Two Ghosts

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Entering the bar I make it just in time before the rain comes down again. I make it inside dry and walk over to the bar.

Harleigh was right this place is completely empty. There’s a couple of people seated and playing pool but other than that it’s deserted.

Plopping myself down on a bar stool Harleigh walks out from the back and smiles at me. “You walked?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Fresh air never killed anyone.” Snickering he pulls out a pack of donuts and places them on the counter. My eyes instantly light up.

“You know, this is why we’re friends.”

I pick up a chocolate glazed donut and bite into the sweetness and moan. “Yum.”

Shaking his head he only picks up a powdered donut and stuffs his face.

“Where’s Phil?” I haven’t seen that big guy since he lectured me about Harry, I miss him. He’s like a father to me.

“I’m not sure he’s been out. So what ya do today?” He says as his mouth covers in white power and I stifle a laugh. “Hung out with the same people I was with last night.”

“Yeah, I was meaning to ask if your relationship with them was new.” Walking behind the counter he retrieves a glass and fills it with water for the two of us.

“Like last week I think. It was pretty quick but he’s a close friend.” Friend my ass but whatever. I’m not about to tell him he’s my friend who sleeps in the same bed as me and we kiss each other.

“Bout time you climb out of your shell.” He speaks and I start to twirl the ring on my thumb below the counter.

“No today I was just catching up on some reading. It was my first book in a while and I forgot how much I like it.”

“Well good for you I’m glad. Putting yourself out there.” I squirm in my seat and stare daggers through him. “You sound like a parental figure.”

Shaking his hands of the powder he smiles, “With you, I feel ancient.” Rolling my eyes he places a rather large box on the counter from below. “You mind?”

“I thought I wasn’t working.” I take a sip of the cold water.

“You aren’t but I have to go take care of a few things. Just put it in the back and I’ll be right back.” I stand on my two feet and pull the heavy box towards me.

“I better get a raise.”

“Oh wait.” he runs to the end of the bar where I stand and places a huge binder on top of the heavy load which causes my knees to buckle a tiny bit. “Thanks, mate.” he smiles taking off.

Standing straight I walk to the end of the hall turning left through the red space. White lights starts to flicker and I can see a little better.

Opening the storage room an automatic light turns on and I shove the crate of alcohol and binders on the first shelf I see. Walking out of the room the door shuts behind me and I stand alone in this empty hallway.

Turning left I stop in my tracks to look behind me. The small door I’ve wondered about for months stands right in front of me. I know I should just back away and walk out to the bar but I’m interested. Lucie said she thinks it’s abandoned now so what’s the harm? I’ll open the door for a second to ease my wandering thoughts and then I’ll go meet with Harleigh.

Nodding my shoulders forward I peer around the small space before turning around. The closer I get the slower my feet walk to get to the destination. I’m not sure why my stomach hits the floor. It’s not a big deal, it’s probably just some room.

The worst that can happen is that I run in on someone fucking. I’ll just cover my eyes and run out. “Okay yeah.” I convince myself.

Standing in front of the door I place my hand on the handle. “It’s probably locked,” I whisper knowing it’s always been locked from both sides. Turning the handle waiting to be stopped the door turns open. No creaks pour out in the hallway. It is a tight door that opens without a sound.

Pulling the door open slightly, a dark staircase creeping downwards opens up to a fairly large basement. The lights are not red down here. It’s all dark but I notice a white light down the steps but it is hidden behind a wall.

It’s just a basement. A creepy old basement. Nodding my head I force myself to back away but I hear voices coming from down below and I stop. It’s not quite a voice but a cry that begs.

My shoulders stand tall and a shiver runs through my body. Turn away, run away. I shout at myself but this basement is like a hot stove you tell a child to not touch but the sensation of wanting to know how hot it is makes you need to touch it. The sense of a lie needing to find out the truth.

I need to find out.

Looking behind me I just mutter, “Fuck.” Before I close the door positioning myself behind it, sitting on the staircase. The door closes without a bang and I slip down the steps carefully. There’s a small wooden railing so I slide my hands down my crouching body.

Climbing down I’m met at the end of the wall. I sit down on the steps and hold onto the railing as I scan the area. I was right about the voices: there’s a rather large group of men standing in front of a white light. Their backs are to me but they oddly look familiar.

“Please, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I stiffen my hold on the railing when I spot a man tied down to a chair. Blood runs down his body and deep slits of knife cuts trace his skin. Bruises glow and his face is swelled up with a black eye.

Bile rises in my throat but nothing comes up. I have to stay quiet. I have to move but I’m stuck in fear. My breathing stops when I hear a familiar British voice.

“We damn right know you work with them so just tell us where he’s hiding. This would be a lot easier for you if you just gave him up.”


Oh my god. The room starts to spin but I catch myself before I can make a noise. A loud punch shakes the basement stairs.

Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis all stand in a circle around the boy as well.

The man spits out blood from his mouth. My heart punches through my chest and I feel as if I’m about to pass out.

My gaze locks on a table full of guns and knives. My body just stays frozen. The only thing that works are my eyes. I shouldn’t have come. I should’ve stayed at that house like I was told.

No no no. I slept beside killers. I’m friends with psychopaths.

Why doesn’t this feel worse? I should be in a puddle of tears or calling the police why can’t I do that.

I’m surprised the railing doesn’t break from how hard I’m pulling on to it. I thought I knew him. I thought he was different, he said he would never hurt me. Only protect me from what I was scared of. I shared things with him that I never told anyone before.

I place my hand over my mouth in case an inhale of panic rips through the space. He’s just going to use my truth against me now.

Why does anyone I ever get close to have to be monsters. He’s going to hurt me when he finds out. Oh god, oh god.

Silent tears flow out of my eyes. Thick silent tears that stick with you in the darkest corner of a room from pent-up frustration and sadness.

Looking down my hands remove from the railing and are clung tightly to the silver ring Harry gave me.

He’s just a liar.

I’m growing attached to a psycho. I have grown attached to a killer.

“You know what I’m doine. I’ve really had enough with you. I was having a nice morning only for you to ruin it.” Harry pushes the mans chair to the back of the room. The gliding shriek of wood screams until it hits a wall hardly. Harry presses his hands against the man’s neck and laughs. I thought his switch was metaphorical to fit in and keep his past away but it’s his kill switch.

“Alright, I’m done. There’s many more people I can get information from.” Harry releases his hold and takes a seat on a couch next to Niall pulling out his phone and his face goes still. The Harry I thought I knew peaks through his mask and I see true fear within his green eyes.

He sits frozen staring at his phone. The message I sent before I left.

A click of a gun echoes through the room and I pull my eyes away to look at Louis who’s standing by the weapon table.

My lungs scream for air from the breath I’m holding but I can’t breathe. I watch him walk over to the man sitting in the chair who begs for his life.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.” Red paints his teeth.

“Tell me what lad I probably already know half of the shit you’re about to tell me.” He seethes.

“No no I’ll tell you the name.” His face goes white than his already pale complexion.

“Tell me the name. It’s simple. Two words and I’ll set you free.”

“Dalton. Dalton Creed.”

Louis just shakes his hands open and the gun in his hand tilts to the side. “Thanks, lad.” He speaks and clicks his gun back, loading it.

Pointing the gun at the man my body just shakes before I loud gasp reigns the quiet empty space were in. I press my hand to my mouth as my body goes cold. Everyone turns to look at me and they all pull back.

My eyes widen when I look at Harry. He doesn’t move. No one bothers to speak as we instantly stare at each other.

My breathing starts to spike and my lungs pound in my chest.

Harry stands and finally my body shoots up, able to move. I fall against the opposite wall trying to climb my way up. “Don’t hurt me.” I cry as more tears pour out.

A loud crack of thunder hammers down and a boom cackles through the air. I jump and fall back down the steps and press my hands against my hair pulling tight. The lights in the room flicker off and time just stops. I can’t hear anything around me but my own raging heartbeat.

My breaths go rapid in the dark.

The lights flicker back on but they’re dim and barely enough for visibility.

“Violet.” Harry rushes out the words and walks slowly over to me in shock. I stumble up the stairs until my back hits the door. I stand and try to pry open the door but it doesn’t budge. “No no no.” I start to jiggle the knob but it doesn’t work.

From the lack of light, I palm the door looking for the lock and flick it back. The door swings open and I land on my hands and knees. A sob of terror pounds through my throat wanting to erupt but I can’t feel anything in my body.

The only thing I can do is run.

My breath paces through the long hallway. I’m running as fast as my feet will carry me but everything goes in slow motion. Tears flood down my cheek and I can barely see.

I part my lips ready to yell for help but nothing comes out. This is Harry. I could never out him and it hurts that I’m okay with that.

A hand presses against my mouth and I’m dragged back down the hall.

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