Two Ghosts

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Walking into the hotel building I try to compose my excitement. The hotel here is huge and beige covers the walls with accents of gold chandeliers. Everything to the touch is gold except for the dark black marble floors that my feet trail on.

Walking through the hotel after checking In, Harry carries my suitcase to the elevator which we all wait for. Once the bing fills the room the boys step out first and Harry nudges me into the wide space next.

Niall clicks the button for the seventh floor and the doors shut close. "So Sugar ready for tonight?" Niall flicks his eyebrows up smirkingly.

"Yeah actually," I look over to the blonde boy next to me, "Whos the concert for though?"

"I think Arctic Monkeys," Niall states shrugging and I quickly look beside me to Harry. Flicking my own eyebrows this time with my lip between my teeth I think back to the party I was drunk at and danced with him. Well, more like I danced and he watched.

Harry shakes his head with a grin knowing exactly what I'm talking about. as the elevator doors open everyone floods into the open space. Walking down the hallway filled with rooms the boys break off one by one slowly pouring into their hotel rooms.

Reaching the end of the hall two rooms sit across from one another and Harry reaches forward giving me a room key. I shoot my eyebrows down looking at him angrily.

"I didn't know if you wanted to stay with me," He speaks into the empty hall and I shake my head.

"I want to stay with you, you know that." He only smiles before placing the key into my hand and shoots me a dumb look, "I know you're staying with me but just in case you need your space It's there."

Before I can respond Harry opens our door and pushes me in with a hand on my back. "You act like you couldn't stay away from me for a night." I snicker as he closes the door with a smile.

"You're right I probably would crawl right under your covers in the middle of the night."

"dam straight." I sing back to him.

Walking on the black flooring the room is huge and covered in beige as well. A white king-size bed lays in the middle of the room with a tv directly across. There's a couch beside the bed and the wall in front lays a gold bathroom. Yes, gold. The countertop is painted black marble but the faucets, chandelier and anything painted with little detail are shiny gold.

Harry turns his body to me near the bed, staring at my standing position. He goes to part his lips but before he can even begin I run through the small space and throw myself at him. Catching me as I launched myself, he holds onto my thighs while I grip his neck. Harry lets out a loud chuckle of laughter and I place my cheek to his and he turns in a circle.

Bringing my head forward I smile widely, "I'm in South Carolina."

"You made it," He says, pressing a kiss to my cheek and I squish my face pressed onto his lips.

"Are you going to dance with me tonight? Make up for that party?" I ask snickering as he rolls his eyes.

"If you get lucky." He drops me to the bed with a thud and I bounce in effect. Leaning up on my elbows there's a hard knock at the door. Harry groans in annoyance and stalks to the door.

"Cover-up and let me in," Niall bangs harder. Harry turns the doorknob and the blonde boy floods in wearing only swimming trunks and a towel wrapped around his neck. I give him a curious glare which he meets and edges his face forward with his hands holding the doorframe.

"There's a pool on the rooftop, get your bathing suits on," Harry looks over to me and I smile wide. I haven't gone swimming in a long time.

"This isn't up for conversation sugar from this point on I'm promising you the best month of your life. "

"Id like that a lot." Niall gives me a giddily thumbs up and exits into the hall where I hear collided voices of the others yelling playfully.

"You don't-" Harry doesn't finish that sentence as I rush over to my suitcase excitedly and unzip it. Looking under my heaps of clothing I don't hear movement from behind and when I turn Harry just stands against the wall looking at me.

"Let's go sunshine pick up the pace." He groans from behind, "Alway so nice to me."

Pulling out a dark green bathing suit I was looking for, Harry has his blue swim trunks in hand. I give him a wink and skip off to the bathroom where I change quickly, throwing on a pair of shorts. I fix my hair in the mirror before gripping the doorknob.

Exiting the bathroom as the door opens Harry stands directly in front peering his head forward. "Ready darling," he says and wraps a towel around my neck.

Pulling me in with the towel he lowers his hands down my waist with a speechless gaze. His eyes open widely and those green pupils dilate, "You'll be my ruin darling."

Roaming over my body silently after minutes I pull his chin up with my hand, "thoughts to yourself love."

"It's you were talking about, you make it pretty hard. You're all I think about." He says while tracing my abdomen and I inhale a sharp breath reminding myself to breath. He makes it really damn hard.

With a blush covering my cheeks Harry lowers himself and quickly throws my body over his shoulders.

my chest hits his back weakly and I just accept my surprising fate. "Not this again," I recall as my lungs collapse and Harry drags his hand up my leg until it meets my thigh. "Common baby." I sense his smile as he prances to the door and opens it.

My towel drags behind us in my hands and Harry steps into the elevator clicking the button for the roof. "Gonna put me down anytime soon?" I swing my head.


Hanging down like a bag of bones I hug onto his back leg like a koala. "what are you doing?" He coos playfully and I just giggle. "I have no idea."

Once the elevator bings open, voices of the boys hit my senses loudly and I clutch onto his leg tighter.

"Look who finally decided to join." Louis yells, "Did you have to carry her here by force of something?"

Harry walks over to a row of lounge pool chairs and sits me down. Air finally hits my lungs and I breathe exaggeratedly. Harry smiles and pulls his shirt off in front of me. His tattoos on perfect display covering his bare front rendering me speechless. Restricting my hands from roaming up to touch him I swallow and look to the boys drinking in their own world.

They're swimming also and I look to the line of shots and separate drinks covering the pool's edge. There's no one here but us and when I lean forward my face hits Harry's chest. He looks down at me with raised eyebrows and I push him out of the way. "Get your chest out of my face, it's distracting."

He helps me to my feet and I pull off my cotton black shorts while Harry scowls. "Feelings mutual darling."

"Perv." I throw my shorts at his chest and he tugs me close. wrapping his hands around my waist and digs his face into my neck exhaling. He does this whenever he gets the chance and I'm starting to think it's sort of our routine.

On a schedule, I shift my body around to the pool and Harry manages to never let go, following my every footstep pressing multiple kisses to my collar bone.

Peeling away he's quick to grab my hand and leads me to the pool's edge. His eyes are covered with those black sunglasses I adore and I reach out to remove them.

Peeling them slowly off of his face his green eyes shine down upon me and I place them on my nose. "I'm going to need those back." He chuckles and my lips tug up in a smile.

"I feel cool with these on."

"You should, you look hot baby." Reaching over to grab them back off my face he stops when Niall splashes us. Harry gets most of the impact as I stepped away completely with a yelp. I cover my lips from a laugh as his wet hair dangles off his face.

"Sugar you mind helping me out?" He asks and I nod understanding his message, "of course." my tone of voice practically bows as I skip over to my target.

Harry catches my hands before I can do anything and he pulls me to his chest. "Think about what you're doing before you do it." I laugh in his hold tugging away.

"I'll take that chance," I press my hands to his chest and push him forward, loosening his grip he falls into the water with a splash. He tries to pull me down with him but I'm too quick.

Coming out of the water right away he stands on his two feet brushing his wet hair out of his face shocked.

I lean down towards Niall who has an open palm waiting for my high five. With a proud smack, Niall turns to him. "She got you Styles what can I say, my prodigy on this trip."

I ruffle Niall's hair in my fingertips playfully before shoving his head to the side and stepping away.

"Now you gotta come in." Harry lifts his finger up in a come hither motion murderously. "Just gonna have to come out and get me," I state calmly and shrug my shoulders with the black lenses over my face.

"Oh Zayn get her in here," Niall plays and I turn my gaze.

Zayn sits on the pool's edge drinking beside me and I widen my eyes when he stands making his way over to me.

"Zayn, I thought we were friends." I cautiously say as he shakes his head. Before I can muster a word he grips onto my waist and throws me into the pool like I weigh nothing. A gasp leaves my lips in the air and before I know it my body hits the water. I sink to the bottom clutching the sunglasses on my face so they don't float away.

Surrounded by water I swim to the surface and take a deep breath. Wiping the water out of my face laughing hardly I feel a pair of hands engulf my sides and I'm pulled into no other but Harry's chest.

"Can't get away from me that fast." He whispers while he tightens his hold around my body feeling secure and affection instantly. my back feels his bare chest hugged against me and I inhale as his fingertips brush over my skin.

"It was funny for the first couple seconds of victory," I say holding back a fit of giggles as I turn my head to meet his eyes.


"Hysterical." Just like that he throws my body into the water and my head dunks underneath. He pulls me to the surface afterwards and his dimple brightly reflects on his cheeks.

"That was rude." I effortlessly say trying to catch my breath and Harry peels the sunglasses off of my face, replacing them back on his eyes.

When he lets go I dunk my face back under the water. Calmness surrounds the deep space and I take a brief second to just take everything in a smile. Coming back out of the water I push my hair out of my face and wipe my eyes once more. Just as they open Harry pulls my body close to him and urges me with his hands to wrap my legs around his waist.

"just can't stay away from you." He whispers.

I wrap my arms around his neck and he places his hands just under my bum. Brushing my hair back he cups my jaw leaning in but a deep voice stops our actions.

"You have an audience lad." Louis snickers from behind and Harry turns us to face them. I clutch his neck with my hands and press my body forward giggling in his ear. The Sweet sound of my laughter has Harry clutching me tighter.

"Just don't look," He says calmly raking his hands down my back trying to keep a straight face. "Cause this pool is oh so big?" He adds and I turn my head to face Louis.

"Do you guys wanna play a game?" I say changing the subject and they all look towards me. "Depends, is it mermaids?" Niall grins and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, I actually brought a tail down. No, you get on someone's shoulders and the last one standing wins." Niall plays with his lip and nods.

Louis throws back a shot and jumps in the pool, "Niall get on my shoulders."

"Glady my love." Niall meets him halfway and Louis submerges himself well Niall climbs on. Standing up with Niall hovering over his shoulders Niall bends his elbows showing off his muscles.

"You see these? Massive. Better watch out Sugar."

Zayn and Liam slip into the pool and repeat the same actions with now Liam sitting on his shoulders.

"Hurry up I got a Victory to win." Liam cracks his knuckles loudly.

"Better think quick Violet." Zayn grins and Harry lets go of my waist starting to grip my legs but I stop him.

"Hey hold up I thought I was carrying you?" pinching my waist I jump up and he takes the advantage to slip underwater. Pulling my legs over his head he stands with me straddling his shoulders.

Gripping onto his head I try and obtain balance in the air. This isn't easy stuff.

Harry wraps his hands around my legs and as soon as we're upright Liam charges at Niall and they fight for their place.

Niall grips onto Liam's hair and tries to pull him down. "Don't touch my hair." Liam grunts elbowing Niall in the face and I cringe in hurt for him. "That's going to leave a bruise."

"Is this game physical?" I whisper down to Harry looking into his sunglassed eyes and he grips my legs tighter, chuckling.

"The way we play, yes." he leans his head forward and our lips almost brush. Swallowing I force myself up slowly.

"You know Liam there's a reason you're a getaway driver." Niall elbows him back, lowering himself to his gut. Liam exhales from the impact.

"Oh fuck you at least im useful mister I play poker." Liam shoves Niall and Louis stumbles away.

"Get a grip, Louis." Niall claps his hands as Liam thrusts himself but from the acceleration, Zayn trips and Liam goes flying. On the way down Niall pushes Liam's head further into the water.

Louis and Niall throw their hands up cheering loudly in victory. Returning upwards from the water Liam gives Niall the finger.

"Poor loser" Louis splashes him.

"Watch out or I'll come for your weak knees." Niall slaps him over top of the head.

"Liam that was pretty impressive," I add to the fun in his direction. He kind of just fell and I can't help but let my lips tug up in a smirk.

"It's harder than it looks, play before you talk a game." He says with his hands on his hips and eyebrows raised.

"You sound like a Facebook mom right now," I say inhaling another laugh because it's so true.

Zayn pushes Liam away chuckling, "She's right mate." Holding onto Harry's head leaning forward from the annoyance in Liam's body language Niall begins to points at me. "Get over here Sugar."

"You heard 'em Harry, charge!" Gripping onto Harry's head to stay balanced when Niall presents himself in front of me he places a hand on my shoulders and I just lightly slap his face to the side.

"You're not scared of a girl are you?" I coo as Niall tries to throw me off but I grip onto his forearm and lean myself up. Harry and Louis start to get handsy below and Louis pushes Harry's chest back.

Laughing, I push Nialls chest and he almost loses his balance. "hey I almost got you." I'm quick to point out.

"Alright," he says with a passion and presses his hands to my shoulder. "just want you to remember this moment when I win"

I push his chest back once again. We push and pull on each other until eventually I slide my hands down to his side and shove his body to the right. At the same time, Harry chokes Louis and his body sinks.

Harry's arms constrict and veins trickle down his arms from the hardness of his fighting.

As Louis falls forcefully into the water Niall falls back from my push. They got tumbling in the water and I throw my hands into the air cheering. "You see that Liam!" I bolt, pointing.

Harry looks up at me and presses his palm up. Slapping our hands together in a high five he intertwines our fingers together. Niall returns from under the water pushing Louis back down.

"Better luck next time." I lean forward rubbing it in.

"Next time I won't go so easy." He chuckles and I shake my head frowning. "I see you're holding back tears, want to talk about it?"

"Alright next time I'm bringing the thunder miss talk a lot." As he speaks I bring my arms up mimicking the pose he was doing beforehand. "You see these? Massive."

Everyone bursts into laughter and it's such a sweet sound. "This girl could crush you with her converse," Zayn adds before dunking Niall into the water.

Harry lowers himself into the water and tugs me off his shoulders.

"I think next time you should get on my shoulders, I'm not kidding" He curls his fingers through his wet hair and shakes his head. "Sure thing. Common im cold."

Once standing in the water I walk up the stairs with Harry on my tail. Standing at the chair he takes the towel and wraps it around my body. Clutching on to it a little cold myself Harry takes the towel and wraps it around his soaked swim trunks that stick to his body.

With the towel in place, he combs back my wet hair and smiles, "you're so beautiful." My heart pumps quickly and my body erupts in butterflies.

"You're really pretty yourself," I call back as he traces my jaw with his hands but stops cautiously at my words.

"Pretty? I've never been called that before." He smiles deeply and I stand on my tippy toes pressing a small kiss to his cheek. He holds my jaw in place as I do so.

"Get used to it, love." It's true he's one of the prettiest human beings I've laid my eyes on.

Harry plays with my hair, twirling it in his fingertips. As time ticks by, he pulls me to sit on his lap in the lounge chair. He brushes his other hand against my legs and traces circles on my thighs. I shift with ticklish laughter.

A blonde boy presents himself in front of us and we lookup. "We're leaving for the concert in a couple of hours, time to get loose." Niall hands Harry and I a shot glass with his own in hold.

"To the Irish!" He chants and I just go along with it, "Okay Irish princess, to the Irish." I smile while placing my lips on the glass. The smell of the alcohol erupts my senses and I hold my breath while tilting my head back. The taste hits the back of my throat and I shut my eyes forcing the liquid down.

"Niall, what is this?" I almost gag.

"It's rum." He says happily, licking his lips of the leftover liquid.

"Who shoots rum?" I cough into my hand.

"Alright, no more rum for you." Rolling his eyes he just nods, "wait here."

Stalking away to the bar on top of the pool he searches for something and the sound of glass clinking fills the rooftop. Once his eyes grow wide I look to Harry who's staring at me. "Is he even allowed to be behind that?"

"Nope. In fact, it's locked but he figured out the combo." Standing there amazed and a little scared he comes back holding an iced glass In a red solo cup.

Watching him like a mad man he huffs, "It's cherry vodka." He drags out exasperatedly and I smile in success. "Thank you very much." The taste hits my tongue and I moan in deliciousness.

"Told you I was going to teach you how to pour eventually. First step is consumption."

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