Two Ghosts

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"Darling, take a breath," Harry calls sitting on my bed at my apartment. I've been packing and can't stop stressing about the things I still have to do.

"Tomorrow Harry. Tomorrow. We still have to call the school and I have to call Phil who disappeared may I add and... Oh my god, Harry... school, Not to mention Abby." I stop pacing and my eyes widen, "she's going to kill me-"

Harry laughs reaching forward drastically and pulls me to him. I sit down on his leg and my back hits his chest. "It's 4 pm." I exhale stressfully and he chuckles.

"You worry too much" He pulls me tighter and I cringe playfully in his hold trying to get away.

"None of this I have to pack," I manage to squirm away and he falls on his back on the bed with a huff.

After calling the school I tried to ignore their judgemental tone. They said I could bring assignments with me but I just agreed that my exams would be worth more and the assignments missed wouldn't be counted. Harry didn't even bother to call, he said if things go south we would both be having to restart the year anyways.

It's not like he has to graduate with perfect marks, he already has a job and a pocket full of money. Besides I've always taken precautions for any scenario.

Dialling Phils' number he surprisingly picks up on the first ring.

"Violet? You okay?" he exhales stressfully

"Uh, yeah I'm fine. I was just letting you know that ill be heading out of town for the next month." ... or longer just pray that I won't be kidnapped.

The line goes silent, "Violet what do you mean the next month, you don't go anywhere."

That was almost funny, "I know I'm pretty lame but in the past few days that you have been away I got pretty fun," I state into the phone and I hear Harry chuckling from behind.

"You sure you're okay? You haven't been hanging out with that boy have you?" I'm starting to think that Phil knows about what goes on in that basement, I mean it would make sense since he runs it. At least he runs the legal side.

"Yes im completely fine, please believe me," I say to ease his worry and I notice Harry's head tilt up from my words. "What's he saying?" Harry mouths and I roll my eyes.

"So that's okay, right? I'll need the job when I come back, you're not getting rid of me that easily." I smile feeling his own from the other side.

"Yes, the jobs yours. Have fun and please call me if you need anything."

"I will thank you!"

Placing my phone into my jean pocket I can feel Harry's stare on my back. "He knows who you are I'm guessing?" Harry nods and I rock my head forward with my lips pursed in an "okay cool" motion. At least I know Phil would always stick up for me and make sure im safe. It's a comforting feeling.

Finishing up my packing I lower myself to the suitcase and zip it up. The sound fills the room and I brush my messy hair out of my face standing tall. "Okay, I'm done." I smile and Harry rolls out of the bed prancing towards me. Placing his arm over my shoulder tugging me close we walk out of my room heading for the kitchen.

He sits down on a chair nudging me down as well but my brain sparks an idea. His head tilts to meet mine and I turn around quickly running back to my room, leaving him alone confused as ever.

"Where are you going?" I hear him call from behind laughing.

"should I be worried?"

"Give me a second," I say as I dig underneath my bed for a small container of nail polish and pull it out in success. Exiting my room Harry's eyes trace down to the box as the object inside booms side to side with each step.

he gives me a questioning look. "What's in the container?"

Pulling back a chair beside him and taking a seat I smile brightly in persuasion. Harry clues into my look knowing I want something, "what you got there darling?"

"Nail polish," I lean my head forward and he only smiles with a grin. I only state the fact and he watches me pick through the colours. Looking back he has a certain sparkle in his eye.

"Want me to paint yours too?" I finally say giving him the chance to observe.

"Yeah sure." My stomach flutters in excitement. I didn't think he would have been that easy to convince.

"What colours?" I say roaming through my tight selection and I feel him shrug. "Match me with yours." Smiling to myself I grow creative looking at all the colours. Deciding, I pull out a light green, brown and black.

"It's for our eye colours," I smile and he pulls his chair closer in happy anticipation. The blacks just for the accent nails and plus I know he likes the colour. I would do all ten nails bright pink in a heartbeat but baby steps.

Starting to open one of the colours Harry places his hands on my hips and I pause my actions.

"May I help you?" he traces my side and I smack his hand away. "You have to wait until Im done." I giggle and he frowns like he won't be able to breathe without being close to me.

"How long will this take?"

"Probably like 30 minutes to dry fully." Once the words come out of my mouth he groans his head back.

"Can't sit tight for that long?"

"yeah, I can't sit for this long wanting to touch you and I cant." He laughs before gripping my hips again and urging me over. His actions are too quick to protest and I'm suddenly sitting on his lap as my back hits his chest. He curls his hands around my front and I just giggle a little jumpy from his ticklish placement.

"Alright, sunshine whatever floats your boat." Leaning forward with his right hand I open the nail polish on the counter to make them more accessible. I study the placement for a little while until I just go for it. I brush the thick brown polish over his pinky spreading the colour out on his small nails. The next finger beside I coat in green. I smile at how pretty it looks and Harry rests his head on my back. "sunshine?" he mumbles questionably.

"How does it feel now?" I urge playfully and he squeezes me tighter with his other hand. "I remember the first time you called me that and I wanted to slap you across the face."

He releases his head from my back and leans forward so I can see him. He has a grinning look like I just humbled him. Dam right I did.

Harry rests his back on the chair continuing to feel me up. His cold hand on my bare skin rakes up my body and I inhale. "This is okay right?"

"Yup," Is the only words I manage out. His hand rests under my bra and he presses his fingers through the material tracing everywhere but the most vulnerable place. It sends a vibration through my body and I close my thighs, leaning back on him completely.

He smiles into my neck and brushes his hand down my stomach. Goosebumps crawl over my skin from his touch. "You trying to distract me sunshine?" I swallow and feel his warm lips press to my ear.

"You're not calling me that from now on are you, I much prefer the smirking comments." His hand falls down my body and presses to the top of my pants. His fingers drag underneath gently drawing side to side while pressing kisses down my neck. His touch hits the top of my underwear and traces the outline of the material. His cold rings jolt my body back to reality and I lean forward. Swallowing a pant I paint the rest of his nails getting back on schedule.

"I've never been on an airplane before," I speak nonchalantly changing the subject ignoring the bright blush on my cheeks and pull his other hand on the table. He places another kiss on my cheek, his soft lips sending me over the edge. Pulling away he rests his head on my back again.

"And no, I'm trying to find a nickname for you still, I liked Harold but ill keep that one for when I'm drunk." I laugh out loud when he pinches my skin.

"you've really never been on a plane before?"

"Yeah, I've never even been out of the state." My parents never really took me anywhere. Hell, they were never even home half the time.

"Well, then I'll just have to take you everywhere." He smiles on my back and my stomach flutters.
"Good thing we don't really sleep, well be out all night. We're not in each destination for long so we'll have to do as much as we can."

"Deal," I say with my elbows on the table finishing the last coat on his hand and I start to go over each finger again.

"Niall said South Carolina's first, what do you guys have to do?"

"Im not completely sure yet but I know we have to go to a concert. There's a group of people making a deal there so we have to go and uh-" His voice dies down and I swipe the black on his nail turning my head around.

"Kill them.." I laugh. Laugh, oh my god what am I becoming.

He huffs and nods his head. "Who makes a deal at a concert anyways why not in an alleyway?"

"It's in the public and it assures that no one's going to turn on each other and start shooting." He pulls my body back with his thigh and I land hard on his chest.

"But what are you guys going? Last question." I turn my head to meet his chin.

"No it's fine, ask whatever ill always answer truthfully. These guys stole a lot of money and walked away freely a while ago. I'm not sure exactly what they're dealing, it could be drugs or guns but since they're going to be out in the open its a good oppurtunity"

"I guess no one really walks away freely in this line of business?"

"No one does," he says dryly.

I don't linger on his comment knowing it hurts him more than me. I place his hands out wide on the table so I have room to paint my own. "Don't move your hands, they're drying."

"So bossy."

I do the same pattern but I place the green on my pinky and the brown right next to it. After the next few minutes of him kissing my neck, I pull forward and his lips remove from my skin.

I inspect both our nails. "They're dry."

He pulls his hand out in front of him and grins. "I like them." He coos and I smile giddily in success. "Let's see yours," He pulls my hand in front of his eyes to inspect.

"Why is your pinky different?" he scrunches his eyes together like its some huge crime and I bite my lip trying to stop smiling.

"I put the brown on your pinky to match my eyes and your green colour on mine. Pinkies always reminds me of luck. I'm not sure why but I thought we were each other's luck you know?" I cringe my face from the analogy but he smirks wide, dimples portraying brightly.

"Lucky pinky, I like that." He leans forward to kiss my cheek but is interrupted by a knock at the door. I stand up and wobble once my two feet touch the ground. Turning around slowly I look back to Harry as he shakes his head chuckling. "I'm telling you." He raises his hand over his head.

"oh, whatever."

Making my way to the door it starts to pound loudly with each step. Opening the door it reveals Abby and she places her hands on her hips. "

She doesn't look too happy. "And where were you? You never answer my texts and you don't show up to school."

She pushes her way in and stops when her eyes meet Harry. She turns around back to me quite quickly with a certain glimmer in her eye.

"Oh." She puckers her lips trying to hide her smile. "Hi, Harry!" She raises her eyebrows at me.

"Hi, Abby how are you?" He asks sitting back in his seat examining his nails still.

"You know, I woke up today annoyed but now I'm just trying to keep a straight face." My jaw drops and I walk up to her but she shifts turning to Harry. "And how are you today?"

"Im good." He says and she nods in response.

"Well sorry if I interrupted something." She finally places her hand on her mouth facing me.

"I'm sorry I just never thought I'd see you sneaking around, it's about time." she pulls herself together inhaling and notices my suitcase on the floor which she takes several glances at.

"Girl talk gives us a minute." Abby sings to Harry and yanks me outside shutting the door.

"Where are you going?" she whisper shouts.

"I was looking for you to tell you," I respond back. "He's travelling for a month and asked me to go. We've been doing lots of fun things lately so he asked and I said yes." I keep talking knowing she thinks this is bullshit.

"After everything, I've been through I'm finally happy and I just want to keep it up until I can't anymore. I haven't thought about my parents or nightmares and I haven't felt like myself in so long and... and I'm having fun-" She interrupts my banter.

"Violet im not mad if anything I'm jealous I can't go. I agree with your choice, you need a break from all this shit. A lifelong break to be completely honest." She suddenly grabs me and pulls me to her door.

"What are you doing?"

"I've seen your closet, you need party outfits and you better text me every day or you better believe ill kill you when you get back."


I've never been on a plane before. I've only seen them in movies and pictures. I always knew they were big but big was an understatement. These things were ginormous. I have no idea how this is supposed to fly in the air.

Standing in front of the private jet, I reckon this is small for a plane and I just can't wrap my head around it.

Rolling out of bed this morning I pulled on jeans and a red crew neck sweatshirt. Climbing into the car Harry wouldn't let me touch my suitcase and has been carrying it everywhere for me even though I told him I was capable.

His exact words were, "Shut up and get in the car, darling."


The other guys got here first and are already seated on the plane.

"You okay, you've been staring at this thing for a while." He says walking back to where I'm standing after loading the luggage on the plane.

"This thing is huge," I say breathlessly and Harry grabs my hand urging me to walk in the plane's direction. And jeez it only keeps getting bigger with each step.

"Nothing to be afraid of, it's one of the safest methods of travel." We make it to the stairs and he places his hand on my back nudging me up first.

"hey, I'm not scared." I lie through my ass stepping up.

"I'll be right beside you, common." Walking into the plane my eyes light up. It's huge inside. There's a couch, a table and comfy benches. my jaw drops.

"Finally got the nerve to step on did ya?" Louis laughs and I pick my jaw up from the floor to roll my eyes playfully. "Shut up this is spooky stuff," I say while holding my side laughing.

Harry nudges me forward once more and I walk into the plane. A cool draft hits my body.

Harry takes a seat on the couch and takes me with him. Seated in front of Niall and Zayn I take another look around.

"Nice nails" Niall points out nonjudgmentally to Harry.

"I can do yours if you want?" I raise my eyebrows and he grins, "get me drunk enough and gladly."

"I'll do just that." I start to turn the silver ring around on my finger.

"So the concert things tonight?" I ask Zayn and he nods, "Yeah once we land we head to the hotel and from there the concert."

"Make sure you dress up though we have to blend in." Niall laughs and I look down at the sweater and converse I'm wearing to laugh as well. "I will don't worry."

"Ugh, im so excited this is the best assignment yet. You ready for all the parties Sugar, this is going to be the best month of your life." He places a pair of black sunglasses on his eyes.

"What kind of parties?" I ask curiously and everyone's head turns to mine with a cocky grin.

"Something you haven't ever seen before." Liam snickers

"Niall and Louis's parties are a right of passage. Well, take care of you don't worry." Zayn licks his lips and Niall looks proud from all his praises.

Before I can comment back the plane starts to move and my body rocks in shock on the couch.

Harry tugs me closer, "It's not that exciting just a huge party. It gets interesting though, I'll teach you." He whispers. Teach me?

The plane stops suddenly after travelling a couple of yards and a loud sound of a spinning engine plays in my eardrums. Harry places his hand around my side and I look out the window. Suddenly the plane rips down the runway and my body jolts back. Harry's hand around my waist keeps me from falling.

I notice they're seatbelts on here but no one puts them on. I guess if this thing goes down there's really nothing you can do about it.

The plane lifts itself and before I can blink were in the air. The city of Florida gets smaller and smaller the higher up we are. Insignificant. It just proves how big this world is and there's always a way to start new.

The plane levels off once were higher and I squeeze Harry's leg in reflex from the small drop. Once the plane level's in the air the guys all stand and make their way to a small table.

"How was that?" Harry asks and my heart starts to slink back into place from my stomach. "Kinda fun."

Harry drags his arm back slowly pressing a kiss to my cheek. Standing up we join the boys and Harry follows behind until were both seated at the white table.

Niall pulls a pack of cards out from his pocket and shuffles them. I slid in the booth next to Niall and Harry rests on my other side. He deals the red cards out onto the table.

"What is this?"

"Poker, watch and learn, you're playing in the big leagues now?" Niall says energetically.

"okay but ill just watch." I have no idea how to play so ill observe.

Niall deals two cards out to everyone and at the same time they take out their wallets and throw money into the centre. I widen my eyes forgetting how rich these guys are.

"Doesn't Niall always win, aren't you guys just throwing away your money." I giggle and Niall lifts his head up proudly. "I knew I liked you for a reason!"

They start to play and more money gets thrown into the centre each turn. I sit with my shoulder against Harry's as I look at his cards. Harry whispers that he's bluffing and that I have to keep a straight face.

Apparently, I don't keep a straight face and Louis calls me out multiple times.

"This is my natural face," I argue back playfully and he calls bullshit loudly.

Harry mumbles rules trying to teach me how to play but it just goes through one ear and out the other.

"Louis's definitely bluffing," Zayn says as he chews on a piece of gum.

"Oh shut up lad, you wish you were me," Louis hollers hardly to Zayn and Liam separates them from their banter.

"Louis you haven't ever won one game. Your only strategy is playing like you have a winning hand," Louis stands up and Liam pushes him down.

"Get out of my way and you do suck as a matter of fact."

Liam folds his cards on the table and it leaves the four of them to flip theirs as well. Niall places his over next and the cards snap on the table.

"Royal flush." He calls out like a know it all and my jaw drops. I don't have to know the rules to know that his cards are the highest you can get at this game.

"Easiest bank I've ever made." He reaches forward collecting his money and Harry throws his cards down on the table.

"Here I'm doing charity work," Niall spares ten bucks to everyone and gives me a fifty with a wink.

This is going to be a fun trip.

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