his head he brings my hand forward and places the silver in my palms. “For you to fidget with when I’m not around.”

Inhaling sharply I just look at him. Every time he opens his mouth he manages to kill my heart over and over again.

“Now we both have jewelry.” He tugs on the necklace I gave him and I shift on his waist. Rolling the ring in my hands I place the silver on my thumb knowing it’s the only finger it would fit on and I twirl it in my fingertips.

“Thanks,” I say in excitement. It’s a simple thick silver band. “I like your rings.” it’s one of my favourite details of him.

He tugs his lips up into a smile before rolling my body below his. “And again?” He furrows his eyebrows and I laugh while I place another kiss on his cheek.

Standing off the bed he grabs my hands on the way pulling me up. Standing up he walks the both of us to his bathroom.

Giving me a spare yellow toothbrush he smirks as he gives it to me. “Only fair.” He murmurs through his own toothpaste.

After showering and placing my sweatpants on again I throw on Harry’s zipper sweater I have in my work bag. After I was done in the shower he told me to meet him downstairs. Standing in his room I look through the wide windows that light up the colours of the room with green. Staring into the forest I tug on the sleeves of my sweater and just shake my head. I guess I just didn’t have a dream last night. He really does keep them away for a time.

Making my way down the wooden staircase the voices get louder. Entering the room full of boys, Nialls the first one to notice and pats down on a black high chair in between him and Harry.

Sitting down on the black chair Harry hands me the half of his bagel which I take willingly. Biting into the butter I look over to Niall who’s staring at me. “Yes?”

“You two are perfect for each other.” He looks as if hes looking straight through the both of us even though he can only see the outside.

I look back to Harry and laugh. He quickly matches my reaction with a smirk.

“No school for you guys today?” Liam has a bowl of cereal in his hands and Harry and I just shrug.

“I guess not.” I laugh into my palms as Harry just smiles at me proudly.

Finishing up my half of the bread as the boys talk with each other I play with the ring on my thumb.

“Remember when you hated wearing my sweaters,” Harry whispers in my ear and I lift my head to push him away.

“I’ll gladly take this off right now.” I tease and he only rolls his eyes.

After breakfast, Im pulled by Harry towards the couch. “You gonna tell me what you guys do for a living to afford this stuff.”

“Family business.” Is all he says and im about to ask if I could see the basement when the front door starts to pound. I questionably look over to Harry who curses under his breath. “Fuck.”

Harry grips my hips and yanks me off the couch pulling me forcefully across the room.

“You really just had to go and do it didn’t you Harry.” Liam shakes his head.

“What’s going on.” I raise my voice in slight panic when im pulled to the kitchen table.

“Niall you gotta get her out of her,” Harry whisper shouts and Iooks to him with wide eyes.

“Harry?” I try to pry my arm away but his grip is too tight. Pulling the roots of his hair he pulls me close and his eyes flash in terror.

“Fuck im so sorry I brought you here. If I knew they would have come over here after last night I would’ve refused.”

“You know we cant leave when they’re here Harry.” My heart drops in my chest from the change of environment. I haven’t felt the true panic of a space in awhile. It’s something I don’t miss.

I don’t even release I blanked out until I feel Harrys hands on my cheeks shaking me. Looking up to him his face is pale. “Don’t be scared they’re not gonna hurt you they just want me.”

Before I can say anything the door kicks open and two very large men dressed in black stand in the hallway. Harry’s neck stiffens in rage and Niall pulls me from Harry resting me beside him.

“Do not speak. Do not look at them.” He says and I just linger my eyes on Harry who looks like he would do anything to take me out of this house.

I don’t feel safe.

Watching Harry his body language changes and he looks much taller and stronger. Like what I saw him last night fighting off Peter. He flipped his switch.

We all have a switch.

“You really didn’t have to barge in like that did you?” He speaks coldly walking up the men.

“Could Have just waited for the door to open and I would have walked upstairs with you.” Standing in front of the boys I watch unresponsively not knowing how to act. I’m not sure If I want to scream, cry, curl into a ball or punch someone.

Before I can breathe the man on the right blows a punch into Harry’s jaw and his side curls to the right. I jump from the noise.

Wiping the blood off with his thumb he chuckles. “Gonna have to hit me harder than that.”

With a harder punch to the stomach sounds of misery and enforcement echo loudly through the house and I shut my eyes trying to tune everything out but I can’t. They’re hurting him and no one’s trying to stop it.

Locking their hands around Harry’s arm they pull him up the stairs. Standing there frozen a door slams and the sound of glass shatters. Ripping from my state of paralysis I make a run for the stairs. No one was expecting me to run and they all race after me.

“Violet no.” Zayn the first one to get to me and he grabs my hips lifting me up in the air. Turning me around I fight against him.

“Zayn let me go.” I wave my hands fighting back but he has them in a hold.

“Zayn get off.” I bolt my voice and he places me on the ground turning my body to look at him. With his hands placed on my shoulder, he gives me a hard look. “Why aren’t you doing anything?”

Opening his mouth he cringes slightly when the sounds of a lamp breaks on the floor and I jump once more.

“You have to help him.” my voice stutters.

“Theres nothing we can do Violet, don’t you think we would if we could.” The sound of more punches break the noise level.

“Why are they hitting him, who are they?” I bring my fingers to my front and fiddle with the ring.

“He hit Peter so he’s paying for it.” Zayn pushes his face forward.

“What the fuck does Peter have to do with anytihng.” I haven’t raised my voice in a very long time but it bolts through the room and Niall pulls me to face him.

“Stop talking Violet.”

A loud grunt of pain seeps through the upstairs and Louis shakes his head. “He’s fighting back.”

Pushing Niall off of me I start to run up the stairs but he’s the one to pull me back this time and carries me forcefully to the couches.

“Just help him.” I exhale shakingly.

“Violet.” his face goes blank of any remorse of kindness. “If you even open that door or run in their path they will kill all of us. They will kill you and then they will kill Harry.” He points a finger at my face.

“Did you just say kill?” My body sinks into the couch and my face goes blank.

“Violet Peter is not a good guy. We stay clear from him but Harry cant seem to. If you go up there they will put a bullet through all of our heads so you sit down and don’t move.” Once hes finished he sits next to me.

“He always makes it out. He’s a strong fucker dont worry.”

It starts to rain outside and the sound of water pouring down on the forest ground splashes loudly.

I’ve never been more confused in my life. Why would anyone want to hurt Harry? What does Peter have to do with any of this?

My head can’t think straight. accepting fear, the need to just run up those stairs pounds through my body but I refrain.

More sounds of breaking clatter the floor and I curl up into a ball on the couch, tucking my knees to my chin. The sounds is all too familiar. The sound I wish to never hear of again. It hurts almost worse when it’s not you. Im just listening through a door and I cant react.

I’m in a dream where I’m tied down and can’t move away from the danger. I feel like the boy above the water who couldn’t reach down and save me.

Im powerless.

The rain starts to pour down harder and hits the windows at a hard pace. The door upstairs suddenly swings open and Niall takes a step in front of me shaking his head in warning not to move or speak. I swallow dryly when my gaze hits the two scary men.

Their hands are soiled in blood but not from their own cuts. One of the men has a fresh bruise on the side of his head and another with a cut against his lip.

They don’t stop and make their way to the door opening it with a creek and exiting through the pouring rain. Once the door closes and the sound of rain dies out from the closing door I jump over the couch making a run for the room. Racing up the stairs I jog through the hallway.

Standing outside a black door I open it and step through. Harry climbs his way to sit on top of his bed slowly.

When he looks up at me his whole face frowns in pain. The kind of pain that isn’t just caused but felt. He looks as if im standing right in front of him but miles apart. His skin reveals deep cuts and blood pours out of them. Bruises cover his body.

The room is completely trashed. The sheets are ripped across the floor, pieces of glass coat the floor and all the simple decorations of the room are in pieces. I cant help but gasp at the sight.

My gasp throws Harry off and he tightens his face in disgust. He shakes his head and it doesn’t take me long until I sprint towards him. I throw myself on his lap and hug him tightly. His hands don’t wrap around my back immediately and his body tightens from the shock.

“Im sorry.” I exhale into his skin watching the sky turn grey through the windows. His hand finally wraps around me and he shakes his head. “Why are you apologizing?”

“Why would they do that to you?”

His hand feathers through my hair, “I like to mess with the wrong people.” He speaks calmly like none of this is a surprise. Who are these boys?

“This happened before?” I can feel him hold his breath until a loud exhale leaves his lips. “Lost track.”

I pull away and cup his bloody cheeks, “Harry what’s going on. One moment I’m waking up and eating breakfast and the next you’re getting beat up. And then I’m told if I follow ill be shot in the head.” I try to muster all my thoughtful emotions away but they peak through innocently as I speak.

“I cant.” He squeezes his face tight and it physically hurts from his cuts because he releases his face quickly.

“I don’t feel safe. I don’t like hearing those sounds.” He’s the one to cup my face this time and his features break in sorrow.

“No one’s going to hurt you. Okay.” I nod trying to convince myself I agree more than him.

“You’re going to have to tell me eventually.” He freezes and nods painfully. “I know. Im just scared you’ll never talk to me again.”

I dont respond, instead I just brush my fingers over his cuts. “These are going to get infected, come on.” Gripping his hand I pull us both off the bed but he pulls me back by the waist.

“Theres glass all over the floor.” Looking down at my black socks glass surrounds us. A gasp leaves my lips when I’m hoisted in the air by my thighs and he walks us to his bathroom.

“Harry you’re hurt you cant be lifting me.” It’s almost like he’s trying to help me instead. I just don’t get it

“Im suppose to be helping you.”

“I dont want you to hurt yourself, this is my fault.”

“None of this is your fault.” A light whisper of hurt drags under his breath as he says, “Yes it is.”

My body is placed on the black countertop of the bathroom. Flicking on the light through the dark space his features look more bloody and cut.

“God Harry what did they do?” He stands in between my legs and from the height of the counter were the same height.

“It doesn’t hurt.” I look up at him like he’s the dumbest human being on the planet. A piece of glass rests in his ear. All his cuts look like something was slammed into him or sliced by force. The broken lamp and glass on the floor make more sense.

I don’t bother to ask anymore questions, its not worth it. He’s already in lots of pain even if he says it doesn’t hurt. I run a hand towel under the running water of the sink. He places his hands against my thighs as I run the towel over his cuts.

He doesn’t take his eyes off of me as the white towel turns red quickly. “Does this hurt?” I release the cloth and Harry shakes his head.

I place my fingers to his ear and remove the small remaining piece of glass. Blood continues to trickle down his skin. “You need stitches,” I whisper and he only nods like he already knows.

“Im just gonna wipe the blood away there’s so much.”

Once his face is clean to the best ability of the situation my own hand stains of red from the towel. Wiping them against my sweater Harry grabs on my wrists for me to stop.

“Hold on.” His face looks physically pained from the sight. Retrieving a new towel he runs it under water so it’s barely wet. Placing the warm towel against my hands he studies his every move carefully making sure to not leave any red behind.


“You shouldn’t have to have this stuff on you Vi.”

“Harry stop it its alright.” He shakes his head and I place my hands against his chest but his body clenches. Removing my hands quickly he tugs his shirt up in the mirror to look for himself. A large green bruise spreads all over his chest and internal blood under the skin forms cluttered around the colour.

I squirm from the site. He must be in so much pain.

Trickling my eyes down, more deep cuts present on his body and his black shirt in the bright lighting stains of blood. “god”

A knock from his bedroom door pulls both or stares as the boys all walk-in squirming from his site. “You just had to do it,” Louis says and Harry drops his shirt.

“Keep fighting back, they’re gonna keep breaking you harder. Just gotta take it like the rest on us.” Zayn shakes his head in grief looking at his friend.

Harry leans forwards trapping me with his arms as he looks at his friends. “Im not just gonna take it.”

“One day you’re gonna end up dead. They can only keep going harder until it ends with a bullet in your skin.” Niall seethes through his teeth and I press my body tightly backwards until I hit the mirror.

“Well, I did try to fight back until they handcuffed me. Ruined all my fun.” He presses his body to the side where they stand and I just continue to watch with a flushed face.

“Look Ill stitch you up give me a second.” Liam walks out the door to return shortly with a rather large first aid kit. They weren’t wrong when they said they’re pretty much used to it.

He places the kit on the counter and leaves the room once more returning with a chair. The one in Harry’s room was broken into pieces.

“Here, sit down.” Harry peels his arms away from my body and sits on the chair. Liam takes a seat on the bathtub and opens the kit pulling out the needle and threads it. Wasting no time he stitches up his face and stomach.

With no needles or pain medication Harry just sits there and doesn’t bat an eyelash in pain. I continue sitting on the counter watching his cuts get sewed together painfully.

Niall’s phone rings in his pocket. Taking the object out of his pant leg he steps out of the room in a huff. Returning in less than a minute he just nods to their lingering stares.

“When?” Zayn asks.

“now,” he speaks hardly while putting the phone back in his pocket. I turn my stare back to Harry and he looks at me up and down emptily.

“You guys are leaving?” When the words leave my lips a surge of thunder booms from the outside and my body jumps. The thunders replaced with hard rain and I sink my body down on the counter looking at my palms.

“Yeah, we just have to go check on a few things,” Zayn speaks lowly after my jump and I feel Harry’s stare on me.

“Just don’t get punched in the same spots and it should heal fine.” Liam removes the needle from Harry’s skin and he nods. The boys leave the room and Harry’s quick to stock over to me again. I try to slip off the counter but im quickly pulled back to remain seated.

“Well be back. Don’t leave here okay. You can wander the basement or just stay in here, I’ve got some books on my shelf.” Now that gets my attention.

“Really?” I say slightly. I haven’t read a book in a while because I hate getting lost within the realm but I’m almost comfortable in my own existence to try again.

“Yeah, I don’t put clothes in my closet so it’s just shelving.”

“I might.” The rain ruthlessly pours. Harry drags my hips forward and helps me on my feet.

“Stop your makeout sesh and get down here princess,” Niall calls for Harry and I stifle a laugh.

I walk straight to his closet with Harry behind me and I drop my jaw from all the books he has in here. “Holy shit.” the closets huge and shelves of hundreds of books flash through the wooding.

“I have to go.” He speaks after a moment and I turn to see Harry now dressed in black jeans and a red flannel.

“No ones coming back here.” Parting my lips I nod.

“Well probably be back around ten, im sorry.” his face cringes. “I hate to leave you like this especially with the weather.”

“No no, it’s fine ill keep myself occupied.” I smile when Harry places a kiss against my cheek. “I’ll clean this all up when I get home don’t touch it.” He walks away leaving the path of his scent behind.

The next thing I know the front doors closed shut and the sound of an engine rolls out of the driveway.

Looking into Harry’s bookshelf I shake my head in shock. “Dam surprises.”

After handling his books through my fingertips I graze over Catcher In the Rye which I’ve already read and is one of my favourites. I stumble upon a couple of Jane Austen Novels but my eyes land on a beige and purple cover titled It Ends With Us.

Picking up the novel I storm through the wrecked room and cross my legs on the small bed. destruction really never has bothered me.

My eyes roam over the dedication page when I open the book.

For my father, who tried his very best not to be his worst. And for my mother, who made sure we never saw him at his worst.

I swallow bile in my stomach. My parents always made sure I saw them at their worst. Never once did they try to pry me away or stop their faults to better themselves for me. Never once.

The page to the left of the dedication is a small scribble in black ink. The words printed in a messy line make out You’re not a bad person.

I scrunch my eyes from the message and continue to follow the black ink at the bottom left-hand corner. The name prints


I start to wonder but shake my head.

I dive into the book and start to read. After a couple of hours, I put the book down to let it all sink in. In so many ways am I like Lily. She always wanted to be the best she could. She put on her mask and always made sure to be likeable. She was always kind but never did she get anything in return. She found someone who made her happy but he left.

The ones you care about the most always leave you to fight your demons alone. The ones you always love are the ones who break your heart the most.

Lilly moved to Boston away from her past just like what I did.

I flip the book upside down and rub my eyes. Checking my phone it’s only five o’clock and I’m incredibly bored.

l fight the urge just call Harleigh and see if there’s a shift open I can take, it’s only like a twenty-minute walk and the rain has died down to a drizzle.

I wonder where those boys really go in their spare time.

Huffing I draw my hair into a ponytail and cave in dialling Harleighs number. He picks up on the first ring.

“Hello miss Violet.” His playful voice circles my eardrum.

“Hi.” I stand off the bed placing the book on the nightstand.

“Do you by chance have an open shift? Just a quick one or something?”

“Well, it’s pretty empty in here from the rain.” I huff a breath of boredom.

“Can I just come and hang out with you then, we can eat donuts?” I say hopefully into the phone knowing dam right Harleigh brings a case full of desserts every night.

“Yeah, sure I’ll teach you some party tricks.” Squealing in success I say goodbye and hang up. I’m definitely not dressed in the best attire but im just going to hang out.

Running down the stairs I grab a pen and paper writing. Went to the bar, I walked... if it’s raining could someone pick me up?

I text Harry a modified message just in case.

Putting on my converse I pull Harry’s hood up on my head and open the door.

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