Two Ghosts

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As my eyes, open Harry's head still remains perched in my chest sleeping. Unwrapping my hand from his neck I run my hands through his hair before cupping his cheeks laying multiple soft kisses on his skin.

"What are you doing?" He groans, opening one of his eyes from beneath me. His morning voice warms the small room.

"I just wanted to wake you up." I snicker as he looks up at me.

He doesn't respond like he normally does and the environment changes in silence. Rolling away from my chest he looks hurt and parts his lips in sadness.

"You stayed." He states curiously and I tilt my head not understanding him. "Of course I stayed, why would I have left?"

He stitches his face together, "I thought you were waiting until I was asleep to leave." The tempo of his voice is below a whisper and he anxiously lays there. Pulling my body down to match with his I place my head on his chest.

"I told you I wasn't going to leave and I mean that." I meant every word I said yesterday and knowing what he's gone through sets something in my mind that I can't separate from. We understand each other and with him I don't feel like an outlier of society. I feel like myself.

It's not out of pity, I would never. That's one of my worst fears that someone would be with me out of pity. He makes me feel happy and safe. I've never felt those two since I met him. He even keeps my dreams away and for that I don't understand.

"I'm scared that someones going to hurt you because of our connection. You should be running away from me not laying here." He speaks slowly as he brushes my hair. I lay on his chest with my eyes open staring at the wall listening.

"Do you want me to go?" I build up the confidence to ask and he stops his movements going still. Gripping my armpits he drags me upwards. Face to face I sit cross-legged in front of him.

"No I don't want you to go, that's the last thing I want but-"

"Then it's settled." my body loosens in relief.

"You're such a pain." He lifts his head up to the ceiling and I crawl forward resting on my knees straddling him.

"I still don't like this. I don't think you understand the bigger picture of what's going on. You're defenceless if I'm not by your side." He presses his hands to pinch his temple stressing.

"You'll just have to stick beside me-." I cut him off immediately. "Harry if we are by each other's side 24/7 we're going to get sick and tired of each other." I laugh and his face remains blank.

"That's not how it's going to work with us, if you're by my side all the time then neither of us get our space. Now trust me when I say I always want to be with you but when you're out dealing or whatever you do, you need space from me... I'll stay behind."

We will get tired of each other quickly. Space is important and if I'm in that much danger then he's just going to have to teach me self defence.

I've lasted this long I'm sure I'll be fun.

"Violet all eyes will be on you. Darling, you'll be swept away in a minute." he cups my jaw.

I can't believe I'm about to say this.

"Then teach me how to fight." I cringe my face from the words. "Teach me how to punch or something."

I guess I'm really letting go and starting a new life.

His shoulders perk up and he seems slightly relieved by the idea. "Okay yeah, that's a good idea." He smiles and it's a chain reaction. I'm glad he's back. I thought he was going to remain paranoid forever.

"Come one." He rolls us over and stands up in yesterday's clothes. He rips his shirt off and places a black band t-shirt on, reaching for a pair of sweatpants.

I'm not sure why I'm watching but I stare not being able to look away. He's so beautiful, who created this man? Everything he does seems like a dream.

Pulling off his old jeans he rests in black briefs and I try to look away but I can't. He puts on grey sweatpants right after. Following the trace of his body with my eyes, I reach his eyes and he rests smirking in front of me.

My eyes go wide and my cheeks flush red with embarrassment, I can't believe I just did that.

I grab the pillow behind me and place it over my head groaning. A laugh ripples above the material on my face until I feel the bed dip.

"Violet what are you doing?" He chuckles and I press the pillow into my face harder.

His hands place over mine on top of the material trying to pry it off.

"Just leave me here to soak in my embarrassment." He grins a breath and the forces of our hands play tug a war.

"Oh come on." He laughs uncontrollably.

He shakes my hips with his hands and yanks me down the bed trying to make me release the pillow. My hips suddenly jerk as he starts to tickle me and all the oxygen is robbed from my lungs

Letting go immediately I let him peel the pillow away exposing my messy hair. I look up to him with a smug look.

He brushes my hair back with an evil grin. "No need to be embarrassed darling." He continues to snicker and I press my hands to my face slapping my skin along the way. Ouch.

"Darling." He drags the word out like a song and presses his hands to my wrist separating them from my face.

"I like it when you look at me. Look at me all you want, don't get nervous." His dimples pop and I stare at him through my lashes while he continues to chuckle.

"Might have to keep changing in front of you. I like your eyes on me... your reactions cute." I sit up and push him down.

"Okay, that's enough." I giggle through my embarrassment. I stand on my two feet but am quickly jolted back to hit his chest. I look up and laugh as he pins me down pressing several kisses down my neck.

His soft lips travel down until they can't anymore and he drags his lips back up. The pucker of his lips sends goosebumps down my body. I take a deep breath and he smiles into my neck loving my reaction. I feel his tongue on my neck and my hips shift from the feeling.

Oh god Is this man giving me a hickey? "Harry," I laugh out.

I feel a quick bite to my skin and he quickly replaces the contact with a soft kiss to my jawline. I shudder under his touch leaning my head back.

Releasing his lips from my neck he cups my jaw. His fingertips graze my ears as his lips reflect bright red looking down at me. I just want to lean up and kiss them.

"I really like you, you know." I lean up to kiss his neck that's exposed from his hanging shirt but he pins me back down playfully continuing his motion on my cheeks.

"really? Sorry, you're kind of annoying." I say and he lifts his lips from my cheeks, looking down at me with a hunger in his green eyes. "Really?" He whispers with a spark and turns back to my skin.

His kisses turn passionate to playful and he pecks my cheeks quickly in continuous motions. I laugh and push him off rolling us over. I swallow and inhale a breath needing a minute.

"You know how I feel." I smile still inhaling, brushing my thumb to his cheek laying a kiss on his soft skin. He tastes like vanilla.

"Say it." He pushes my hips back on his waist and I smile giddily. "I like you too darling."

I earn a groan from his lips but I pull back to stand. He frowns looking back at me and flops his body back down on the bed giving up.

I look down at the clothes and underwear I've been wearing for the past two days and shift on my feet.

"I need to go back to my apartment, I can't keep living in these," I say and he leans up on his elbows.

"We'll go later today I wanna teach you some moves this morning. You can wear some of my stuff." He stands making his way to his closet and I just stand there, "Harry you're like five sizes bigger than me."

He just rolls his eyes playfully, "Doesn't matter I love you in my clothes it makes you look sexy." I can feel the razor-sharp grin from here and I only cover my mouth with my palms. Returning to the side of the bed I'm perched on, he hands me a navy crew neck and black briefs.

I look up to him knowing what he's doing.

"It will be like shorts on you." He smiles brightly like he always does. His smile could make me faint on the spot. it's tempting and fills me with butterflies.

Standing up I unzip the sweater on my body and peel the white shirt I have on underneath. Standing in my black bra I pull over the navy sweater so it hugs me warmly. It smells like him too but I'm not making a move that I enjoy it with him here.

The room is oddly quiet and when I turn my body to the side he's staring at me and in his own world. "Well, I know this isn't your first time seeing what's underneath a girl's shirt," I smirk knowing he's been with other girls for fun and experienced, I'm no dummy. He continues to stand there with his eyes completely wide in awe.

I just shake my head and place my fingers on the hem of my sweatpants but as I do so Harry shakes out of his trance. "I'm gonna move the furniture around." He stutters leaving the bedroom and I laugh.

Putting on his briefs they look like workout shorts around me. I roll them up so they're tight but other than that they fit.

Walking into the living room he moved the furniture to make a clear floor for us to work with. "I thought you were just going to teach me how to punch?" I meet him in the middle where he's standing.

"What's that going to do for you? The people you've chosen to surround yourself with are trained hitmen." Okay then never mind I guess happy feet.

"Alright let's see what we're working with, punch me." He says and I stand back furrowing my eyebrows. "You want me to hit you?"


"Okay!" I say almost too quickly and he looks down at me with a tilt to his head. Standing in front of him I tilt my fist back to hit his chest. Releasing my fist forward, before it comes colliding with his skin he grabs onto my wrist tightly stopping me.

"What?" He pulls me in so our chests touch. He examines my fist and presses his thumb inside to remove my tight hold. "Your thumb has to be on the outside of your fist or you'll break it."

He fixes my hand and places my thumb in the right spot. "You've never punched anyone before have you?"

"No." I shake my head and swallow dryly.

"Now..." He breathes down my body and I remind myself to pay attention. "Bring your thumb to rest on your middle finger and squeeze your fist tightly. You're trying not to break your hand here remember that. When you're about to release the punch keep your wrist as straight as possible. It's probably going to hurt but as long as your forms right it's okay."

I just nod. I've witnessed fighting a lot so I think I know how to do it from a sense. "Here hit my hands instead." He pulls his palm out in front of him to be my target.

"I thought you wanted a high five for a second." I joke around but his face remains hard. "Okay sorry." I apologize knowing its a lot of stress on him to make sure I'm safe.

Bringing my hand back I collide it with his palms which earns a loud smacking sound to fill the room. Immediately I flick my hand back and shake it out.

"Fuck." I shout. How do people make this look easy?

"You have to keep your wrist straighter and when you punch, do it with purpose." He takes my hand away from my own hold and inspects it softly.

"It's easier when you're in a situation where you're mad and adrenalines coursing through your body." he places a kiss on my palms which makes my body melt.

"But that was a pretty good punch, where did you learn how to do that?" He brushing his thumb over my wrist. My eyes dart to my scar but he's never noticed. It's faint and only noticeable if you really stare.

"Just a natural I guess." I put on a smile and he rolls his eyes. Before I know my legs are kicked in and I'm falling to the ground. It's quick and sharp.

Harry lands on top of me trapping me in, pinning my hands above. It didn't hurt since he caught me but the shock hurt like hell. "How do you get out of this?" He urges.

"um, well I have to roll us over," I say questionably and he nods.

"Well do it."

"You know I would really love to go back to the punching we were just doing and get an actual hit in" I mutter and lean forward to get my hands out from his hold but he continues to press down. I press my body forward again but he doesn't let up. I fall my head to the floor giving up.

"You're a brick." I huff.

"What do you think the person who's actually trying to hurt you do in this situation? They're not going to be polite you'll be dead in seconds. You have to think fast, wrap your foot around my back and push me down with your thighs. "

I raise my right leg pressing it to his side and with all my strength I successfully push him down to the ground. He lessons up on my wrists and I pull them away flipping us over. It's quick but he lays underneath me now. About to shout in victory a voice booms through the apartment.

"Common Styles she's showing you up." A voice calls from ahead and I jump. We both turn our gazes to the door noticing Niall and Louis. Niall watches proudly and Louis snickers from the site.

"50 bucks on Violet, I love a good underdog," Niall says and Louis turns towards him, "I'd love to see her beat him up but you're on." They stand watching with their arms crossed.

"Why the fuck are you guys here?" Harry says angrily and I climb off of him sitting down on the couch.

"I thought you knew?" Louis says and before Harry can speak Liam and Zayn pour through the door.

"I'm assuming she knows?" Zayn asks and Harry nods.

"Hey welcome to the club!" Niall cheers and walks over towards me. He sits beside me on the couch and wraps his arm around my shoulder, kicking his feet up.

"And how is that brain of yours handling?" He turns to face me.

"Well I mean it was a lot to take in but I'm good. I don't really care as long as you guys aren't actually set out to murder me."

"Never. you're a keeper. we're in for some fun adventures together Sugar." He raises his eyebrows and I'm about to ask why but Harry's already got it covered.

"They came over to the house today," Zayn responds to his stare and Harry's back goes stiff.

"What did they want?"

"Well, our assignment for the past couple of weeks was to get as much information we can on who's after the business. Yesterday we got his name which was the highest success we needed to move on. We've been reassigned."

"Reassigned, I thought we were here until the end of the semester," Harry argues starting to pace and my own body gets stiff. They're just going to leave?

They can't leave.

"You can take a break, come back next semester and resume, it happens all the time." Niall raises his palm in the air and attaches it back down to my shoulder.

"You guys are just gonna leave?" I ask timidly, starting to get worried. I don't want them to go. I can't do this without Harry.

He looks at me not knowing what to do. He looks lost and I sink down on the couch removing my gaze.

"Dalton Creed, the name we got yesterday, well he's the leader of the mafia trying to take over ours. He has his own casinos and there's a lot of nasty shit going on. Everyone's killing each other, trying to take over for the highest power. We were initially assigned to go ahead and take them down but there's too many of them. Too powerful. We're travelling across America, hitting all the spots we got Casinos in. We have to make sure we get the drugs to each Casino safely. Along the way, we'll have to do little missions we're used to and find out more information through mutuals to take Dalton down. it's a pretty easy job. Depending on what we get ourselves into, if there's no problems it should take a month." Louis recalls the information to Harry and I just stare at the wall.

"When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow morning on the private jet. A cargo plane takes off right after us, they're following us everywhere with the drugs we'll have to transport. I mean well just have to watch that everything goes to plan but the others will physically deal with it."

"Yeah Sugar better bring all your nice outfits when we go out, it's for show." Wait, I'm going with them? I'm about to respond to Niall but Harry's voice booms through his apartment.

"She's not coming with us, she'll get killed."

"You were just training her when we walked in. It's not that hard. Besides I don't think you both can stay away from each other for two minutes, you're constantly stuck to each other like glue. Harry, I've watched you these past weeks; you're miserable without her." Niall defends me and my cheeks blush red.

He does have a point though, I refuse to stay away from him. I'm starting to finally feel good and unafraid in myself. I know Harry feels the same with me. Maybe it's unhealthy we rely on each other so much but for the two of us, we're the only thing we have.

We're the string holding each other's happiness at the moment.

"Harry, he has a point," I speak up for myself because if I don't I'll end up miserable. "I already know what you guys are so it's my decision and I want to go."

"Violet I know I told you what we do but it's the missions we do that you don't know about that we'll get you killed and if not arrested." He tries to convince me but I see it in his eyes he wants me to go.

"She's going," Niall says again and looks at me.

"This is going to be fun." A giant smile takes over his face and I can't help the excitement rolling around in my own stomach.

"Violet?" I turn my head to Harry who's moved his way directly in front of me crouching down. His hand palms my knee looking up at me with mixed emotions.

I can feel the wheels turning in his brain.

"Are you sure?" He speaks each word slow and clear.

"Im sure." Harry's lips break out into a smile. I remember telling Harry that we should just never show up to classes and go on adventures instead. I guess the universe really took it literally.

Niall jumps up and takes me with him. Falling off the couch he clutches my arms and shakes me in excitement.

"First stops South Carolina."

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