Two Ghosts

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Harry Styles

As she sleeps our pinkies remain locked around each other and I refuse to let them go. Her finger doesn’t fall or loosen, it’s like her brain’s instinct to keep her safe.

I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I’ve been up for hours simply watching her delicately. Wrapped in our brown and green world, my other hand brushes through her hair and refuses to stop. Sparing soft touches on her cheek I caress her soft skin throughout the night.

When she sleeps her lips purse and her breathing matches a warm melody. Watching her might be my new favourite thing.

I wish I could chase her nightmares away. I wish I could find her door and save her. bring her back and kill her demons. she doesn’t deserve whatever happened to her. It breaks my heart that I can’t do anything to help. She’s all alone in that head of hers.

I linger my pinky over hers tracing lightly in a continuous pattern.

I hold my breath scared to make a sound. She sleeps so peacefully. Moments with her calm my storms. She makes me whole.

Reluctant and fighting sleep I eventually doze off.


“Harry, your phones ringing.” A voice whispers tiredly in my ear and I open my blurry eyes with a grunt. Violet lays on my front but perches her hand on my chest lifting herself up. Her tired, dried sad eyes reflect in the sunlight and I place my hand on her cheek.

With my other arm, I roll over to the dresser and answer Nialls call. “Niall it’s eight am.” I rasp and Violet falls into my chest cuddling against me. “Yeah, and it was 7 am too.”

This girl can hold a grudge.

I run my spare hand down her back until I meet with her waist and press my finger down tickling her, knowing it pisses her off.

Her body jolts into mine trying to scamper away but I hold her in place.

“Creeds guys manage to track us down, Louis blocked the transmission but we have to move to Atlanta.” My hands stop from his words and Violet giggles into my chest catching her breath. I feel her warm air seep through my shirt.

“Harry, they don’t know where we are, the tracker stopped on our way home relax.” My body immediately calms down. I don’t need Violet getting hurt.

“We’re boarding in a couple of hours, we’ll see you there.” Niall hangs up and once the line goes dead I bring my fingers back down and she jumps into a ball.

“Harry.” she laughs out loud and I roll us over so im on top, continuing to brush my fingertips over her skin.

“Harry please.” Her giggles fill my senses and I can’t help but smile along.

“Are you awake now?” I bring my head down to hers.

“Yes, yes I’m awake.” I bring my hands to rest on her sides squeezing every once and a while.

“You all are early risers. I didn’t sign up for this.” She huffs a breath of air catching her breath and the messy hair in front of her face flies away.

“What are you talking about?” I playful nudge her and press my hands to the sides of her head.

“What am I talking about?” She squeezes her eyes tight.

“Harry, we went on a hike at 7 am after staying up till like 2 am.” She passionately defends.

“Hey, I thought you didn’t like sleeping.” I press a kiss on her neck. “Doesn’t mean I’m, not a morning person,” she says through the kiss and grabs my arms, lacing her hands around them which sends an instant shock through my body.

“You’re right you were pist. I’ve never seen someone that annoyed to see me before.”

“I’d like to think I humbled you. You kept begging so I reluctantly agreed.” Lifting my head from her neck I brush my thumb over her plump lips studying them. “Reluctantly?” I widen my eyes and she hums with a profound confidence.

“Keep telling yourself that, you stuck to me like glue that day,” I mumble a laugh into her neck.

“All you brother.” she teases and my back goes straight to face her. “Don’t call me your brother.”

“I can call you whatever I want.” She’s right, she can call me after a piece of food or cuss word and I’d fall to my knees.

“Alright darling call me whatever you want”

“Dam straight.” She states and I lean forward inhaling a chuckle.

“We gotta get on a plane, pack your things.” Pressing my thumb down I kiss the side of her mouth delicately hoping to ease any of her thoughts. It’s not enough for me but it will do.

Peeling away I press my hands under her legs and carry her bridal style to the bathroom. An inhale parts her lips and she presses a hand to my chest.

“Harry I think I can walk here myself.” She teases and I smile.

“I feel like we’ve had this conversation before, I’ll do anything to be closer to you.”

she giggles her head back from my playful tone and I sit her on top of the sink reaching forward to grab our toothbrushes. Her green toothbrush sits beside my yellow one and I hand it to her as she yawns tiredly.

“For a second I thought you were going to brush my teeth for me.” She teases and I stop the motion holding her chin as she smirks.

“Darling be careful with that mouth of yours.”

She pushes me away and I chuckle into my toothbrush. The white foams our mouths and she tries to get off of the counter which I stop, trapping her in.

“What are you doing?” I mumble through the liquid.

“Harry I need to spit.” She tilts her head up and places her hand under her chin stopping the access toothpaste that I wipe away.

She treads her body off the counter brushing against mine and faces the sink. I loop my arms around her waist as she turns on the sink.

“Harry I’m gonna ban you to the right side of this bathroom again.” I hug her closer and she shifts her hips to get rid of me and I peel away.

“Get to your side.” I don’t go willingly. Her laughter fills the bathroom as I spit into the sink with a snark.

Her bathroom products sit in a toiletry bag and she places her brush inside with another yawn. Following her packing lead, she throws herself into my body catching me off guard. I rock back but immediately wrap my arms around her.

I think our love language is physical touch and Im not complaining. I thread my hands through her hips.

“Morning darling.” I muffle a chuckle from her sudden touchiness and she pulls me closer.

“Who’s the touchy one now?” I muffle pulling her tight.

She doesn’t respond and I feel her clutch around my neck. “Vi-”

“Thank you.” She whispers.

“Thank you for what?” I pull her body away so I can see her eyes which resembles her vulnerability. “Hey what’s wrong?” My heart drops. I hate to see her like this.

“Just thank you.” Pulling away she walks right past me and back to the bed. Im, sure she was talking about last night but I don’t linger or walk after her. I give her, her much-needed space and climb into the shower.

Washing my body throwing on jeans and a white t-shirt I spray cologne over top, combing my hair through my hands. Exiting the bathroom in no more than twenty minutes when I walk through the space it’s oddly quiet and I hear no movement from Violet.

My body grows frightened quickly. Walking completely in the room there’s no one here. “Vi-” My gaze knocks to the bed where I see her hair peeking through the covers she’s covered in.

I release a breath I didn’t know I could hold. I really need to stop stressing and listen to the words she tells me.

She’s not going anywhere and I’m not going to get her killed.

Squeezing my eyes shut for a moment in clarity when I open them I rake my stare over her packed suitcase and the room is cleaned of everything.

I walk over to her side of the bed and sit down on the empty space. “Hey, baby?” I say quietly not wanting to wake her up. Checking for any consciousness, she’s out like a light and I chuckle.

“Alright, baby you sleep.” I stand and get all of our shit together by the door. Sensing a body present on the other side I open it before the knock wakes her.

Standing on the other side is Niall with a bright smile that wavers in disappointment. “Where’s Sugar?”

If I beat up Niall I’m sure Violet wouldn’t talk or stay in a room with me so I refrain. “She’s sleeping” I manage and Niall rolls his eyes.

“Well wake her up we got fun shit to do today.” He places his black sunglasses on his face un patiently.

“She’s tired, let her sleep up for your party.” I’m trying to sound as gentle as possible but it comes out harsh. I know they’re just friends but he knows nothing about her.

“Alright, Romeo fine. Hand me the suitcases were running behind.” Running behind is never good and I push our small suitcases in the hallways which he grabs. His bag hangs over his shoulders.

“I have a sense she’s not a morning person, don’t poke her too much. when she’s happy she’s nice.” Now that I will agree with. I like her feisty side though, her little devil hides and I like meeting her.

Walking over to the empty room I roll down the covers covering her leggings and red sweater. She already has her converse on and It makes me shake my head.

“Alright, darling let’s go.” I cradle her legs with my left arm and hold her back with my right.

Picking her up she doesn’t wake and her neck falls unresponsive to my chest dead asleep and I carry her to my car. Placing her in the passenger’s seat I rest her head on the door. Climbing into the driver’s side I turn on the car and drive to the airport stealing several glances in her direction.

Her light breaths make me feel things I haven’t before and her body that cradles into a ball makes me smile.

which Jeez what’s happening to me?

Pulling up to the airplane I open my door and walk over to hers. reaching out to grab her, her eyes flutter open and her brown eyes rest on mine.

“Oh I’m sorry, I just meant to lie down.” She giggles and I grab her hand pulling her out. She stands and rests her back against the door while I hand my keys to a random guy. “Don’t scratch the car,” I growl and he nods frightened.

“Fucking recruits,” I murmur turning my head to my girl who wipes her eyes. “You’re kinda scary.” She jokes and I smirk.

“Only good for you baby.”

Pushing my chest back her natural smile and rosy cheeks paint her face and I bite my cheek as we walk up the airplane’s stairs.

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