Two Ghosts

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Standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom I force Harry to the right sink and assigned me to the left. I was washing my face and he wouldn't let go of my waist.

Even Brushing my teeth he hoisted my body on top of the counter and pressed kisses down my neck. We were going to run behind on time so I told him to save it or later. He shot annoyed daggers at my head with his stare and left to go get changed.

Finishing up with my natural makeup I peer through the door and Harry's already dressed in black jeans and a purple loose-fitting flannel. He left the top buttons open so his exposed chest leaves his cross necklace pressed to his skin and my butterfly necklace rests tight to his neck.

My star keychain goes everywhere with me, it's tucked into my wallet as of right now because I have no need to carry my keys.

My clothes sit on top of the counter as I take the pieces of clothing and place them on. Sitting tight to my body is a black skirt, a pink corset-like tank top and topped with Harry's black zip-up sweater. Last but not least I slip my blank converse on.

Opening the door with a creak Harry's eyes shoot up from his phone and he rakes my body up and down. Harry stands slowly from the bed and walks towards me. "Wow." Is all he exhales and I cover my face from the blush hot on my cheeks.

Harry places his hands on my wrists and lowers them. "Please don't cover up you look beautiful."

Looking back down he smooths his hand over my stomach before cupping my back with both hands and he leans me into the wall.

"I like my sweater, it's a nice touch."

"I've grown to be a fan," I say at the same time his lips press against my cheek. He places his hand against the other side of my neck and presses his lips deeper. My body trembles from how weak he wakes me.

Kissing up my neck his lips slide across my skin and I shiver. I lean my head back and rest it against the wall. When he reaches my ear he parts his lips. "I want to kiss you?"

"You are kissing me." He places a slow kiss to my jaw. "No a real kiss, it's getting hard to stop myself."

Another kiss echoes within the small walls of the room, "But we can't baby I'm already attached and I won't be able to let you go."

Tracing patterns on my skin with his lips my body shivers again and he tightens his grip on my waist holding me up.

"You have to tell me to stop." He says angrily but I refuse. I press my hand to his hair and follow the rhythms of his head as he switches to the other side of my neck.

"I don't want you to stop." I breathlessly say. my exhale clicks something in Harry's brain and he bites down on my skin softly, replacing it with a kiss right after. Kissing my neck upwards he meets my jaw. Tracing his lips across my skin following a path he cups my cheeks. When his lips drag far enough he rests above my lips.

He simply breathes and trails his thumbs back and forth against my skin. His eyes search mine for a sign to stop and my own eyes search his hesitant ones.

I breathe in his minty-fresh breath and place my hands against his chest tightening his fabric in my hand. I don't urge him or stop him, I'm simply waiting. I myself am scared for our lips to touch because I know once we know what it feels like we won't be able to stop. I'm not sure what the future holds but I can't live without him. There's a part of me that needs him to breathe. Needs him to live.

It's scary because that's not how it should work. We shouldn't be each other's lifelines but it seems like we are.

Standing with my back against the wall he doesn't move his lips. I feel the softness of them rest on mine and I can feel his passion pour through him. I can feel the part of him that's weakening his walls for me. "Not right now." He says lowly and I feel his lips move over mine.

"Once I feel your lips I'll be up all night."

Banging jolts my body on the wall and I jump frightenedly. Harry's hands holding my face keep me grounded and I look into his green eyes reassuring my body to calm down.

"Harry your cars outside I'll leave the keys on the doorknob, well meet you in the lobby." Louis calls and a clang of metal hits the door.

Harry moves his head to rest in the crook of my neck. "Give me a minute." He lightly breathes on my skin and I take the moment to catch up on my breaths too. After a moment he pulls away and reaches his palm out for me to take.

"Ready?" I place my hand in his and he leads the way to the door. I brush myself off with my other hand and fix my sweater back in place. Opening the door like always he nudges me through first. Taking the set of keys on the door we take the elevator down to the lobby.

"About time." Liam jokes and they all lead the way through the hotel outside. They all spread like wildfire. Niall and Louis jump into a black Cadillac that's low to the ground, Zayn and Liam climb into a white honda and Harry continues to pull me across the small parking lot. Watching the boys drive away my head falls forward from a car beep and my eyes land on his black 1965 Mustang.

"Just couldn't go without it couldn't you?" I ask and he laughs. "Don't be relieved yet my motorcycles getting dropped off eventually."

Standing at the passenger's side Harry opens my door and I climb in. He gets into his side next and starts the car driving off.

Harry steals light touches on my thighs during the car and rests his palm flat. Nearing the stadium he pulls me closer and I rest my body to his shoulder. Several Chuckles and giggles later we arrive at the destination. Parking the car next to Niall and Zayn's we climb out and Harry immediately finds my hand.

He holds it tighter this time around with more security. "Our tickets are on the floor level so we're free to move around. Violet will stay behind and just watch the performance. well, come back to get her once we're done. They're positioned in the basement so we'll take the stairs to avoid cameras. I have the weapons in this briefcase." Zayn holds it up.

"It's hidden in another compartment to get past security but it's there. Louis's staying in the Honda where all the cameras are set up. " Zayn continues to re-state the plan and my pulse fluctuates in my chest.

"Cant Violet just stay in the car with Louis?" Harry nervously proceeds but I tug on his hand, "I wanna see the group perform. I've always loved them." It's true if I had enough money I would've bought one in an instant.

"I'll stay if you want me to but I've always wanted to see them but never could because I didn't have the spare money." Harry looks down at me sympathetically but hesitantly.

With a hard exhale he weakly agreed "Alright let's go." my heart booms in my chest from excitement.

The closer we get to the stadium the louder the crowd and music get. The concert has already started and we're just making it for the end. Something about safety they told me and how when the concert ends people will flood into the streets. It's harder to catch who you're looking for if they get caught.

Walking past security my eyes widen from the large stage presented in front of me. My favourite band stands meters away and I roam my eyes over every detail of their appearance. Alex Turner looks even better in person.

Sorry, Harry.

Trying not to fangirl, all of us stand at the back of the floor area and as they talk I start to bounce my head with the music. Niall, Zayn and Liam go to scoop out the floor and Harry remains here with me until they tell him to go. He wraps his arms around my waist from the back and I lean my head against his chest looking up to him.

"I've never been to a concert before this is so cool." I can't help the smile that portrays on my lips and Harry presses a kiss to my cheek before lowering his lips to my ear.

"When I go you have to make sure to stay here alright, you can't move. Once we're done we roll out of here." Nodding he continues as I listen with my face plastered on the band.

"if anyone comes up to you, you remember how I taught you how to punch alright. Don't be nice about it because trust me I wouldn't." Once he finishes he turns my waist around to face him, thinking I'm not paying attention.

"Okay, stay here and punch anyone who makes me uncomfortable."

"Punch anyone who comes near you darling." He says tilting my chin up to match his stare. There's no playful tone in his voice and I know he's worried about leaving me here and part of him wishes he forced me to stay in the car.

"You can trust me I got it."

The song changes to Snap Out Of It and my back instantly straightens. "I love this song!"

Hearing music live is a completely different feeling. The vibrations course through your body and you feel like you're on top of the world surrounded by music you feel such a strong connection to.

Turning my body to face the stage I throw my arms in the air connecting my hands with my fingertips and dance my head back and forth. My waist moves with the music and I can't help but sing along. Harry's hands stay on my hips and feels my every action.

I feel like I'm in my own world and the touch of Harry's mouth on my ear pulls me out of it in the best way possible. "Time for me to go, remember what I said." He kisses my cheek quickly before taking off in the other direction.

Not bothered by being alone I dance my hips and swing my arms all over the place. My sweater hangs off my shoulders exposing my bare skin and hating the feeling I do up my sweater completely.

Time goes by as I sing along staring wonderingly at the band and the energy they put out to the crowd. Everyone in here is simply different beings who came together with their shared love of music.

As time goes by the last song starts and I look around cautiously for Harry. They should be back by now. About to part my stare from the crowd my eyes land on Harry running over to me in an alert way. The hairs stick up on my body because the look on Harry's face tells me something went completely wrong.

His body collides into mine and grabs my hand. "Violet you have to listen to me and do everything I say. Even if you don't want to do it you have to alright."

Harry's eyes grow wide in panic and rushes me into the space he just came from. Exiting the floor into an empty hallway I pull on his hand. "Harry whats-" he pulls me to his chest.

"Dalton Creed, do you remember what I told you about him?"

"He's the guy that's trying to kill everyone yeah," I say as Harry's neck looks like it's about to restrict.

"Well he's here looking for us and we have to leave right now." I don't give it a second thought and I run down the hall with Harry. Running as fast as we can go Harry's hand grips mine and pulls me with his own fast speed.

I see the boys at the end of the hallways and they rush us with panic in their own eyes. Reaching the end of the hall meeting them they pull out ammunition for their guns and load it quickly. Watching with a blank stare I look away back down the hall when I see a man dressed in black. Standing at the middle of the opposite end I point.

"Hey who's that?" I call and once Harry sees who it is he pulls me to get behind the wall and as shots go off he throws his body over mine.

The concerts loud enough for no one to hear so they all begin shooting. The sound of bullets going off makes my body jump but as soon as my body does so Harry grabs onto my hand, shooting with the other.

"We have to go. Right now." Zayn runs backwards looking at all of us until Harry drags me down the hallway running. Niall and Liam stay behind shooting anyone in sight while Harry and Zayn take the front.

Reaching the end of the hallway it's a dead end. "Fuck." Harry yells and grips my hand a little tighter.

"How much ammo does everyone have left?" Liam speaks sternly and everyone looks in their guns.

"Ten." Everyone says and before anyone can say anything more bullets fly over our heads. Tucking my body lower Harry drags me behind him.

"Louis says there's only one way out," Niall says with a small laugh. Liam shoots the runners that get closer and I hear his own humour in his voice from his friend's remark. I don't have an earpiece so I can't hear anything Louis states.

Niall stands in front of a door and kicks it down. It immediately kicks in and the door flies open. Rushing inside of the stairwell there's only a way up.

Liam stays at the door and continues to shoot. "Guess we're climbing," Niall yells as he rips up the stairs. Harry runs at full pace with me close.

More bullets fly past and I duck just in time before one hits me. There's no time to think or get scared right now. I can only focus on my breathing and racing up these dam stairs. Of course, It has to be going up.

There are no doors to exit each level and I can hear the anger in Harry's breathing and the yelling of Louis' muffled voice.

Reaching the very top of the stairs there lays a single window and nothing else. "Louis," Harry mumbles and at full force, he places the gun to the window and shoots two bullets into the glass which causes it to crack and instantly shatter.

"This is so cool I feel like im in a movie." Niall cheers with each bullet he shoots down the steps.

"Out the window let's go," Zayn calls to his friends before he jumps out. The falls about four meters but he lands on the roof sticking his landing.

My heart races out of my chest and I can barely move from all the noises.

"Violet!" Harry calls, "Violet!" He gets louder cupping my cheeks.

"Remember how I said you have to do everything I say, well in order for us to live you're gonna have to jump out the window."

My body stiffens and Harry shakes my body, "Zayn's going to catch you, 'll go right after to make sure you get out."

Listening to every word he says I run to the window and sit down on the edge. Zayn stands directly below me, "Alright jump." He encourages and will all my might I foster in my body, I jump.

My hesitance can't be the reason we all die. Falling down the building I shut my eyes and in no time my body collides with Zayn who catches me as Harry said. He drops me right away and following right behind Harry, Niall and Liam fall to their feet.

Giving me whiplash Harry tugs on my hand and we run to the very end of the roof. "Don't call me smart but I'm pretty sure that's a dead end," I call out to them and we all holt once we reach the end.

There's another building across directly in front of us. It's a very wide space in between and the roof level is much lower.

Everyone goes quiet and looking back they all stare at me. My jaw drops, "we're not jumping, are we?" Harry's hand squeezes mine and he gives me an apologetic look. "There's no way you can make that jump."

"We're getting out of here. This is the last thing we need to do okay? Do that for me and well be good." My adrenaline is the only thing keeping me going right now.

Closing my eyes shut once they open I see Liam and Zayn jumping to the other building. "That's a far jump, Harry." I barely speak out but he hears me.

"I'm gonna help you" He states harshly. "Help me?-" a bullet goes off and I jump.

"I'm gonna catch you on the other side Violet as long as you jump far enough you'll be fine." My eyes widen and my throat goes dry.

"Niall you go," Harry says and pulls me closer. Niall jumps across the space and I get lost in my head watching him. "Hey" Harry shakes my head.

"Sorry, im okay, ill jump far enough."

"You'll get a running start but only jump when you feel my hand on your body. Just jump and Ill push you far enough." another shot goes off and Harry takes his gun firing his rounds multiple times until it clicks empty. "Annoying fuckers," he pulls the gun into his pocket.

"We'll be alright darling," he says before running to the edge.

"Violet will catch you." I hear the yelling of Niall from the other side and I just take a deep breath watching Harry, never removing my stare.

"Okay go." He says and I run fast. The adrenaline courses through my veins and sparks my blood to run faster. Sprinting with the wind my foot presses on the edge and when I feel Harry's hand on my back I jump.

His hand wraps around my waist and edges my body higher and further with a push. A scream leaves my lips but no sound comes out. I shut my eyes tight afraid to open them because I know the possibility of falling to my death.

My heart hammers in my chest but afraid of seeping into the darkness I open my eyes just right before I collide with Niall's body.

Niall catches me right before my feet hit the ground and his arms wrap securely around my waist. A thump sounds as our bodies hit each other and we go tumbling back, hitting the ground.

Landing on top of Niall I can finally breathe again and I let out the truest laugh I ever had. My smile threatens to break my face and I place my head against his chest silently praising him.

"See Sugar, easy as pie." Niall's laughter matches with mine and I try to swallow it down but it doesn't work. "I think I've officially gone crazy." I grip his sweater hard trying to control my breathing.

"Not crazy Sugar, just wild. You're officially having fun." He says and I swallow my laughter finally and look up to my new friend.

"Thanks for breaking my fall." I exhale and he leans his head back. "No problem, don't think my back is broken yet though." Niall sits up with a groan wrapping his arms around my armpits helping me stand.

"Oh god." I suddenly panic and turn around quickly. "Where's Harry? Is he okay?" My panic dies down once more as he stands directly in front of me and I wrap my arms around his neck so quickly it surprises him. He takes a moment to wrap his arms around my body and once he does he lifts me up inches so we're the same height and my feet dangle.

"Hey the reunion can wait, we're still not done yet." Liam checks his ammunition and then clicks it back in place. "Louis says there's a ladder just to the side but we have to move quickly, if Daltons here they'll be waiting for us."

Harry puts me down and our hands meet again. Running to the edge of the building there's a high ladder surrounded by a cage. Zayn goes down first followed by Liam. "I'll go first so I can have a clear view of you, Niall will stay on top." Harry stressfully says.


Harry climbs down and Niall gives me his hand which I willingly take. Stepping carefully to the latter I try not to look down as were high up. "You're not afraid of heights are you?" Niall grins and I bite my tongue.

"Just a little." He chuckles as he helps to lower me down. Once my feet are placed on the latter I let go of his hand and start to make my descent. Harrys below and each time I look down he's watching my every hand placement protectively.

Reaching the bottom, Harry's hands find my waist and helps me down. With my two feet on the ground, I'd give anything to bend down and kiss it.

The ladder backs off into an alleyway right beside the concert and directly in front of the parking lot. The guys hide their guns in their pockets but place them so they can get to it quickly.

The last chord of the song plays and the crowd goes mental. The loudness of their voices echo to the outdoors.

As the band says goodbye their voices are so crisp. I never knew that's what they sounded like.

"Hey are you ready darling, I lost you for a sec?" Shaking my head out of a trance he pulls me to the parking lot. We all run and Louis's the first person to get out of the black honda.

"What the fuck." He booms raking his hands through his hair.

"How did they even get here." He whispers shouts shutting the door and jogging to Niall's car, where the engine already starts.

"That was awesome, I told you guys this assignment was going to be the best one yet." Niall sticks his head out.

"I guess we're the next on their list," Zayn mutters before shutting his car door. Harry opens my car at a record pace and slides over the car hood getting to his side. Peeling the keys out of his hand he starts the engine and hits the gas speeding out of the parking lot.

He takes his earpiece out and throws it on the dashboard. I watch carefully not knowing how he's feeling but I can't help the laugh that pours from my lips. It's an ear-piercing laugh of complete pleasure and sacredness. I place my hand over my mouth to stop the fit of giggles but I can't help it. Harry looks over at me curiously like I'm about to explode.

"That was kinda fun." I smile widely and hold onto my side.

"I think I've gone mad." I manage to calm some of my laughter but he only grips the steering wheel hard. "You're not crazy don't tell that to yourself."

"Im sorry Violet, god I'm so sorry." He cringes his face in pain and I quickly inhale my breathing climbing over the small space between us to get to him. I'm still laughing but I'm holding it down. Kneeling beside his body I shake my head. "Im okay, like you said we're alright."

His face grows in panic and he rakes his hand through his hair. "You should've stayed with Louis, you could've died, I'm supposed to be keeping you safe."

"Can I straddle you? Is that okay cause you're driving?" I pour out and he only nods an okay. I climb over instinctively and wrap my hands around his neck placing my head against his shoulder so he can see out of the window. I try to breathe because that laughter killed my side.

The cars going at least sixty over the limit and he keeps checking the back mirrors.

"You just said I wasn't crazy and to stop telling myself those kinds of things. that goes for you too."

Harry suddenly slams his palms against the steering wheel loudly and my body jumps in his hold. I squeeze my eyes tight and the laughter from my body completely stops. It goes quiet in the car and my fingers find my ring.

"You don't understand Violet, they saw you, they know who you are. This wasn't supposed to happen; they were not a part of the plan. Things are going to get complicated and dangerous now and I cant send you back home because they'll find you and use you as leverage." My heart stops at the thought of him sending me home.

"I'm not going home." I lift my head and say it sternly blocking his view of the road which he doesn't seem to care.

"Violet." He cringes his face but I protest.

"Stop looking at me like that. Stop looking at me like I can't make my own decisions and that my presence is hurting everyone. I'm here because I wanted to, I knew the risks coming here but I didn't care because I couldn't stay away from you. I told you in the car that day that I was finally living and that's all because of you. Please don't push me away, all my life I've been pushed away-"

I stop to catch my breath pouring my heart into the words because im scared he's going to let me go for my safety. His face rakes over mine with so much pain because of what I've been thinking.

"Violet trust me when I say I want you here. I need you to live. I was being selfish because I knew of all the things I'd be surrounding you with and never told you. You're not living with me, you're living blindly to murderers who will do anything to get you. I'm not going to push you away. That's the last thing I am ever going to do. Not until you tell me that you don't want me anymore."

my heart stops at his words knowing that he feels the same way about me. I bite my cheek and shake my head.

"Harry I told you I made a choice and I'd risk my time to be with you. The things I've done in the past couple of days are crazy but I've never felt more alive. After I jumped off the roof and made the landing I wanted to scream happily at the top of my lungs. Please see that sometimes the acts with the greatest risks are the best adventures."

I wrap my arms around him one last time and I feel him breathe clearly again. He takes one hand off the steering wheel and places it around my back. "Okay baby. Okay." he presses a kiss to the top of my head.

"I'm not leaving you, Harry. Not ever." His shoulders sink in relief and he continues to drive away.
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